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Characters / The Lying Game

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Emma Becker

Sutton's twin sister and a girl who has moved from foster home to foster home despite being initially adopted by a rich family in Beverly Hills. She switches places with Sutton to escape accusations made by her last foster brother. Is the nicer and more thoughtful twin.

Sutton Mercer

The adopted daughter of the Mercers and Emma's twin sister. She lived happily as a rich girl in Phoenix until she discovered she had a twin after coming home from a trip to Paris, she decides to go to LA and look for their biological mother.


Madeline "Mads" Rybak

Thayer Rybak

Alec's son and Mads' older brother. He is keeping the twins' secret and helping them solve their mysteries. Was an Unlucky Childhood Friend for Sutton but recently developed feelings for Emma.

Laurel Mercer

Ethan Whitehorse

Sutton's boyfriend who ends up falling in love with Emma.

Ted Mercer

Sutton's adoptive father and birth father of Laurel. Is married to Kristin and best friends with Alec. He has several secrets, several revolving around both Annies and Justin.

Kristin Mercer

Sutton's adoptive mother and birth mother of Laurel. Is married to Ted and oblivious of many of his secrets.

  • Heroic Safe Mode: In the finale, after Rebecca confirms her fears of her and Ted's affair, she switches to Heroic BSoD when Ted makes his speech at the engagement party.

Alec Rybak

The Phoenix District Attorney and father to Mads and Thayer. Can be controlling and may have some secrets. Is best friends with Ted and beginning a relationship with Rebecca Sewell.

Annie 'Rebecca' Sewell

Char Chamberlain

One of Sutton's True Companions. She's initially suspicious of Emma's actions in Sutton's place, but eventually embraces it as a new direction in their friendship.

Nisha Randall

An ex-friend of Sutton's who is technically the series Alpha Bitch, she's not as profilic as her character type is on other shows. She still seems to want to be friends with Sutton and is mean to her as a means to get her back for whatever she did.

Justin Miller

Laurel's first official boyfriend and a golf jock. He pretends to be as wealthy as the other Arroyo but is actually secretly living in a foreclosed home. He tells Laurel that his parents dies years ago in a car crash but later in series it's revealed he has ulterior motives.


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