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Characters / The Miraculous Adventure Of Tessa And Lunala

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Lydia Johnson

Voiced By: Morgan Lily

Isaac Ketchum

Voiced by: CJ Adams

Carter Hubbard

Voiced By: Zach Callison

Lunick Hamada

Voiced By: Jack Gleeson

Maggie Winters

Voiced By: Sofie Zamchick

Liam Carson

Voiced By: Miles Heizer

Liz Hampton

Voiced By: Maude Apatow

Sebastian White

Voiced By: Chandler Riggs

Yushuv Hayes

Voiced By: Chase Edmunds

Kaelynne Harvey

Voiced By: Sutton Foster

Rose Abbot

Voiced By: Emma Rayne Lyle

Elijah Jones

Voiced By: Tyler Casey

Birhan Robinson

Voiced By: Lino Facioli

Blake Noxic

Voiced By: Danica Lee

Robin Clinton

Voiced By: Sophie Nélisse

Meghan Cheng-Strange

Voiced By: Kara Hayward

Michael Enon

Voiced By: Joseph Di Stefano

Annaleise Rivas

Voiced By: Grace Fulton

Dylan Peterson

Voiced By: Felix Avitia
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Regirock.
  • In the Blood: He is the son of Rock-type specialist Grant, the Cyllage City Gym Leader. Guess what Dylan's favorite Pokémon type is?
  • Kid Hero: He is 15.
  • Mon: His Regirock.

Trey Samson

Voiced By: Max Burkholder

Thomas Sanderson

Voiced By: Robert Capron

Maya Shirona-Hart

Voiced By: Leila Benn Harris

Lycan Singh

Voiced By: Robbie Kay

Artorias Oakley

Voiced By: Sterling Beaumon

Isabelle Zumi

Voiced By: Kelcie Stranahan

Alyssa Mc-Mann

Voiced By: Katie Rose Clarke

Derek Morris

Voiced By: Lee Cormie
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Azelf.
  • In the Blood: He is the son of Viola, the Santalune Gym Leader. It turns out, Derek inherited his mother's love of bug Pokémon and photography, as shown when he took a selfie with Azelf when they first met.
  • Kid Hero: He is 16.
  • Mon: His Azelf.

Lucas Cove

Voiced By: Noah Centineo

Julie Rhodes

Voiced By: Caitlin Carmichael

Anna Aiken-Henderson

Voiced By: Elle Mc-Kinnon
  • The Chosen One: She was chosen by Manaphy.
  • Kid Hero: She is 10.
  • Long-Lost Relative: She lived in an orphanage until she was picked up by her biological mother, Mistralton Gym Leader Skyla, who explains that she gave Anna up because she took her husband's (Anna's father) death from Cubchoo Disease very hard. After remarrying and completely purging the suicidal thoughts from her mind, Skyla decided to return for her daughter. Thankfully, Anna accepted her mother and stepfather into her life.
  • Mon: Her Manaphy.

Nolan Hart

Voiced By: Joel Courtney

Seth Caprio

Voiced By: David Lambert

Christian Klein

Voiced By: Damian Mc-Ginty

Troy Atlas

Voiced By: Dominic Scott Kay

Elias Bane

Voiced By: Jordan Nagai

Evan Stone

Voiced By: Ed Oxenbould
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Reshiram.
  • Kid Hero: He is 15.
  • Mon: His Reshiram.
  • Telepathy: He is able to speak through this. It is later revealed that he was born with the ability.

Alexander Grace

Voiced By: Levi Miller
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Zekrom.
  • Disappeared Dad: After Alex and his twin sister Jenna were born, their father left home to go on a journey and hasn't been heard from since.
  • Kid Hero: He is 14.
  • Mon: His Zekrom.

Eric Logan

Voiced By: Anthony Keyvan

Allison Rogers

Voiced By: Teala Dunn

Clara Campo

Voiced By: Olivia De-Jonge

Jasmine Van Horn

Voiced By: Maika Monroe

Peter Lang

Voiced By: Connor Stanhope

Damien Sky

Voiced By: Maxwell Perry Cotton
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Thundurus.
  • Kid Hero: He is 16.
  • Open-Minded Parent: His mother, Jenny, is understanding to her son's love for being a Pokémon Trainer, unlike her husband, Damien's father Antonio, who just wants to keep his son in the house.
  • Momma's Boy
  • Mon: His Thundurus.

