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Characters / The Rising of the Shield Hero - Antagonists

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The various antagonists Naofumi and his allies face throughout the story.

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Melromarc Kingdom

    King Aultcray Melromarc 

King Aultcray Melromarc/Trash

Voiced by: Yutaka Nakano (Japanese), Jamieson Price (English)note

The King of Melromarc Kingdom who arranged the summoning of the Heroes and distributes their initial funds and party members. He planned Naofumi's early downfall with his daughter Malty in the beginning. After the truth comes out he's stripped of his title and renamed Trash.

  • Adult Fear: He is extremely overprotective of his daughters, and lets it cloud his judgment from time to time. This is best shown during his trial, where a Slave Crest branded Malty admits that she tried to kill her own sister, which sent him into shock.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Averted. Despite facing execution for the crime of conspiracy and treason just to discredit and possibly kill the Shield Hero, Aultcray, unlike his elder daughter, does not beg Naofumi nor his wife for his life. This is then played straight once he realizes how horrible he was for treating Naofumi the way he did, and gets down on his knees to beg for forgiveness.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: He's an incredibly skilled tactician and earned the attention of his wife by leading Melromarc against their enemies. There is a reason why he was known as the strongest Seven Star Hero as once Naofumi equips his wand he curbstomps Tact who was level 350-ish.
  • Authority in Name Only: He's eventually revealed to be only a King consort, with the real ruler of Melromarc being his wife, who makes it clear that he has massively overstepped his authority when she finally returns.
  • Bullying the Dragon:
    • Subverted initially, since Naofumi had no means of fighting back directly after screwing him over from the start, but then he acquires the Wrath Shield, a shield that was not only born from the misery and injustice directly inflicted on him by King Aultcray and Malty, but also partly powered by the core of the dragon Gaelion. He witnesses it's fearsome power the second wave, and is somehow convinced that his royal knights (which are basically cannon fodder at this point in comparison) are enough to subdue Naofumi, who he not only witnessed slaying the main boss of the wave with a giant iron maiden, but the latter also outright stated that he could easily walk into the castle, kill the king, and walk out like it was nothing.
    • He takes this trope Up to Eleven in the anime, with a threat that heavily implies he intends to execute Naofumi's companions for his (justifiable) lack of respect. The latter's immediate reaction all but tells you he's just barely restraining himself from killing the now-scared shit-less king on the spot, but just leaves after dropping a terrifying death threat of his own.
  • Cain and Abel: Even at his worse, he is the Abel to The King Faubley's Cain.
  • The Caligula: While he has an impressive history as a general, he makes a poor sovereign when his wife is not around. He has the Four Cardinal Heroes summoned without the permission of every other kingdom, his wife's absence at the beginning of the series being her working to put out the political fires this decision created. He is also incredibly racist against demihumans, this prejudice having resulted in massive events of injustice committed to demihuman citizens in Melromarc and has given him an irrational hatred to Naofumi for being the Shield Hero, as demihumans worship the Shield Hero. He is also very gullible, Malty manipulating him by stroking his ego and making Naofumi a target of her mischief and had nearly let Melromarc's monarchy be overthrown by the Church of the Three Heroes in his negligence.
  • Character Development: Very, very long in the making. He slowly begins to come around after being forced to face some of his early life trauma.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: He was a genuinely good person and very skilled on the battlefield, until his beloved sister was abducted and made a concubine.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: He becomes one for the Tragic Bigot trope. Aultcray has a deep seething hatred towards demihumans and by extension the Shield Hero who they worship. Why is this? Because his sister was kidnapped by demihumans and he believed they murdered her. That in itself is sympathetic... however, he takes out all his anger on Naofumi, who has never heard of what happened or was even present at the time, and has done very despicable things to him from trying to deny him party members to keeping his level capped, and was willing to start a war with other countries and conspire with the Church of Three Heroes, a cultish religion. All this because he wanted revenge against a guy who is barely connected to him, making everything he does very petty in hindsight. Because of his actions, he lost any sympathy he may have gained. It takes meeting his sister's children and the death of his wife for him to finally realize how much of an idiot he was.
  • Didn't Think This Through: This guy has no concept of long term consequences and it becomes blatantly clear he didn't put any forethought into his choices as the story goes on.
    • Summoning all four heroes in Melromarc was only the start of his bad decisions. The intended method is for one hero to be summoned in one kingdom each. Summoning all four heroes quite rightly angered the other countries that were at risk from the waves and war was a genuine threat, leading his wife to put out the political fires he started.
    • Doing his best to screw Naofumi over at every possible opportunity was especially short sighted. Regardless of his personal feelings or Naofumi's limited ability to actually contribute to fighting the waves at the start, the Shield Hero is still one of the Legendary Heroes needed to combat the waves so doing everything in your power to sabotage one of the best chances of survival you have is idiotic to the extreme.
    • The king's condescending and entitled attitude towards Naofumi left the latter just about ready to take off and abandon Melromarc, leaving them with the other three increasingly lackluster Heroes that would have likely died during the waves. The anime actually worsens how bad this behavior is because Aultcray continues to antagonize and threaten Naofumi well past the point that the Shield Hero could quite literally kill the king and walk away unscathed. It's only sheer luck that Naofumi doesn't kill him on the spot at this point.
    • The above points become exponentially worse when it's revealed that Demi-Human countries would have basically worshipped Naofumi as a divine figure. He'd already ticked them off by summoning all four Heroes to his own country so the revelation that he'd been actively and harshly mistreating a figure of worship would have pushed war from a likelihood to a certainty. The Queen has to keep exactly how badly Naofumi was treated because of her husband hidden to avoid that outcome.
    • The kicker to all of this? Melromarc is a martiarchy. The Queen is the highest power in the country, not him, and he only got away with everything because the Queen was busy smoothing things over from his decision to summon all four Heroes to Melromarc in the first place. Once she finds out what he's done and returns to do something about it, he suddenly finds himself in a pickle.
  • Dirty Coward: Just like Malty, Aultclay has a habit of repeatedly antagonizing Naofumi behind his own laws and other people, and tends to border between this and Bullying a Dragon. He's promptly put in his place personally when the latter spells out to him that, due to him and his knights being cannon fodder at this point, there's nothing stopping him from simply killing the king in his own throne room and being done with it for all the unjustified crap he put him through.
    • It's taken even further in the anime where he sinks low enough to threaten Raphtalia and Filo with an Implied Death Threat just because he can't tolerate crap being thrown right back at him. All it takes is one angry Death Glate from Naofumi to cow him and his subordinates into silence before the latter directly threatens him back with the promise of a painful death should he be stupid enough to try, and he only curses his name when he's almost out of the room.
  • Entitled Bastard:
    • He tarnishes Naofumi's name from the start, trying to take Raphtalia away from him through a rigged duel, stiffs him out of a royal stipend despite going out of his way to save his subjects, legally forbids him from using Melromarc's Dragon Hourglass to remove his party's level restriction to get stronger, and gave him a Stealth Insult about defeating the boss of the second wave himself. After all that, how exactly did he expect the former to respond to his demand to explain how he got stronger than the other heroes despite the negative stigma and unfair handicaps he forced on him? He still expected him to comply when it was clear as day that Naofumi has nothing resembling respect for him by this point for all the crap he's done, and somehow looks shocked and angered when the former gives him crap right back.
    • In the web novel, he lets himself believe that Naofumi stole the other Heroes power and demands how he did it. Because it's not like the Shield he has is widely-known as "Legendary" for a reason, like directly boosting the party's stats in case something prevents them from getting stronger normally...
    • Later on, Queen Mirelia surmises that Aultcray had done so to give Motoyasu an edge over the other heroes as part of his preferential treatment for being partnered with Malty. It still doesn't excuse how he didn't expect Naofumi's justified contempt for him to make him mock the King to his face in response.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He was not part of the Church's plot to kill Melty, frame Naofumi for it, and use that as excuse to kill him with the other Heroes as collateral, and was appalled when he found out Malty was in part.
    • He truly loves his family, unlike Malty who cares for no one except herself. His grudge against demihumans, and the Shield Hero by proxy, was due to his mistaken belief that his sister was murdered by one. Aultcray's discovery of her children Atla and Fohl eventually makes him reconsider his stance. He was also genuinely horrified and disgusted that Malty would murder her own sister Melty in order to become the sole successor to Melromarc's throne. Despite Queen Mirellia stripping him of his title as King, Aultcray still loved her and was so distraught over her death at Tact's hand that he rejected Malty's final plea for mercy, knowing that Malty was the one who encouraged the deed.
  • Fallen Hero: He was once a beloved hero who fought Siltvelt head-on in their quest for world domination, managing to overthrow their king and save many countries. By the time the series begins, thanks to his years of hatred toward Demi-Humans and the manipulations of his daughter, he's become a shell of the wise and intelligent strategist he once was, and he's long since lost the ability to summon his Seven Star weapon.
  • Foil: He's one to Fohl. Not only are their backstories nearly identical, being fallen nobles who were left caring for their younger sisters after being orphaned by war, but they're similar enough that Atla mistakes Trash for her brother. Both became Seven Star Heroes in their youth, Aultcray with the Cane and Fohl with the Gauntlet, and both are prodigies in their own fields. However, the loss of their younger sisters have completely different effects on them. Whereas Trash was driven to take revenge and permanently affirmed his hatred of Demi-Humans, Fohl adjusts to it significantly better and never acquires a hatred for humans like his uncle.
  • Food as Bribe: A non-comedic variant. He tries to attract Atla's attention with food, but not to annoy or taunt her as a Demi-Human. It's because she looks identical to his deceased sister, her mother. His interactions with Atla and Fohl trigger his Character Development.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: As long as he remains a good king, Naofumi won't press the issue.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: He hates demihumans due to his beloved sister apparently being killed by them, though she was actually abducted and made a concubine. He projects this hatred onto Naofumi because demihumans revered the Shield Hero as a god. That said, it's outright stated that his biases towards Naofumi would risk a war with the rest of the world as he is one of the heroes needed to stop the Waves. Not to mention that since the demihuman nations view him as a god, his persecution would be seen as a declaration of war. Realizing that Atla and Fohl are his sister's children (making them his niece and nephew) and that his sister had grown to love their father before dying is the starting point of his Character Development.
  • General Ripper: It's implied from how much his hatred runs deep and the circumstances of the conspiracy that he may have been possibly willing to risk starting a war with the demi-humans for a chance at revenge. Later on, it turns out that the rest of the countries worship the Four Heroes equally, so hogging all of them to Melromarc and treating the Shield Hero like shit for petty reasons risked all of them declaring war on the kingdom, not just Siltvelt. Good thing it was stopped before it could even begin.
  • Hate Sink: Is this up until his wife finally has him and Malty own up to their callous behavior, especially towards Naofumi. It isn't surprising, considering his underhanded actions toward the latter and just how little he's justified in doing so, especially after the full truth behind his behavior comes out. He grows out of it once his Character Development starts proper.
  • Heel Realization: After Mirelia's death, he finally realizes that he treated Naofumi horribly for no good reason at all. He actually gets down on his knees and apologizes profusely to Naofumi and calls his past actions unforgivable.
  • Henpecked Husband: He uses his power as the king to do whatever the hell he wants and get away with it. The moment the queen finally returns, she makes everyone know she's the one in charge and her husband can't even say anything against it.
  • Hypocrite:
    • He calls out Naofumi for having Raphtalia as a slave to the point where he forces him to duel Motoyasu. And yet he knows damn well that his entire kingdom has slavery be legal by virtue of Demi-Humans and Beastmen having no rights in his country, and that his citizens do much worse than what Naofumi does. Naofumi himself even points this out, and he not only ignores him, but also has Raphtalia tied up prior to the rigged duel with Motoyasu to determine what happens to her. And then it turns out his hatred of Naofumi is because of his status as the Shield Hero, who the Demi-Humans and Beastmen he despises with a passion worships. By that point, it's obvious he could care less about how the latter is treated in his country, or about Raphtalia's well-being, it's just that he hates Naofumi so much that he would bullshit a flimsy excuse to take away his one party member and leave him without any means to fight despite him having every legal right to own her. The Queen actually calls him out on this as she slaps the shit out of him.
    • He actively goes out of his way to deny Naofumi everything but the bare minimum, and not even that if he can help it. But when the former shows himself to be stronger than the other heroes during the third wave despite the unfairly enforced handicaps, he suddenly insists that it's his "duty" as a Hero to explain how he surpassed them despite previously refusing to treat him as anything but a useless liability, and how his Stealth Insult showing that he still sees him as such.
    • He tries to justify his actions during his and Malty's trial by saying it was to protect his family. He had no problem threatening Raphtalia and Filo, implying that he knows they're Naofumi's surrogate family, as spite for Naofumi's for lack of cooperation, and still has the nerve to curse his name when he threatens to painfully end him in response.
  • I Did What I Had to Do:
    • This is how he justifies his actions in the anime. As he and Malty are being tried for their crimes, he states that he isn't proud of the things he's done but did them for the sake of his kingdom and to prevent his family from being stolen from him again. This also crosses into Never My Fault since he still has the gall to blame Naofumi for everything.
    • This also crosses into Hypocrite territory since his spiteful actions towards Naofumi showed that he was more concerned about giving him nothing but shit over the well being of his own citizens, which the latter actively went out of his way to save. Aultcray just responds by forcing a rigged duel to take his only companion away, and then refusing to give him his deserved pay despite knowing this, and being informed of how most of his knights were ineffective at their job during the first wave. And then it turns out that the Waves were happening all over the world, and that summoning all four Heroes to Melromarc instead of letting each of the major countries summon one each left the rest of the world defenseless, not just his own neglected citizens. Apparently, "doing what he needed to do" involved screwing over the rest of the world and scapegoating Naofumi for abuse and ridicule after forcing him to don the Legendary Shield. And to add insult to injury, his actions indirectly put his family in danger anyway by ignoring the obvious Corrupt Church in favor of spiting Naofumi.
  • Implied Death Threat: In the anime, considering how Naofumi was initially supposed to be executed due to the false rape accusation hanging over his head, it's implied Aultcray was invoking this trope when he threatened to make the former's companions pay for his "crimes". Naofumi does not take it well.
  • Insane Troll Logic: He's insulting and belittling Naofumi every chance he gets, seeing him as nothing but a liability that can't do anything. And yet, at the same time, he's actively going out of his way to hinder his attempts to actually do anything or get stronger. In the web novel, he outright accuses Naofumi of stealing the other heroes' power when he shows himself to be the most capable during the second wave and demands how he did it, refusing to acknowledge the idea that he might have simply worked to get stronger despite all the unfair handicaps he placed on him. He really is Malty's father, in both sheer stupidity and a refusal to just stop and think.
  • Irony: He's called "The Wise King" but his actions on screen haven't been very wise at all... Post-Character Development, he's one of Naofumi's greatest allies and is an absolute strategic genius.
    • In the anime, he cites his piss-poor treatment of Naofumi as justified in order to protect his family. This is after finding out Malty tried to kill her sister Melty to take the throne, and remembering what the former's crimes she committed after in the web novel... Yeah.
  • It's Personal: This is the reason why he hates demi-humans and by extension the Hero of the Shield. He blames them for the loss of his sister.
  • Irrational Hatred: Towards Naofumi. At first, it seems like the rape accusation had completely blinded him to just how disgusting a person his own eldest daughter Malty is to realize he had been lied to like everyone else, but then it turns out he hated Naofumi since the very beginning solely for being the Shield Hero the demi-humans fervently worshipped. Deconstructed, as this leads to him being more of a massive hindrance than a help to his own country as he spends more time spiting Naofumi in any way he could than watching over his own citizens' safety and wellbeing, and to the point of indirectly putting both his own daughters in danger when the church enacts it's plans of disposing of the royal family along with the Heroes.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Though it might have been how Naofumi was actually useful during the second wave compared to the other heroes, Aultcray was at least right about two things; him having a power he probably shouldn't have had by virtue of the Wrath Shield, likely being fully aware of the Legendary Shield's use at turning the user into the ultimate supportive tank to the point of Crippling Overspecialization, and the other heroes displaying a worryingly underwhelming amount of power for people that are supposed to handle the Waves.
  • Kick the Dog: Fueled by Irrational Hatred towards Naofumi, his actions are rife with this.
    • Going along with Malty's bald-faced lie and condemning Naofumi as a rapist without even bothering to give him an actual trial was the first major one, never mind barely acknowledging his presence before that despite summoning him (ie yanking him from his home) directly.
    • Condemning him as a slave owner and forcefully taking Raphtalia away from him via a (rigged) duel against Motoyasu despite not only knowing Naofumi has no offensive abilities to speak of and needs her to fight for him, but knows full well that he has every legal right or own her by his own laws, purely to spite him.
    • Right after the rigged duel, he has the nerve to refuse to give him his promised pay despite going out of his way to save the citizens of a nearby town, instead going along with the idea that he was a "useless coward" for doing so and believing that the knights (most of whom were making things worse) could have easily done the same. In the manga and animation, he claims that the money is going to readministerimg Raphtalia's slave brand after it was removed, the latter action he forced on her in the first place just before his and Malty's callous deception was outed.
    • Legally banning the Shield Hero and his party from using the Dragon's Hourglass to undo their level restriction to get stronger despite knowing he needs them as strong as possible as much as the other Heroes, also done out of spite.
    • And the crowning moment to all this, following a Backhanded Compliment, him insisting that Naofumi "confess" as to how he managed to be more effective than the other Heroes in the Third Wave, despite actively trying to handicap and hinder him. In the web novel, he deluded himself into thinking that Naofumi's hard-earned power was somehow stolen from the other Heroes, showing that he despises him to the point where he refuses to believe he's even capable working for it. Notably, this one causes Naofumi to get so fed up with the stupid prick that he winds up insulting him to his face right back, saying that he has to get on his knees and beg for it like the "squealing monkey" he is, and all but laughs in his face when he tries to outright threaten him. He's reduced to a screaming, angry mess when he realizes the hard way that this dog won't stand for being kicked anymore.
    • In the animation, his last recorded moment involved a heavily implied death-threat being thrown at Naofumi's companions as one last act of spite for his (justified) disrespect. To someone that's ready and willing to kill in order to keep his companions safe, this also goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • After abusing his power as king by giving Naofumi nothing but grief solely for being the Shield Hero and trying to kick him back into the dirt after he just managed to pull himself back up with a rigged duel and a royal stipend he refuses to give him, the shoe is on the other foot after Naofumi acquires the Wrath Shield (a dangerous power he acquires because of the abuse heaped on him at the hands of the king and Malty). After telling him to grovel at his knees if he wants the truth behind his newfound power out of him (which pisses him off to no end) and calling him a screeching monkey after savoring his reaction, Naofumi makes it very clear after his knights surround him that he not only has enough power to resist his attempts at forcing him to do anything, but also tells the king to his face that he can easily kill him on the spot and walk out of the castle without even suffering a scratch (literally, since his defense is that high). The king takes it hard when he realizes that, for all his power as king of Melromarc, all he can do at this point is curse his name in frustration now that he's been neutered of any threat.
    • To see this trope in another way, the last time Naofumi was in his court, the latter mocked him and his apparent inability to get anything done on his own, ignoring how he prioritized saving his own citizens while the other heroes focused solely on the boss. Next time they meet, Naofumi is the one mocking him to his face despite his seeming importance, except it's obvious that Naofumi is the one actually doing his job competently while Aultcray is actively neglecting his country's wellbeing just to spite some whose only guilty of reacting realistically to his crap.
    • In yet another way, the ultimate goal between him and the Church was to have the other Three Heroes as strong as possible while keeping Naofumi helpless, so when the time came, they could kill the latter off without worrying about the waves getting stronger to keep him out of Slitvelt's hands. To his immense chagrin, the other heroes were the ones next to useless and Naofumi was the one leaving everyone else in the dust, prompting his demands that were ultimately thrown back in his face.
    • In the anime, it takes him stupidly threatening his companions, and an outright painful death threat thrown in his face to finally sink in that Naofumi refuses to take anymore of his crap, that he's the powerless one now, and that one wrong move from his end will see his life taken in the most agonizing manner possible. King or no king, nothing is going to save him.
    • Ultimately, it's him and Malty being forced to be held accountable for their numerous crimes, being stripped of their royalty and being given demeaning names to reflect their disgraced statuses. In the anime, this comes along with an execution (that was narrowly called off by Naofumi, their chief victim) with countless citizens screaming for his and Malty's heads after carelessly destroying so many lives.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: Implied, and not in a comedic way. The duel that threatened to take Raphtalia away that he not only forced onto Naofumi, but rigged alongside Malty had exposed the fact that the King was just as underhanded and dirty as the latter to everyone present (except the incredibly dense Motoyasu), especially since it's his very laws that give Naofumi every legal right to own her. He just acts like nothing happened as he goes back to giving Naofumi grief when the time came to give the heroes their royal stipend shortly after.
  • The Lost Lenore: His sister was killed by demihumans (or so he thinks) and he has hated them ever since.
  • Meaningful Rename: Changed to Trash. After his Heel Realization, he accepts the name and stops Naofumi from calling him the Wise King.
  • Misplaced Retribution: This is what his grudge against Naofumi boils down to. His hatred for him stems from his sister being kidnapped by demihumans, and is this taking it out on someone who has no knowledge of the fact.
  • Overprotective Dad: This is what has allowed Malty to get away with her crimes for so long. While he loves both daughters equally, he was only able to spoil Malty since the queen started to notice her bad personality, something he couldn't (or wouldn't) admit. He's held a Kangaroo Court over Naofumi for her sake, has given to her authority over various towns and hosting battles between Naofumi and Motoyasu, and many more. So once his wife, the higher authority, returns, she takes away both of their noble privileges and thus the power they had to ruin the world. Malty's continued villainous escalations got so bad even he refused to save her from her execution after getting her mother killed.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Well, the Shield Hero is revered as a god to the demi-humans, so it makes Naofumi the closest thing he has to a main target for what the demi-humans apparently did to his sister.
  • The Red Mage: The Cane's power is for magic. It allows the wielder to reduce the chant of a spell and grants them access to magic they can't normally use.
  • Retired Badass: Years ago, Aultcray was a powerful adventurer and wielded the Seven Star Cane while leading a war against Siltvelt. He retired from active adventuring and has settled into his role as King but has sadly let his skills grow rusty with age.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Joining the conspiracy against the Shield Hero was this trope on his part. His Freudian Excuse projects his hatred of demihumans onto Naofumi but the consequences could have been severe. Going along with the conspiracy risked war with the rest of the world; persecuting the Shield Hero, in particular, would definitely provoke a war with the demihuman nations as well as every other nation the moment news reached them. He risked his kingdom for petty revenge against someone who did not even personally slight him.
  • Revenge Myopia: Naofumi's confrontation with him after the second wave and when Mirelia forces him and Malty to be held accountable for their actions just reeks of this. He never stops to consider that all the shit he and his daughter heaped on him at the very start might give him every reason to give Aultcray shit back in return. In the animation, he threatens Naofumi's companions out of pure spite, and still curses his name when Naofumi reacts how you'd expect him to.
  • Riches to Rags: He loses his royal status after his wife returns and gives Naofumi the right to decide the punishment of the King and Malty.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: In his attempts to protect his family and screw over the Shield Hero at the same time, he's allowed Naofumi to become more popular than him or the other three heroes since he's actually done something to help that isn't problematic in the long term. And his summoning of all the heroes would ensure that the rest of the world would go to war with his family. Not to mention his obliviousness to Malty's true personality has allowed her to become dangerous to her sister and mother, something he is shocked to find out she was willing to kill her sister to be queen. In short, everything he fought to undo, he allowed to happen.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • For Naofumi and Melty post-Character Development.
    • He also ships Melty and Fohl together as a backup plan.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: The Cane's ability to reduce casting time and use advanced magic is incredibly simple but very powerful. In the hands of a support-oriented Hero like Naofumi, he's able to buff his party's abilities to ridiculous levels and defeat people far above his level with an arsenal of attack magic. It's so strong that he almost regrets having to give it back. In the hands of a tactical genius like Aultcray, he became a national hero to Melromarc and came to be known as the strongest Seven Star Hero long before the Four Heroes were summoned.
  • Skewed Priorities: For all his hatred and admonishment of Naofumi, he's clearly more concerned about giving him nothing but grief than the safety and well-being of his own subjects. In fact, along with the incompetence of the other heroes, his eldest daughter not bothering to hide her disgusting personality, and some of the knights' neglect during the second wave, it's implied that this contributed to the citizens of Melromarc seeing Naofumi positively, since he clearly seemed to give them more concern than the King himself ever did pre-character development.
  • Snub by Omission: The first sign that the king doesn't have any respect for the Shield Hero is when the moment the heroes introduce themselves, he only acknowledges the Sword, Spear and Bow by name and doesn't even care to remember Naofumi's name.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": So how do we spell your name, Your Majesty? Aultclay or Aultcray?
  • The Strategist: Becomes this after Character Development.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: Inverted and Deconstructed. Aultcray gave special treatment to every one of the Cardinal Heroes excluding Naofumi out of personal, petty prejudice, to the point of actively hindering the latter at every turn. Not only has this caused numerous problems in the long run, but to add insult to injury, Naofumi wound up being the most competent and effective of the four heroes because of his and Malty's underhanded actions showing him just how real the world was, and how seriously he needed to take things just to survive. For bonus points, when Aultcray had the nerve to demand how he became so strong despite adamantly refusing to lend him any form of help to him at every turn, Naofumi outright mocked him to his face in response, seeing that he had nothing to lose since he wouldn't believe how he did it anyway.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Most of his actions unwittingly hurl his world towards destruction multiple times. Starting with the fact that he summoned all four the Heroes in Melromarc and nearly caused a world war, he also spent incredible effort to turn the world against the Shield Hero in general and endangered absolutely everyone for petty revenge.

