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     Lorraine Maillard 

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     The Bogeyman 

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     Chad the Chipmunk 

The infamous mascot of Atlantic Island Park, "Chad" was once more commonly known as Steve Gardener, a violent alcoholic and dropout ridiculed throughout Solomon Island. However, upon taking up the Chad the Chipmunk costume, Steve changed dramatically - ending in a fatal assault on a group of teenagers, guaranteeing his place in Solomon Island's folklore.

  • The Alcoholic: Prior to becoming Chad, Steve was the town drunk of Kingsmouth, and could usually be found drinking, fighting, or upchucking. Everything changed once he took up the costume, though...
  • Ax-Crazy: Chad wasn't a stable man by the end, and once it became evident that he was violently insane, he was summarily arrested and hauled off to a mental hospital.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Given that he's on most of the promotional material and advertised by the park's management very early in the film, players might be under the impression that Chad the Chipmunk is the Big Bad of The Park. However, a note at the end of the game reveals that Chad/Steve was arrested immediately after the icepick rampage and has been locked up in an asylum ever since then, meaning that the Chad you meet over the course of the game is just an illusion created by the real villain of the story, Nathaniel Winter AKA the Bogeyman.
  • Book Dumb: A rhyme poem found on a gold plaque on Chad's statue near the park escalator strongly implies that Steve was doing quite poorly academically. His foolery as the park's perpetally drunk mascot merely fueled this opinion of him.
  • Clingy Costume: Voluntary example; once Steve put on the Chad suit, he became increasingly reluctant to go without it. First, he simply started taking it home with him, then wearing it at all hours of the day, and eventually he refused to remove it at all. Reality Ensues as the suit became increasingly filthy as time went on as a result, and the visions of Chad encountered throughout The Park are covered in old stains.
  • Evil Smells Bad: According to one witness, Chad began to stink like a carcass as his insanity reached terminal levels - hardly a surprise, given that he hadn't removed his suit for several days and had likely murdered people while still dressed in it.
  • Eye Scream: Concluding his tenure at the park by stabbing a teenager's eye out with an icepick. For added creepiness, the eye landed right atop one of the ice sculptures he'd been carving a moment ago, making it look "more or less alive."
  • Goofy Suit: His apparel. The costume itself looks creepy enough, but it only became more disturbing once Chad developed an obsession with it.
  • Sanity Slippage: Steve Gardener wasn't exactly a paragon of stability when he became the park mascot, but spending time in Atlantic Island Park's brain-warping atmosphere drove him completely 'round the bend. Among other things, he began taking the suit home, wearing it at all hours of the day and refusing to take it off, and even stalking other park employees; also, he developed a curious talent for ice-carving. It's not confirmed if he was responsible for all the deaths at the completed park, but his journey to insanity was most definitely completed when he lost composure and stabbed two teenagers to death with an icepick. All of this can ultimately be attributed to the park's emotion-siphoning machines driving him insane.
  • Serial Killer: Heavily implied; assuming that the various murders and disappearances at Atlantic Island Park weren't due to negatively-effected visitors, they would have probably been committed by Chad. The fact that his costume had started to smell like rotting meat by the end would seem to implicate Chad. One of the earlier jumpscares in the game also implies that Chad may have even murdered one of the female employees he was constantly stalking.
  • Would Hurt a Child: On top of murdering teenagers with an icepick, there's a distinct chance he was responsible for the murder of the kid found behind the cotton candy stand, and the disappearances of the children who went missing in the House of Horrors.


Secondary Protagonists

     Callum Maillard 

Voiced by: Nathan Newlander

Lorraine Maillard's son; born on the very same day that Atlantic Island Park opened and raised exclusively by Lorraine following the death of his father, the park is apparently his favourite place in the world. Ultimately, the action of The Park kicks off when Callum runs inside the amusement park after closing time in an attempt to retrieve his lost teddy bear...