Lyric Johnson

Voiced By: Zachary Gordon

Isaiah Ketchum

Voiced By: Jaden Harmon

Anderson Davis

Voiced By: Ty Panitz
  • Berserk Button: NEVER insult Tessa within his earshot or eyesight. A couple of Team Skull Grunts end up facing Anderson's wrath when they throw insults at Tessa right in front of him.
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Meloetta.
  • Kid Hero: He is 13.
  • Love Interests: Him and Tessa.
  • Mon: His Meloetta.

Hunter Dimarco

Voiced By: Jonah Bowling

Aiden Park

Voiced By: Jacob Melton

Phillip Lotus

Voiced By: John Paul Ruttan

Chara Dupain

Voiced By: Zelda Williams
  • The Chosen One: She was chosen by Yveltal.
  • Demonic Possession: She ends up possessed by Dark Matter late into the story. She is eventually freed by her friends and the Legendaries.
  • Kid Hero: She is 10.
  • Mon: Her Yveltal.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Her natural eye color is red, but they glow a more ominous red during the time she is possessed by Dark Matter.

Marie Noel

Voiced By: Lorna Fitzgerald

Yumi Lukasiak

Voiced By: Ashley Boettcher

Oliver Fern

Voiced By: Asa Butterfield

Ethan Lynch

Voiced By: Tye Sheridan
  • The Chosen One: He was chosen by Volcanion.
  • In the Blood: He is the son of Nacrene Museum Assistant Director Hawes and Nacrene Gym Leader Lenora. He wants to succeed his mother one day, yet he also has knowledge of archaeology that he inherited from both his mother and father.
  • Kid Hero: He is 16.
  • Mon: His Volcanion.

Melody Pinesis

Voiced By: Malina Weissman

Jerco Snow

Voiced By: Nathan Kress

Tessa Sycamore

Voiced By: Auli'i Cravalho

Lillie Germain

Voiced By: Chloë Grace Moretz

Brianna Cavell

Voiced By: Cristina Vee
  • Big "NO!": She does this whenever she disapproves of something.
  • The Chosen One: She was chosen by Tapu Koko.
  • Grief Song: "Remember Me". It's not really a grief song as in "somebody died." She sings this after Sebastian gets struck by lightning and loses his memories of her.
  • In the Blood: Her parents are Brandon, the Pyramid King of the Kanto Battle Frontier and Mirage, a former Kalos Queen. It's obvious Brianna inherited traits from both her parents.
  • Kid Hero: She is 16.
  • Mon: Her Tapu Koko.
  • Proper Lady
  • Ruptured Appendix: She deals with this after she performs "Car Wash" in the Lumiose Dance Contest with Alyssa, Tessa and several other girls. She is treated at the hospital, and she successfully recovers.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She is the spitting image of her father.

Moana Dixon

Voiced By: Carrie Keranen
  • The Chosen One: She was chosen by Tapu Lele.
  • The Cutie: Her little sister Kiki.
  • In the Blood: She is the daughter of Tucker the Dome Ace and Fantina the Gym Leader. That explains her flamboyance and dancing talent.
  • Kid Hero: She is 12.
  • Mon: Her Tapu Lele.
  • Proper Lady: Despite her flamboyant tendencies, she does have her polite side.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She is the spitting image of her father, but she has her mother's eyes.

Bethany Cantrell

Voiced By: Laura Marano

Adrien Mondena

Voiced By: Kyle Catlett

Natalie Bannister

Voiced By: Scarlett Johansson

Rebecca Wilson

Voiced by: Mackenzie Ziegler

Jenna Grace

Voiced by: Emma Roberts

Mallory Mikuri

Voiced by: Olivia Holt

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Olivia Palakiko

Voiced By: Emily Tierney

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