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The characters of The Seven Deadly Sins that belong to the Fairy Clan.

Beware of Unmarked Spoilers.

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Fairy Clan

The Fairy Clan is one the five major races in Britannia. About three thousand years prior to the story, they formed an alliance together with the goddess, giant, and human races in a war against the Demon Clan for which they were victorious against. After the war, the fairies decided to live in peace and harmony within the Fairy King's Forest with a treaty insuring peace between them and the humans.

About 700 years prior to the story though, their king, Harlequin, mysteriously disappeared while searching for his wayward friends. Later, about 20 years prior to the story, further tragedy struck as their forest was destroyed a demon who mysteriously arrived and they were left homeless. However thanks to the efforts of Ban, the forest was revived and the Fairy Clan has lived there since.


    Tropes pertaining to the Fairy Clan in general 

  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Fairies are naturally born within nature, specifically from flowers and trees and they do not appear to physically age and they never suffer from illness throughout their millennia years lifespan. Even after death their bodies do not decompose and rot. Despite all this, fairies can somehow get visibly pregnant and give birth to human children and even impregnate other species as demonstrated by Ban impregnating Elaine and King conceiving with Elaine in the finale. Though according to Elaine, this has never occurred in the history of fairies before.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: For the long living and practically never aging fairies, acquiring wings is seen as having become an adult. As such, there have been moments wherein characters discussing fairy wings in this context sound like they're referring to certain body parts other than wings. For example, the matter that bigger wings are seen as better.
  • Fair Folk: Not all fairies are of the clear cut friendly type. A number of them are somewhat Troll-ish in nature and there are those who aren't very nice. Amidst them also, a number have a bit of a Fantastic Racism against humans.
  • Flight: A seemingly standard ability for most fairies.
  • Going Commando:
    • According to a Q&A from the first Fanbook, the principle of underwear doesn't exist amongst the Fairy Clan. Basically, King, his sister, and every other fairy don't wear anything underneath.
    • A side story after Chapter 219 focuses on this subject, specifically the fact that King and Elaine don't wear any underwear at all.
  • Green Thumb: A number of the more powerful fairies are capable of magically manipulating plant life.
  • Growing Wings: For the long lived and never aging fairies, growing wings is considered as a rite of passage of sorts in their culture that serves as proof that they've become "adults". What's more, growing wings allows them to draw out even more magical power. Fairy wings however don't just grow on their own, they have to be earned through personal character growth hence why they're seen as a proof of maturity. This is best shown when King and Elaine gain their wings. For King, he finally acquires his wings after passing Gloxinia's trial in which he gained a huge amount of character growth via experiencing the first Fairy King's past and choosing a path Gloxinia did not. For Elaine, she finally acquires hers when she decides that she needs to help Ban out in battle instead of just letting him protect her. When it comes to size, fairy wings typically come out small when they first start growing in according to Gloxinia in regards to King's tiny wings. That however doesn't mean there aren't cases wherein they come out really big for some as what happens with Elaine and her huge wings.
  • Hidden Elf Village: The Fairy King's Forest that the fairies live in which is magically isolated from most.
  • Land of Faerie: The Fairy King's Forest which is the home of the Fairy Clan and other creatures closely associated with them.
  • The Lost Woods: The Fairy King's Forest in which they live in. It was completely destroyed by a demon in Ban's backstory however, Ban restored it in a new location.
  • Long-Lived: Fairies have extremely long lifespans. According to a Q&A in the first Fanbook, the average lifespan of a fairy is 1000-1500 years. A Q&A from Chapter 132 further adds that the lifespan of the Fairy King variety in particular is the longest out of all the different species.
  • Our Fairies Are Different:
    • King and his sister, Elaine, are long living child-like fairies capable of levitating themselves and other things. For some reason though, only they appear to be wingless initially. Other fairies on the other hand, have wings. These wings in particular are believed by some humans to be capable of being made into medicine which can extend human life. As such some humans would go to some really heinous lengths to acquire these wings.