    Princess Malty Melromarc/Myne Sophia 

Princess Malty Melromarc/Myne Sophia/Bitch/Witch

Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Japanese), Faye Mata (English)note

The first daughter of the King of Melromarc Kingdom and the one who betrayed Naofumi and led to his criminal charges.

  • Adaptational Villainy: Due to Medea being Adapted Out from the web novel, all other adaptations of Malty's malice is truly her own choices.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Yes, really. Despite everything she's done and all the lives she's gleefully destroyed, her first death as being the 1,000th bride of the King of Faubley is so horrifically cruel that one can't help but sympathize for her. Even Naofumi, whom wanted to see her suffer, finds no enjoyment when forced to watch her be raped to death right in front of him. This only applies in the Web Novel, however. In the Light Novel, Naomi is moved to the verge of tears by witnessing Myne's death, thinking about how they've managed to avenge the queen's own demise caused, in part, though her daughter's actions. Upon realising that Malty's soul has been scavenged by the Third Army, and thus her death might not stick, he becomes frantic to stop that from happening, and upset when the Ship Vassal weapon absconded to protect Malty's soul from getting erased at the heroes' hands. Suffice to say, Light Novel Naofumi still very much wants her dead, no matter what the methods used.
  • All for Nothing: Even if she succeeded in killing Naofumi and Melty, not only would the local Corrupt Church be there to step in to finish off her and Motoyasu, but there's still the matter of every other country wanting to burn Melromarc to the ground for hogging all the heroes (something she encouraged her father go along with) and leaving them defenseless against the waves. Fitting for someone who never bothers to think things through and only focuses on short-term gratification, Malty's selfish goal of becoming the next Queen was pretty much doomed no matter what she did.
  • Alpha Bitch: She's also a Rich Bitch to boot. Pretty much every major problem in the series can be linked directly to her, and whenever she joins a new hero's group after betraying the previous one, she quickly establishes her superiority as a princess, making any protests futile.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Mirelia makes it clear that she's extremely unhappy with Malty's actions.
  • Arch-Enemy: She firmly establishes herself as this to Naofumi once she betrays him, going out of her way to oppose and demonize him through any means necessary.
  • Bad Liar: Mirelia outright points this trope out about Malty in Chapter 75 of the web novel about how, for a supposedly traumatized rape victim, the latter never even bothers to act like one. The fact that her mother knows that she used her body to get her way in the past doesn't help.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Deconstructed. Malt actually invokes this trope when manipulating people, tricking them into thinking she's a "good, honest girl" in order to screw them over, trick them into doing her bidding, or both. Unfortunately, someone with her level of sheer petty malice and stupidity repeatedly makes the mistake of shooting herself in the foot with her blatantly nasty behavior and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder so this advantage winds up being squandered.
  • Beauty Is Bad: She is easily one of the most attractive characters of the setting. Also one of the most rotten.
  • Beyond Redemption: When it comes to her increasingly repulsive actions, it's not a matter of if, but when. To a point where her entire family (yes, even her father Aultcray) have all come to the conclusion that she's a hopeless case in their eyes, especially when she makes it clear, repeatedly, that she's incapable of learning a lesson, feeling remorse, or even giving a basic apology when being forced to face responsibility for her crimes.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: While she ultimately sets the plot into motion by falsely accusing Naofumi, much of her evil actions just hinged on riding the coattails of other people, especially ones with power and influence such as Motoyasu, her father Aultcray, the fanatical members of the Three Heroes Church and Tact. Deprive her of all of those (and anyone unaware of her true nature) and she's doomed, and it helps that whoever she betrays and ditches in a short-sighted attempt to escape punishment or improve her standing are quickly enlightened to the horrible person she really is.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She strings Naofumi along by acting as a cutesy, cheerful girl that wanted to support him on his quest, but quickly stole all his belongings, money and framed him of sexually assaulting her the very next day. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. She doesn't stop trying to invoke this even when everyone can see the "bitch" part of her as clear as day, especially once it becomes her actual name.
  • Blatant Lies: If she's not being insulting or condescending, or trying to screw someone over, she's doing this. Naturally, Motoyasu and her father are the only ones stupid enough to buy her crap until she turns her back on them both, too. Possibly her most audacious lie is when she tries to claim that she's an honest and good girl during her trial.
  • Book Dumb: As the Pope so accurately painted her as the idiot she truly is by revealing how Myne was too busy conspiring to study, effectively leaving her without common knowledge of wide-spread legends which even peasants would be aware about.
  • Brainless Beauty:
    • As the series goes on, it becomes increasingly obvious that the only thing Malty has going for her is her (external) beauty, and that she isn't nearly as clever or cunning as she thinks she is, mainly acting purely out of either pure sadism or petty vindictiveness. This eventually gets her killed. Twice.
    • In the anime, she bears witness to Naofumi's Wrath Shield in action against the Soul Eater, and clearly sees that her former victim not only has the means to directly attack opponents (albeit at close range), but can also do so by firing a devastating torrent of cursed flames that was cooking the boss alive while Motoyasu and the other Heroes could barely scratch it beforehand. Someone intelligent would have registered this, but she instead proceeds to mock him within earshot for not fighting like a Hero in complete obliviousness to the possibility that the person she screwed over, and never stopped trying to keep screwing over could easily turn said rage-fueled shield against her at any time, or that even her precious "Motoyasu-sama" wouldn't be able to stop him if he tried.
    • As mentioned below under Stupid Evil, she continues to behave in a destructive manner even after her name is changed (twice, no less!) to reflect her true personality, which ultimately leads to her painful end.
  • Burn the Witch!: Literally. Her second execution is by being burned at the stake, and she had been given a Meaningful Rename to "Witch" by that point.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: She's screwed over so many people so casually that she can't remember most of them, even if they reintroduce themselves without any alias. Deconstructed, as this leaves her with more than plenty of vengeful victims wanting her head, with Naofumi being just one of many, that she's too stupid to even acknowledge partly because she's convinced her royalty status means doing whatever she wants without ever facing repercussions. This trope is even Invoked later on in the Light Novel by Rino, the girl she sold off to slavery when she first joined Motoyasu's party, when she is freed and joins the Queen's spy unit. Because Malty doesn't recognize her, Rino successfully infiltrates the Third Army and when the time is right, stabs Malty in the back, kills the ex-princess with the stolen Whip Vassal Weapon, and leaves her as a soul without a body.
  • Cain and Abel: She's the evil princess to her younger sister Melty's good princess. She would gladly kill Melty so she can be the only successor to the throne.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Given a chance, she will bite the hand that feeds her. No exceptions. In order of who trusted her only to be betrayed we have Naofumi, Motoyasu, and Ren (who lasted less than a day), and the conspirators attempting to overthrow Melromarc. At this point, she didn't have anybody to turn to because she had already betrayed everyone that could have helped her. She was saved by Tact and betrayed Melromarc, only to betray Tact when he failed under the false belief she would be spared.
  • Chronic Villainy: Given her apparent inability to avoid screwing people over and causing harm, even when it would be more beneficial not to, it is possible she suffers from this.
  • Compulsive Liar: Rare is the time when Malty actually tells the truth, especially about people she wants to hurt. This is the reason that the Queen has to use a Slave Brand on Malty which shocks her whenever she lies; it's not only to punish her for lying, but it's a very obvious tell that she's lying. Even then, Malty is simply that incapable of telling the truth that she keeps lying even as the brand keeps shock her.
  • The Corrupter: Her whole reason for existing is to corrupt and destroy anyone she comes into contact with. It comes with being a fragment of Medea. She is directly responsible for each of the Four Heroes unlocking their Cursed Weapons, indirectly renders Motoyasu permanently insane, and caused her father's decline from the Wise King to Trash. Naofumi suspects she may have resulted in Tact's warped personality. In hindsight, being one of Medea's fragments in the web novel must have had something to do with her ability to corrupt others.
  • Crocodile Tears: She cries several times, but always to trick her current benefactor into believing her story. Naofumi notes that despite crying she also smiles rather nastily.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: On being married off to the King of Faubley she is repeatedly raped and tortured to the point of losing an arm and eye in the first night. She ultimately returns, but is executed again by burning, and her soul is then devoured to ensure she can't even reincarnate.
  • Deader Than Dead: Not only is Malty burned at the stake, but her soul is consumed by a domesticated Soul Eater, all to make absolutely sure that she's gone and isn't coming back.
  • Death by Irony: As cruel as it was her end is full of this. She made many False Rape Accusations that ruined the lives of many that are on her opposing side. She gets married off to the King of Faubley who repeatedly raped and tortured her. She is also a skilled fire mage who gets burned at the stake for her crimes.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype:
    • She is one for the Royal Brat trope by showing just how nasty a member of the Royal Family can be when they're so entitled that they genuinely believe that the world and everyone in it exists solely for their own selfish gain and amusement. She gets away with everything because she manipulates people, her father helps her by essentially protecting her from blame, and because she is a princess, she holds political power that allows her to get away with it every time. Due to this, she takes advantage of everyone around her without care for any long term results, especially considering just how much downright sociopathic behavior she gets away with prior to, and after meeting Naofumi, and just keeps getting worse and worse even after her mother exposes her and the King's disgusting behavior on top of confiscating their royal titles. Eventually, its taken to a point where her horrendous personality is literally what gets her killed in the end, as EVERYONE wants her dead and gone by that point, even her previously doting father. Turns out, screwing over everyone you know will mean nobody will actually stick up for you when it most matters, and she undermines her own plans because she simply cannot stop trying to Kick the Dog.
    • The Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, The Corrupter, and False Friend tropes are also deconstructed through Malty by not only showing what kind of person would casually string along, betray, and corrupt others for both their sole benefit and their own callous amusement, but also shows the logical conclusion for such behavior as absolutely no one wants anything to do with her in the end, as they know full well that she's simply too toxic to have anything to do with. As mentioned above, even her own parents have deemed her a living safety hazard to everyone around her, and have taken precautions to get rid of her in two of the most horrifying ways possible simply because her crimes were that unforgivable.
  • Determinator: In a dark deconstruction of this trope, Malty is utterly determined to screw over everyone and anyone that even slightly pisses her off no matter how tortured her logic is or how justified their actions were, which includes people who forced her to be held accountable for her reprehensible actions. She doesn't have the forethought, brainpower, or even a sense of basic empathy to stop and consider that her own actions led to her punishments, and this just leads to her crimes escalating more and more in a blindly vindictive attempt to have the last laugh. In the end, this just leads to her making an enemy of the entire world, and by the time she's finally burned at the stake, she was pretty much set to go down in history as one of its worst and most hated war criminals.
  • Dirty Coward:
    • Whenever she does anything, it's always behind someone else, whether it be her father Aultcray, Motoyasu, or some fanatical knights.
    • In the manga, she finds herself about to be killed by the ringleader of the Three Heroes Church, and Naofumi bluntly tells her and Motoyasu that, for all the trouble they caused out of sheer stupidity or petty spite, they could both die for all he cared. She immediately tries to bail on her party and flock to his side, pathetically trying to deny everything she did to him while an unnamed party member tries to keep her from fleeing.
    • When her coup fails, she begs the heroes to save her from her intended fate as her Uncle Faubley's next "wife". They understandably have no intention of doing so, especially considering how obnoxiously unrepentant she was about her crimes just seconds ago.
  • Does Not Like Men: Implied to be the case, considering how she has no problem with leaving them to suffer the rather fatal effects of her accusations. Then again, women like Rino show that she's not above acting like this to the same sex either.
  • Entitled Bitch: Positively reeks of this after she and her father were put on trial. Despite the number of atrocities she committed, two of them being assisting a homicidal cult in a coup and trying to burn her own sister alive, and not even hesitating to try and lie her way out of a serious trial, she actually has the nerve to act like she's entitled to either leniency or revenge. Naofumi and the Queen both call her out on this, which naturally flies right over her head.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Myne is introduced as a helpful girl who seems to have faith in Naofumi when the other people who came with him to the other world wouldn't let him join them. She shows him the basics of absorbing, takes him on a shopping trip, and even makes a little romantic overture. She also doesn't lift a finger to help him against the orange balloons and the first thing she talks about after Naofumi gets his new armor is how much the buyback price is going to be, explaining to him that once he gets stronger and gets better armor, he won't need the old one anymore and can sell it off. After a nice dinner where she again tries to go into seduction mode, she gets this little devious look in her eyes as Naofumi heads off to bed. All this serves to foreshadow how Myne will betray him by stealing his stuff and making the False Rape Accusation which kicks off the series.
  • Electric Torture: When tried for what she did to Naofumi, Malty has a slave-brand placed on her by Mirelia. This brand often electrocutes her whenever she's lying.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As unbelievable as it sounds, even she looked disturbed at how Itsuki abandoned Rishia for what amounts being more helpful against the Cal Mira wave. And while that could have been an act, she had no idea that the Church's plot included the murder of all Heroes and would have not taken part in it had she known. Too bad she slowly loses even that...
  • Evil Is Petty: To show how much of a Hate Sink she is, she's willing to have to her own sister assassinated. Why? Because in addition to the latter being next in line for the throne instead of her (for obvious reasons), she was also given a mild "Reason You Suck" Speech by Melty when they remet each other after the Second Wave (in the anime).
  • Evil Laugh: She gives off one twisted laugh in the anime after believing she's taken away Naofumi's only means of survival. Raphtalia bitchslapping Motoyasu for his "help" cut it short.
  • Evil Redhead: She's a redhead and the most malicious individual in the entire series.
  • Exact Words: Ironically, she actually falls victim to this at the hands of her own mother. Even following the second attempted coup at the hands of the Three Heroes church, Witch was smugly certain that she would just get off with a slap on the wrist since her (former) royal status meant that she couldn't simply be executed. Unfortunately for her, she was too stupid to realize that while this was true, this only applied to killing her off directly. There was nothing stopping Queen Mirelia from throwing her into a situation where she would most likely get killed, such as being delivered into the clutches of her Uncle Faubley...
  • Extreme Mêlée Revenge:
    • In the Web Novel, Raphtalia inflicts a "tortuous barrage of attacks" on Malty during the uprising of the Three Heroes Church remnants after fending off her Justice Zombies.
    • In the Light Novel, this is how Malty is killed at the hands of Rino, who disguised herself as one of the wave vanguards. Once her guard was down during a fight, Rino took the chance to stab her to death.
  • Eyelid Pull Taunt: Does this as a cruel taunt to Naofumi after her False Rape Accusation.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Behind her lovely and alluring face is a hideous and manipulative mind.
  • False Friend: Anytime she becomes anyone's ally, it's to exploit and manipulate them. She first pretended to join Naofumi's party to then steal from him and frame him for sexual assault. She later allied herself with Motoyasu and slowly stroked his ego to use him as a pawn in her schemes. After she and the rest of the party members abandon Motoyasu after the Spirit Tortoise incident, she moves on to Ren while happily telling the same lies about Motoyasu that she said about Naofumi. And then she betrays him too. In other words, her only true ally is no one but herself.
