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The Order of the Scribble

Lord Shojo: Their final adventures together led them to seal all five of the rifts, trapping the Snarl once again in its timeless prison.

The adventuring precursors to the Order of the Stick. They were responsible for sealing the Rifts and creating the Gates. So far Kraagor has only been seen in flashbacks during "The Crayons of Time" and Start of Darkness; Dorukan and Lirian both appear in Start of Darkness, Soon's ghost appears during the battle of Azure City and Girard appears as an illusion (and as a corpse). Serini appears during the final arc at Kraagor's Gate.

    In General 
  • Badass Crew: While they stopped working together at the end, they were still all epic-level characters.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: They all believe their respective strong suits are the best method for protecting the gates (Except for Serini, who goes with Kraagor's). So far, each gate has fallen due the inherent flaws of said strong suits.
    • Lirian's gate was guarded by the power of nature and was destroyed thanks to the unnatural abomination that is a lich being immune to her abilities... and a forest fire that ended up being as bad as it was because of all the dead wood lying around.
    • Dorukan believed in the power of wisdom and intelligence, specifically as manifested through arcane magic, and was beaten in a duel by Xykon brute-force spamming Energy Drains. And the gate itself was destroyed by Elan activating the Self-Destruct Mechanism.
    • Soon based his gate's protection on the unbreakable honor of paladins. Though this worked better than the others, coming close to killing Xykon, his gate was destroyed by a fallen paladin who was completely deluded and believed she was doing the right thing.
    • Girard only trusted his family and specifically distrusted Soon and paladins. Not only did Soon and his paladins never break their oath, with many other characters calling them out on how foolish that was, his gate only being guarded by his family meant that they were all wiped out by familicide with no one left to protect the gate. The villains just walked in. He also didn't account for the existence of beings that are immune to illusions.
    • Serini decided to make her gate a tomb for Kraagor, rather than guard it herself; since he believed in physical might, her gate is guarded by high-level monsters out the wazoo that regenerate after a few days. In theory, a death trap that can't have its secrets plumbed. In practice, it means that it's a gold mine of experience points for sufficiently powerful characters (it's one of the few places that Xykon, an epic-level lich, can get XP to become stronger) and grants provisions to anyone trying to get in, thus increasing the strength of those trying to get to the gate. Below a certain threshold, it's admittedly impossible, but above that threshold, finding the gate is utterly inevitable. That is, unless someone else were to game the system. In truth, it ultimately turns out that Serini's gate is the only one that at least partially avoids this, not only using Kraagor's belief in strength, but also using Kraagor's beliefs to mislead away from her own roguish belief in traps and tricks.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: They can be argued as one for the classic dysfunctional band of heroes seen so often in fiction; like the Order of the Stick in the very same webcomic, they are a D&D party composed of people with conflicting personalities who would normally never interact with each other (maybe even hate each other), but are forced to interact anyhow by their players for the sake of providing interesting drama and storytelling. Unlike the Order of the Stick, though, who have all eventually become good (more or less) friends and effective teammates through leaning on and building mutual trust between each other, the Order of the Scribble were never able to move past their initial distrust and animosity. This resulted in the Scribblers staying together solely out of self-preservation to save the world, and once that issue was resolved, they ultimately wanted nothing to do with each other. This has in turn caused subsequent problems because of their inherent distrust and dislike for one another, which unfortunately seems to be leading to the result of all their efforts being for naught. In short, the Scribblers show that putting together a group of contrasting people on a quest to save the world might make for good drama, but that "good drama" can also result in that same group violently self-destructing as soon as they no longer need to be together.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: They managed to seal away the Snarl, a planet-destroying Eldritch Abomination which had destroyed the world countless previous times. Notably, this feat becomes more and more impressive the more we learn about it.
  • The Fellowship Has Ended: Kraagor's death turned existing tensions into a near-bloodbath. Besides Lirian and Dorukan, none of them ever laid eyes on each other again (that we know of).
  • Mirroring Factions: Deliberate parallels are drawn between them and the Order of the Stick. The Scribblers have been shown to be individually very powerful characters, but internal strife drove them apart and their inability to work together means their respective Gates are falling one by one. Meanwhile, the Order's members all have sub-optimal character builds, but overcome their personal differences and prevail through teamwork, being able to account for each other's personal weaknesses and be stronger as a whole.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Their various methods to protect the Gates cause more harm than good in the long run. Soon Kim's decision to stick to his vow not to interfere with the other Gates except his own leaves the Sapphire Guard at a tactical disadvantage, Dorukan's cloister spell ends up keeping the Order of the Stick separated for over three months, Girard's paranoia led him to give out false coordinates when the heroes have to find his Gate in a hurry, and Serini's decision that it would better to just let Xykon claim a Gate has potentially world-ending consequences.
  • Posthumous Character: Of the entire Order, the only one who's still alive is Serini.
  • Precursor Heroes: The Order of the Stick is literally following in their footsteps, for good or for ill.
  • Shadow Archetype: Most of the Scribblers are loose parallels to the members of the Order of the Stick, and can be summed up as basically what would happen if the latter had never received proper Character Development.
    • Soon Kim is a pretty clear one for Roy. Both leaders started out prioritizing their focus on obtaining their goals while remaining emotionally distant from their teammates. The situation in which Elan was kidnapped by bandits paralleled Kraagor's Heroic Sacrifice, in which saving a teammate involved a major risk to himself and the party. Where they diverged was that Roy took the risk to rescue Elan, whereas Soon prioritized sealing the Snarl over Kraagor's life. The results were that Roy realized the importance of valuing his teammates and their goals, and by doing so, eventually earned their loyalty, while Soon's choice made his teammates realize they were disposable, resulting in them abandoning him after they succeeded in their quest.
    • Dorukan can basically be seen as what could have happened to Vaarsuvius if they had never learned the need to be more creative and altruistic in terms of how they use magic. Most notably, his very foolish choice of spells in his Wizard Duel against Xykon in Start of Darkness is contrasted with V getting Drunk on the Dark Side also getting demolished by Xykon in short order during Don't Split the Party but then proving themselves to be semi-successful after they realize the need to be cleverer in their approach, creatively using spells to help teammates, or playing full defense with Improved Counterspell to negate enemy casters while the rest of the team does their thing.
    • Girard Draketooth is one to Haley, with both being Chaotic-aligned Lancers assisting their Lawful-aligned leaders on how they should be operating, and also have both a clear dislike towards authority figures and (at least initially) treat their family members as their only trustworthy confidants. However, Haley eventually learned how to open herself up and trust Roy, while Girard developed an irrational paranoia for anyone outside of his family that ultimately caused his Gate's destruction. Haley's love for Elan means that she trusts him more than anyone in the world, and is open to make her better than she is, while Draketooth's clan never trusted in-laws further than their ability to produce more Draketooths, abandoning them with the baby once the job was done. Additionally, while Haley is Properly Paranoid and an Excellent Judge of Character (i.e., being able to instantly tell from the start that the Linear Guild was bad news), Girard is a Horrible Judge of Character and The Paranoiac (having seriously thought that paladins would willingly break their oaths just to interfere with his Gate). Most obviously, it's pretty clearly not a coincidence that Draketooth is finally brought to the forefront of the story during Blood Runs in the Family, a story arc that partly focuses on how Haley has finally learned to trust others and be open with them.
    • Lirian, like Elan, is the "token blonde" in her adventuring party, and is (like Elan) implied to not be particularly brilliant, what with using many of her spells poorly and telling Xykon as part of her dying words that there are four other Gates (though granted, she's not nearly as dumb as Elan is). Both her and Elan are also romantically involved with another member of their party (Elan and Haley, and Lirian and Dorukan). However, the most significant difference between Lirian and Elan is how the latter eventually had his idealism more tempered by harsh reality, leading to him gaining a (relatively) more realistic outlook on the world and being more willing to be creative with his spells and arsenal. Lirian seemingly didn't have this happen, and she was ultimately killed by Xykon primarily because of her not realizing that the cave she imprisoned Xykon, Redcloak, and Right-Eye in had all of the ingredients necessary to turn Xykon into a lich. Most notably, there are parallels that can be drawn between the respective Crippling Overspecialization seen in how Lirian defends her Gate using the power of nature and an Anti-Magic plague (which can be negated by a forest fire and undeath respectively), while Elan initially used his silent image spell only to try to invoke Distracted by the Sexy (which never worked) along with trying to use his bard songs to improve stealth checks but became more effective through V helping him use the former more creatively and the latter being reworked into his "new" purpose as a Support Party Member who eventually does find ways to use his Performance skills in combat to cleverly solve problems. Amusingly, from a more class-based perspective, Lirian's actually this in regards to Durkon; he is a cleric, while she is a druid, and she is a Friend to All Living Things who has several treants literally holding up her Gate, while Durkon is a dwarf and so has an Absurd Phobia of trees.
    • Serini Toormuck is probably the clearest example of this trope in regards to the Scribblers, being one to Belkar (as noted below in Serini's folder under the "Foil" section). Most obviously, both are the only halflings in their guilds, and have increasingly defined themselves by their animal companions/non-human friends. Serini is also a highly-optimized epic-level rogue, while Belkar is a horribly designed ranger-barbarian hybrid. However, while Belkar has slowly Taken Levels in Kindness and become the beginnings of an actually better person, Serini has only Taken Levels in Cynicism and become more embittered and apathetic regarding the Crapsack World she lives in.
    • Kraagor is admittedly the loosest example, but he can be seen as one to Durkon. Both of them are the only dwarves in their parties, and also served as their tanks and emotional centers. Both of them also die performing Heroic Sacrifices, though Durkon is lucky enough to be brought Back from the Dead. However, Kraagor is mentioned to have primarily believed in the power of physical might (to the point where his Gate is basically one massive dungeon crawl), whereas Durkon slowly learns how to be craftier and more creative in how he uses his magic. Additionally, Kraagor is ultimately an Advertised Extra among the Scribblers, while Durkon's Character Development features him becoming more assertive and intentionally active within the comic's narrative.
  • The Team: Soon was The Leader, Girard was The Lancer who clashed with him at every point. Lirian and Dorukan pulled double duty as The Smart Guy, being two learned spellcasters. Kraagor was The Big Guy, being the party's Tank. The Heart was shared by both Kraagor and Serini, with the group quickly self-destructing following Kraagor's Heroic Sacrifice and only being stopped from killing one another outright by Serini.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Before Kraagor's death, this appears to have been the case to varying degrees (in particular, it appears that Soon and Girard really didn't care for each other). After his death, things fell apart entirely.
  • Women Are Wiser: Lirian and Serini appear to have been the most levelheaded members of the party.