    • Fairies are also noteworthy as their corpses don't rot even after several centuries.
    • An extra page in Volume 22 of the manga reveals the nature of fairy wings and why King and Elaine appear to not have them initially. Fairy wings are things that fairies need to be grow first and are seen as proof that such fairies are adults by their peers. Fairies actually can fly very well prior to having wings however possessing wings enables them to draw out even more power. Over the course of the story, it's further revealed that fairies only acquire wings through personal Character Development hence explaining why they are seen as proof of maturity. As such becoming an adult for a fairy is something that comes from personal growth rather than something that comes naturally over the course of time.
    • In a Q&A from Nakaba's editor for the series, it's revealed that fairies are actually born from plants and therefore have no parents. Also, fairies like King and Elaine are siblings because they were born from the same plant.
    • In the same Q&A as the one above, it's explained that creatures like Black Hounds and Hide and Seeks are called fairies but only in a broad sense. They should thus be thought of as different species.
  • Pointy Ears: Most fairies commonly sport these. King and Elaine do not.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Inverted. Having wings allow fairies to draw out more power as explained in an extra page in Volume 22 of the manga. Acquiring wings however requires personal character growth hence why in fairy culture, wings are seen as proof of maturity and fairies with wings are seen as "adults".
  • Really 700 Years Old: Fairies are a long lived race and thus a number of them have extremely youthful appearances despite being several centuries old. The first Fanbook reveals the ages for three youthful looking ones. Both King and Helbram are 1300 years old while Elaine's 1000 years old. While child-like fairies are apparently quite common, there are however some who appear to be significantly older as they sport beards and such.
    • Gerheade resembles the rest of the fairies however the second Fanbook reveals that she is 4,200 years old. Without including certain characters who were initially sealed as their aging stopped whilst in that state, this age makes Gerheade apparently the oldest living character so far revealed in the series.
  • Signature Scent: Individual fairies tend to have distinctive scents.
    • King in his normal fairy form, has a distinctive flowery scent which according to a Q&A in the first Fanbook is that of sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans). It however changes to that of a musty, sweaty smell in his human form according to Gowther and the other Sins.
    • According to another Q&A in the first Fanbook also, Elaine smells like lavender.
    • A Q&A in Chapter 152 gives the scents for three other fairies. Helbram smells like roses, Gerheade smells like mint, and Gloxinia the First Fairy King smells like ginger.
  • Squishy Wizard: As revealed by the Power Level stats of certain fairies listed in the second Fanbook, fairies tend to be great in magic but poor in physical strength. The really powerful fairies listed in the Fanbook in particular have ridiculously high magic stats but are also both listed having a physical stat of 0.
  • We Have Become Complacent: Due to constantly relying on their Fairy King for various challenges and threats, the Fairy Clan had become slothful. Rather than solve the problems themselves, they constantly passed the responsibility to whoever was their king. As a result, they became too comfortable in their carefree lives. It however takes King's resolve to protect them despite being thrown out by them that their former pride returned.
  • Winged Humanoid:
    • Most fairies have the typical insect wings which fairies are commonly depicted with. Some humans however believe that a medicine that can extend life can be made from these wings. As a result, fairies have been tricked and captured by less than savory humans in order to pluck their wings. Though wings are a common attribute of the Fairy Clan, King and Elaine initially do not have them for some reason. Them not having wings has actually been questioned on by a number of characters especially since all the previous Fairy Kings before King had very prominent wings.
    • An extra page in Volume 22 of the manga reveals that wings are seen as a proof of maturity among fairies and that they allow fairies to draw out even more power. Acquiring wings however as revealed further in the story is something that requires a fairy going through personal character growth hence explaining why wings are seen as proof of maturity.

Individual Fairies



The very first Fairy King who according to Meliodas, had prominent wings. He was the very first person ever chosen by the Sacred Tree and bestowed with Legendary Spear Vasquez. According to what Harlequin has heard, Gloxinia was slain by the Demon King in the war with the Demon Clan 3000 years prior.