  • False Rape Accusation: This is how the entire plot begins, with Naofumi being neither Myne's first nor her last victim.
  • Fantastic Racism: Almost never misses a chance to refer to Raphtalia as "a damned Demi-Human".
  • Fatal Flaw: Malty has three: her first flaw is her constant lying, her second flaw is her Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, and her third flaw is her utter refusal to stop kicking the dog. What did you expect? Telling the truth must be a taboo in her twisted mind.
  • Femme Fatale: She uses her looks to screw anyone over. Naofumi found out the hard way, as did Motoyasu and Ren.
  • Foil: Naofumi and Malty are opposites in every way.
    • Naofumi started out naïve and optimistic, but quickly turns into a Jerk with a Heart of Gold while Malty is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who drops the "sheep" act when she thinks no one is paying attention (which is most of the time).
    • Naofumi is (technically) just a civilian who is initially hated, but gradually becomes beloved by the peasantry, praised as a true hero, and even given a noble title late in the story. Malty starts out as a princess whose country gradually wisens up to her rotten behavior before being exposed as a manipulative sociopath and stripped of her royal title.
    • While Naofumi helps as much as he can (albeit with a demand of payment most of the time), Malty seems to actively blight the lives of everyone around her either for her own gain, amusement, or petty spite.
    • While Naofumi treats his party members like Raphtalia and Firo like his own surrogate family, Malty not only regularly booted out other members of Motoyasu's party without his awareness out of petty jealousy, she also actively plotted to murder her own biological sister Melty (whose just barely older than ten years old, no less!) in cold blood, to the point of trying to burn her alive with fire magic. Bonus points for irony in that it's implied Melty sees Naofumi as a protective older sibling instead of (or because of) Malty.
    • Naofumi's party all volunteer (in Raphtalia's case, volunteer after being freed) to become his slaves because of the immense Level Grinding advantage that will help keep them alive, and because Naofumi's too traumatized from Malty's actions to trust anyone who isn't magically bound from lying to or betraying him (any other controls are immediately released). In the first short story from Motoyasu's POV, it's heavily implied (not outright stated only because Motoyasu has a bad case of Love Makes You Dumb) that all the women who join up with his party except Malty and her two friends haven't simply 'decided to seek other opportunities'. Malty has been selling them into slavery, mostly in brothels, because she doesn't want any competition for Motoyasu's 'heart'.
    • Naofumi fights as a defensive tank with healing and support magic at his disposal, while Malty is a fire mage that essentially uses Motoyasu as a meat shield while she hangs back with the rest of his party. While Naofumi also uses fire through his Wrath Shield, it's tempered by the love and care he has for his party, while it's obvious that Malty is incapable of feeling such things.
    • Naofumi's parents gave up on him early for being an otaku and focused on his brother's education, but rewarded him with a higher allowance for helping the latter when he was stressed out. Meanwhile, on top of spending the royal treasury on frivolous things, Malty was spoiled rotten by her father while her mother tried her damnedest to teach her humility as she groomed her younger sibling Melty for the throne. Malty responded by trying to kill the latter during the coup being staged by the Three Heroes church in order to have the throne to herself, only to be stripped of her princess title, renamed Bitch/Bitchie/Whore/Slut (depending on the version), and made to pay off a massive tab as punishment by her mother.
    • Naofumi was chosen by the Legendary Shield to become the Shield Hero and save the world, while Malty stole the Vassal Whip using an enchanted accessory and sides with the Vanguards of the Waves to use the waves' influence to destroy multiple worlds.
    • In the web novel, Naofumi is an ordinary human who becomes a god to protect multiple worlds across the universe. On the other hand Malty is one of many fragments created by a world-destroying goddess to slowly drive the world to ruin.
    • While Naofumi gets much better after the brutal kick into the dirt given to him near the beginning of the story and eventually gets numerous allies, a harem of his own, and a happy ending out of it, Malty unrepentantly sinks lower and lower with each crime she commits, screws over each and every person she encounters until she has no one left to turn to, and is eventually burned to death like the witch she behaves like.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: She has been a problem child since always, which is why her mother labeled her unqualified for ruling the kingdom and raised Melty into a suitable heiress.
  • For the Evulz: Several instances of her attempting to attack Naofumi occurred when there would have been little if anything to gain; she simply enjoys making him suffer.
  • Hate Sink: She was designed with the intention to make the audience hate her guts. Malty is presented as being despicable and irredeemable to the core, and she only sinks lower with every appearance. Her rampant sociopathy, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, compulsive lying, and willingness to cross any line without even the slightest shred of remorse to get what she wants only increases the hatred that she receives from others. By the time she's executed a second time in the web novel, she's detested by literally everyone in the world. Being a fragment of Medea will do that to you.
  • Hated by All: Literally. It comes with being such a despicable excuse for a human being that you would betray, throw away or kill off even your own family and allies in a very shortsighted attempt at either revenge or higher social comfort. This gets her horribly killed twice in the Web Novel, once in the Light Novel, and judging by the foreshadowing regarding her soul being snared after death, another horrible death might ensue for her soon...
  • Her Own Worst Enemy: Malty could have gotten what she wanted long ago if she stopped acting like a Spoiled Brat and Alpha Bitch, and actually start being more pragmatic. If she actually took the time to think things through, she might have gotten the edge over her enemies, but she still prioritizes trying to ruin other people's lives through her compulsive lying, backstabbing tendencies, and sheer cruelty, whether it's out of petty spite, for the sheer fun of it, or because a seemingly better opportunity presents itself. Malty's actions are the biggest reason she always finds herself in trouble, and in the web novel, Naofumi was able to manipulate her into doing what he wanted before having her set up to be executed, because her treachery just makes her that predictable.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Averted. Naofumi was attracted to her before. The keyword being was. Once she screwed him over, suffice to say that he wants nothing to do with her now. Played straight to a tone-deaf degree with Motoyasu, until she betrays and ditches him, too.
  • Humiliation Conga: Suffers one of these alongside her father during their trial. Not only does she get a slave-brand put on her that zaps her every time she lies, but it's used to expose every single one of said lies, up to and including the False Rape Accusation against Naofumi. In the anime, this is followed by Malty and Aultacry being nearly executed by the Queen before Naofumi steps in — not because he's feeling sorry for them, but because he feels execution would be too good for them. She is renamed Bitch, while her father is renamed Trash, and both of them are stripped of their royal titles.
  • Hypocrite:
    • In the anime, when she witnesses Naofumi soloing the Soul Eater with his Wrath Shield, she proceeds to insult him (again) over "not acting like a Hero". This is coming from the person whose not only shown to be the furthest from the good guys as you can get, and had done so repeatedly without even the slightest hint of remorse, but also sunk as low as to help her chosen "Hero" cheat in a duel just to screw Naofumi out of the only party member he had. Adding to this, Raphtalia also proceeded to point out that she hadn't done a damn thing to contribute to the fight the whole time, instead just standing by and acting like a glorified cheerleader to Motoyasu.
    • When she's finally brought to justice by Mirelia, she begs Naofumi to intervene on her behalf, telling him revenge isn't the way of a hero. After being told her punishment, she immediately swears vengeance on Naofumi, his party, and everyone else. Mirelia calls her out on it.
    • Just like Tact, her hypocrisy reaches its zenith in Chapter 344 of the web novel, and she and the other members of his harem are told that if they renounce him, they would go free. Naturally, she does so along with the other more self-centered girls with the excuse that her mother (whom she told Tact to kill) was dead because of him and proceed to beat him up while he's restrained, with Witch laughing as she calls him out on the callous actions she's also guilty of and smugly blames her actions entirely on him. Even when he knew she and the others were never going to be spared in the first place and that they were lied to in order to have them break Tact even further, Naofumi still had to restrain himself from shouting at her, and even Tact himself seemed to realize just how rotten she is before he's finally killed.
  • It's All About Me: These four words sum up her personality in a nutshell. The only person that matters to Malty is Malty, and everybody else can go screw themselves.
  • Jerkass: There's a pretty good reason why she is nicknamed and later officially renamed "Bitch."
  • Kick the Dog: Stealing Naofumi's stuff and her False Rape Accusation against him is only the start of the many despicable things she does throughout the story. In fact, it's safe to say that whenever she appears, a Kick the Dog moment is likely to occur. Deconstructed, as her constant, blindly impulsive, and increasingly despicable puppy-kicking, regardless of she had something to gain from it or not, is what leads to everyone aside from Naofumi gradually seeing what a disgusting, irredeemable mess of a person she is and wanting nothing to do with her as a result, to the point where even a previously doting Aultcray, who was willing to indirectly run the country into the ground as a result of blindly believing her flimsy lies soon realizes what an utter monster she truly is and ultimately condemns her along with literally everyone else.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Make no mistake, she's definitely someone despicable. However, when she helps Tact in his coup against the King of Faubley, few people, if anyone, will hate her for that, especially knowing what the King did to her prior.
  • Kill It with Fire: In her final moments of life, she gets burned to death at the stake for her actions.
  • Lack of Empathy: It comes with being The Sociopath. Spelling out to her just how many lives she either, or attempted to, ruin or kill will never elicit any kind of remorse out of her. If anything, she'll just whine and cry foul about how she's the one who was wronged and that her victims are the ones who must suffer.
  • Lady Macbeth: Her whole character summed up in one trope, and essentially her entire role in the story, she's this to anyone either unaware, naive or stupid enough to take her word at face value (primarily Motoyasu). She'll gleefully encourage their worst traits in order to watch the drama and carnage unfold for her personal gain or amusement until she either ditches them for someone else, or she's forced to take responsibility for her actions. Just don't expect her to feel anything resembling guilt, though, she would sooner see the entire world burn than acknowledge any wrongdoing on her part, let alone apologize for them. Though this just leads to everyone else going out of their way to off her themselves.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Former Princess of the Melromarc Kingdom who is attractive and even more so cruel and manipulative. She's also a powerful mage with a penchant in fire magic.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • Comparatively minor to the rest, but her "chosen champion" being repeatedly made an ineffectual fool of himself almost every time he tries to wave his spear around for her sake is very cathartic.
    • Every nasty little crime she committed towards not only Naofumi, but countless others winds up catching up to her in a humiliating trial where she's essentially tortured into telling the truth via slave seal. After this, not only is her name forcefully changed to Bitch (or Whore/Slut depending on the version), the royalty status she used to abuse for her own selfish ends is stripped away from her, leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back and a massive debt that would take several lifetimes to pay off, mirroring the state that her horrible lies had left Naofumi at the start of the series. Because her own mother has so little sympathy for her that she could prostitute herself for all she cared, her only hope to escape it is to actually contribute to the safety of the country she helped put in danger as Motoyasu's party member.
    • In the Light Novel, it turns out that Malty sold one of her party members, Rino, to slavery behind Motoyasu's back. This just makes the slave seal she's forced to wear from then on even more cathartic, while Rino (and several other victims of the former) were eventually saved by the Queen and became one of her spies under the promise of getting revenge.
    • When Bitch, motivated by pure spite, shows that having everything, including her royalty status, forcefully taken away isn't enough to keep her from trying to screw over her own allies despite the immediate consequences involved, she gets poisoned by the food she intended for Naofumi to eat, and later set on fire by her own fireball while her slave seal's punishment is active.
    • When Witch is sentenced to become her Uncle Faubley's 10,000th "bride" (a painful death sentence in itself), nobody would come to her aid. Motoyasu would have gladly done so himself, but Witch's previous betrayal of him had damaged his psyche so severely that he sees and hears all women as gross pigs. He literally sees her as a disgusting red swine (a fitting reflection of her equally repulsive personality) and simply shoved her away when she begged for his help.
  • Lethally Stupid:
    • Malty is this in spades, to the point of having her name changed to Bitch, and later Witch to reflect her corrosive influence, callous selfishness, and utter lack of introspection and forethought. A more competent villain would have known when to stop instead of deciding that it would be in her best interest to act out of pure, petty spite.
    • It's not just the people around her that tend to suffer because of her. In spite of making it clear she intends to be the next Queen of Melromarc, mother and sister be damned, this woman is completely ignorant of the idea that her actions might be helping drive all of Melromarc to ruin, whether it be encouraging Motoyasu to put zero thought into what he's doing, helping insane cultists make a violent takeover of the country (twice), or encouraging Tact to maim and kill the very people trying to save the world from the waves simply because they reacted realistically to her vile behavior.
  • Like Mother Unlike Daughter: A variant. The only thing Malty inherited was her mother's captivating beauty, which she uses to seduce and screw over others. She doesn't have either of her parent's intelligence or cunning that makes them so notable, which bites her in the ass multiple times since someone smarter would Know When to Fold 'Em. Considering her true nature in the web novel, it makes sense that she barely has anything in common with her own family.
  • Made of Evil: In the web novel, she's an Artificial Human reality-warped into existence by a truly despicable God of Evil, intentionally programmed to cause as much evil as humanly possible. Averted in the other versions, as she's just a spoiled sociopath.
  • Magic Knight: She's a powerful spellcaster, wields a sword and wears heavy armor. Too bad it's hard to notice since she's more than content with sitting back and letting Motoyasu do most of everything himself.
  • Manipulative Bitch: There's nothing that she enjoys more than playing people like they were her puppets.
  • Meaningful Name: Not Malty's actual name, but she uses the alias "Myne Sophia" when she's traveling. "Myne" is pronounced like "mine", fitting for a Spoiled Brat with an It's All About Me attitude. "Sophia" meanwhile is an Ironic Name, as it means "wisdom", while Malty's as Book Dumb and short-sighted as they come.
  • Meaningful Rename: Naofumi refers to her as Bitch after all she has done to him and to others. When she escalates to all-out treason, it changes to Witch.
  • Moral Myopia: Malty has no problem swearing vengeance on those who "wronged" her, either completely ignorant or uncaring of how those same people have a laundry list of reasons to hate and condemn her. She's even had this trope all but lampshaded to her face more than once, only for it to fly right over her head and declare herself the chief victim. Of course, she has no problem turning around and begging for mercy she doesn't deserve, or bother trying to apologize or even understand what she's being punished for in the first place when even she realizes she's doomed.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Despite how evil she is, one cannot deny that she is physically attractive with her red hair, fairly ample breasts, and choice of wardrobe. Invoked in-universe as well as one of her ways of manipulating others. Too bad she loses this advantage over time, even over Motoyasu once he goes insane from her betrayal.
  • Narcissist: Her personality as a whole, Malty only cares about herself and will manipulate anyone to get what she wants, especially men.
  • Never My Fault: According to her, everything bad that happens to her is always the fault of someone else. When you pay attention to all the times she pathetically begged for her life, you'll notice that she never explicitly apologizes for her actions. It's another dead giveaway that she is incapable of feeling anything resembling remorse or shame.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: She often laughs like this, complete with the raised hand and tilted head.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: As noted under Big Bad Wannabe, she is the closest to an actual Big Bad that isn't a force of nature like the waves, inciting all the other villains to fight Naofumi and his party. However, she focuses so much on her looks and manipulation that she barely trains her combat skills outside of a few fire spells and thus sends her goons to fight for her (Like Motoyasu and her father).