    Soon Kim 

Soon Kim

"Only the honor of a paladin is unbreakable — even by death itself."

Race: Human (later spirit)
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good

A paladin and founder of the Sapphire Guard. He built Azure City's citadel around his Gate. He was the first to encounter the Rifts. His wife Mijung was killed by the Snarl, which was his motivation for sealing them. He guarded the Gate in Azure City with the Sapphire Guard.

  • The Ace: It's worth noting that he's the only member of the Order of the Scribble to flat-out beat Xykon in a straight fight, let alone Xykon and Redcloak at the same time. He's a Deathless at the time, and he had a huge swarm of ghost-martyrs backing him up, but it's still an incredible feat, especially given how powerful some of the other members Xykon killed outright were. And Redcloak managed to use a modified form of his cleric class features to get rid of all the other ghost-martyrs eventually, only to still fall to Soon's spectral blade.
  • Backup from Otherworld: He becomes this to the Sapphire Guard after his death of old age. If a threat endangers the throne room where the Snarl-Gate is held, he and the spirits of every Sapphire Guard member who ever died can manifest there as an army of incorporeal Deathless.
  • Badass Creed: "Only the honour of a Paladin is unbreakable. Even by death itself." Cue one of Xykon's very few Oh, Crap! moments, and more or less the only one that doesn't involve direct endangerment of his phylactery.
  • Benevolent Boss: You'd expect a highly stoic man who created an order of paladins to swear an oath to defend the Snarl-Gate on their lands even unto death be a lot less forgiving of one of their order that falls from grace — especially one who ruins his attempts to kill off the Big Bad. Instead, Soon is honest but not unkind as he tells Miko that she was overly hasty and has not redeemed herself due to failing to fully realize that she was wrong while stating redemption is a rare thing to achieve anyway, and reassures her that she will be able to see her Celestial mount Windstriker again in the afterlife.
  • Big Good: Let's face it, despite his flaws, he really was one of the most powerful heroes to exist. He even came close to destroying Xykon and Redcloak for good with only Miko (accidentally) preventing it, a feat not a single other member of the Order of the Scribble can claim. His death and the release of his martyr spell was one of the greatest blows the good guys have ever suffered.
  • Brutal Honesty: Soon tells Miko in her final moments honestly that she cannot be a paladin again, as she has as of yet failed to acknowledge the wrongness of her past actions that could allow her to redeem herself. He's not the least bit mean about it, however.
  • The Cavalry: "Ghost-martyrs of the Sapphire Guard — ATTACK!"
  • Create Your Own Villain: The genocidal operations launched by the order of paladins he founded directly led to Redcloak rising as a powerful, highly motivated goblin cleric willing and able to threaten not only the world but the very gods Soon worshipped.
  • Crusading Widower: There are hints which suggest that, had his wife not been killed by the Snarl, Soon would not have gone on to become the eminent hero who founded an entire order of paladins to safeguard the world from destruction. Before the Order of the Scribble broke up, Dorukan angrily accused him of his need of vengeance being more important to him than the lives of his allies.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: For The Leader, as Soon valued his goals much more than he valued his teammates, which ultimately caused them to lose faith in him and lead to the group splitting apart. While the Order of the Stick had their issues between teammates, they could always place trust in Roy to mitigate arguments and discuss personal problems. Soon let resentments foster which lead to hatred not only of him, but between the different members to the point where almost none of them wanted to see each other again.
  • Duty That Transcends Death: The Sapphire Guard paladins' oath to protect the Snarl-Gate in the Azure City's throne room can allow them to manifest as ghosts to defend it once again, with Soon himself leading them. Sadly, their oath to defend the gate specifically prevents them from persisting on after Miko destroys it.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: It is implied that by the time their journey ended, all of the other Scribble members' opinions of him shifted from mild dislike to intense hatred.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He is a good person and does show compassion, but his rigidity to the paladin code and his mission to seal and protect the Gates makes him really hard to work with, as seen in the flashbacks. Even when it's not Draketooth who picks on him, he is too humorless, serious and stoic to bounce off of other people, resulting in frustration and annoyance from others who constantly get the cold shoulder from him.
  • The Hero: A former holder of the position. It was his personal tragedy and forceful charisma that assembled the Order in the first place, and though not without his personal issues, he seems to have been one of the kindest and most genuine members.
  • Honor Before Reason: What his insistence on making "do not interfere with the other Gates" part of the official credo of the Sapphire Guard has ultimately turned out to be. Whilst well-meaning, the practical effects of it have included the Guard being unaware when two of the Gates were captured by evil forces (and being forbidden to offer assistance even if they had known), and the Guard not knowing that the coordinates for Girard's Gate in their possession are fake, both of which seriously screwed things up. On the other hand, the Oaths were created because of the irreconcilable differences between the Order that lasted beyond several of their deaths, meaning the Oaths weren't as much the problem as the people who made them.
  • Hope Spot: Soon nearly kills both Xykon and Redcloak, and is quite ready to tell someone to destroy the phylactery Redcloak is wearing to keep Xykon down for good. Sadly, Miko decides to destroy the gate of Azure City, which gives the two the chance to escape since the Sapphire Guard's ghosts can no longer manifest to defend a gate that no longer exists.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: His insistence that only the Honor of a Paladin is unbreakable suffers from the fact that he lives in a universe that frequently criticizes such character archetypes, and many paladins, including and especially from his own order, are arrogant, barely contained zealots who look down on others.
  • Irony:
    • Girard lives his life in eternal paranoia that Soon will break his vow not to meddle with how any of the other members of the Order manage their Gates, and it's implied that some of the others have their suspicions as well. In fact, it appears that he's the only one who doesn't meddle in the affairs of the others in some way or another; Lirian and Dorukan are lovers, and Serini at least stays in contact with Girard.
    • Soon tries to protect his gate by having the Sapphire Guard crusade against anyone who could threaten Azure City, including the local goblin villages. Years after his death, Redcloak sacks Azure City with a hobgoblin army, which wouldn't have happened if the Sapphire Guard hadn't destroyed his village.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Uses a katana because he is a honor-bound nobleman warrior from a place that is totally not Japan.
  • Kill Us Both: He told Lirian and Dorukan to seal the last rift while he and Kraagor were still within range. He made it out, Kraagor didn't. Girard didn't take it well.
  • King in the Mountain: His spirit rises to defend the Gate in its hour of greatest need. It works out pretty well for the purposes of evil smiting. It's also heavily implied that he spent his afterlife — at least fifty years — watching over the gate from the Celestial Realms, due to his knowledge of what is Xykon's phylactery as well as his other information about his paladins. It's not like he had anyone waiting for him up there, anyway.
  • The Leader: Of the Scribblers. In Serini's diary, all of them are following him, and based on his stern expression, he was the level-headed type.
  • The Lost Lenore: Mijung's death became Soon's sole motivator for the rest of his life, and was behind his quest to seal the rifts, creating the Sapphire Guard and trying to wipe out any possible future threats to the Gates, which eventually resulted in the destruction of Redcloak's village. Knowing that he'd never see Mijung again, her soul having been unmade by The Snarl, Soon tied his own soul to the Azure City Gate, serving as its guardian even in death.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Even after his death, his spirit is bound to the Gate and he will protect it in an hour of need. As Redcloak pointed out, he and the ghost-martyrs are not traditional ghosts or even undead, but some kind of positive-energy spirits. In all likelihood, they're Deathless, positive energy undead from the Eberron setting.
  • The Paladin: He's the founder of an order of paladins.
  • Posthumous Character: As a non-main-spellcaster, full-on human who was already getting on in years when the Gates were made, he's long gone as the story opens, though his spirit remains.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Girard clearly believes that Soon is driven more by his desire to avenge his wife's death at the Snarl's hands than anything else, and Dorukan similarly accuses him of regards his revenge on Snarl to be more important to him than the lives of his allies.
  • Samurai: As a Wutai-flavored paladin. Which is good, as the actual D&D samurai class is infamously terrible.
  • Smite Evil: A class feature for a high-level paladin. Xykon notes that the other ghosts just sting, while his "packs a wallop".
  • The Stoic: His teammates describe him as being stiff and walking in stoic silence most of the time. The single scene where his wife appears shows him worrying slightly less about duty, suggesting that it was Mijung's death that caused him to be so hardassed.
  • Turn the Other Cheek: When he's with Miko in her final moments, he has every reason to tell her off. Instead, though he acknowledges she screwed up, his appraisal of her seems to be as reassuring as he can make it, and he doesn't point-blank tell her she failed until he's given a yes-or-no question. Even then, he offers a gentle critique of what she should have done instead, and claims that maybe she could have redeemed herself if she'd had the time, closing out by simply telling her she'll be able to see her only friend again.
  • Unperson: Soon is presumed to have tried his hardest to purge anything relating the Gates that he's seen from the books.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: The crusades he ordered to protect the Gate from any and all threats would directly lead to the downfall of Azure City and the destruction of his Gate.
  • Who's on First?: Not surprisingly, his name has led to such a scene.
    Xykon: So, any ideas on how we should fight 'Stache boy, whoever he is?
    Redcloak: Soon.
    Xykon: I'd prefer to know now, thanks.
    Redcloak: No. I mean, that's his name.
    Xykon: What is?
    Redcloak: Soon!
    Xykon: Look, if you don't want to tell me his name yet, fine, but we really should find a way to beat him!



"You have not earned your magic, it came to you in your blood."

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Neutral Good

A powerful human wizard who helped to build the Gates. He guarded the Gate in the Redmountain Hills with a huge dungeon and powerful magical wards. Xykon defeated him in a mages' duel and took over his dungeon.