  • Face–Heel Turn: At some point in time he became a demon. See his entry in the Demon Clan for more info.
  • Floral Theme Naming: Has the name of a genus of flower.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: The very first Fairy King.
  • The Reveal: He's both still alive as well as one of the Ten Commandments of the Demon Clan. The circumstances surrounding both of these situations are tied to the Holy War 3000 years ago, where he went homicidal after seeing his sister mutilated, killed someone in a fit of rage because it looked like she was the one who harmed her (the man was a traitor who had a change of heart too late), and was so upset by what he did he resigned himself to the darkness and joined the Commandments.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Is the spear's name Basquias or Vasquez?



The Fairy King prior to Harlequin who according to Meliodas, had prominent wings.

    King a.k.a Harlequin 

The former Fairy King before he was arrested and made to join the Seven Deadly Sins for his alleged sin of sloth.

See his entry in the Seven Deadly Sins.



Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai (Japanese), Brianna Knickerbocker (English), Nycolle González (Latin American)
Click here to see her development (SPOILER) 

Elaine is King's sister, and the Guardian Saint of the Fountain of Youth, who was killed by a demon from the Demon Clan in the original Fairy King's Forest. Since her death, her spirit resides in the Capital of the Dead while her corpse resides in the revived Fairy King's Forest.