  • Not Quite Dead: Rino gives her a brutal ending in light novel 19, but since she lacked weapons that can harm the soul, and the Third Army was able to recover and extract Malty's soul from the battlefield before anybody who could was able to catch her, it's likely that this death won't stick for long.
  • Opportunistic Bastard: If the opportunity for increasing her personal comfort or standing appears she'll jump on it, usually without fully considering what will come after.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: When Witch was to be executed following the defeat of Tact and his army, Naofumi and the others really wanted to make sure she and her "allies" never came back. Not only was she thoroughly burned at the stake, but she had her soul devoured by a domesticated Soul Eater to make dead certain they were rid of her for good.
  • Personality Powers: Malty's specialty in magic is fire spells. Fitting how Malty herself comes off as destructive and out of control when it comes to her disgustingly toxic personality. Doubly so, considering its also how she finally meets her well-deserved Karmic Death.
  • Playing with Fire: She's already an accomplished fire mage before the start of the story, contrasting her sister and mother's affinity for water and ice magic respectively. This puts more holes in her accusation: if Naofumi did try to rape her, it would've been at a point where he had almost no fighting skills, and Malty would've burnt him to a crisp with no trouble at all.
  • Pretty Freeloader:
    • The only thing Malty has going for her is her looks, and it shows with just how little she actually contributes to Motoyasu's party when she's not busy kicking puppies. Though, to be fair, this is every girl in his "harem", only bothering to throw a spell or two out in between cheering him on since he's only concerned with looking good in front of the ladies. Deconstructed, as this means she (and by extension the other girls) are just as incompetent as Motoyasu in a straight fight, whether it be between parties or "one-on-one" (backed by a number of brainwashed followers).
    • What's more, this also results in Melromarc's royal treasury being spent on frivolous things since, as it's princess, she was essentially this trope to the whole country.
    • Malty insists on being a parasite even when she's a wanted fugitive, as Ren's possessions get stolen from under him and Itsuki also ends up being saddled with massive debt when she can't help but leech off the two by taking advantage of the mental breakdowns they suffered from the fallout of the Spirit Turtle incident, and then abandon them both when she milked them dry. Unsurprisingly, this turned both firmly against her and, in the Web Novel, this leads to Ren condemning her alongside Naofumi and the Queen, and Itsuki in a coma when both could have saved her from her first death.
  • Psychopathic Womanchild: She's basically an insufferable Royal Brat in a grown woman's body who thinks she can get away with anything because her daddy is the king and throws tantrums whenever things don't go her way. This is the reason why her younger sister Melty was personally groomed to be the heir to Melromarc's throne, simply because their mother could clearly see that Malty is the kind of person that would run the whole country into the ground. Considering how she was encouraging her father to do just that, Mirelia's decision to do that and later disown her and Aultcray was more than justified.
  • Really Gets Around: Queen Melromarc has stated Malty was not a virgin and has implied her daughter had quite a few lovers.
  • Redemption Rejection: She is completely unrepentant of everything she's done to Naofumi and everyone else she's ever crossed. Despite this, she's not above acting remorseful to try and escape punishment, and her lack of apology during her pitiful begging is a dead giveaway that she doesn't feel a damn thing about what she's done.
  • Revenge Myopia: It takes some serious self-delusion to voluntarily put her victims through as much trauma and suffering as she did for petty reasons, and still swear revenge when they fight back and end up forcing her to be held accountable for her own disgusting actions. Deconstructed, as this just convinces everyone that Malty will never change or improve her behavior no matter what punishment they put her through, and decide to get rid of her at their earliest convenience.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: A mage skilled in fire magic who started the whole mess with her accusing Naofumi of raping her. Later on, she would try to burn her sister Melty alive with fire magic. How ironic it is that her first intended fate is to be raped to death, and the second had her burned at the stake.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Due to her being raised as a princess and her father spoiling her, she really doesn't put a lot of thought into how she spends money. Motoyasu's constant pampering and similar lack of self control when it comes to spending money certainly didn't help either. She talks him into charging 50 silver for entering and leaving a town when the same amount could be used the stay 100 nights at a local inn with food included. When it's revealed that she was already leeching plenty of money off the royal treasury, her mother later forces her to work off a debt she made while a member of Motoyasu's party.
  • Riches to Rags: She loses her title as a princess after her crimes are exposed and her mother disowns her for it.
  • Royal Brat: Her personality in a nutshell, and taken to the extreme. She sure believes that being the spoiled daughter of the king gives her the right to do whatever she wants. She maintains her obnoxious, and downright destructive behavior even after her royal title is stripped.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Her royalty status, father, and later Motoyasu were the only things protecting her from the repercussions of her callous actions. Deconstructed, as her behavior, and by extension Aultclay's, was so vile that even this couldn't save them from a trial, and later disownment from the royal family.
  • Self-Insert: An in-universe example in the web novels, as she turns out to be one of the many "fragments" of the local jerkass god Medea. Deconstructed hard, since while Malty has all of Medea's vices, she also has none of the former's power to back it up. Once her protection is gone (Motoyasu, Aultcray, Tact), all she has left is her superficial beauty, and it's nowhere near enough to save her from her former, vengeful victims.
  • Serial Escalation: Responds to every punishment or attempt to correct her behavior, no matter how slight, by increasing the severity of her crimes. This reaches its apparent zenith when she teams up with Tact to betray the entire world, only to have that action one-upped when it's revealed she's joined the Vanguards of the Waves to kill off the Cardinal and Vassal heroes protecting the world for the heck of it. And that's not even getting to the web novel where it's revealed she's a fragment of a goddess that's destroying multiple worlds.
  • Serial Killer: She lied about men in the past and, unlike Naofumi, they didn't have the immunity from execution. She is one of the rare types of serial killers who get people killed without needing to get her hands dirty.
  • Sibling Murder: She tried to kill her little sister Melty personally by burning her alive with fire magic under the flimsy excuse of irreversible brainwashing, something Ren calls her out on. In the anime, she even begs Motoyasu to "take the heads of Naofumi and Melty for her" when their party lost. Naturally, Motoyasu was the only one too stupid to notice this trope in action.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: Yep, that red hair and green eyes mean that she's important. Not that it's a good thing, though...
  • Smug Snake: She'll gleefully insult, belittle and kick down anyone she perceives as an easy target for her own amusement. But when her actions inevitably backfire on her, she wastes no time in shamelessly begging for her life or blaming someone else.
  • The Sociopath: Unsurprisingly, Malty ticks off all of the telltale signs...
  • Soul Fragment: She is actually a fragment of the goddess Medea. This is only present in the web novel.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Malty in the original web novel met her final end along with Tact in the wake of their failed invasion. In future adaptations however, she escapes the aftermath of the battle, and becomes a recurring enemy aligned with the Vanguards of the Waves.
  • Spoiled Brat: She was spoiled rotten by her father, which likely contributed to her personality. Much later on in the web novel, it's revealed she would have turned out to be this regardless of her upbringing due to her true origins. In the light novel and anime, this is her base personality with no known outside influence.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She looks almost exactly like her mother, save the hair and eye color. That's where the similarities end, however.
  • Stupid Evil: Most other villains would Know When to Fold 'Em and stop acting out of spite upon having their name publicly changed to reflect their true personality. Malty, unfortunately, is not most other villains in this case. It's like she just doesn't know when to quit [[spoiled: and it's ended up with her brutally killed in every continuity because of it]].
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: She shows this in spades in the fight against Raphtalia in the Three Heroes Church Uprising arc during chapters 248 and 249. Even after the latter kicks the shit out of her and easily deflects her fire spells and brainwashing knife, she's still smugly confident that she could beat her without effort. This just gets Witch mauled by her own Justice Zombies and Raphtalia receiving healing she never needed.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink:
    • Web Novel: Along with Trash spiking his food with laxatives, Bitch tries to do this during Naofumi's private banquet. Both were forced to consume them by Queen Mirelia once they were caught.
    • Anime: During the banquet between the four heroes, Malty, who was recently renamed Bitch, secretly poisons Naofumi's food. Fortunately for him, Melty intervenes before any harm can be done.
  • Tempting Fate: A dark example in the web novel. After being apprehended following the quelling of the Three Heroes Church uprising, Witch immediately tries to pull the brainwashed card yet again in an attempt to escape punishment. When that fails, she drops any pretense of innocence and acts so insufferably self-assured that she'll avoid any severe punishment by virtue of being the Queen's daughter, regardless of her stripped status. She quickly learns that her actual punishment isn't an execution, but considering what it really was and how it involves her Uncle Faubley, her smug attitude turned a complete 180° and she ended up pathetically groveling for mercy. When that didn't work either, she tried to kill herself on the spot, which a vengeful Naofumi refused to let happen.
  • Too Dumb to Live: In between this trope and Lethally Stupid, Malty does not have a functioning brain in her head. Unlike the other Heroes, who merely suffer from Aesop Amnesia and Wrong Genre Savvy in comparison, Malty has a chronic case of Stupid Evil that prevents her from even registering that constantly kicking puppies was inevitably going to backfire on her in the worst way possible. Even she had to realize she was going to get a reputation for screwing over so many big names, some of which could spark a war and get the entire country destroyed in the process, and her name change and stripping of her titles were effectively a warning, but she just kept on going.
    • It's to the point where, by the time the heroes are allowed to intervene on her behalf for one of her punishments in the Web Novel (which essentially involved a Cruel and Unusual Death), she's simply too dangerous to be in contact with because she's virtually guaranteed to continue trying to ruin them.
    • In the anime, during the Second Wave, Malty apparently thought it was a good idea to mock Naofumi within earshot, despite him using a sinister-looking version of his shield that was literally roasting the Soul Eater the other heroes could barely scratch, on top of it having him running on pure rage. She's lucky he was too focused on the boss to properly hear her, or else she would have likely went out like her web novel counterpart, only much sooner.
    • Sure Malty, get yourself and Motoyasu involved with the fanatical human supremacists who seek to violently overthrow your own country. They just want to help you kill your own sister, right? Of course they'd just hand you the throne afterwards...
    • You'd think Malty would have the common sense to choose her words better around Naofumi once she's arrested and put on trial for her crimes instead of shamelessly trying to play the morality card but... well, it's Malty.
    • Malty, you're already on thin ice with the crown for the attempted coup, what made you think that they'd simply let you carry a (poisoned) pie to Naofumi without suspecting anything?
    • Malty, what the hell was going through your mind when you tried to immolate Naofumi during the Cala Mira trip? Ignoring the slave seal, the Shadows watching your every move and the fact that he's Nigh-Invulnerable compared to you, this is right after the shoddy attempt to poison him.
    • Web Novel: Sure Malty, keep Tempting Fate by smugly taunting your rightfully pissed off captors that they can't simply kill you off after engaging in another bloody coup. Because it's not like your mother had a contingency plan to dispose of you formed a long time ago...
    • Web Novel: Did she honestly think Naofumi and the others were simply going to let her go after siding with Tact and helping kill so many people, including her mother? But then again, at this point it's pretty clear she never bothers to think before she acts, period.
    • Light Novel: Given the sheer number of people she screwed over in her life, you would think she would be more cautious in her actions instead of thinking nothing of them and forgetting about it completely. This is exactly how she was killed, as one of her victims counted on her being too stupid to even recognize them on sight, even after introducing themselves. Unlike most examples, Plot Armor couldn't save her from being mercilessly stabbed, and then finished off with Your Head Asplode courtesy of Rino and the Vassal Whip.
  • Traitor Shot: She gets one in the manga, right in the first chapter. The anime also has one that really makes you want to strangle her, as well.
  • Ungrateful Bitch:
    • When Naofumi rescued Malty and Melty from the Three Heroes Church, and her mother, Queen Melromarc, begins apologizing to Naofumi for his horrific injuries, the first words out of Malty's mouth are "Mother, why are you apologizing to this person?" Mirelia is suitably pissed! She orders Malty "silenced."
    • A later, more minor, and just as hatred-inducing one happens in the Web Novel. During the Cal Mira arc, Naofumi unfortunately finds himself briefly partnered up with Motoyasu's party for the day, the latter of whom behave as stuck-up and arrogant as you'd expect for what are essentially the latter's glorified cheerleaders. Malty demands that Naofumi buy her a souvenir before they go monster-slaying, and she still finds a reason to bitch and moan at him because he bought it at a discount.
  • Vague Age: It's not clear how old she is, for all anyone knows she could be in her late teens or early twenties.
  • Villainous Breakdown: If you were about to have your royal titles revoked, sent away to become a bride of a corrupt king and ultimately burned at the stake, you would be freaking out too.
  • Villains Want Mercy: She's a sadist in every sense of the word and will kick down anyone she pleases out of amusement. The moment she finds herself in a bind, she will cry and plead for someone to save her, even if they are the ones she kicked around herself.
    • First was when her mother made her and her father accountable for their callous actions against Naofumi and the citizens of the country, and the former stated that she would go free if he vouched for her. Despite screwing him over from the very start and continuing to do so even after he hit rock bottom, partly to help her father and the Church of Three Heroes undermine the Shield Hero and out of petty sadism towards who she perceived was an easy target, and even going so far as to try and burn her own sister alive with fire magic under the faulty excuse of "brainwashing", Malty not only still had the nerve to beg for his forgiveness, but also used the "forgiveness is a virtue" excuse in a profound display of shamelessness that showed her disgusting lack of remorse. Naofumi quickly called for her execution after this, easily realizing just how full of it she was but relented after Mirelia proposed an alternative punishment.
    • The second time was after a failed coup she incited, and she was sent away to become the bride of King Faubley. Queen Melromarc gives the condition that if any of the Heroes speak out against it, she will spare her daughter. Once again, Malty has the nerve to shamelessly beg the heroes, even her primary victim Naofumi, to save her. None of them do.
    • When she's about to be burnt at the stake, Malty begs her father for mercy. Considering how she's still blaming others for her own actions, and that she's partly responsible for the deaths of her mother and countless others, this understandably falls on deaf ears.
  • Witch with a Capital "B": She gets renamed a second time to "Witch" before her burning, which considering all the crap she pulled up to that point and that she actually was named "Bitch" at the time, is rather appropriate.
  • Work Off the Debt: In chapter 76 of the Webnovel, Bitch is shown a piece of paper by Mirelia: the amount of Money the Guild demanded from her for her spending while part of Motoyasu's party. So Bitch must be part of Motoyasu's party as a slave in order to pay back that debt. Chapter 111 has Bitch try to claim it was "necessary for the sake of the world," but Mirelia said it was for "expensive accessories, precious metals, clothes. A luxury rental estate and several visits to expensive night clubs. Is THAT what you call the sake of the world?"
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: One of her favorite strategies is to tearfully confess to her mark that her previous benefactor abused her in some way.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: She has everyone who has helped her abandoned at some point when she decides that she doesn't need them anymore.