  • The Archmage: With Lirian's help, he developed epic-level magic to seal the Rifts and create the Gates. His most iconic home-created spell is cloister, an epic-level abjuration that was designed specifically to guard his Gate.
  • Crystal Prison: Soul-bound by Xykon inside a gem.
  • For Science!: Well, the uh, magical equivalent. Soon accuses him of not caring whether the gates fall and instead being more interested in researching new spells that he would use to protect them. Dorukan shot back by saying he cared more about avenging his wife than even the lives of his allies.
  • Idiot Ball: A lot of people have commented on the utterly idiotic way he used his spells in Start of Darkness. He's old and complacent, and it costs him his life.
  • Interspecies Romance: Dorukan carried on a decades-long relationship with Lirian, a female elf druid who was his ally in the Order of the Scribble. They even defied the pact that the Order would not contact each other after deciding to guard their gates to carry on their affair, and he built a special exception into his uber-defensive spell, cloister, so he could summon her from her Gate to his and back for romantic meetings and "booty calls".
  • Posthumous Character: Only has appeared in flashbacks and the prequel book Start of Darkness.
  • Power Perversion Potential: In comic #532, it's shown that Dorukan left a loophole in the cloister spell to still be able to summon Lirian for "booty calls". This confirms in the online strip what had already been established by Start of Darkness, that Dorukan and Lirian were still in regular communication with each other in violation of their oath.
  • Psychic Block Defense: A variant; Dorukan's custom-built cloister spell completely blocks non-epic scrying spells from looking in on any area it's been cast over. It also "clings" to any creatures inside the initial area of casting, so once they leave that area, they're still protected until the spell wears off.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Xykon mocks Dorukan as being just like all the other wizards he's killed for mistaking potential versatility for concrete power, as Xykon's spontaneous casting style enables him to spam Energy Drain spells that render Dorukan weaker and weaker, until he finally dies.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: His soul wound up trapped together with Lirian's in a gemstone after Xykon kills them both. Whether they'll be able to do anything if they're released is debatable, but it still fits.
  • The Smart Guy: As The Team's epic-level mage.
  • Teleport Interdiction: The cloister spell he invented is basically designed to prevent Dungeon Bypass and the "scry and fry" tactic, so in addition to blocking off scrying spells, it completely negates almost every form of teleportation magic. There is one loophole, however, which he invented for personal reasons.
  • Together in Death: With Lirian, via the aforementioned Sealed Good in a Can.
  • Unequal Rites: Like many wizards who faced off against Xykon, he looked down on the lich for his origins as a sorcerer. This proved a fatal mistake.
  • Wizard Beard: It's tradition! It's long and bushy, and makes up for the fact he goes completely bald in his old age.
  • Wizard Classic: While he was young and good-looking during his years with the Order, he's become a beardy old grump by the time Xykon kills him.



"Perhaps you will begin to appreciate how interconnected everything is during your long stay... though I doubt it."

Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral Good

A powerful elf druid who met Soon shortly after his wife was killed. She helped Dorukan to build the Gates and guarded the Gate in the Elven Lands with nature's might and a magic-destroying virus.

  • And I Must Scream: Initially played straight when Xykon seals her soul inside a gem he carries with him. Defied when Xykon seals her lover, Dorukan's soul in there with her, and the two take comfort that at least they are trapped together.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Being free of the "constraints" of civilization...
  • The Beastmaster: As a powerful druid, she guards her Gate with "nature's might."
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Towards Redcloak and Xykon. When your enemy is captured and at your mercy it's always better to kill them immediately, or at least post some guards to keep an eye on them.
  • Crystal Prison: Soul-bound by Xykon inside a gem.
  • Druid: Nature magic is her specialty.
  • Forest Ranger: Her gate is... pastoral, for a given definition of the word.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Even bacteria.
  • Idiot Ball: Xykon and Redcloak would have been thwarted if she had bothered to leave a guard to supervise them, or at least not leave so many material components in their cell (making a lich's phylactery requires over 100'000 GPs worth). Also, while Lirian can be forgiven for using so many attacks that Xykon could No-Sell due to the relative obscurity of liches in general, she did grab it when she led her opening attack with poison against an obviously undead individual. While liches specifically might be obscure, undead are pretty common for adventurers.
  • Interspecies Romance: It's implied in the web comic, with the prequel story Start of Darkness clarifying that she and the male human mage Dorukan carried on a long-distance relationship (circumvented with teleportation magic) for decades, even though they weren't supposed to see each other again as a result of the dissolution of the Order of the Scribble.
  • Locking MacGyver in the Store Cupboard: Inadvertently did this to Redcloak and Xykon in Start of Darkness. In fairness to her, it's unlikely that a Good-aligned Druid would realize that the plants and fungi provided to sustain her prisoners could be used to perform the ritual for turning a caster into a lich.
  • Neck Snap: Xykon killed her with his newly strengthened boney fingers.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Also in Start of Darkness, she accidentally told Xykon that there was more than one Gate, something he didn't (nor Redcloak, nor even the Dark One) know about.
  • Our Elves Are Different: Seemingly better-balanced, mentally, than most of the Scribblers, and not too smug about it.
  • Pointy Ears: As an elf, she has these.
  • Posthumous Character: Her soul is still around, but she was cut down in the prime of her life. Being an elf, she might have lived for centuries more if Xykon hadn't ripped it out.
  • Power Nullifier: If you succumb to her magical virus, you lose any and all spellcasting abilities. The Undead are immune to this.
  • Profane Last Words: While it's a mild swear, her last living words are still a swear nonetheless.
    Lirian: Crap.
  • Saying Too Much: After her Gate is inadvertently destroyed, she comments to Xykon that her other four friends would succeed where she failed. This clues Xykon into the fact that there are four more gates, something he wasn't initially aware of.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: Much like Dorukan, she is trapped in a gem.
  • Taking You with Me: This could be seen as another function of her Gate's lack of protection from fire — any conflagration would bring the gate down, so in the worst eventuality, the Gate would be destroyed before anyone could exploit it.
  • The Smart Guy: Along with Dorukan, Lirian was one of the party's spellcasters. A Druid specifically. Unlike Dorukan, she had a few clever moments, especially with the Guardian Virus.
  • Together in Death: With Dorukan, via the aforementioned Sealed Good in a Can. She considers it the one positive thing about the ordeal.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Druids get Combo Platter Powers, so she can cast and shapeshift.

    Girard Draketooth 

Girard Draketooth

"I've never trusted authority figures, be they kings, presidents, or party leaders. Give a man enough power, and he's bound to abuse it, no matter how noble he thinks he is."

Race: Dragonblood Human
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger/Sorcerer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Order of the Scribble's ranger/illusionist. He guards the gate in the middle of the desert on the Western Continent with powerful illusions.