  • Ambiguous Situation: What did exactly happen to Callum? Was his sudden change in behaviour due to parental abuse, or was he being warped by exposure to Atlantic Island Park? Did he vanish, never to be seen again? And if so, why? Did he get lost by accident or was he lured into the park? Did he die, as the game heavily implies, and if so, how? Did he fall victim to Chad the Chipmunk's rampage during a visit? Did Nathaniel Winter use him as fuel for his immortality machines, as he has done to other children? Was he fed upon by the Bogeyman? Or was he, in fact, killed by Lorraine? And if so, why? Was she directly mind-controlled into doing it by Winter as shown, or did the park turn her violent and murderous? The fact that even the all-knowing Buzzing doesn't know precisely what happened almost thirty years later leaves his final fate a total mystery: all they can indicate is that something horrible happened to Lorraine and Callum at Atlantic Island Park, and that it had something to do with the park's intrinsic nature...
  • The Cameo: Is repeatedly mentioned in Lorraine's journal in the 2015 Samhain event, "The Seven Silences". Justified, as Lorraine never forgave herself for killing him, and was in the process of committing suicide for this reason
  • Creepy Child: On many occasions, he will only respond to Lorraine's calls to him with childish giggles and snippets of nursery rhymes. Also, Lorraine mentions that he'd taken to suffering weird shifts in behaviour - to the point that he actually tried to bite her at one point. Given his mother's exposure to Atlantic Island Park's brain-warping atmosphere, it's possible that this was just a response to abuse on her part, but given that Callum supposedly visited the park as well, it might also be possible that Callum was being warped in much the same way.
  • Everything's Better with Plushies: Played with Callum's stuffed bear, affectionately named Mr.Bear, is his favourite toy. As such, it's Mr. Bear's disappearance that kicks off the game's plot. Except that, given that it's been shut down, Callum couldn't have left it inside Atlantic Island Park, so this pretext is purely illusory in nature. As Lorraine journeys through the decrepit park, she occasionally discovers teddy bears, the first of which is found in a park security van, covered in blood and a knife in its left eye.
  • Improbable Age / Vague Age: At first glance, Callum looks around eight years old at most, and is somehow wandering Atlantic Island Park in its heyday on his own. This would seem to contradict Lorraine's early indication that Callum was born the day the park opened, as it was permanently shut down just two years later and Callum would've been only a toddler at the time; plus, graffiti encountered throughout the game indicates that it's set during the 1980s. It's not certain if this indicates that Lorraine is simply imagining Callum as an older boy, or if Callum went missing long after the park closed.
    • And most glaringly, even lampshaded by Youtubers, Callum can apparently outrun his mother.
  • Nom de Mom: Takes on his mother's name, Maillard. Somewhat understandable, considering Lorraine never actually married Don, and as such is not legally considered Don's son.
  • Someone to Remember Him By: Presumably the reason why Lorraine chose to keep Callum around was because he was the last living reminder of Don.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Callum mostly resembles his father, Don, in appearance, as a photo of him shows.
  • Uncertain Doom:
    • All available evidence points towards Callum dying in the park.
    • After completing the game and passing the end credits, we see an image of Callum and his bear walking into the light.

     Park security guard/ Kingsmouth detective 
Voiced by: Andrew Kishino
A kind middle-aged man who unlocks the park gates to allow Lorraine to go after Callum. In the epilogue he returns but as a detective, again trying to help Lorraine remember where she last saw Callum. "The Seven Silences" mission in TSW reveal that he was, in fact, an agent with the Council of Venice who was sent to observe and recruit Lorraine.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: TSW 2015 Halloween mission reveals that he is a Council of Venice agent tasked with finding a potential candidate to become their first artificial Bee-imbued agent. He picks Lorraine.
  • Ironic Echo: When Lorraine experiences her first breakdown near the park entrance, he tries to comfort her, stating that,
    Guard: "Hey. Lorraine. Lorraine! Don't blame yourself, Lorraine. People lose things all the time. Take a deep breath and think about the last place you saw your son's teddy bear."
In the final scene when Lorraine shows up to report Callum's disappearance, he repeates these same words, but with a small change.
Detective: "Hey. Lorraine. Lorraine! Don't blame yourself, Lorraine. People lose things all the time. Take a deep breath and think about the last place you saw your son."
  • Note Lorraine remains silent for both versions of the question.
  • Walking Spoiler: Is pretty much this the second time we see him. His presence as two different people hints to the ambiguity of the park, and as a foreshadow towards future events seen in The Secret World.
  • You Look Familiar: Players are surprised to say the least that the Kingsmouth detective is the same man at the information booth. This usually tips them off to the fact that Lorraine's trip through the park may have been all in her head.


Minor Characters

     Norma Creed 
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     Donald "Don" Williams 
Lorraine's boyfriend and Callum's father.
  • Disappeared Dad: Don was killed when his safety harness loosed while he was working atop of the Ferris wheel.
  • Driven to Suicide: Depending on your interpretation, and on the fact that many characters are Unreliable Narrator, Don's emotions being warped by the park may have influenced him to kill himself as opposed to dying from a malfunctioning safety harness.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: He was killed just three months after getting together with Lorraine, and three months into Lorraine's pregnancy with his child.
  • Lost Lenore: He became this to Lorraine shortly before Callum's birth.
  • Love at First Sight: He was instantly beguiled by Lorraine upon laying his eyes on her while she was sweeping at Susie's Diner.
  • Nice Guy: Don was the only one from his group of construction workers who didn't try to sexually harass Lorraine during her shift. This was what caught Lorraine's attention, resulting in her becoming instantly attracted to him.
  • Posthumous Character: He died a few years before the events of the game. Considering the ambiguous nature of the game, it's almost impossible to tell how much time has passed since his death.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: The brief look we get of Callum's face in the beginning, and a Polaroid shot of Don in the haunted house shows that Callum highly resembles his father.
  • Surprise Pregnancy: Like Lorraine, Callum's conception after just spending one night with her was certainly a surprise to Don, but was nevertheless a welcomed one. It was Lorraine's pregnancy that made Don decide that they all should move far away from Solomon Island so that they can both raise Callum in a more safe and peaceful place.

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