Church of Three Heroes

    In General 
Originally the legend was about the Four Heroes: The Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield. From this legend came the Four Saints Faith which worshipped all Heroes equally. However, the Shield's legend was more closely tied with the demi-humans, to the point that many demi-humans worshipped the Shield exclusively. A faction advocating human supremacy deemed the Shield a devil and splintered from the Faith. This was the Three Heroes Church.
  • The Church: They are called the Church of Three Heroes for a reason.
  • Corrupt Church: The High Priest planned to seize control of Melromarc by wiping out the Heroes and Melromarc's royal family.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: They worship three of the Heroes rather than any god, but their iconography, attires, architecture, hierarchy and rituals bear similarities to those of Catholicism.
  • Evil Counterpart: Their weapon replica serves as one for the Heroes.
  • Illegal Religion: As a result of Pope Balmus' attempt to overthrow the Melromarc royal family, Queen Mirelia outlaws the Church of Three Heroes, replacing it with the original Four Saints Faith. Survivors of the Three Heroes Church attempt to return to power by joining Malty's Staged Populist Uprising against the Queen, only to be defeated once again.
  • Implacable Man: The Pope's followers. Their faith in the Pope, God and justice has magically brainwashed them to point that many will suffer exhaustion, pain and even death for their belief. It becomes this rather than The Determinators, as in the manga many brainwashed soldiers would keep getting back up despite crippling or lethal wounds from the Heroes for, as the Pope puts it, "[...] they aren't permitted to die." Their dogged persistence, combined with their bloodied wounds and blank white eyes, makes them look closer to zombies than people.
  • Irony: When the heroes prove incompetent, they try to kill the very heroes they worship.
  • Kill and Replace: After seeing the atrocities the Three Heroes casually inflict on the land by treating their mission to save the world like a game, they become convinced that the heroes are "impostors", and must all be killed to summon the "real" ones who will hopefully do a better job. The fact they had started asking inconvenient questions and challenging their power likely played a larger part in it, however.
  • Religion of Evil: They are a religion that preaches Fantastic Racism towards demihumans and has fascist leanings.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Despite the fact that they were accomplices in the attempted murder of the Melromarc royal family, many members of the Church were merely imprisoned instead of executed because they were nobles by birth. This trope is subverted after they were arrested again for supporting Malty's failed attempt to overthrow Queen Mirelia, since committing the crime of sedition twice in a row is serious enough to truly warrant execution no matter the culprit's connections.
  • This Cannot Be!: When Pope Balmus dies in front of his followers, many of them stare in abject disbelief or delude themselves into believing that it's all part of the plan.

    Bisca T. Balmus

Voiced by: Takayuki Sugo (Japanese), Christopher Corey Smith (English)

The Pope of the Church of the Three Heroes. Angered by the ineptitude of the Heroes worshipped by his Church, he declared them false prophets and attempted to kill them and Naofumi. He also intended to wipe out the Melromarc royal family and take control of the throne.

  • All Your Powers Combined: He can use the skills of Itsuki, Motoyasu, and Ren due to having a Morph Weapon that was made as a replica of the original Legendary Weapons. He could use Naofumi's skills as well, but is too prejudiced and prideful to do so.
  • Antagonist Abilities: He can utilize power that is drawn from the faith of his followers that makes him equal (and almost superior) to the Four Heroes combined. His weapon can mimic the abilities of any of the Legendary Weapons without any need for the training or trial-and-error that said heroes had to contend with. He even has another spell, Cathedral, which provides him rapid recovery and protection from various ill effects so long as he remains within it. These abilities are so irksome to the Four Heroes that they question why it was necessary to summon them in the first place if this sort of power was available. Its one drawback, that it requires massive amounts of mana that can only be provided by legions of followers, is not an issue for a short, one-off battle but becomes a greater weakness if dragged out for too long.
  • Authority Equals Ass Kicking: He is the head of the Church and all four heroes have trouble dealing with him until Naofumi unlocks Wrath Shield 3. That said, it's not really his fighting skills that make him dangerous, just the sheer power of his weapon powered by the faith of his followers.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: While the weapons replica is indeed mighty, it takes a month's work of magic collected from the people who pay homage at his churches to swing the sword once. When he shows up to attack the Heroes, he has to bring along an almost army's worth of clerics and priests whose only job it is to pray and provide him with their mana to even fight the Heroes with it, and to even defend himself he has to split off around half of them to maintain his defensives on top of the faithful slowly passing out from exhaustion.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: When Naofumi initially meets him, he appears to be the archetypal Good Shepherd. He is very polite and praises Naofumi for his showing during the duel with Motoyasu. He even scolds a nun for trying to cheat Naofumi by delivering low grade holy water. It is only later that he reveals his true, villainous, colors.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He gets eaten alive by Naofumi's Blood Sacrifice magic. His agonized screams do not help the situation.
  • Death by Irony: He could've survived if he bothered to use the shield form of his staff. But doesn't bother to and ends up paying the price for it.
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts: This is his main weakness in battle. When he attacks Naofumi and Motoyasu's parties, the replica Relics require so much magical power to work and be effective that they require a nearly army sized collection of followers. As a result, once Ren and Itsuki arrive and join the battle, all the heroes need to do to nearly win is to attack him as much as possible to force his followers to have to provide him more magical power to maintain his abilities. He's ultimately forced to use his trump card only a bit into the fight because of this.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: One of Naofumi's "crimes" that he committed to deserve death was, basically, not saying thank you after he bought the pure holy water.
  • Dissonant Serenity: His expression and voice do not change one bit after he starts trying to kill Naofumi. It isn't until he's about to die his expression changes to one of terror.
  • Evil Is Petty: He's even worse then the king when it comes to grudges against the shield hero. The king at least has a somewhat understandable reason for his prejudice even if it was just as wrong. But Bisca's reason are flat out contempt just because the Shield Hero was worshiped by half humans. Naofumi has never done anything to him personally and the pope only targeted him just due to the title he was given, that's it.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: While he acts like a benevolent leader of the Church of the Three Heroes, his true colors show when he reveals his plot of murdering all of the heroes and the royal family.
  • A God Am I: He lets the power of his morph weapon and his army of brainwashed followers go to his head, and goes from calling himself "God's chosen judge" to yelling "I am God!" before planning to "judge" (ie, brutally murder) Naofumi and all the others.
  • Home Field Advantage: He uses an Area of Effect spell called Cathedral which grants him protection from curses and gives him passive defenses as long as it stands. This spell takes a massive amount of mana to summon and maintain, so it is powered by the Church's followers channeling their mana onto him.
  • Hypocrite: He claims that he is a follower of God when he is attempting to kill Naofumi just because he is the Shield Hero which is discrimination and a crime against God. He even has a "God complex" as he proclaims that anyone who opposes him is "evil" when he is the only one carrying out any evil deeds by the church.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Melty lampshades how nonsensical his train of logic is, as he's undergoing his Motive Rant wherein he tries to usurp the position of "Three Heroes" for himself and overthrow the country.
  • Logical Weakness: Since his replica weapon and spells take a massive amount of mana to use, he has to bring an army's worth of followers whose sole purpose is to act as living batteries just to have a continuous mana source. His spells grow progressively weaker as more and more of his followers drop from exhaustion as the heroes slowly wear down his defenses. He has to resort to his trump card move, Cathedral, after only a few minutes of fighting, or else he'd simply run out of power.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: He gets crushed into a geyser of blood in the jaws of Blood Sacrifice, leaving behind nothing but his broken glasses in the anime, while in the manga only his left hand with the Replica Weapon is left. The web novel is a bit more graphic, as Naofumi describes his remains as "a lump of flesh".
  • Named by the Adaptation: In the anime, he is named Bisca T. Balmus.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: His face design resembles closely a Fusion Dance of real life Popes John Paul I and II.
  • Pet the Dog: During his first appearance, he deals with Naofumi honestly and fairly despite his clear dislike of him. When one of his subordinates tries to sell Naofumi an inferior vial of Holy Water for an exorbitant price, he's the first one to scold her and forces her to apologize, as he believes God is kind and such casual cruelty is beneath the Church. It's only when it later becomes clear that the Shield Hero is a genuine threat to his power that his dark side emerges.
  • Sinister Minister: He claims to be a god, wanrs to kill Naofumi for petty reason and is a Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: This is lampshaded by the Pope himself in the anime, who took advantage of Naofumi taking his sweet, sweet time ripping into the Three Heroes to charge his weapon with enough mana to trap them in a cathedral-like barrier.
  • Tautological Templar: He honestly believes he's a good and just person, so everything he does is therefore honest and just whether it's backstabbing the Three Heroes, trying to blast the innocent younger princess of Melromarc to atoms, or organizing a coup to overthrow the country at a time that waves of monsters appear at set intervals. In the manga it's even worse, as he attacks a village that was already devastated by the acts of its racist mayor who unleashed a monster on the town because he gets called out on his hypocrisy by Naofumi.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He's able to hold his own against all four Legendary Heroes because his weapon is a combined replica of all four Legendary Weapons and has a near unlimited supply of mana coming from his followers that allows him to deliver devastating attacks. However, it is because of these things that he's even able to fight in the first place and he doesn't even fully utilize his weapon by choosing not to use its shield form. Therefore, once one of these advantages gets taken away, he is defeated quite easily, and it's outright shown that his followers would have inevitably died or passed out from exhaustion after a bit.
  • Villain Has a Point:
    • Zig-zagged. Anybody would be understandably frustrated after suffering the list of careless atrocities perpetrated by the Three Heroes. Ren causing a plague by killing the dragon Gaelion, but leaving the corpse unattended. Motoyasu unsealing a monster plant and letting it go wild. Itsuki acting like an assassin for hire and killing a king because he thought the tax rate was too high, but ignoring the problem that caused those high taxes, ie, the monster invasions. However, he still despises Naofumi above all others and calls him "The Devil of the Shield", even though he has not done anything wrong other than just being the Shield Hero, and Bisca's attempts to "justify" why he too deserves death are ridiculously petty and transparent.
    • He is absolutely right when he points Malty is nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is. As a more intelligent person would've realized he would plan to kill them too when he had the royal family at his mercy.
  • Walking Spoiler: A bit, in the sense that knowing pretty much anything about him reveals that he is not the kindly, Reasonable Authority Figure he initially appears to be.
  • Willfully Weak: While he is still powerful, he was still not using the replica of the Legendary Weapons to its fullest potential as it could change into all four forms of the four heroes' weapons - including the shield. Whether it was out of pride, belief in his cause, or just to not look like a hypocrite, he refused to use the shield form. This comes back to bite him in the end when Naofumi kills him with an attack he could have survived had he used the shield form.