  • The Clan: Due to sheer paranoia, Girard doesn't trust anyone outside of his family and Serini with defense of the gate, and the Draketooths' definition of "family" doesn't count inlaws, as Penelope would attest.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: Just like how Soon is one of these for The Leader, Girard is this for The Lancer. Like Haley, Girard is the Chaotic second-in-command to the Lawful Good leader, but the difference lies in how the two work together. Haley is an effective second-in-command because she gives Roy a fresh perspective, and is still respectful enough of his own alignment that they don't clash too much. Meanwhile, Girard's own Chaotic alignment and Jerkass nature meant he had no respect at all for Soon's beliefs about honor (and in fact, was sure Soon would break his own oath quite easily), which led to no small amount of animosity between the two of them.
  • Dragon Ancestry: He's two generations removed from a human/black dragon pairing, and passed this ancestry down to his own descendants. This turns out to be a problem when this ancestry also provides a route for Vaarsuvius' familicide spell to kill them all.
  • Dual Wielding: He favors two scimitars.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Or in this case, Chaotic Cannot Comprehend Lawful; Girard's conviction that Soon would sooner or later break his oath to not interfere with other gates displays an utter lack of understanding of how a Lawful character's mind works, especially the one of a Paladin.
  • Facial Markings: Has a purple birthmark or tattoo on his cheek, as do the members of his clan. It's implied to be a mark of draconic heritage.
  • Family Business: Outsiders, including spouses, need not apply.
  • Give My Regards in the Next World: Just before the "little surprise" he had set for Soon Kim activated, his illusion's last words are "Say hello to your barnyard gods for me."
    Elan: What does that mean?
    Haley: It means RUN!!!!
  • Good Is Not Nice: He's an immense Jerkass, distrusting of Paladins, disdainful of anyone who's not a Draketooth, and one of the most powerful forces trying to protect the world from destruction.
    Roy: Girard might have been a spiteful curmudgeon, but he was still doing the world a great service. We're all a little less safe now that he and his heirs have passed.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Inverted, to a degree. Unlike most examples of this trope, who trust clearly untrustworthy people, Girard went the opposite approach — he distrusted Soon Kim when it turned out that Soon kept his word. As Haley says, he clearly didn't know how paladins think.
  • Hypocrite: Hates Paladins for trying to justify their morally questionable actions by appealing to a Greater Good, but then goes off and encourages his clan to seduce random strangers, knock them up and then both rob them and kidnap the baby to be reared by what amounts to a cult that protects the world from total destruction, i.e. for the greater good. The only way this isn't hypocritical is if he's a straight-up Jerkass who thinks that such behavior isn't wrong in the first place (then it's a Double Standard). Also, his professed distrust for authority figures would seem to clash with the cult of personality he built around himself (the statue on his tomb and how his image on the family tree is given a halo). As he himself ironically said, "Give a man enough power, and he's bound to abuse it, no matter how noble he thinks he is."
  • Ineffectual Loner: Taught his clan not to trust outsiders, especially paladins. Though they were able to hide the gate effectively for a time, their distrust of in-laws nearly led the Linear Guild right to them. Even worse, their distrust of outsiders is so strong that they would rather remain dead and leave their Gate unprotected than accept help from the Order.
  • Jerkass: Girard was not a nice man, as is quite evident by the other tropes here, at least to his enemies, and to some of his allies.
  • The Lancer: Served as both a Foil and rival to Soon Kim in the Order. Unfortunately, it ended really messily.
  • Lotus-Eater Machine: What his final illusion amounts to: it keeps the targets occupied for at least a few hours, ensuring his clan could kill them while they stood still.
  • Manipulative Bastard: First he lies about where his pyramid is to throw off the scent of any paladins who break their "oath", knowing full well they won't suspect him of lying. To deal with anyone else, he set up a massive, heavily-fortified pyramid filled with his family members, traps, and immensely powerful illusions to defend his Gate.
  • Master of Illusion: He decided the best way to protect the Gates from being abused was through a series of magical illusions such as a Lotus-Eater Machine. That was a hum-dinger that trapped everyone who got near it, so skillfully was it made.
  • Meaningful Name: Descendant of a black dragon.
  • Nay-Theist: He criticizes Soon, claiming the part of his brain that deals with logic weeps every time Soon kneels down and prays to a "glorified petting zoo". This is despite knowing full well that those gods exist, are responsible for Paladin powers, and were even one of the main causes for the world-ending abomination their group had sacrificed so much fighting against.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Girard's hatred of Soon Kim and his paranoia that Soon would break his word to "check in" on the gates led Girard to give a completely random set of coordinates for his gate instead of the real ones. Unfortunately, since finding the gates has become a matter of life-and-death, this has made the good guys' job much, much harder, since they have to comb the largest desert in the world — all the while dealing with the illusions, distractions and traps that Draketooth set up to obscure it — to find it, a process that could take months or years. To make matters worse, the only other person he told the true coordinates to was Serini, whose diary is in the possession of Xykon and his allies. So essentially, the bad guys have the coordinates for the gate and could easily reach it within seconds while the heroes were still looking. Nice going, Draketooth.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: When his illusionary message ends with the assumption that he's talking to Soon Kim, he coldly remarks "Say hello to your barnyard gods for me" before the illusion violently explodes. Considering how the Twelve Gods of the South are an analogue to the Chinese Zodiac and the peoples of the Southern Continent are clearly coded as Asian, his remark can be taken as a racial slur.
  • Posthumous Character: He's been dead for at least twenty years.
  • Properly Paranoid: Subverted. He believed himself to be this, and he may or may not have had reasons to distrust Soon, but it's well established that Soon kept his promise not to interfere with the others' methods of guarding the other Gates, which Girard doubted he would. It appears that Soon was the only one who never saw the other Scribblers again.
  • Uneven Hybrid: The grandson of a black dragon, which makes him part of a certain family tree...
  • You Should Have Died Instead: He has a lot of bitter feelings against Soon about Kraagor's death and he makes it quite clear with the "little surprise" he leaves for Soon to find when he "inevitably" comes to check out Girard's Gate.


Serini Toormuck
In Part 7 
"I'm sure you both have very grandiose ideas about your place in the grand scheme of things, but I'm here to let you know: You don't have the juice. You don't even have the bottle that the juice would go in."

Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Unknownnote 

A halfling who acted as the rogue of the party. She proposed the pact of noninterference, allowing the rest of the Order to go their separate ways. She created a dungeon with powerful creatures guarding Kraagor's Gate near the Dwarven lands, yet opted to continue a life of adventuring. Her diary has provided Xykon with the coordinates of all the gates.