  • Absolute Cleavage: Her Evil Costume Switch has this, although Elaine doesn't have much cleavage to show.
  • Adaptational Modesty: The manga shows her corpse completely in the nude. The anime let it have her white dress on.
  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • The two episode anime OVA The Seven Deadly Sins: Ban's Side Story primarily covers Elaine and Ban's backstory but adds a few extra scenes such as a moment wherein Elaine immediately gets drunk after just one sip from some ale that Ban brought for her.
    • The Light Novel spinoff The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days by Mamoru Iwasa and the manga adaption of said Light Novel spinoff The Seven Deadly Sins: Seven Days - The Thief and The Holy Girl also expand on Elaine and Ban's backstory. Specifically, the spinoff and its manga adaptation fleshes out more in full detail the seven days that Elaine and Ban spent together, explicitly covering each and every single day before the inevitable tragedy. They also expand on other things such as covering Helbram's capture more in detail, and explaining why Elaine was all alone with no other fairy around during her time with Ban.
  • Babies Ever After: She and Ban conceive a son who they'll name Lancelot.
  • Back from the Dead: At first she Came Back Wrong, but thanks to both Ban and Jericho, she comes to her senses and for a time, traveled alongside them. As Merascylla, the one who resurrected Elaine, had seemingly died then, everyone figured that rather than Merascylla's power or Elaine's regrets, it was instead her strong feelings for Ban that kept her around in the mortal realm. This assumption however proved to be wrong as it was later discovered that Merasyclla had survived. Ban then in an act to save Meliodas decides he needs to off Merascylla, something that would naturally lead to Elaine being once again parted from Ban. Despite this however, Elaine tells Ban prior she understands and bares no grudge against this course of action. Much later, it's revealed that Ban's attack on Merascylla didn't completely kill her but Elaine is rendered bedridden for the most part and requires being healed by Elizabeth to be kept alive.
  • Blow You Away: She specializes in Wind Magic which the second Fanbook reveals its name to be Miracle Wind.
  • Came Back Wrong: She's resurrected by Merascylla as an undead being that's completely obsessed with Ban. Her personality is easily brought back to normal, but her health slowly deteriorates as she's kept in the living world by Merascylla's power.
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor:
    • In the OVA about Ban's backstory, when Ban brings some ale for Elaine to try, she immediately gets drunk after just one sip.
    • Averted in the manga adaption of the Seven Days Light Novel spinoff. In a moment almost similar to the one in the OVA, Ban brings Elaine back some fermented fruit he received as a reward for helping some walking mushrooms. While she finds the natural wine bitter, she doesn't get immediately drunk from tasting it.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: After being resurrected by Merascylla, Elaine can't stand anyone getting close to her Ban and she will attack anyone just for spending time with him. She especially hates Jericho because she is also in love with Ban and has been traveling with him, which she always wanted to do. Elaine fortunately however is brought to her senses.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Her hair and eyes are both yellow.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: Most notable in the various color spreads where she accompanies Ban, she is this.
  • Damaged Soul: Because of Merascylla, Elaine comes back to life. Ban is happy that he has his lover back, but the problem is that now she's a dangerous Yandere that will try to kill anyone who has gotten close to him. Thanks to Jericho however, she gets better.
  • Devoted to You: Years after her death, Ban is still deeply in love with her and is looking for a way to bring her back. He even dreams about her all the time.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: She died in Ban's arms.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She frequently goes barefoot. Helps to show how much of an innocent soul she is, and she's also a bit of a Magical Barefooter, but it isn't uncommon for her to wear sandals or other shoes.
  • Evil Costume Switch: She dons a dress made out of red petals when she's resurrected by Merascylla.
  • Friendly Ghost: She's the ghost of a kind-hearted fairy who is in a Star-Crossed Lovers type of relationship with the immortal living bad boy Ban.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: After her revival, Elaine attacks the other fairies that got close to Ban while completely naked.
  • Good Costume Switch: After returning to normal, she starts to wear a maid outfit.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She is a golden-haired fairy with an overall kind nature.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Elaine originally sacrificed her life to give Ban his immortality so he could live.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: With Ban. She barely reaches his chest.
  • Ill Girl: It's later revealed after Ban's attack on Merascylla to save Meliodas that Elaine is still alive. Unfortunately, she is rendered bedridden for the most part and requires Elizabeth healing her to be kept alive. Much worse though, Elaine being like this is because the demon that had resurrected her was not completely killed, a thing that the Sins would have to confront.
  • Interspecies Romance: Elaine is a fairy who is in love with Ban, a human.
  • Intimate Healing: To save Ban from his fatal injuries, she gave him water from the Fountain of Youth through her mouth via a kiss.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Upon Elaine being resurrected, she promptly paid Gerheade back for hurting Ban.
  • The Lost Lenore: For Ban.
  • Luminescent Blush: She had this moment when Ban was skinny dipping and wanted her to join him, and when she found out that Ban overheard that she wanted him to take her.
