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Main cast

Mark Wright

"I can't think of anyone who's got a better life than me."

Self-confessed "Mr. Essex", Mark is a club promoter renowned for his reputation amongst the women of Essex. Now settled down with 9-year on-off love interest Lauren Goodger who he got engaged to, he remains faithful to best mate Arg, his family and friends. Owner of Deuce's night club on top of that, and aspiring rapper.

Lauren Goodger

Mark's on-off girlfriend of 9 years, later fiancee, now former fiancee.

Jessica Wright

Mark's sister who is the lead singer in girlband LOLA. She recently had her breasts enlarged and is working hard to get LOLA's musical career on the move now they have new management.

Amy Childs

Glamorous beautician who runs Amy's Salon. Previously dated Kirk but is now single. She is best friends with her cousin Harry. Has been Mistaken for Badass off-screen a few times.

Harry Derbridge


Amy's flamboyant and openly gay cousin. Harry is the youngest character and is on the road to becoming a performer, even though he's dedicated enough time to staying in Amy's Salon.

James "Arg" Argent

James, well, Arg to everyone apart from his ex Lydia and her mum Debbie ("JAAAAMMMESSSS!!"), is Mark's best mate and all-round gentleman even if he gets it a bit wrong sometimes such as spending too much time with pal Mark. He's a talented singer but is lovesick after Lydia left him, oh, and he's put on four stone.

Lydia Rosen-Bright


JAAAMMMESSSS, or Arg's long-suffering ex-girlfriend and owner of micro-pig Mr. Darcy (which may be put to the test if Arg takes up a custody battle). Having been with him in the past, Lydia seemed to say enough was enough when she left her beloved James after she felt he'd rather spend time with bad influence Mark than with her.


Kirk Norcross

Co-running the famous Brentwood nightclub Sugar Hut, Kirk is Mark's business rival, but the two are on good terms. Very close to his dad, even though he's a bit spoilt, the two became business partners when dad Mickey offered Kirk a career in club management. His love life has been all over the place as of late, having seen Amy, Lauren "Popey", Lucy (very briefly) and now Lauren again.

Sam Faiers

Good friends with Harry and Amy and on-off love interest for Mark, Sam is a glamour model being a regular in NUTS magazine and now runs Minnie's Boutique with sister Billie. She currently seems to be tangled in a love triangle with Mark and Joey Essex.

Other cast members

Nanny Pat

Mark and Jessica's nan who serves to iron, cook and provide advice to her grandchildren, and even their friends.

Carol Wright

Mark and Jessica's mum, Nanny Pat's daughter.

Mickey Norcross


Car salesperson suddenly turned permanent resident of Amy's Salon and pub quizmaster, Gemma seems to be slowly gaining a presence on the Essex scene, especially now she's looking for her Mr. Right.

Chloe Simms

Fancied by both Kirk and his dad Mickey, she is a former Playboy bunny and the older cousin to Joey Essex. Kirk also learnt from her that she has a young daughter at home.

Joey Essex

There's a lot to be said about Joey Essex (yes, that is his surname), but to sum him up briefly: his hair looks reem, his trainers are tall and reem (and two sizes too small which is why he walks the way he does), he's dating Sam who he took to the tip and later for a picnic with Thomas the Tank Engine yoghurts which are really nice, he's interested in poltics (the Prime Minister is "that geezer"), is a dolphin trainer (not really, that was him joking, he's a nightclub promoter) and he aspires to be the next Mark Wright.

Paloma Curran

Amy's assistant and protege, Paloma is learning the trade of spray-tans, vajazzling and false eyelashes.

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