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Characters / The Quantum Thief

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    The main characters 

Jean le Flambeur

Legendary master thief and conman extraordinaire, infamous throughout the Solar System, as well as the main protagonist of the trilogy.

  • Boxed Crook: After being sprung free from the Dilemma Prison at the beginning of the trilogy, he is bound in the service of Mieli and her employer, the Pellegrini, by painful safeguards in his artificial body.
  • Gentleman Thief: Jean has consciously modelled his persona after Maurice Leblanc's Arsène Lupin, and retains a code of honour and suave demeanour befitting to the trope.
  • Transhuman: His current body functions like a biological one down to the cellular level, but it's an artificial construct filled with state of art computer systems and other gadgetry. He's gone through numerous bodies in his lifetime, existed as a disembodied upload, and even existed as several copies at once.


An Oortian warrior with Sobornost connections, she breaks Jean out of a Dilemma Prison in the opening of the first book and has been entangled with him ever since. Captain of the Perhonen.

  • Action Girl
  • Cyborg: She has a pair of nanotech wings that can unfold from her back, and a fusion reactor embedded within her right thighbone.
  • The Lost Lenore: Although technically not dead, her lover Sydan chose to destructively upload herself into the event horizon of a singularity while she and Mieli were on Venus.



Isidore Beautrelet



The Tzaddikim

Christian Unruh

The Cryptarch



Josephine Pellegrini

Matjek Chen






The All-Defector


Tawaddudd Gomelez

The Axolotl

Abu Nuwas

Dunyazad Gomelez


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