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Notice how each Arc has it's own major villain. Whether they only appear for that arc to cause most of the mayhem or they keep coming back, these guys are sure to give our heroes Hell in a hand-basket.

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Revenge. A most worthless cause.

"I've never battled before, but let me assure you. I. SHALL. NEVER. LOSE."

An undead dragon that tried to cause a bit of mischief against the Review Team, but now he holds a boiling hot grudge against them.


''""By the power of all that is sinful, the might of all that is viciously pure, the terror that is the power of beings best left forgotten, and the greatness that is the force of evil, I command all souls to surrender their will and become a part of me! May I be hated by all creatures that worship good! May I become the devil of a thousand cultures! Forgive me Father...FOR I BECOME SIN!"

By the power of the Necrononimicon, Necrosan absorbed the souls of all in the Nightosphere. With this power, he became the almighty Sin. A vicious and terrible creature, he went on a massive killing spree before being confronted by the team. Alas, not even they could defeat him. However, he made the mistake of killing Tafeli in front of Z-Squared. Thus, Shadow-Squared arose, beat Sin to such a pulp that the Holo-World exploded, and (in a fitting twist of irony) was finally put to rest by Titan's pinkie.


Awww, who's a good being of ultimate destruction?

A mysterious titan that lays waste to New York and the Review Team. Taken down by Starscream, Meta-Ridley, Twilight Sparkle, and Squidward. However, he's revealed to be a bit more than a living hunk of city.

     Colonel Kernal 

Colonel Kernal

''"With these monsters and my creations, I'll turn America and maybe the entire world into my own utopia! They'll follow my will! Obey my orders! ALL THE WORLD WILL BE MY SOLDIERS!"

A deformed and downright psychotic Super-Soldier, this man desired revenge upon the world for being laid off due to his methods. Thanks to the teaching of a stranger, he figured out how to make himself a base and even a Metal Gear RAY. Things got better for him when he found bits of Golus energy that he used to capture the Sea Monsters, so they would help him in the conquest of Earth. However, he was foiled by Z-Squared, Godzilla 2000, Tafeli, Mr. Freeze, Flapjack and pals, the Sea Monsters and even his own mechanical servant. Not even being empowered by the energy could save him from being killed.


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