Glass's Home

    In General 
  • Good vs. Good: Their objective is to save their own world from falling into ruin by killing Naofumi and the other Legendary Heroes. However, this only applies whenever they fight Naofumi since, to them, he's the only one living up to the title. Averted with Kyo who goes solo in order to take over Naofumi's current world. Once he's taken out, they stop trying to invade other worlds to save their own.
  • Heel–Face Turn: They were never truly evil, but once they band together to fight Kyo and Kizuna thoroughly calls out her allies for their well-intentioned yet callous actions, they stop attacking Naofumi and become some of his closest allies.
  • Hero of Another Story: As the chosen heroes of their own world, they have their own stories prior to meeting Naofumi.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Kizuna is found alive and well after being perceived dead, she tears into Glass, L'Arc and Therese for trying to kill other Legendary Heroes and leave the worlds to die to save their own. All three feel ashamed and take her criticism to heart, vowing not to harm the other worlds again.
  • Worthy Opponent: Glass and L'Arc think Naofumi is this, given that he's the only one who can stand up to them. In fact, they only considers Naofumi to be the only hero among the four.



Voiced by: Megumi Han (Japanese), Morgan Berry (English)note

A pale-skinned woman who wields twin fans to attack the heroes in their second wave. She is, in fact, a hero from another world that came to Naofumi's world to delay the destruction of her own.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Initially, the Spirit People did not want Glass to become the Vassal Fan hero, though she doesn't elaborate why they looked down on her. She was chosen regardless, and the other jealous disciples kicked her out in hopes she'd die in her line of duty.
  • Ancestral Weapon: A variant; Glass' people were put in charge of the Vassal Fan, and the status of the Fan Hero has been passed down among the spirit people for generations.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Glass was detested by her own people and was kicked out of the martial arts school she was in when she became the candidate for the Vassal Fan. Kizuna was the first person to show her respect and kindness, giving Glass hope and she eventually moved to the country Kizuna was summoned to so they could fight together and stop the waves.
  • Cast From Hitpoints: As a spirit person, the energy that comprises her being can be used to power her magic and the vassal fan's various skills.
  • Combat Compliment: She praises Naofumi during their first encounter as the only one being worthy of being called a hero after he manages to hold his own against her while the other heroes just got swatted away like flies. During their second encounter, she comments that Naofumi manages to successfully defend against her attacks while noting that he's still not using his Wrath Shield, finally concluding that Naofumi has, indeed, gotten stronger than last time.
  • Combat Hand Fan: She fights with a pair of black hand fans.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Not only was Glass able to withstand Ren, Itsuki, Motoyasu and all of their party members attacking her at once without flinching, but she was able to completely mop the floor with them all at once with a single attack.
    Glass: As I was saying before - "mere servants."
  • Despair Event Horizon: Glass hit it after Kizuna became trapped in an inescapable labyrinth and presumed dead. Since Kizuna was the only Cardinal Hero of Glass' world left, and was the latter's best friend, Glass lost hope and believed the only way to save the world was to destroy other worlds by killing their Cardinal Heroes. Once Kizuna is found alive and scolds Glass for her callous actions, Glass recovers from her despair and halts her attempts at destroying Naofumi's world.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Came from a different world.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: She has long jet-black hair and white skin like a ghost. It makes sense given that she's a spirit person.
  • Godzilla Threshold: She came to kill Naofumi and the other heroes in order to delay the destruction of her own world.
  • Heel–Face Turn: She, along with L'Arc and Therese, cease their plans to destroy Naofumi when he finds her missing friend and help them stop Kyo Ethnina. From then on they becomes Naofumi's close allies and team up whenever either group travels to the other's world.
  • Hellish Pupils: She has catlike vertical slits in her eyes that make her look a bit scary. It's probably part of her being a spirit.
  • Hero Antagonist: She only wants to protect her homeworld. If she has to destroy other worlds and kill other heroes to do it, so be it. After Naofumi rescues her missing friend, she drops the antagonist bit and becomes a respected ally.
  • Hime Cut: She has blunt bangs, bra strap length sidelocks, and mid-thigh length straight hair. She's a stern, serious woman in a kimono.
  • Intoxication Ensues: The Fourth Wave rematch between Naofumi and Glass ends in a draw when she gets blasted by cask bombs filled with alcoholic berries and is rendered a sitting duck by the vapors. This prompts L'Arc and Therese to forcibly extract Glass against her wishes, putting an end to the Third Wave.
  • Kimono Fanservice: She's a beautiful woman dressed in an elegant kimono.
  • Lightning Bruiser: In short fights, the people of her race are this. Though they get weaker over time if a fight drags for long enough.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Since her spells are all cast with her own life force and she herself is from a race of spirit people, Mana Drain skills outright harm her instead of simply draining her SP like most skills would.
    • As mentioned above, Glass can decimate her opponents in quick fights since she has strong mana reserves in her life force. But the longer a battle takes, the riskier it is since she'll have less energy to continue casting powerful spells. When her rematch with Naofumi was taking too long, she was ready to use an attack that might have ended her life because she didn't have much power left, just as when Naofumi also accepted using his Blood Sacrifice in return and would've followed through with it if not for Rishia's intervention.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: The first time she appears, the three heroes couldn't leave a scratch on her. Naofumi tried to have her bitten by snakes and set her on fire only for Glass to take it like it's nothing.
  • Nothing Personal: She notes to the heroes that her side must be victorious against the waves and bear no ill will against Naofumi and his party.
  • Not So Stoic: Despite her icy calm demeanor, she panics when she realizes Naofumi has a Soul Eater shield that can drain her life force, becomes stubborn when she's inebriated by the alcoholic berry casks, and is completely overjoyed when she finds out her Only Friend Kizuna is alive.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Her race is known as spirit people or just spirits.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is long enough to reach the back of her knees.
  • Took A Level In Cynicism: Her friendship with Kizuna helped Glass after she was kicked out of her home and they worked together to protect their world. When she believes Kizuna is dead, she becomes the cold, determined Hero-killer that Naofumi and company meet during the Third Wave.
  • Worthy Opponent: Out of all the Heroes, she treats only Naofumi with respect. Going as far as refering the three others as Naofumi's "servants" and personally asking his name (after giving hers when asked).

    L'Arc Berg 

L'Arc Berg

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Alejandro Saab (English)note
A rather curious and amiable adventurer that Naofumi meets before heading out to the Cal Mira Archipelago. He and Therese make friends with Naofumi and co. during their stay in Cal Mira. He's actually one of the Vassal Heroes from Glass's world, sent to kill the Shield Hero to save it.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Like Glass before him, he easily blows away the other three Cardinal Heroes with his scythe attacks during the Cal Mira Wave. He even mocks them for being so weak, just like Glass.
  • Dramatic Irony: He and Therese befriends Naofumi and co. when the Cal Mira bonus field event occurs, ignoring the fact that Naofumi is one of the Cardinal Heroes they were sent out to kill. L'Arc is even saddened when the reality hits him and tells Naofumi that he bears him no ill will.
  • Explaining Your Power to the Enemy: Invoked by L'Arc. When Naofumi guesses the nature of L'Arc's abilities, L'Arc simply laughs and confirms his analysis. He also states he's willing to answer any other questions Naofumi may have, and Naofumi need not explain his powers in return. He states that he only gives this privilege to people who prove themselves worthy of fighting to make the fight more interesting. Quote the man himself:
    L'Arc: I keep no secrets.
  • Failed a Spot Check: L'Arc and Therese refuse to believe Naofumi is the real Shield Hero, not even when presented actual evidence to the contrary by him. This annoys Naofumi, as they go through this most of the time in their stay at Cal Mira. In his defense, he had been hunting people who were faking being the shield hero, and some of them could change weapons like how the Cardinal Heroes can. Additionally, it's implied that L'arc was rejecting the evidence outright on first glance because that would mean accepting that Naofumi was his target, and whilst it would have been easy for L'arc to cut down somebody like the 'Shield Demon', a good man like Naofumi was a different matter entirely, so L'arc, on some level, was looking for the shield hero to be the kind of individual he could cut down without remorse to protect his world, and the fact that this isn't the case was something that took a while for him to accept
  • Foil: L'Arc could be seen as Malty's male counterpart with personality traits reversed. Like Malty, he's a redheaded antagonist towards Naofumi. Unlike Malty, he's an affable Friendly Enemy who genuinely likes Naofumi, is reluctant to have to kill the guy he respects, and conducts himself with a code of honor, whereas Malty does everything in her power to ruin Naofumi's life through every underhanded scheme possible.
  • Friendly Enemy: Get along very well with Naofumi and is genuinely apologetic for fighting him.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Downplayed as he is by no means a villian, but he and Therese start as friendly acquantainces of Naofumi's before turning on him during the fourth wave to try and save their own world. They firmly eventually settle of "Face" after Naofumi's group is teleported to Glass' world, defeating the rogue Vassal Hero Kyo, and locating the remaining Holy Hero Kizuna.
  • Honor Before Reason:
    • He rescues Melty from a merfolk monster, then helps Naofumi and co. kill the gigantic fish monster they were fighting, despite the fact that it would've been more advantageous for him and Therese to simply let the monster rampage and possibly kill the Cardinal Heroes in the process. Also, rescuing Melty ended up backfiring on them later on.
    • He chooses to reveal information about his abilities to Naofumi out of a sense of respect for him. He admits to be being willing to give important information to those he feels deserve his respect and to make the fight fair. Naofumi proceeds to invoke and then exploit this to get the upper hand during their fight, something L'Arc is amused with.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Averted. He doesn't believe Naofumi's claim of being the Shield Hero because he can tell Naofumi isn't the kind of person that the rumors of the Shield Hero describe him to be. When the truth is revealed to L'Arc during the Wave, he expresses regret that he has to fight and kill a good person. In fact, its hinted that part of the reason he was looking for the 'Shield Demon' and dismissed Naofumi as being that individual out of hand was that he'd have had a much easier time killing somebody who actually deserved Naofumi's bad reputation, and having to face the fact he was a Hero with Bad Publicity was a genuinely sobering experience for him.
  • Nice Guy: L'Arc is amicable, respectful, and ready to help others whenever he can. His genuine niceness throws Naofumi off his game and even notes that he might be more heroic than the other three Cardinal Heroes.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: L'Arc is actually prince, later the king, of Glass' world, and he's actively trying to find a way to stop the waves from destroying it.
  • Sinister Scythe: He's the Vassal Scythe Hero from Glass's world.
  • Turn Coat: Therese and he turn on Naofumi shortly after taking out the interdimensional whale during the Cal Mira Archipelago wave. Both of them aren't happy to kill Naofumi at all after bonding with him before the wave. They later reconcile with Naofumi and stop invading his world.

    Therese Alexanderite 

Therese Alexanderite

Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese), Erika Harlacher (English)note

L'Arc's female companion. Is noted to be "A jewel of a woman" by Naofumi. Like L'Arc, she was sent to kill the Shield Hero.

  • Ambiguously Human: Therese appears to be a human being, but is actually a member of a humanoid race called "Jewels". Jewels are beings born with gemstones embedded in their bodies that grant them magical powers. Therese's gem is on her forehead, but she hides it underneath her headband.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Blue eyes to go with her blue Hair.
  • Dirty Business: She has to take down Naofumi for the sake of her and L'Arc's world.
  • Disproportionate Reward: Played for Laughs. She commissions Naofumi to make her an accessory using a starfire gem after knowing that he has crafting skills. When Naofumi gives her the finished product, she's so overwhelmed by how well-made it is that she immediately hands him her entire purse filled with gold coins. When Naofumi protests, she concludes that her payment is still not enough, so she badgers L'Arc to give all his money to Naofumi.
  • Empathic Weapon: All of the Accessories made by Naofumi are of high quality and revere him for it. They will never lend their power to Therese if it's for harming Naofumi, and they will even sacrifice themselves if it's for the sake of protecting him.
  • Everything's Sparkly with Jewelry: The various accessories and jewels that she wears accentuate her natural beauty. She can also empathically communicate with the spirits of jewels to cast spells.
  • Eye Color Change: Therese's eyes change color depending on the jewel she uses in combat.
  • Friendly Fireproof: Her spells can only harm those she deems as enemies. During their time as members of Naofumi's party in Cal Mira, she blasts their enemies with her fire spell and Naofumi, who was also in the center of the blast zone, comments that he doesn't feel anything while their enemies burn around him. Also, it had the side effect of lifting the curse from the usage of Blood Sacrifice.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Although she's not a villian, she started as ally to Naofumi before turning on him to try save her and L'Arc's world. After Naofumi and his party follows them to their world to take down Kyo and find their missing Hero, Kizuna, they vow to stop invading Naofumi's world and become friends again.
  • Magical Accessory: Most, if not all of them give her various status boosts. They are also her means of casting magic, by mixing her magic power with that of the jewels.
  • Meaningful Name: Since she channels her magic through jewelry, it's fitting that her surname would be a gemstone as well.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: She and L'Arc make a point of not hurting innocent people while attempting to kill Naofumi. She calms down a vortex that her magic indirectly caused so people wouldn't get swallowed by it.
  • Oblivious to Love: L'Arc has a strong crush on her, but she doesn't notice.
  • Playing with Fire: "Bejeweled Ruby Blaze", a blast of bright blue flame from her new starfire bracelet.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Therese's magic changes her normally blue hair to the color of the gem she's using to cast magic. For example, her "Bejeweled Ruby Blaze" fire spell turns her hair bright red to match the starfire bracelet. It's implied this is an attribute of being a "Jewel" person.
  • Tears of Joy: When Naofumi crafts her a starfire bracelet, she weeps over the masterfully crafted item.
  • Turn Coat: She and L'Arc turn on Naofumi shortly after taking down the interdimensional whale during the Cal Mira Archipelago wave. Both of them aren't happy of having to kill Naofumi at all after bonding with him before the wave. After dealing with the Spirit Tortoise and Kyo, she and L'Arc apologize for their actions and reconcile with Naofumi.

