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Beware of spoilers!
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Neighbors and Friends

    Mr. Grouse
Voiced by: John DiMaggio (English)

The Loud Family's grumpy neighbor.

  • Cranky Neighbor: The Loud family antics, especially Lincoln's, tend to get on his nerves. But he likes them deep down.
  • Freudian Excuse: The reason he's rude to the Loud family (or possibly the reason he gets extra grumpy around Christmas) is because he himself comes from a big family but is unable to see them, so they remind him of his loved ones.
  • Fun-Hating Confiscating Adult: see Freudian excuse above. "11 Louds A-Leaping" has a series of flashbacks in which the Loud kids' toys end up in his backyard. He keeps them, and tells the children, "My yard, my property!" By the end of the episode he relents and returns years of toys to the kids. Lincoln accidentally smashes his window shortly thereafter, so it remains to be seen if the cycle will begin anew.
  • Grumpy Old Man: He's grumpy and he's old.
  • Hidden Depths: He's pretty good with computers once he learns how to use them.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: In "11 Louds A Leapin", after Lincoln organizes a surprise Christmas party for him and the Loud family offers him a ticket son he can go see his family, he gives to Lincoln his old sled as a Christmas gift.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In spite of his grumpiness, he is capable of cordial interactions with the Louds and even working together with them. (Although they often have to bribe him with free food to get him to do so.)
  • Last-Name Basis: Invokes this on the Loud family, as he seldom, if not ever, takes the time to refer anyone in that family by their given name, preferring to call every one of them "Loud".
  • Meaningful Name: He certainly does grouse a lot.
  • Technologically Blind Elders: He has no idea how to operate a computer and takes everything literally. Loud kids help him with it, however.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Seems to get along a bit better with the Louds after the Christmas special. Not by much, but it's noticeable.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Mr. Loud's lasagna. Whenever the Loud kids need him to do something for them, they bribe him with it. Mr.Loud even thinks he has a "lasagna addiction".

    Howard & Harold McBride
Howard voiced by: Michael McDonald (English), Miguel Ángel Ruiz (Latin America)
Harold voiced by: Wayne Brady (English), Tommy Rojas (Latin America)

Clyde's parents.

  • A Day in the Limelight: They have their first huge role in "Attention Deficit". They have another one in "Snow Way Down".
  • All Gays Love Theater: One of them (it's unclear which one since the Louds seem to be on a Last-Name Basis with them) put himself in theater school by working as a plumber.
    • They also have weekly theater nights in which Clyde is included.
  • Alliterative Name: Howard and Harold. Also Mr. and Mr. McBride, which they're often called by the Louds.
  • Depending on the Artist: Howard has buck teeth, but depending on the scene, they either stick out or are hidden when he closes his mouth. The former is the most common.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: They both have these on the sides of their eyes, which makes sense because they spend so much time worrying about Clyde.
  • Fat and Skinny: Romantic example.
  • Foil: Unlike Lincoln's parents, they cannot handle babysitting all ten of Lincoln's sisters at once, though they can handle Clyde just fine. Conversely due to only having one kid, they dote on Clyde far more than Lincoln's parents do to the Loud Children.
  • Foreshadowing: Note that before they appeared on screen, Clyde always referred to them as "my parents" and never "my mom and dad".
  • Gag Nose: Subverted. Howard has the longest nose out of all the characters, but it hasn't (yet) been pointed out or used in a joke.
  • Good Parents: They do nothing but dote on their son, feed him organic well made meals, and generally don't leave him wanting.
  • Happily Married: They even have pet names for each other: "Howie" and "Hare-Bear".
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Harold does look a bit like his voice actor, albeit chubby.
  • Invisible Parents: Until their on-screen debut, they had only been mentioned by Clyde several times.
  • Ironic Name: They are two married men, but their surname is McBride (bride being the term used to describe a woman on her wedding day).
  • Kaleidoscope Hair: Howard's hair oddly changes from his normal fire-brick red shade to light brown in episodes set during the winter. It's unknown if this was a mistake or if Howard dyes his hair red and is a natural brunet.
  • Men Don't Cry: Subverted. Howard always gets overemotional while watching Clyde grow up and tends to cry tears of joy a lot.
  • Nice Guy: Both of them. They treat Lincoln like one of their own, extending the courtesy to the other Loud siblings even though it taxes them.
  • Opposites Attract: They're almost as different as can be, both appearance-wise and in terms of personality, but they love each other.
  • Overprotective Dad: Howard has issues with letting go and is in tears over Clyde quite a lot. When they leave Clyde at Lincoln's house for just one night, he starts bawling. Harold is more circumspect about it but also is overprotective, as seen in "Snow Way Down".
  • Reality Ensues: While they can handle a few extra children, it's natural that two parents only experienced in raising one child at a time would crack under the pressure of dealing with all 11 Loud Siblings at once.
  • She's a Man in Japan: Since Arabic-speaking countries are notoriously conservative, Howard in the Arabic dub was made into woman and given a female voice actor to Hide Your Gays.
  • Straight Gay: Neither Howard nor Harold hold any Camp Gay stereotypes despite being a couple.
  • Supreme Chef: At least compared to the food at the Loud House. Harold serves Lincoln with organic roasted chicken with a homemade marinade with vegetables from the McBrides' own garden. The McBrides cook a Christmas dinner in "11 Louds a Leapin'". Lynn even comments on their cooking when she visits them. Although at the end of "Attention Deficit", they're so overwhelmed from dealing with the Loud sisters they resort to eating frozen dinner... that they didn't even heat up.
  • Trying Not to Cry: In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Howard cries tears of joy after watching Mr. Grouse befriend Lincoln. Harold, who is usually much calmer than Howard, tries not to cry... only to start bawling and admit that it's the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
  • Twofer Token Minority: Harold is African-American and gay.
  • Uncle Pennybags: They are clearly better off than the Louds, due to having two incomes and only one child, but are nothing but nice.
  • Vague Age: They could be anywhere from their late 20's to late 40's. It's also possible that Harold is at least slightly older than Howard, thanks to his lack of hair, wrinkles and calmer personality, but nothing is certain.