  • Accent Upon The Wrong Syllable: "What's a 'ray-zergo'?"
  • All-Loving Hero: Despite her cynical outlook in the present day, she has many friends and allies of monstrous races normally considered evil. The common thread seems to be that she treats everyone she meets with empathy, dealing with them as individuals rather than monsters or racial stereotypes. This is a more enlightened outlook than even most other Good characters have shown.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Her gate is not only protected by her own Roguish ways and Kraagor's belief in might, but also elements from the other members. Soon's oath,note  Lirian's force of nature,note  Dorukan's arcane mastery,note  and Girard's familial bond, labyrinthine defense, and misdirections.note 
  • Always Someone Better: Considered Dorukan and Lirian to be this to the point that she believes that Xykon can't be beaten because he beat them.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Lost her left hand and foot when Xykon ambushed her. Her current ones are regenerated troll flesh.
  • The Beastmaster: Serini has quite a few cavern-dwelling monsters in her retinue.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: She was saved by the trolls she purchased potions from because she treated them as equals — paying for their blood instead of just killing them for it.
    Serini: A longwinded way of saying "We were friends", but you are correct.
  • Body Horror: The entire left side of her body is mottled green troll flesh, including her (now red) eye, because she survived Xykon's attack when a village of friendly trolls used their blood to heal her.
  • Break Them by Talking: Attempted. As her ambush plans against the Order collapse, she tries desperately to convince them to surrender anyway because they don't have what it takes to defeat Xykon. The fact that she's trying to convince them that they're stupid and incompetent while they're defeating her makes it less than effective.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: She didn't appear in person in the present time of the story until #1225, but she's a significant player in that she owns the last Gate. She last appeared in a flashback, over nine hundred strips and over 13 real world years ago.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: When captured, Serini bombards the Order — Haley in particular — with constant insults. They're not actual profanity, but, as Belkar puts it, "old-timey insults".
  • Cool Old Lady: From Belkar's point of view, as she reminds him of his grandmother. To everyone else, not so much.
  • Crazy-Prepared: She keeps herself stocked with a wide variety of poisons, potions, and wands, which let her deal with almost any situation that might come up. She also has a large collection of unusual monster friends who will help her to trap and ambush anyone that comes wandering along. Makes sense, considering she is a rogue.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After being defeated both in combat and reasoning, she agrees to help the Order fight Xykon, though she remains having little faith that it'll succeed.
  • Despair Event Horizon: The reason she believes the Order can't win is that Xykon beat and murdered Lirian and Dorukan, and only left her alive because she wasn't a threat. If those two lost, who are better in her mind than the Order of the Stick, then they stand no chance.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: It's a halfling thing.
  • Dramatic Unmask: She takes off her hood in #1226 to reveal herself.
  • Emergency Transformation: She was horribly maimed and mortally wounded in her fight with Xykon. A group of trolls intervened by supplying her with some of their regenerative blood, leading to her current hybrid state.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Assumes Haley's the leader of the Order of the Stick when they arrive for her ambush with Sunny. In her defense, Haley walked in first (in order to scout for traps), and Roy was the first target to get hit with sleep darts (preventing him from giving orders); with the leader incapacitated, Haley takes charge as second-in-command, though chiefly because her superhuman dexterity makes her impossible to hit with sleep darts and crossbow bolts.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She is jaded and would rather let Xykon win until more qualified heroes show up to stop him without destroying the Gate, but she won't kill the paladins or the Order for it. Her plans is to make them forget their mission with potions and release them somewhere safe.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: Prefers the horrors of Xykon's rule to the slightest risk of the last Gate being broken and the Snarl devouring the world. Unfortunately for her, she isn't aware that Xykon's Dragon Redcloak is planning to unleash the Snarl and that the gods are perfectly willing to destroy the universe to prevent that.
  • Eye Scream: Also lost her left eye, now has a red Troll eye instead.
  • Fatal Flaw: Serini's Poor Communication Kills. She's running on all sorts of assumptions and refuses to listen to reason.
  • Flowery Insults: She employs these extensively against the Order of the Stick and its members.
  • Fluffy Tamer: She actually managed to befriend a beholder and let her use them as a mount. Beholders are normally a race of Absolute Xenophobes who regularly mind control and brainwash every sentient being close to them out of fear that anyone they don't control is plotting against them. She also managed to befriend a mimic, a piercer, a lurker, and a trapper, all of whom are solitary monstrous predators.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: She's also named them, giving the beholder the name "Sunny", the mimic "Mimi", and the piercer "Franklin".
  • Foil: To Belkar.
    • Both of them are the token halflings in their respective parties, and are (at least implicitly for Serini) of a Chaotic alignment.
    • Both of them are also very cynical and have close friendships with multiple animals/monsters, one of whom they have adopted (Serini is seen by Sunny as their mother, and Belkar has been taking care of Mr. Scruffy after re-discovering him following the Fall of Azure City and the death of his previous owner).
    • However, Belkar is a major case of Square Race, Round Class, being a horribly designed halfling ranger-barbarian (halflings are a race with a Strength penalty, which is one of the most important stats for both rangers and barbarians), while Serini is an epic-level rogue (and rogues are the best/preferred class for halflings to take). Their roles on each team are also practically the opposite of one another — Serini was The Heart and helped keep the entire Order of the Scribble together through her friendship and kindness, while Belkar is both The Big Guy and Token Evil Teammate for the Order of the Stick, being widely regarded as The Friend Nobody Likes and only kept around to serve as raw muscle.
    • Belkar is also a Nominal Hero, only assisting the Order of the Stick (at least initially before Character Development makes him stay out of genuine loyalty) because he was hired by Roy, while Serini is quite obviously very personally invested in making sure her Gate doesn't fall to ruin as she helped set it up in the first place. Additionally, Belkar is of an Evil alignment, but has Taken a Level in Kindness recently thanks to his animal companions and the rest of the Order serving as a Positive Friend Influence on him; in contrast, Serini is (implicitly) of a Good alignment, but has lost virtually all of her former idealism and has become incredibly cynical and callous following both her maiming at Xykon's hands and all of her fellow teammates and friends dying.
    • Finally, while both are fighting to save the world, Belkar is fighting alongside the Order against Xykon, whereas Serini is fighting against the Order since she sees Xykon's rule as the Lesser of Two Evils against the world being destroyed by either the Snarl or the gods (and ironically, her attempts to save the world might actually doom it because of her being Locked Out of the Loop regarding Redcloak's Plan). Even their weapons are opposites — Belkar uses twin daggers (two melee weapons offset by his aforementioned racial Strength penalty), and Serini has a crossbow (which is augmented by her racial Dexterity bonus).
