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Characters / The Miskatonic

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Main Characters

    Charlotte LeStrange 
The focus of the story. A young witch from the Chesuncook Coven, who attracted the attention of Miskatonic University after taming some rampant Shoggoths. She's hired to do some investigation on their behalf, but it's established early on that she'll eventually "ruin everything".

  • Big Anime Eyes: Charlotte has noticeably larger eyes than most of the University's residents, and it makes her look cute... right up until she reveals just why those eyes are special.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Inverted. Charlotte’s Lovecraftian Superpower “magic eyes” makes them go black. It looks evil and creepy, but she only means to use it for benign or benevolent purposes such as freeing a character from a vat of malignant goo.
  • Book Dumb: Charlotte did poorly in elementary school as a child, and was then pulled out of schooling entirely when she was nine to join the Chesuncook Coven once her aptitude for occult studies became clear. This does have a direct effect on her logical thinking and general knowledge of the world.
  • Hot Witch
  • Power Degeneration: Charlotte is able to use her “Magic Eyes” to normalize a vat of primordial goo and free Billy of Dunwich, but the process is so painful her eyes bleed and take a long time to heal.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: She favours thigh-highs. Lampshaded when she changes into her pajamas before experimenting on some orange ooze in her bedroom.
    Charlotte: Socks: moderately adorable!

    Lizzy of Dunwich 
A being from beyond the veil, who takes the form of a small girl with a love for "grilly cheese".

  • Adorable Abomination: Their shadow appearance is actually a construct of the human mind to protect it from processing their madness-inducing true appearance. So if the mind is just making up how they look anyway, why not make them look cute?
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Grilled cheese sandwiches

    Nutty Anne 
A cannibal from England.

    Madame Marie Peanutbutter 
The story's narrator, and the fiance to Nutty Anne's brother.

    Rummin Fletcher 
A Chesuncook Coven witch that Charlotte treats like a big sister.


Miskatonic Students and Staff

    Mindy in the Morning 
The host of an on-campus radio show, who broadcasts at random intervals.

    Billy of Dunwich 
Lizzy's brother, and fellow abomination.

    Jessica Morgan 

    Amelia Luceat 

    Sammy Kappuli 

    Dr. Valentine 

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