    Bumper Sr. & Jancey Yates 
Bumper Sr. voiced by: Barry Williams (English)
Jancey voiced by: Maureen McCormick (English)
The Louds' new perfect neighbours.

School Facility

    Agnes Johnson
Voiced by: (English) Susanne Blakeslee
Voiced by: (Latin America) Rebeca Patiño
Voiced by: (Italian) Lucia Valenti

Lincoln's fifth-grade teacher.

    Principal Wilbur T. Huggins
"I guess we can just let it slide... NOT!"

The principal of Lincoln's school.

  • Dean Bitterman: Can easily come of as this on the surface. Less so if you learn his Hidden Depths.
  • Freudian Excuse: In "Pulp Friction", he reveals that he tried to prevent Lincoln and Clyde to submit their comicbook at the Ace Savvy contest because he wanted to win its prize, a meeting Ace Savvy's creator Bill Buck to thank him, as when he was a child he didn't have a lot of friends and reading Ace Savvy comics was his only solace during his lonely childhood.
  • Hidden Depths: He's a strict, no-nonsense principal. He also listens to "Ooh Girl" from "Boyz Will Be Boyz" and is a big fan of the Ace Savvy comic books since childhood.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While he is the antagonist of several episodes, he's also reasonable enough to listen to Lincoln's arguments. At the end of "Frog Wild", he agrees to not dissect the frogs after listening to Lincoln and Lana.
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: We have yet to learn what the "T." in his name stands for.
  • Not: He's very fond of this expression, saying it in almost every episode he appears in. For instance:
    In the classroom: "I guess we can just let it slide. NOT!"
    When inspecting the Loud house: "I don’t see any frogs here, I guess I’ll just be on my way. NOT!"
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: While he can easily come off as a Dean Bitterman on the surface, he usually is reasonable enough to listen to the kids' arguments and to agree with them if they are right.

    Coach Pacowski
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

The school's gym teacher.

  • Freudian Excuse: It's revealed in "Out of the Picture" that he originally wanted to pursue a career in Irish step-dancing, only to be put down by his parents, of which leads to anger issues.
  • Official Couple: With Nurse Patti as of "Teachers' Union".
  • Sadist Teacher: Once forced 11-year-olds to a run an obstacle course that involved a fence made of barbed wire.

    Nurse Patti
Voiced by: Lara Jill Miller

The school nurse.

    Ms. Shrinivas
Voiced by: Angela Malhotra
Lisa's kindergarten teacher.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Her last name implies that she may be Indian.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Inverted. Her students are of the average kindergartner intelligence, of which she can handle; it's Lisa's heightened intelligence, unchildlike behavior, and overall antics that prove to be challenging.