  • Friend to All Living Things: Aside from being a Fluffy Tamer, she befriended Trolls and feels other humanoids deserve equality.
  • The Full Name Adventures: Her diary — The Life and Times of Serini Toormuck, Halfling Rogue
  • Genki Girl: Every bit of information about her suggests that she was cheerful, energetic, and girly. However, in the present day she's noticeably taken quite a few levels in cynicism, though she still has a sharp sense of humor.
  • Glasses Pull: Well, goggles pull, but with the same effect, as Serini yanks them off just as she goes into her rant about Xykon.
  • Guile Hero: Instead of using raw force, she tricks Lien into surrendering to keep a poisoned O-Chul alive. She later reveals it was just a sleeping potion. She also gives the Order a lot of trouble by setting traps and using her animal companions to delay them.
  • Halfling: She is initially a much straighter example than Belkar; jolly! Although her good disposition soured a bit with old age and becoming half-troll.
  • The Heart: What little we see of her pre-blood transfusion suggests it; she was the most approachable of the Order and the one to help smooth over the others' differences. She even proposed the pact to keep the other Scribblers from killing each other.
  • Heart Symbol: She drew a few on her diary around Girard Draketooth.
  • Hero Antagonist: She is undoubtedly a heroic figure whose goal is to save the world, and she is far more empathetic and egalitarian than most, in that she considers the NPC races just as worthy of saving as the PC races. However, when she re-emerges, it becomes clear her plan involves dosing the Order with amnesia potion to stop their conflict with Xykon, reasoning that given their track record of destroying gates, Xykon gaining control of the last one would be better than the Snarl being released. Unfortunately, she's operating with incomplete information, as she doesn't know about Redcloak's Plan, so if she's successful she may well ensure the destruction of the world she wants to save.
    Serini: My job is to protect the world. Not the status quo.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Unfavourably compares herself to Dorukan and Lirian and once the Order manages to convince her that they're on the same side, she bitterly remarks "Fat lot of good it'll do you.".
  • Hypocrisy Nod: Serini espouses the Power of Trust to Sunny, but when Sunny proclaims she trusts Elan, Serini is disappointed.
    Serini: Ugh, Sunny. Why do you have to be so trusting?
    Sunny: But... you raised me to be trusting.
    Serini: I didn't expect you to trust me on it! Do as I imply, not as I say or do!
  • Improbable Weapon User: In a desperation move, she throws a sachet of potpourri in Belkar's face. Like most home aesthetes, he finds it offensive.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • Played With. She's partly correct that if Xykon were to use the Gate to rule the world, eventually someone would probably manage to defeat him, and that many of the non-PC races like trolls, kobolds, and orcs would likely get a better deal out of a world under his rule than the status quo, meaning that letting Xykon win is better than risking destroying all the Gates and destroying the world. She doesn't, however, know about the Plan, meaning that a scenario where Xykon wins would likely be far worse than she anticipates, potentially bringing about the very apocalypse she is trying to avert. She has concerns that the Order and paladins are not the likeliest winner if they were to face Xykon with her help or not, which would be valid, but then she reveals that she believes they won't be able to beat Xykon because she believes Xykon is unbeatable, which is patently false since they did defeat Xykon at Dorukan's Gate (with only his phylactery saving him) and the Sapphire Guard would have killed Xykon at Soon's Gate had Miko not wrongfully interfered.
    • She's also right in that Gates tend to blow up whenever the Order is at them through the conflict that erupts over them, hence why she attacked the Order to preempt any such destructive outcomes. Roy points out the logical fallacy in her argument: That with only one gate remaining, the Order aren't stupid enough to destroy it like they did with Girard's to keep it out of Xykon's hands, and they have every reason to help preserve this gate to the best of their ability, but Serini simply doesn't believe they're capable of that.
  • Just Between You and Me: Rare heroic example. She kidnaps Lien and O-Chul and explains her plan to them, reasoning that it doesn't matter since she's going to dose them with amnesia potion anyway.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Years of being a hermit after Xykon mutilated her has made her considerably more cynical.
  • Lesser of Two Evils: Believes that Xykon taking over the world is preferable to the world being destroyed, unaware that Xykon's victory will lead to the same result.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: She is unaware of all the details regarding the situation of the gates: Redcloak's true plan for seizing one, the gods intending to blow up the planet, and that the Order has no plan to go after and destroy the gate, meaning that her intentions to stop the Order will cause more harm than good. A variation on the standard in that she locked herself out of the loop with her refusal to listen to the Order of the Stick. They made every effort to communicate this information to her. To be fair, V's constant intrusive sendings just made her more and more annoyed, especially when she was on the toilet, but this could have been avoided if she had just answered.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Serini has at least five: a beholder named Sunny, a mimic named Mimi, a piercer named Franklin, a Lurker and a Trapper; the latter two's names have not yet been revealed.
  • Master Poisoner: Brewing potions with various offensive applications seems to be a specialty of hers. Her poisons are so potent that she is able to incapacitate Roy and O-Chul with just a few darts. Considering that both characters are rather high-level Fighters (multi-classed Paladin in O-Chul's case), and taking into account O-Chul's extremely high Constitution, that is no small feat. However, so far the only "poisons" she's used are sleeping potions and an amnesia brew.
  • Never Found the Body: Her fate was the only one unconfirmed of all the Scribblers. She shows up in #1189, but we don't find out it's actually her until #1226.
  • Never My Fault: When she complained about Vaarsuvius continously Sending to her, even when she was trying to sleep and was on the can, V pointed out that it was her lack of response that prompted the numerous attempts to contact her. Serini retorted that she didn't want to talk to Vaarsuvius.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: She wrote down all of the details of her adventures — including the real coordinates of Girard's Gate — and then didn't take proper care of it, allowing the diary to eventually fall into Xykon's hands, as seen in "The Diary". This means Team Evil has perfect knowledge of where to find all the gates, whereas the Order of the Stick is desperately looking for the location of each one as the last one falls. However, this is later subverted in #1226 and #1227, which reveal that Xykon took it from her by force and nearly managed to kill her in the process. Also subverted in that the coordinates she gave for Kraagor's Gate in her diary are to a decoy location, and the real gate is somewhere else entirely.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • She has a small one when she realizes that Elan is trying to goad her beholder Sunny into blinking — turning off the anti-magic field just long enough for Haley to pull a flare arrow out of her bag of holding and light up the room.
      Serini: What is he babbling about? [...] No, no, wait! Don't do it! Stay strong!
    • Moments later, she has another one when she sees Haley going for her bow; unfortunately for her, Haley wasn't using it as a weapon, but as a swing bar.