  • MacGuffin Guardian: She was charged with protecting the Fountain of Youth while King was away.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Elaine, a more than 700 year old fairy, fell in love with Ban, a human who was in his early 20s when they met. She however died and he became immortal. After she's resurrected and regains her senses, it becomes a somewhat reversed variant. As an immortal, he'll survive no matter what. As an undead revenant who's been brought back by Demon magic and what everyone figures is largely dependent on her strong feelings for Ban to keep her around, it's suffice to say she's not immune to death one way or another. Sure enough, Elaine's time alive is definitely finite when it's later revealed that the demon whose power had resurrected her in the first place was actually still alive, and Ban, in an act to save Meliodas, needed to off the demon. He doesn't completely kill the demon but Elaine is rendered in a bedridden states and requires Elizabeth's healing powers to keep her alive.
  • Naked on Revival: When Elaine was killed, the fairies preserved her body in the new Fairy King's Forest naked. When she comes back to life because of Merascylla's magic, she performs a Full-Frontal Assault against other fairies until she uses her magic to make a Garden Garment for herself. Averted in the anime, where she was preserved with her clothes on, but she still replaces her clothes with a Evil Costume Switch shortly after being revived.
  • Nice Girl: A very kind-hearted fairy when you aren't trying to doom her people. In fact, her kindness is one of the factors in why Ban softens up.
  • Opposites Attract: Ban's a rather tall originally normal-aged Jerk with a Heart of Gold human thief. Elaine's a Really 700 Years Old Token Mini-Moe saintly Fairy guardian. They genuinely fell for each other even when circumstances made them even more opposite in nature, what with Ban becoming an undying immortal and Elaine becoming a ghost.
  • Posthumous Character: She is long dead prior to the beginning of the series, though she gets resurrected later on.
  • Power Level: According to the second Fanbook, her level is 2830 with her individual stats being Power: 2010, Strength: 20, and Spirit: 800. After gaining her wings, her level skyrockets to 21,050 with her individual stats being Power: 18000, Strength: 50, and Spirit: 3000.
  • The Power of Love: She became fiercely determined to save Ban's life from Merascylla's serpentine form, and when that happened, her body started to glow, dramatically matured, and she bolted straight at Merascylla's maw at blinding speed, pulling Ban out before she Merascylla even had time to react.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: Elaine is based and named after Elaine of Benoic, King Ban's wife and Lancelot's mother in the Arthurian myths.
  • Restored My Faith in Humanity: During her time protecting the fountain, Elaine developed hatred towards humans due to all approaching her trying to steal the fountain and destroy the forest. Her thoughts change when she meets Ban and the forest actively protects him.
  • Revenant Zombie: She's essentially turned into this by Merascylla who brought Elaine back to life as one of the demon's minions using her regrets and longing for Ban as the catalyst. Initially driven by negative emotions, Elaine fortunately regains her senses and remains in the mortal plane driven instead by her strong feelings of love for Ban. Unfortunately, it's later revealed that it was Merascylla actually still being alive that kept Elaine still in the mortal plane, something that Ban unfortunately decided he needed to rectify in an attempt to save Meliodas. Despite his attack on Merascylla, the demon is not completely dead and Elaine is rendered in a bedridden state requiring Elizabeth's healing powers to keep her alive.
  • Samaritan Relationship Starter: She became interested in Ban after she told him that if he were to take the elixir, the forest surrounding it would die and Ban promptly decided that it wasn't worth it.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Although Elaine understands the concept of nudity, she like the rest of the Fairy Clan don't really get the concept of wearing any underwear underneath and are rather indifferent about it. This actually serves as the focus of a side story after Chapter 219. Having been told beforehand by Jericho to "at least put on some underwear if she wants to be call herself a proper lady", she asks Ban to help find her some panties to which he agrees to. Being completely innocent on the matter due to it being foreign to her, she's not at all bothered at revealing to others that she and Ban are shopping for panties and actually finds the excursion fun. She even goes playing around upon arriving at the panty store, making underwear fly around. She however comes to find wearing panties to be rather uncomfortable. In the end, rather than pick a panty for herself, Elaine chooses underwear for Ban instead, one which gets highlighted in a pic with Ban wearing nothing but it like an underwear model. He does still buy a panty for Elaine as well though as a cute little secret present for her.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • For Meliodas and Elizabeth as she playfully teases the latter about thinking of the former.
    • In the same scene from above, she also ships her brother and Diane as she (like what she with the above couple) playfully teases the latter about thinking of King.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: She didn't fall in love with Ban because he is an amoral and greedy rogue, but because she could see the good heart he has underneath his rough exterior. He was the first decent human she ever met and also the first person to befriend her after she spent 700 years alone protecting the Fountain of Youth.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Ban. She's dead and Ban's immortal however Ban is trying to find a way to rectify this. They get reunited when Elaine gets resurrected and she's brought back to her senses.
  • Token Mini-Moe: She's a 1000 year old fairy with an appearance that can be mistaken for a prepubescent human girl.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: Ban might be immortal, but it won't stop her from defending him if need be.
  • Uptown Girl: She (the Fairy King's sister) and Ban (an ex-knight turned criminal, who was even a thief when they first met).
  • Yandere: Upon being resurrected by Merascylla's demonic powers, she became completely obsessed with Ban, to a point that she's unwilling to share him with anyone else. She even lashes out against those who had just simply spent time with him such as the other fairies. Fixed thanks to a "Reason You Suck" Speech from Jericho and Ban accepting her good and bad.