Voiced by: Grey Griffin
Principal Huggins' secretary.
  • Hidden Depths: Turns out she's just as experienced in the field of beauty pageants.
  • Southern Belle: Has a very heavy southern drawl, and is incredibly well-mannered.


Recurring Adults

Voiced by: (English) John DiMaggio
Voiced by: (Italian) Walter Rivetti

"Flip has a policy of never showin'up empty handed...I also have a policy of never leavin' empty handed!"

The owner of Flip's Food & Fuel, a gas station and convenience store.

  • A Day in the Limelight: He has his first big role in "Intern For The Worse", in which he's the main antagonist. He also plays a big antagonistic role in "Snow Way Out".
  • Foil: To Ronnie Anne's grandfather Hector. While they both are motivated by money, Flip is a greedy film flammer who cuts corners, uses his equipment in ways the department of health would find alarming, falsifies lottery tickets, and takes every chance he can to make a dishonest buck off anyone, even if they're a child.
  • Greed: Flip is both a cheapskate who tries to get the most for the least money, and a dishonest crook of a business owner who does all he can to make a buck off his customers, or even perfect strangers.
    • In "Net Gains" Lynn manipulates Flip by describing customers flocking to him when the basketball team he sponsors wins.
    • In the same episode, when his basketball team wins the championship, he offers them congratulations by giving "one free Flippee for all of you." True to his Exact Words, he hands them one drink with five straws.
  • Honest John's Dealership: The guy is a swindler, no question about it. Among other things, he sells expired milk and falsifies lottery tickets.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: In "Recipe for Disaster", a flashback reveals that Flip was quite handsome as a teenager but just as much of a trouble maker in the present day.
  • Jerkass: A Con Man who takes advantage of Lincoln and Clyde when they become his interns. In "Snow Way Out", he refuses to help the kids if Lana doesn't give him her winning wrapper, abandoning them when they're snowed in the Burpin Burger.
  • Not My Lucky Day: Flip seems to believe in psychic phenomena. He gets a reading or prediction from Lucy every time she offers them, and every time she has turned out to be right in an unexpected way where Flip is concerned. Usually it's a form of comeuppance for his greed and cheapness.
  • Pet the Dog: He does this in "The Loudest Thanksgiving" where, despite still being rather greedy, he actually does try to help the two families realize that they should be able to see eye to eye, and show support. He even sheds a tear when they sing at the end.
  • Running Gag: Every time Lucy gives Flip a psychic reading, it comes true in a way that gives him his comeuppance for being a big jerk.
  • Would Hurt a Child: "Snow Way Out" shows that Flip isn't above putting young people in harm's way if it gets him what he wants.

    Chester "Chunk" Monk
Voiced by: (English) John DiMaggio
Voice by: (Latin America) Erick Selim

Luna's friend and roadie.

  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: In his first apperance, he wears one.
  • Bouncer: Served as one at one of Luna's sleepovers.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Along with Luna, he's the main focus of "Roadie To Nowhere".
  • Eccentric Mentor: Chunk seems to fancy himself one. He has a touched look of pride when Luna performs at the Royal Rumble which he himself performed at when he was a kid.
  • Face of a Thug: Do NOT let the image fool you; he may look like a thug, but he's most definitely got a heart of gold.
  • Hidden Depths: The season 3 premiere reveals that he's in his own band.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Chunk is as old as many of the parents on the show, but is clearly friendly with 15 year old Luna. All the adults seem to have signed off on this adult hanging out with that kid.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Non-romantic example with Luna.
  • Nice Guy: For a guy of his stature, he's remarkably friendly and well-mannered.
  • Noodle Incident: It's currently unknown how Luna can afford a roadie or why a 30/40-something muscular man is working for a teenager.
  • Older Sidekick: He's probably somewhere in his 30s or 40s, but yet he's working for a 15-year-old girl.

    Mick Swagger
Voiced by: (English) Jeff Bennett
Voiced by: (Latin America) Idzi Dutkiewicz

Luna's favorite musician.

