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    Ryuuzaki Sumire
Voiced by: Shizuka Okohira (JP), Barbara Goodson (EN), Soraya Camero (LA SP 1-52), Melanie Enríquez (LA SP, 53-97)

Ryuuzaki Sumire is the coach of Seigaku's tennis club and one of the school's math teachers. She helped Echizen Nanjirou develop his skills and become a professional tennis player. She has a granddaughter named Sakuno with a crush on Ryoma. Ryuuzaki has a rivalry with her ex-mentor, Banda Mikiya a.k.a. Banji, who is the coach for Yamabuki Chuu. She constantly yells, but she is considered to be a great, reliable coach. She has a good relationship with her regulars and participates in their recreational group activities: The bowling reunion and the beach-volley mini-tournament with Rokkaku Chuu.

    Banda Mikiya
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Nishimatsu (JP)

Banda Mikiya or "Banji" for short, is Yamabuki's coach.

    Sakaki Tarou
Voiced by: Jurota Kosugi (JP)

Sakaki Tarou is the of Hyoutei's team. Sakaki is also a music teacher for the school and has complete confidence in Atobe Keigo, trusting that he is capable of defeating any opponent.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Very efficient coach and music teacher. Just as quirky as his own pupils.
  • Catchphrase: "Itte yosh!"
  • Stern Teacher: He is very strict, to the point of changing regulars if they loose a match even once. He only made the exception with Shishido because it involved an Important Haircut from Shishido, Ohtori's pleas and Atobe asking him personally. He later keeps the same regular team for the National Tournament.

    Hanamura Aoi
Voiced by: Kaori Yamagata (JP), Ivette García (LA SP)

Hanamura Aoi is the coach of Jousei Shonan, who refers to her students as masterpieces and constantly tries to recruit new students, especially Ryoma. She is often proud of her own prowess and of her pupils', but is otherwise very calm and professional.

  • Ascended Extra: In the manga, she doesn't appear at all, where the only we see about her is her name in the Jousei Shounan list. She gets design and characterization in the anime.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Fawns over her pupils almost like a teenage girl, when she's not coolly supervising their training menus.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Big breasts? Check. A pretty face with a Beauty Mark? Check. Nice red hair? Check. A melodious mezzo-soprano voice? Check. Tight clothes when not at work? Oh baby, Check, Please!.
  • Not So Different: To Sumire Ryuzaki. While Ryuzaki sensei doesn't agree with her view of students as "masterpieces", they both care very much about their boys. Even Hanamura looks a lot like Sumire when she was young.

Voiced by: Bunmei Tobayama (JP)

Ojii is the coach of Rokkaku Chuu. He is an elderly man who manufactures creates special wooden racquets for his players, taking into consideration their skills and personality.

  • The Mentor: To the Rokkaku kids, who would later join the tennis club.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Everyone only refers to him as "Ojii" ("Grandpa").
  • Team Dad: He not only cares and trains his boys at Rokkaku, but also makes them their wooden racquets and inspires them.

    Watanabe Osamu
Voiced by: Koji Yusa (JP)

Osamu Watanabe is the coach of the Shitenhouji tennis club. Watanabe reminds us of a younger (and hipper) version of Yamabuki's Banda Mikiya. Like the latter, the former's interaction with his students is very laid-back, often shown joking around with them. Watanabe is also pretty sly. When the team first learned of Chitose Senri's resignation, Watanabe appeared ambivalent about the issue.

During the match against Seigaku, knowing how much the team needed Chitose and how much Chitose wanted to play Tezuka Kunimitsu, Watanabe "dragged" Chitose back onto the team. This and other incidents show that despite his appearance, Watanabe knows what he is doing. Osamu gave Shiraishi a gold gauntlet to wear until graduation.

Watanabe is shown to be either cheap or poor, telling his team that he'll treat them to somen noodles if they win against Seigaku (as opposed to Ryuuzaki Sumire, who told her team she'll treat them to yakiniku).

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Despite the fact he looks like a bum and is in general a very relaxed guy, he is actually a very capable coach who knows how to handle the tennis club different personalities.
  • First-Name Basis: All his students always call him "Osamu" rather than "Watanabe-sensei". Not that he minds.
  • Foil: To Hyotei's coach Sakaki Taro. While both are very competent coaches who care and know how to work with the students, their overall personalities are opposites. Sakaki is more stern, The Stoic, The Dandy, while Osamu is more carefree, relaxed, and looks like a hippie.
  • Team Dad: He truly cares for his team's players. He also treats them to food, even if it's cheap.
  • Trickster Mentor: He would do anything to motivate his students, even if that implies fooling them.
    • Instead of accepting Chitose's form to resign the club, he just went ahead and registered Chitose for Doubles 1 anyway. This ended up motivating Chitose since he got to challenge Tezuka.
    • In Another Story II, he purposely lied to the team telling them they needed to recruit Zaizen, so Shiraishi could figure out that they needed to diversify the team.

    Saotome Harumi
Voiced by: Masami Iwasaki (JP)

Saotome Harumi is the ruthless Higa Chuu tennis coach. He isn't above dirty play and won't hesitate to instruct his players to aim balls to the rival team's coach.

  • Jerkass: He would instruct his players to hit rival coaches with the ball.
  • Sadist Teacher: He is the only known teacher to be mean and tough to his students.
  • Smug Snake: He doesn't care about anyone as long as his team wins.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He didn't hesitate to instruct Hirakoba to aim at Ryuuzaki Sumire in the middle of a game.

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