King's best friend in the past.

See his entry in the Holy Knights of Liones.



Voiced by: Shougo Yano (Japanese), Erika Langarica (Latin American)

A fairy who doesn't harbor as much resentment for Harlequin upon his return like most of the rest.

  • Anime Hair: She has a rather unique hairstyle which basically looks like a candle flame or a flower bud. In the middle and directly above her forehead, she has a patch of hair that's a different color than the rest.
  • Establishing Character Moment: When she's first encountered, Ende's the only fairy who isn't hurling outright insults at King.
  • Token Good Teammate: Amidst the most of the fairies who resent King for leaving the forest, Ende's the only one who interacts with him in a non-antagonistic way. Rather than anger, she expresses sadness over the tragedy that befell their home. She's also not antagonistic to Ban either despite him being a human.



Voiced by: Shougo Yano (Japanese), Max Durán (Latin American)

A distinctive looking small fairy who's one of the more frequently seen fairies.



Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese); Laura Stahl (English), Erika Ugalde (Latin American)

Gerheade is one of the Fairy King's Forest's oldest inhabitants and the adviser of the Fairy King. She however doesn't share the same sentiments that most of her fellow fairies of the restored Fairy King's forest have as she doesn't accept Ban, a mere human, as the new Fairy King. Instead, she sees Harlequin the disgraced former Fairy King as being more worthy of the title.

  • Anti-Villain: Only wants what's best for the Fairy King's Forest however, the means she attempts to achieve this places her as a villain.
  • An Arm and a Leg: She had both of her legs cut off by a human 3,000 years ago.
  • Evil Chancellor: Somewhat in a way. Due to her racism towards humans, she sees Ban as being unworthy of the title of Fairy King. Thus she tries to restore Harlequin's position by attacking Ban. Ban is actually more than willing to comply with her demands and leave as he didn't really want the job in the first place however she has other plans as his blood is what sustains the Fairy King's Forest.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: Wears a beenie of sorts that covers her right eye and ear. The back of the second Fanbook which reveals the colors of a number of characters shows that her hat is actually basically the lower part of an upside down rose-like flower. It's later revealed that her hat isn't covering her right eye and ear. It's actually hiding the fact that a part of the right side of her head had been sliced off.
  • Fantastic Racism: Doesn't hold humans in very high regards.
  • Hiding the Handicap: It's later revealed that her clothes hide the fact that she's missing legs and a part of the right side of her head. These along with her damaged wings are wounds she received 3,000 years ago during the moment when a group of humans she and other members of Stigma thought were allies saw an opportunity to finally get revenge for Stigma slaughtering their village in the past just because they helped an injured demon.
  • Irony: Despite wanting what's best for the forest, she doesn't seem to realize that the forest itself was fond of Ban from the start, even when he tried to steal the elixir as it could sense the pure heart within him. In contrast, Gerheade is taking the exact opposite route and acting more like a selfish human she claims Ban to be.
  • Magic Wand: She wields a berry plant as one to do plant based magic.
  • Morality Chain: Her (presumed) death is what led to her older brother Gloxinia's Face–Heel Turn and joining the demons.
  • Obviously Evil: Played With. She's dressed in a more shady looking attire than regular fairies and did attack Ban. However, she only did so for the sake of the forest. Then again there's also the fact that Gloxinia as one of the Ten Commandments used her likeness for the flower doll that fought in his stead, something that casts a bit of suspicion towards her.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: She wears a more elegant gown than most other fairies. The back of the second Fanbook which reveals the colors of a number of characters shows that her gown is actually basically an upside down rose-like flower with its petals serving as the gown's frills.
  • Power Level: According to the second Fanbook, her level is 2370 with her individual stats being Power: 1890, Strength: 10, and Spirit: 470.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Rou had a soft spot for Gerheade because she reminded him of his deceased childhood friend. This is why he spared her life despite hating the non-human clans.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Her name has been spelled as Gerharde and Gerard in fan scanlations. Volume 21 though reveals that the official spelling is Gerheade.
  • Took a Level in Cynic: It's discovered during the test given to King and Diane by Gloxinia and Dolor that Gerheade actually had a much different personality 3,000 years ago during the holy war. She had a brighter personality which along with her being Gloxinia's little sister, reminded King of Elaine. Certain events however happened which changed Gerheade from this to who she became in the present.
  • Undying Loyalty: Among the fairies, she's practically the only one who's still fervently loyal to Harlequin when he returns to his people despite the majority of the other fairies' opinion of him. Her loyalty to Harlequin however only extends to him and not to his successor.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She wants what's best for the forest and willing to kill Ban for it (which he actually didn't mind). But crossed a line when she purposefully got Elaine's body involved in her attempt. This, Ban would not stand for and, low opinion of humans or not, gave Gerharde a fair warning what he would do if she did something like that again.



A small fairy with the ability to turn invisible. She is a close friend of Death Pierce and only allows him to see her.


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