    Kyo Ethnina 

Kyo Ethnina

The Vassal Hero of the Book who ignores his mission in order to Take Over the World. He is responsible for taking control of the Spirit Tortoise. It is implied that he's among the group sent here to take control of the holy and vassal weapons.

  • Evil Genius: He thinks of himself as this but he often falls for enemy traps easily and he often wildly throws his power around.
  • Evil Sorcerer: He's the Token Wizard of the vassal heroes who went rogue out of aspirations for world conquest.
  • Fallen Hero: He is actually the former Vassal Book hero, his unheroic actions leading to the book rejecting him. By then however, he has become well versed enough with it to keep it bound to him.
  • Foil:
    • Much like Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu, Kyo sees the fantasy realms that he visits as nothing more than an elaborate game he is playing. Unlike the three cardinal heroes who aspire to play their roles for the perks (even if they're really bad at it), Kyo let the power go to his head and became an Evil Sorcerer, seeing the innocent lives he ruins as nothing more than disposable NPCs.
    • Much like Naofumi, Kyo's "weapon" was designed more for support than direct conflict, he has a Mad Scientist knack for magical experimentation and his fellow heroes possess a knee-jerk hatred of him. While everyone's hatred of Naofumi is built on lies, bad publicity and everyone underestimating him, the vitriol towards Kyo is well-earned to the point where his own vassal weapon bent the rule that cardinal heroes aren't allowed to invade other worlds specifically so that Naofumi could go after him.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Once he's backed into a corner, Kyo creates an artificial Wave to assail and separate Naofumi and his party. However, doing so creates a temporary intersection between Glass and Raphtalia's world, allowing Naofumi and co. to regain their original levels and fight at full power.
  • Hypocrite: His attacks are predictable and easy to see through, and yet he has no problem belittling and mocking his opponents for their own mistakes.
  • Immortals Fear Death: At some point he had learned how to live-on if his body every died via Body Backup Drive homunculi. Because of this, he has developed a rational fear of Soul Eater monsters because they could kill him permanently. Ironically, this is exactly what happens to him at the hands of Raph-chan after he's finally killed, finishing him off for good before his soul could escape to a clone body.
  • Mad Scientist: He has this kind of vibe about him, considering the evil experiments he performs.
  • Smug Snake: Evil Gloating? Check. Sadist? Check. Inferiority Superiority Complex? Checkaroony!
  • The Swarm: He utilizes the Spirit Tortoise's bat and yeti familiars to get his own zombie-like army to steal energy.
  • Token Wizard: In-contrast to the other vassal heroes, his signature weapon was not made for straight-forward combat. His weapon is a spellbook and most of his combat applications involve either buffing and debuffing, altering the environment to better suit his needs and flat-out controlling monsters like the Spirit Tortoise and its various animal familiars.
  • We Have Reserves: He doesn't care one lick about the guardians he uses to hurt people.

    Kizuna Kazeyama 

Kizuna Kazeyama

Glass' closest friend, at the beginning of the story she is incarcerated in the Infinite Labyrinth. She is a Holy Hero from her world like Naofumi, Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki. An otaku reincarnated from Japan, Kizuna is the Hunting Hero of her world.

  • Foil: To Naofumi. They're both heroes from another world, and both have weapons that prevent them from directly harming other people. The main difference between them is their experiences with the people of their new world. Naofumi had been framed and wrongly persecuted, which led him to become a sadist and a cynic with trust issues. Kizuna, on the other hand, was fortunate enough to run into Glass, and the two of them hit it off immediately. She has no shortage of friends who care for her, and while Naofumi eventually gets the same, he notices with envy how much Kizuna trusts her friends, and how overall tight-knit they are.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Although she cannot attack humans, Kizuna is spectacularly effective against monsters and animals.
  • Morality Chain: Is this to Glass. Once she reunites with Glass, she scolds her for going to other worlds to hunt their Holy Heroes and tells her not to do it again. She cows Glass, L'Arc and Therese for the immorality of their actions.
  • Morph Weapon: Her Legendary Hunting Tool can transform into a fishing rod, hunting spear, flensing knife and other such tools.
  • New Ability Addiction: After Naofumi crafts Kizuna a new lure for fishing, Kizuna loves using it and doesn't remove it during a training mission. This is a problem because the lure not only draws in fish but more monsters than the party could handle at that moment. It takes Glass, L'Arc, and Naofumi to get her to take off and restrain her urge to fish with it.
  • Older Than They Look: While she has very youthful appearance, she's actually 18-years old, making her older than Ren and Itsuki.
  • Sloth: She has unlocked this curse series in the light novel. Unlike the other curse series, this one was forced on her by the Vanguards of the Waves instead of her succumbing to a Despair Event Horizon. Also, as befitting the sin the weapon acts on its own since Kizuna is too lazy to do so herself.
  • The Paragon: The most good-natured and kind-hearted Hero encountered so far in the story.
  • The Power of Friendship: Like Naofumi, Kizuna requires allies due to the limitations of her weapon. She has such a large circle of friends and allies that they all but single-handedly fight off the waves in their world. The other Holy Heroes and Vassal Heroes are generally more interested in internecine politics. In the light novels, her approach convinces Naofumi to found his own village.
  • Token Good Teammate: She is the only one of Glass' group who never attempts to hunt down other heroes.
  • True Companions: With Glass, L'Arc, Therese and Ethnobolt. They are their own world's version of Naofumi's party.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: Her Holy Weapon prevents her from directly harming other humans. Monsters and everything else, on the other hand...



A Library Rabbit from Kizuna's world. He is one of her closest confidantes and the current wielder of the Vassal Boat.

When the group faces Miyagi, his Vassal Boat is stolen by the Vanguards, but in the same fight he's chosen to wield the Vassal Book.

  • Badass Bookworm: Downplayed. As a Library Rabbit, his magic exclusively revolves around defense and support for his allies. That said, his magic makes him and his allies near untouchable, and has the honor of being the only individual chosen to wield two Vassal Weapons, albeit at different times. note 
  • Badass Long Robe: Ethnobolt's gear consists of a long robe that's worn like a necktie when he's in rabbit form.
  • Cowardly Lion: He's nervous to engage in combat due to his species being unsuited for battle, but refuses to stand by and do nothing, facing enemies like Kyo and Miyagi to protect his world.
  • Talking Animal: Like Filo, Ethnobolt can transform into an anthropomorphic animal, specifically a rabbit. He still speaks the same in this form as he did as a human.
  • Token Good Teammate: Like Kizuna, he never takes part in invading the worlds and is quite friendly with the Shield Hero when they first meet in Glass' world to locate the former.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He spends some time training in Naofumi's world, learning Hengen Muso style to control his magic and to gain levels that will stay in Melromarc since the experience resets across the worlds.

Other Antagonists

    Idol Rabier 

Idol Rabier

Voiced by: Taisuke Nishimura (Japanese), Tom Fahn (English)

A Melromarc nobleman and Raphtalia's previous abusive owner.

  • Backstab Backfire: In the anime, even after Raphtalia spares him (after he begs for his life no less), he still tries to attack her. In the scuffle he ends up slipping on his whip and falling through the window. He survives this, but doesn't live much longer anyway.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Doesn't even recognize Raphtalia as one of the slaves he used to own. Though to be fair, she was a child when he owned her.
  • Dirty Coward: Begs for his life when Raphtalia disarms him and has him at her mercy.
  • Fat Bastard: He's overweight and completely unpleasant.
  • Hate Sink: Let's see; a Fat Bastard, a Dirty Coward, a slave owner who tortured children? He is one of the few characters even Raphtalia has no other emotion towards but pure rage.
  • Named by the Adaptation: His name was given only in the anime.
  • Self-Disposing Villain: He unseals a monstrous T. Rex-like dragon in one last attempt to kill Naofumi and his friends. It promptly crushes him under its foot without even really looking at him.
  • Stupid Evil: He is about to harm the crown princess of the country, without even considering the consequences of that action he'd get from her parents if he lived past the events that leads to his death.
  • Too Dumb to Live: He threatens to torture Melty, the crown princess of the country to death. Even if he managed to survive past the events of his involvement in the story, he would to worry about what the King, let alone the Queen do to him in retaliation when they found out about this.
  • Whip It Good: Given his knack for owning slaves, it's fitting that he uses a whip.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Raphtalia and her friends were just a few of his victims.

    The Spirit Tortoise 

Spirit Tortoise

An enormous beast that was sealed by the previous Legendary Heroes but is freed by Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki for the sole purpose of defeating it. When the three fail to defeat it, it causes one of the worst disasters in the story when a hero from another world manages to control it, leading to many lives lost in its wake. It again falls into Naofumi and co. to step up and stop its rampage.
  • Bonus Boss: It wasn't even necessary for the current Legendary Heroes to seek it out and fight it, but they still do in order to prove a point. It turns out there was a pretty damn good reason why the previous Legendary Heroes could only seal it away.
  • Godzilla Threshold: It, and the other 3 legendary beasts, have the power to completely stop the Waves of Calamity, but only if it takes the souls of 2/3's of the world's population.
  • The Juggernaut: A mountain-sized beast that is nigh-impossible to stop in that the previous Legendary Heroes could only seal it away.
  • Kaiju: An enormous tortoise whose size rivals that of mountains. It's the biggest monster ever encountered in the story.
  • Womb Level: In order to defeat the Spirit Tortoise, Naofumi and co. have to go inside of it. To their surprise, it can still defend itself from within. Even its heart has its own means of defending itself.

    King of Faubley 

King of Faubley

The ruler of the largest kingdom in the world where the story takes place.

  • Appeal to Force: His kingdom has the strongest army in the world, which he has no qualms about using as a bargaining chip to strongarm other countries' rulers into obeying his whims (which are usually related to getting a new "bride" to "toy with").
  • Asshole Victim: No one bats an eye after he is killed off by Tact.
  • Black Sheep: He is such a monster, that Malty comes across as less evil by comparison.
  • The Bluebeard: He takes this trope Up to Eleven with 9,999 women as brides, only to horribly torture them all to death. Witch is number 10,000.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He's actually become the preferred method of nobility and royalty for getting rid of troublesome daughters, which doubles as a cynical way of keeping themselves off his shitlist. Upon hearing the news, most of said daughters take another way out if they can.
  • The Dreaded: As mentioned, nobles and royals from all over send him troublesome female relatives to be gruesomely tortured and killed so they can avoid the attention of his army, and those women who can usually choose suicide so they can avoid his attention.
  • Evil Uncle: He is this to Malty and Melty.
  • Expy: Lampshaded. Naofumi immediately thinks of a Hutt from Star Wars. Jabba is considerably fitting considering the king's "hobby."
  • Fat Bastard: He's very fat and not a nice person.
  • He-Man Woman Hater: Minus the "He-Man" part. He was zero respect for women whatsoever.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: He always says this to his "toys." He makes a point of saying it to Witch while being recorded by Motoyasu.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Deconstructed hard. Malty may have been a nasty, backstabbing excuse for a human being, but not even Naofumi, who wanted her to pay for her crimes in the worst ways possible, could bring himself to watch the King torturing her to death. Ultimately, the King comes out as the worst person of the two by far.
  • Sadist: Oh boy howdy, is he ever! To wit, he took his sweet, sweet time torturing Witch to death. Even Naofumi, who wanted her to pay for all her crimes in the most painful ways possible, couldn't bring himself to watch.
  • Opportunistic Bastard: According to Mirella, he is an even bigger one than Malty.
  • Villainous Incest: He doesn't mind having his own niece as one of his playthings.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: You have to be really good at this to hold power for a long time in a large country with constant power struggles.

Forces of the Waves/Third Army

Spoilers for volume 17 of the light novels!

  • All Your Powers Combined: Are capable of stealing the holy and vassal weapons. Aside from Kyo each one immediately tries to steal one upon encountering a hero.
  • Break the Haughty: Their typical behavior once they get beaten. Typically starts once they start losing even in the most basic contests let alone fights.
  • Evil Hero: Convinced they are the ones in the right despite their actions and always reconcile the actions of the protagonists as being evil.
  • Evil Is Petty: Can never accept things not going their way.
  • His Name Is......: Any time someone can convince them to talk, they violently explode the moment they are about to reveal anything related to those who sent them and gave them their powers. Even attempting to write it down is enough to get them killed.
  • Power Parasite: None of the holy or vassal weapons chose them as their wielders, but they have the ability to steal their powers even if held by another hero. Shown not to be exclusive to them as they have various accessories to help seal the weapon's powers and are capable of even creating monsters with the stolen powers.
  • Shared Unusual Trait: All of them act very similar to one another aside from a few differences which is noticed by the heroes. Haughty, petty, arrogant, manipulative, etc. Syne's sister seems to be the only exception.
  • These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: Attempt to destroy any knowledge about the waves and kill anyone who may present a threat to the goal of the waves like the successors to the Hengen Muso style. This has been going on for decades.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Except for Kyo and Syne's sister, none of them can wield their stolen weapons effectively. This still makes them formidable, until they face the heroes after they know about their ability to steal their weapons while being skilled in using their weapons and are strong. However, they start to become Skilled And Strong as time goes on.
  • We Have Reserves: They are not the main fighting force that is coming and the person behind them does not care how many of them are killed. Seemingly the only important one is Malty.

See Above.

    Trash II 
  • Deader Than Dead: Kyo fed his soul to Soul Eaters after grabbing his dead body.
  • Entitled Bastard: The Vassal Katana is his, damn it! That raccoon girl stole it!
  • Karmic Death: He was willing to kill Naofumi and co. over the Vassal Katana. He ends up getting killed by Raphtalia, and with the same weapon since it chose her instead.
  • Miles Gloriosus: Proclaims himself a genius, and yet he relies on predictable attacks and his cloned beasts. Even his spells hit with less power than they should since he refuses to use their respective chants.
  • Mook Maker: Has the ability to create copies of the White Tiger Beast to sic on foes.
  • Sore Loser: His response to the Vassal Katana he coveted flying out of his hands and into Raphtalia's? Declare her, L'Arc and the others thieves and try to kill them with White Tiger Beasts.

Owner of the Vassal Musical Instrument.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: In the Light Novel, he's killed by Mald when he loses to Naofumi and co., and his last action is to steal the latter's vassal axe from him in desperation.
  • The Chosen One: Of the Vassal Musical Instrument. Turns out, he's in the same boat as Kyo regarding their Vassal Weapons as Itsuki's a better fit for it than him.