  • Bare Your Midriff: Rare male example. His usual outfit exposes his navel.
  • Blinding Bangs: Much like Lucy, his hair conceals his eyes.
  • Nice Guy: His attitude to Rock and Roll is that it doesn’t matter how good you are, it only matters if you have fun. He even liked the Loud family’s horrific performance in ‘House Music’ simply cause they all clearly had the time of their lives.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Based on Mick Jagger.
  • Older Than They Look: Mick hardly looks like he’s had a “forty year” long career by this point, unless he started when he was very young.

Voiced by: Grey Griffin
A young-at-heart old woman who shares the same retirement community as the Loud kids' grandfather, is always shown riding a red scooter.
  • Cool Car: well, cool scooter. It's capable of freeway speeds and apparently has a Hammerspace seat and helmet compartment.
  • Cool Old Lady: She is mostly a grumpy old woman, but she has her moments, like in "Mall of Duty", where she helps Lincoln rescue Lily from a runaway train. She is also a fan of survivalist Rip Hunter and calls him her Bae.
    • In "Pulp Friction", Lincoln apparently thinks of her as both cool enough and mean enough to be a super villain in his own comic book.
  • Cool People Rebel Against Authority:
    • "For Bros About To Rock" Scoots gets in trouble with Mall security enough that she is a regular in their mini jail cell.
    • "The Old and the Restless" Scoots goes out of her way to do whatever Battleaxe Nurse Sue forbids her from doing at the retirement home where she lives with the Loud kids' grandfather Albert.
  • Cool Shades: Scoots is never seen without her wraparound blackout sunglasses. This is also an example of dark humor, because blackout sunglasses usually signify blindness, and Scoots is seen driving everywhere in Royal Woods, including the freeway.
  • Grumpy Old Man: She is often shown to be a female version.
  • Jerkass: Scoots comes across as unpleasant and grumpy.
    • She insults Clyde's dancing by saying "My hip can pop and lock better than you."
    • When one of the kids yells at her to cross the street faster, Scoots' smiles sweetly and puts the scooter in reverse to spite them.
    • Her first reaction when Lincoln asks her to help him save his baby sister stuck in an out-of-control toy train is to retort: "That sounds like a YOU problem."
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Although a jerk, she can be helpful towards Lincoln.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The nickname "Scoots" refers to her scooter, but her real name is never revealed.
  • Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!: Scoots lives and breathes this trope.
  • Unsatisfiable Customer: Scoots enjoys being contrary for contrariness' sake, but sometimes she just acts like the cranky old lady she is. In "Roadie To Nowhere" she drives Luna up a wall by repeatedly complaining and making changes to her Cobb salad order, until Lynn Sr. has to step in when Luna loses her temper.

    Hunter Spector
Voiced by: Brian Stepanek

Host of the TV show Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters (ARGGH!)

  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: Subverted. While his ghost hunting is staged, he truly has a desire to capture real, live ghosts. However, making a TV show means you are restricted in what you can do in terms of time and budget, forcing him to stage his ghost encounters. He also cares for his fans and seems rather polite with his staff (except when they pester him about pay day).
  • Nice Guy: He truly cares for his fans and his crew.
  • Pet the Dog: Stages a ghost hunt with Lincoln to restore Clyde's belief in ghosts.

Pucker Uppenheimer voiced by: Jess Harnell

A famous four member rockstar band, of whom Lincoln and Clyde are avid fans of.

  • Expy: Obvious one of KISS.
  • Nice Guy: They allow Lincoln, Luna and Clyde to join them up on stage in "For Bros about to Rock", with the lead singer even singing with Lincoln.
    • In "Yes Man", they show up at Lincoln's VIB concert.

Voiced by: Phil Lamarr (English)

A recurring acquaintance of Lynn Sr.

  • Nice Guy: He seems to be a pretty decent guy.
  • Recurring Extra: Usually shows up with a minor role whenever the story needs showing one of Lynn Sr.'s friends.
  • Satellite Character: Generally, not much is known of him other than the fact that he's a close friend of Lynn Sr's, and that both share a lot of interests (i.e. vans, music, cow bells, etc).

Voiced by: Grant Palmer (English)
Burpin' Burger's cashier, at least until the end of Season 3. He currently works for Mr. Loud at his restaurant.
  • Ascended Extra: He was a nameless fast food employee, but now works directly under the Louds.
  • Burger Fool: He's a teenager and he works (or worked) in a fast food joint. What do you expect?
  • Casting Gag: With Grant Palmer having hit puberty by the end of Season 1, preventing him from further dubbing Lincoln, he was given a new role as this stereotypical teenage character.