  • Power of Trust: Serini is so powerful in this, she manages to get a beholder to believe in it. Keep in mind, beholders are extreme xenophobes who trust no one as a philosophy. Ironically, her conflict with the Order and their paladin allies is born out of her absolute refusal to trust them, believing that they will inevitably spark another destructive conflict with Xykon over the gate that will lead to its destruction, and that they're not strong enough to beat him. So, despite her animosity for the lich, she chooses to fight them and wipe their memories of the location to allow Xykon to control the gate, believing that it's better for evil to win if it means preserving the planet... unaware that this actually threatens not only the Planet's survival, but the only chance the gods have to seal the Snarl for good.
  • The Quisling: Is actively working to sabotage any attempt to stop Xykon, because she believes it's better to let him plunge the world into darkness than risk destroying the last Gate and unleashing the Snarl.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Gives one to the Sapphire Guard (read: O-Chul and Lien), calling them out for being too stupid to stop Xykon and then destroying gates rather than letting Xykon win, making it clear that they don't deserve any more chances to ruin everything.
    • By the time she actually exchanges any words with the Order (rather than just shooting poisoned crossbow bolts at them), she's at least partway into her Heroic Antagonist Breakdown, and can do little more than hurl insults at their intelligence and competence while they're in the process of defeating her. Much less effective.
  • The Reveal: Comic #1226 reveals that she's actually been living inside Kraagor's tomb for several decades, after being attacked and left for dead by Xykon when he stole her diary. On top of that, half her body now consists of troll flesh due to troll blood being used to heal her after the attack.
  • Role Called: Her diary — The Life and Times of Serini Toormuck, Halfling Rogue.
  • Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!: Even now that she's nominally on the Order's side.
  • Senior Sleep-Cycle: In present times, Serini is an old halfling and tends to take naps at inopportune moments, such as during the Order's brainstorming for defeating Team Evil.
    Serini: Easy for you to say, Mr. Under Thirty. I'm old, I take naps.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: She suffered through her friends disbanding the party on bad terms, her friends being murdered, and her almost being killed by her friends' murderer. She's underwent a ton of trauma, and said murderer is looking to take over the world.
  • Slasher Smile: She sports a pretty unsettling one as she heads out to subdue the Order.
  • Sole Survivor: By #1226, she is the last Scribbler left alive.
  • Spanner in the Works: Initially intended to thwart the Order's attempt to stop Xykon because she believed they were going to destroy the last Gate to stop him from winning. Even though they convince her otherwise, her attack on the Order ended up costing them their window of opportunity to ambush Xykon.
  • Speech Bubbles: Post-blood transfusion, her speech bubbles are now green.
  • Spell My Name with an S: In Utterly Dwarfed's author commentary, The Giant spells her last name as "Moortuck".
  • Stop, or I Shoot Myself!: When the Order manages to corner her, she threatens to take a dive into her cauldron of amnesia potion if they don't surrender, which would erase all memory she has of the gate. Haley isn't impressed since the Order wasn't even expecting her to be around, much less receive her help, and wouldn't be getting it if they surrendered either. Haley reveals V was ready to use magic to reverse the memory, so she wasn't bluffing; Serini admits she was bluffing because the serum only removes short-term memory.
  • Survivor Guilt:
    Serini: You don't understand. Xykon is unbeatable, period! He beat Dorukan and Lirian!
    Lien: And you! You think he's unbeatable just because he beat you!
    Serini: Of course I think that! He ripped me apart like I was a bundle of twigs! Dor and Liri were so much better than me, and he killed them both! I'm only alive because I wasn't important enough for him to make sure I was dead!
  • Took a Level in Cynic: When she was younger, she was energetic and cheerful. However, the life she's lived has taken a toll on her personality, and now she's become a lot more jaded then she was before. The order finally convinces her to help them when Belkar and Haley describe the Gods' decision to destroy the world in the most selfish way possible: They are the jerks at the top and would rather burn it all down rather than let someone new have some of their power and all it costs them is the mortals.
  • Tranquilizer Dart: She uses sleeping potion-laced darts to non-lethally take out her enemies.
  • Troll: She enjoys lying to paladins, even though she was presumably friends with Soon in the Order of the Scribble. Given what she's become, this makes a Visual Pun.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Played straight with the Order of the Stick and averted with Xykon. She thinks the Order can't beat Xykon, simply because he defeated Dorukan and Lirian, and in #1254 calls Roy "some random sword-guy". She doesn't seem to cotton to the fact that the Order have faced off against the lich a few times, and actually defeated him once, and he would have been killed by the Sapphire Guard ghosts had Miko not destroyed the Gate. She actually invokes the trope by telling Lien and O-Chul she needs the crossbow she saves for an emergency because the Order is stronger than she thinks — and they enter her lair, something she never expected they'd be able to do, at least so quickly.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Or at least, Hero Antagonist Breakdown — as it becomes more and more evident that Serini has greatly underestimated the Order of the Stick (who, don't forget, beat the "unbeatable" Xykon in the very first story arc, even if it was mostly luck), she becomes less composed, less humorous, less reasonable, less focused on any sort of goal, and more desperate to just beat them.
  • Walking Spoiler: She is the only member of the Order of the Scribble still alive, which we don't find out until strip #1226. Thus, almost any information about her is a major spoiler for Book 7.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In the modern day, this is the reason she captures O-Chul and Lien with the intention of erasing their memories - she knows that paladin oaths may invoke I Die Free to destroy her Gate in order to stop Xykon, which will result in the destruction of the planet. Given how O-Chul has attempted to destroy a Gate to take Xykon with him, this comes off as a reasonable assumption. She feels that letting Xykon rule the world is preferable to letting it be destroyed, especially since she's certain he'll be overthrown in a few years anyway, not to mention the fact that the Trolls and Kobolds might even be better off for it since Xykon practices Equal-Opportunity Evil. (Granted, she doesn't seem to have cottoned to the fact Xykon doesn't care about anyone, since he's shown he'd rather kill humanoids and raise them as undead troops.)
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Her belief that it's better for Xykon to win than for the gates to be destroyed seems to follow the same kind of story-based logic that Elan and Tarquin use; the Evil Overlord will eventually be defeated because the Theory of Narrative Causality demands it, so Xykon's victory will necessarily be temporary. She is even aware that she is in a cosmic horror story, which is why she thinks Xykon winning is the lesser of two evils. However, this is wrongheaded because it doesn't take into account Redcloak's Plan and the gods' willingness to destroy the world to prevent it from coming to fruition (both of which she seems unaware of). However, it's later revealed that she thinks standing up to Xykon is suicidal because he's too strong for her to go up against.
  • The X of Y: Her diary's title, The Life and Times of Serini Toormuck, Halfling Rogue.
  • Zombie Advocate: Part of the reason that she is willing to let Xykon get the gate and rule is that the new world order would actually benefit a lot of the monster races that suffer in the current status quo. Downplayed, as it is not a goal of hers, but rather it is a reason she thinks that Xykon ruling is preferable to destroying the world.