The self-proclaimed "top chef" in Glass's World.
  • Addiction-Powered: Weaponized almost literally through his addiction powder, which is basically monosodium glutamate (MSG) or "Chinese salt" on steroids.
  • Chef of Iron: Subverted on both fronts. He only has basic cooking skills, and the "fight" with him just amounted to fending off his drugged townsfolk.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: Of the cooking variety. He doesn't even have a Vassal Weapon, though he does possess a hidden inventory with an auto-craft function and it's implied that the addiction powder that he uses to brainwash people might have been a special "cheat ability".
  • Hypocrite: Despite giving Naofumi sub-par ingredients and drugging his instant-prepared foods with addictive powder, he immediately accuses the former of cheating when his cooking was not only genuine, but also cured the judges of their previous addiction.
  • Sore Loser: He cannot accept that Naofumi's genuine cooking skills won out over his despite his rampant cheating, and to the point where he flips out and sics his previous "customers" on him and his party.
  • Status Buff: He can do this through his addictive powder.
  • Supreme Chef: He considers himself this. Subverted because while not horrible, his actual cooking "skills" are nothing more that preparing instant foods and the wonderful flavors his regular restaurant patrons experience are a result of being poisoned with addictive powder.
  • Your Head Asplode: The guy whose head exploded just from trying to write down whose leading the waves? That was Seya.

    Syne's Sister
  • Dragon with an Agenda: The fact that she's casually giving valuable info to Naofumi despite being enemies, and uncaring of her own comrades definitely hints at this.
  • Enigmatic Minion: Had shades of this since her introduction with her giving unnecessary information to Naofumi and his group which only intensifies as time goes on. Cemented in volume 19 when it's revealed that the chain vassal weapon is following her willingly and despite her antagonistic behavior towards her sister, she gave Syne energy to restore her weapon's power while Syne sleeps.
  • No Name Given: Her name is not really Syne's Sister.
  • Strong and Skilled: What makes her so dangerous compared to the other reincarnated "heroes" as, unlike them, she mastered her (presumed) Vassal Weapon in the form of a chain. Similar to his first encounter with Glass, Syne's Sister was able to give a resounding Curb-Stomp Battle to Naofumi and company, showing that she actually knows how to use hers in an even battle against trained enemies.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Has this with the other members of the vanguard. Her competance and power level greatly exceeds their own but she is stuck working with them despite their obnoxious behaviors.


Tact/Takt Arusahorun Faubley

The Seven Star Hero of the Whip and resident of Faubley. Has killed five of the Seven Star Heroes and stolen their powers. Serves as the primary antagonist in the War Of Heroes Arc.

  • Adaptational Jerkass: Tact was already a despicable man in the webnovel, but the light novel makes him slightly worse. In the former, Tact, goes out of his way to avoid harming women and children, though only because he's delusional enough to believe they're brainwashed by the enemy. In the latter, not only does he order his companions to kill all the men and bring the women to him, he actually brainwashes the women he "frees" (which is exactly what he accuses his enemies of doing) and kills their families for resisting him. Once he is defeated and set up to be executed, the women he brainwashed don't even hesitate to beat him up and reject him outright.
  • All Your Powers Combined:
    • He has the ability to steal the Legendary and Seven Star Weapons. Deconstructed in favor of the actual heroes trying to stop him, as it only works on the physical level since he's not only using weapons he nabbed from their true, chosen wielders, but he has no idea how to actually use them beyond their basic functions once he got his hands on them. To add insult to injury, the individual benefits of each Weapon don't even stack on each other since the user was never meant to have more than one weapon. Someone with a sufficiently high level that knows what they're doing in actual combat can easily hand him his ass, with or without a Hero Weapon, as a vengeful Naofumi and Fohl proves in a satisfyingly brutal fashion.
    • Later on, it turns out that this is his only power, having been given to him by the deity that reincarnated him. He was never even meant to be a Hero in the first place, which isn't surprising given his personality.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: He is the one who ends up killing the King of Faubley.
  • Break the Haughty: This is what his fight with Naofumi and Fohl amounted to. Naofumi even purposely invoked this mid-fight by letting him steal the Seven Star Cane just to rub it in his face how pathetically weak he was compared to them, even if he had all of the Legendary and Seven Star Weapons in his possession.
  • The Chosen One: Of the Seven Star Whip. Subverted as it's heavily implied (if not outright confirmed) that Tact stole his Seven Star Weapon from the true Hero meant to use it, along with several others. He's more like a deconstructed take on The Chosen Wannabe considering how much more harm than good he causes under this delusional belief that he alone was meant to save the world.
    • Unbeknownst to him, he is really this to the evil goddess Medea, who used him as one last attempt to bring complete chaos to the world before stepping in herself to finish the job.
  • Composite Character: Tact has all the negative traits of the antagonistic characters before him but none of their redeeming features.
    • He has Ren's poor skills in teamwork, which led to several of his follower's deaths due to his own carelessness.
    • He has Motoyasu's blind desire for a harem, which led to several deceitful women (including Witch) joining. Also like Motoyasu, it took said women throwing him under the carriage during the mass execution for him to realize their true colors.
    • He has Itsuki's massive ego, making him see himself as a paragon of justice despite the pain, suffering, and death his actions caused. He maintains this up until his execution, no matter how many times he's called out on it.
    • He has Trash's Moral Myopia and Revenge Before Reason, insisting that he was in the right to do everything he did despite his actions either causing more problems or exacerbating already existing ones, and that the people opposing him are evil despite them simply responding in kind to his harmful actions. At least Trash got better. Eventually.
    • He has Pope Balmus' Tautological Templar beliefs, making him believe that he could do no wrong by the simple virtue of being the ultimate Hero. No matter the sheer scale and monstrosity of his crimes, Tact fully believed that everything did was ultimately good and anyone who opposed him was definitely evil no matter their reasons.
    • Lastly, he has the combined belief of the Three Heroes that all he needed was his (stolen) legendary weapons and high levels. Neither help him in his fight with Naofumi and Fohl, with the former even allowing Tact to take the Seven Star Cane just to show off that the both of them could still easily wipe the floor with him.
  • Deader Than Dead: To prevent him from reincarnating again, his soul is consumed by Soul Eaters at the end of his execution. In the Light Novel, he's threatened with this if he doesn't confess to who his "benefactor" is, only for his head and soul to explode before he could say anything, dooming him to this trope anyway.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Invoked by Naofumi in the webnovel to break Tact further during his execution. Before Tact and his followers' long, drawn-out execution begins, Naofumi has an executioner approach Tact's harem and falsely offer them a chance to go free if they renounce Tact, knowing Malty would take it without hesitation. Tact, having believed everything Malty said to him without question just like Motoyasu, finally sees Malty's true nature when she and several other self-centered women beat him up (with Malty even calling him out for killing her mother despite the fact she told him to do so), and even then he's initially in denial and trying to convince himself it's all a dream.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Tact truly treasures his followers. Unfortunately, he's not very good at protecting them or keeping them out of danger and his actions directly lead to several of their deaths.
  • Evil Hero: He makes sure to appear heroic and firmly believes his actions to be heroic, no matter the method or end result. In truth, Tact is the exemplar of all the corrupt, self-destructive traits that Malty/Medea encourages in everyone.
  • Evil Is Petty: Naofumi notices how miffed Tact seemed when the former reveals his poison immunity by consuming lucor fruit to restore his HP and SP without becoming severely intoxicated. Apparently, Tact doesn't like the idea of others having special abilities like him.
  • Fake Difficulty: He is a Child Prodigy Master of All who made his entrance in the main story by appearing in the throne room after taking said throne from the previous king. His army also Curbstomps any country who resists and successfully draws Shield Freiden as his ally. He is a Hero Killer with All Your Powers Combined. Against King Melromarc and Naofumi & co. respectively, his army, his Battle Harem and him are easily defeated.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: This is what Tact is when it comes to both his power and morality. He's WAY weaker than what his level implies, and he's a WAY shittier person than he tries to present himself as. He doesn't just possess all the negative qualities that three of the four heroes initially had, but also their sub-par competence in a real fight as he also has their former lack of skill and neglect of stat investment, which leads to him getting curbstomped in a humiliating fashion against those whose levels are much lower.
  • Hate Sink: Despite his claims of being the most powerful and virtuous hero, it's clear to the opposition that Tact is just a moronic and boastful Fake Ultimate Hero in both moral character and strength. His actions only cause more harm than good, and no matter how many times he's told this, Tact stubbornly refuses to listen. Even his sole redeeming quality, his care for his followers, is tainted by his utter incompetence at protecting them, his Moral Myopia, his Horrible Judge of Character towards some of them (such as Malty, who naturally has no trouble manipulating him), and his willingness to brainwash women he "frees" while killing their families for resisting him. Tact really earns himself no sympathy at all when he is forced to witness his comrades' execution one by one before he dies and has his soul fed to the Soul Eaters.
  • Hero Killer: He's directly responsible for the deaths of several of the Seven Star Heroes, Granny, and Mirelia. Indirectly responsible for the death of Atla.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Just like Motoyasu before him, Tact believes everything a beautiful lady tells him, especially Malty, who manages to make him kill her mother by telling him unflattering stories about her and the heroes. He also deludes himself into thinking the women and children on the enemies' side are brainwashed, even though he's the one actually brainwashing women to be on his side. Unsurprisingly, it takes Malty and several other women in his harem betraying him directly for Tact to realize they're not loyal to him all.
  • Hypocrite: Besides his Moral Myopia below, Tact also believes that the women and children on the enemies' side are brainwashed and tries to "free" them. Yet he is the one actually brainwashing most of the women he supposedly freed, even killing their families when they resist him.
  • Ironic Name: His name is Tact. Guess which attribute he lacks most.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Out of all the people whose deaths he's responsible for, few if any will begrudge him killing the King of Faubley.
  • Lethally Stupid: For all his claims, Tact clearly has zero idea on what the hell he's doing when it comes to saving the world, considering how he not only killed off the very people trying to protect it just to steal powers he can barely use, but also potentially crippled an army created solely for the purpose of dealing with the waves as well as the Four Beasts. This also extends to his friends and loved ones, as he indirectly gets several of them killed in the process and even predictably leads his childhood friend to her death by dragging her into a war zone.
  • Miles Gloriosus: Tact loves to boast about how talented and "heroic" he is. The truth is a different matter.
  • Moral Myopia: He takes this trope to truly insane levels, rivaling the Celestial Dragons of One Piece. It all starts at Chapter 312, but truly reaches its zenith in chapter 344. Despite Naofumi reminding Tact, repeatedly, that everything he's being forced to watch is equal retribution for his crimes and the crimes of his followers, no more, no less from the friends and families of those he's victimized, he spends every moment that he's not gagged or being beaten into silence (and then healed up again) ranting that HE is the victim and promising righteous vengeance. In this respect, he's effectively just a pair of Cool Shades away from being Donquixote Doflamingo.
  • Never My Fault: When Tact avoids one of Naofumi's attacks, only for it to strike and kill Tact's Childhood Friend, he angrily calls Naofumi a murderer, even when Naofumi points out that Tact didn't do anything to protect her and ensure her safety. Not to mention he was stupid enough to drag her into a warzone in the first place, so while Naofumi did kill her, it was really Tact's fault she died. Unsurprisingly, this falls on deaf ears.
  • Paper Tiger: Relatively speaking, this is what Tact amounts to compared to Naofumi and the other sufficiently trained fighters. While the levels of the latter is stuck at 100, his is at 350 on top of his ability to steal the Legendary and Seven Star Weapons. Despite this, he proves to be so inept at fighting that Naofumi and Fohl were able to show just how weak he was compared to them despite their respective weapons being stolen.
  • Possession Equals Mastery: Averted. He is able to steal any Legendary and Seven Star Weapon but lacks the knowledge on how to utilize their full powers, the skills to effectively wield them even in their base forms, and even the fighting instincts of a trained fighter. Naofumi and Fohl are able to kick his ass five ways to Sunday because both of them are more competent in combat than he is.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Tact, as explained by Composite Character above, represents the negative aspects of some of the previous antagonists while having none of their redeeming qualities, so it's rather fitting that he represents all 7 of the deadly sins:
    • Envy: Tact despises his enemies having special abilities like him as shown by how miffed he was by Naofumi's poison immunity and inability to get drunk.
    • Gluttony: Tact has his army conquer most of the world, eliminating possible opposition, and murder well-beyond his intended targets, whether they be innocent people that either got caught in the crossfire or people trying to protect their families.
    • Greed: Tact wants to claim all the Legendary Weapons for himself, even if it means taking them from their rightful wielders, while not knowing how to use them to their full potential.
    • Lust: Blindly desires a harem for himself, which is why his army and party members consist of women, all the while completely oblivious to the fact that most of them aren't as loyal to him as he thinks. He is also desires glory as well, wanting to be seen as the only hero.
    • Pride: Insufferably arrogant with an overinflated ego, Tact believes himself to be the only one worthy of being a hero. He also sees himself as a mighty and virtuous hero despite all the trouble he causes, no matter how many times he's called out on this.
    • Sloth: Rather than train to better himself as a fighter, Tact prefers to steal weapons from the heroes he's murdered, believing their powers and his high level are all he need to be the strongest.
    • Wrath: Becomes furious with the enemy when his allies are killed, even when it's actually his fault for failing to ensure their safety, and not caring for the fact that he and his allies had murdered many of the opposition's loved ones.
  • Sore Loser: After he is defeated, reduced to Level 1, spoken to at length about the true monstrosity of his various crimes and force to watch his family and loyal followers being executed, the enraged Tact continually spouted insults and death threats to his enemies up to the moment of his Public Execution.
  • Stock Light-Novel Hero: Deconstructed. Between his insanely high level, "rightfully taken" weapons and his harem of girls, Tact only looks like your standard light novel protagonist when the truth is much more sinister and cynical. His high levels are much less impressive relative to his subpar stats and pitiful fighting experience, the weapons he stole were from their rightful owners who kept the bulk of their powers regardless and aren't nearly at their full power in his hands because of this, and the girls under him are either gold diggers all too keen on taking advantage of him or brainwashed into seeing him as a hero and a savior. As a result, he ends up causing nothing but problems in the blind delusion that he alone was meant to save the world, gets numerous people on both sides killed in the process, and when others opposing him are put on a more equal footing with him, he ends up getting his shit kicked in because behind his (poorly maintained) hero façade is a complete idiot who doesn't even know how to fight properly.
  • Story-Breaker Power: A subversion. His ability to steal any Legendary and Seven Star Weapon, coupled with his insanely high level would've made him practically invincible. However, since he's so inept at fighting, neglectful in training and stacking buffs, and only got the physical forms of the weapons while their intended owners kept the bulk of their power, he's unable to use the weapons' full potential nor is he able to outmatch a sufficiently skilled fighter like Naofumi and Fohl.
  • Super Weapon, Average Joe: He relys on his bloated level and stolen Vassal Weapons in combat. If you can bypass that, he's actually easy to beat as he has almost no combat experience or personal training due to relying on that power.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: His level is 350 but he hasn't used the strengthening methods or Dragon Pulse like the other Heroes, which grant them enough buffs and skills to edge him out in battle.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Malty sets herself up as one of Tact's advisors after he murders the King of Faubley and usurps the Faubley throne, becoming the brains of Tact's operations without him realizing it. She also uses Tact as her personal tool of petty vengeance by telling him unflattering stories of those she wanted dead, including her own mother Queen Mirelia.
    • The goddess Medea revealed that Tact was her chosen champion without him realizing it.
  • The Usurper: In one day, he murders the King of Faubley and proclaims himself the new king. Most of the Faubley Kingdom's subjects accept this with a shrug since the King was a truly despicable human being to begin with.
  • Villains Want Mercy: Double Subverted. Tact, as described by Sore Loser above, continually spouts death threats and insults throughout his public execution, vowing to reincarnate again so he can get his revenge on Naofumi and his allies. It's not until he learns they plan to feed his soul to the Soul Eaters that he finally begs for his life.


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