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Zero-Context Examples

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     The Odd Bricks 

Dr. Gears

First Appearance: #1
Main Power: Science!
He may be a bit of a nerd, but the team wouldn't be the same without this socially dumb, super genius! Dr. Gears has no super powers, but he can make a gadget for just about anything.

Lord Vice

First Appearance: #1
Main Power: Unknown
The leader and mastermind behind the Odd Bricks team. He may seem like an idiot, and that's because he is, but his stupidity doesn't make him any less evil!


First Appearance: #1
Main Power: Super Senses
A man of mystery. Noface has, as his name implies, no face. Due to this, he has a heightened sense of hearing and touch. Plus he looks pretty cool in a suit.


First Appearance: #1
Main Power: Plant Control
If you can't pronounce her name, just call her Hana (but not Hannah). She is the group's only female member and possesses the ability to control plant life.

Mega Pig

First Appearance: #1
Main Power: Mind Reading
He can read minds! Too bad he can't talk. Mega pig is perhaps the most logical member of the team, but unfortunately, nobody speaks pig and that means that his witty remarks go unnoticed.


     The Suits 
The Suits are a criminal organization that controls most of Lego City with cut throat criminal transactions. They are far more respectable villains than the Odd Bricks and can actually be taken seriously. Each of the groups' leaders are named after famous American Businessmen from the 19th and early 20th century.

Mr. Morgan

First Appearance: #6
The ruthless leader of the suits. He controls almost all of Lego Cities criminal world.

Andrew C.

First Appearance: #6
Mr. Morgan's bearded right-hand man as well as the oldest member of the organization.


First Appearance: #6
The youngest and most arrogant of the Suits.


The Police Chief

First Appearance: #22
The Police Chief is a scruffy-looking cop tasked with keeping the city safe. Unfortunately, he doesn't do his job very well.

  • Genre Savvy: He makes decisions based on comic book cliches.
    • Hana actually referred to him with this Trope specifically
  • Horrible Judge of Character
  • Police are Useless: They won't even arrest a group of clearly guilty bank robbers that are standing right in front of the bank with a bag of money.

Evil Mister Rogers

First Appearance: #1
Evil Mister Rogers was a minor character who appeared during the introduction chapter as one of Lord Vice's recruits. However, he left the group when it didn't meet up to his standards.


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