"Raging makes Kraagor a thirsty boy."

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Class: Barbarian
Alignment: Unknown (as a barbarian, non-Lawful)

A dwarf who acted as the party's barbarian. He was tragically killed by the Snarl when Dorukan sealed the last rift.

  • Advertised Extra: Of all the Scribblers, he's the one with the least amount of known information about him. All that is known about Kraagor is his gender, race, class, that he liked to drink, he believed in physical might, and he was the only member of the party to die before the party was dissolved.
  • Badass Normal: Assuming he never dipped into multi-classing, he lacks any kind of magical abilities.
  • Barbarian Hero: Though we get relatively little of the "hero" from the limited snippets of his personality, he is one of the Scribblers that saved the world in the past. His speech patterns are also unique: bolded, like Thog, but using capitalization and punctuation. He is also more intelligent, frankly, than Belkar or Thog.
  • Beard of Barbarism: And of dwarfishness. There are braids in them.
  • The Big Guy: A barbarian who believed "strength alone" was the most effective guardian.
  • Big Guy Fatality Syndrome: Swallowed up by the Snarl at the moment of the Order's final victory, something that fueled a messy organizational breakup.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Okay, he's not human or "black", but he still clearly has the darkest skin tone of the Order of the Scribble and he was the only one of them to die (permanently, at least) during their quest.
  • Deader than Dead: If Redcloak and Lord Shojo are right, those killed by the Snarl lose their souls.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: Kraagor's sacrifice also requires no one ever know what happened to hide the true nature of the Gates.
  • The Heart: Not as much as Serini, but his death was the catalyst that resulted in the Order of the Scribble falling apart. His teammates seem to have held him in a high regard, too- they erected a statue in his honor, Lirian calls him "dearest Kraagor" and Girard thinks Soon should have died in his place.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He was lost sealing the final rift to contain the Snarl, being too close to it as Dorukan cast the spell for sealing it.
  • Killed Off for Real: Assuming we have all the information about the Snarl, he is never ever coming back to life.
  • Posthumous Character: He's dead, and unlike the rest of the Order, unlikely to have any further effects on the story.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He's a Posthumous Character who has only been seen in flashbacks for a page or two. However, his death contributed to the Order of the Scribble falling apart and everything that came after.
  • Unperson: Given Girard's bitter comment to Soon, Soon's campaign to expunge all knowledge of the Gates, and the non-vandalized inscription on his tomb saying "Sacrifice Forgotten", it's likely to say that history by and large doesn't remember him.