    Ms. Carmichael 
Voiced by: Kari Wahlgren (English)
Reininger's manager, making her Leni's workplace boss.
  • Mean Boss: Downplayed. Ms. Carmichael might look like a reasonable manager, but she enforces certain questionable policies like prohibiting Reininger's workers from shopping for clothes elsewhere. She also fires Leni over circumstantial evidence instead of any sort of concrete proof in "Crimes of Fashion".
  • Not So Above It All: The only reason she doesn't fire Fiona from violating the aforementioned store policy is because the deal for the dress Fiona bought was that good.

    Dana Dufresne 
Voiced by: Maddie Taylor (English)

A recurring host and judge of Lola's beauty pageants. Formerly known as Donnie Dufresne.

  • Alliterative Name: Dana Dufresne.
  • Multicolored Hair: Back when she was still Donnie, her hair was white with a black highlight. It's now entirely chestnut-colored.
  • One Steve Limit: Shares her first name with a recurring minor friend of Lori and Bobby.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: With Maddie Taylor having underwent transition after her first voiced role, the character transitioned as well.
  • Transgender: Dana's first appearance was in "Toads and Tiaras", where she was still biologically male and known as Donnie.

    Ms. Bernardo 
Voiced by: Grey Griffin (English)

The drama teacher at Royal Woods High School.

Notable One-Episode Characters

Voiced by: (English) Matt Kirsten
Voiced by: (Italian) Gianandrea Muià

A British community college student who Lincoln hires as his tutor. He ends up getting the unwanted attention of all of the Loud sisters, and Mr. Loud.

  • Anachronism Stew: Rides an old timey bicycle.
  • Camp Straight: He wears pink, is very mindful of his appearance, but is wigged out by the attentions of the Loud girls... And their father.
  • Chick Magnet: Catches the eyes of all of the Loud girls (except Lily).
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Subverted. At first he has no idea the Loud Girls are interested in him but that quickly changes, to his embarrassment.
  • Cool Teacher: Kind, charming, attractive and easily relates to his 12-year-old charge.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Mr. Loud also tries to win him over.
  • I Am Very British: He even throws in a "pip-pip, cheerio" .
  • Mr. Fanservice: The girls fall for him for a reason after all. He is a good-looking guy and at one point, Lisa rolls up his shirt to reveal that he has a pretty nice six-pack.
  • Nice Guy: His reaction at most to the Loud Girls and Dad stalking him is nerveousness and he brushes it off at first. He also does his best to teach Lincoln and earnestly compliments him when he finds out Lincoln already knows the materiel quite well.
  • Vague Age: His age could be anywhere from 17 to his mid 20's. All we're given is he goes to the local community college.

    Ms. DiMartino 
Voiced by: Sirena Irwin
A Latina substitute teacher who causes every male who looks at her to completely lose focus and concentration, resulting in Lincoln getting an F (and a frowny face) on multiple tests, as well as falling into a trash can and colliding with a goalpost.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Invokes this in her male students.
  • Dude Magnet: She accidentally swoons the whole male student body of the school, including Lincoln and Clyde.
  • Hot Teacher: "Smokin'", according to Luna.
  • Nice Girl: She allowed Lincoln to retake the quiz and seems to be a pretty polite woman who cares about her students in general.

    Lord Tetherby
Voiced by: Alan Ruck

The heir to the tetherball fortune and one of the richest men in Royal Woods. When Lincoln wins a ride in a limo, he mistakes him for one of his fellow rich people.

  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Or at least jerkasses. He's a lord and a very unpleasant person.
  • The Corrupter: Under his influence, Lincoln becomes a Rich Jerk.
  • Fair Weather Friend: He'll gladly be your friend and invite you to do cool activities... as long as you have a limo.
  • Fan Disservice: We actually get to see the old man in his swim trunks (speedos?)...
  • Fat Bastard: He's quite round and not a very pleasant person.
  • Jerkass: He scorns everyone who's not as rich as him. He also throws Lincoln (an eleven-year old kid) out of his house, forcing him to fend for himself in an unfamiliar and dangerous part of town in the dark, with apparently no way to contact his family.
  • Rich Bastard: He's rich and contemptuous towards those who are not as rich as him.

Voiced by: Veronica Cartwright
The head nurse at the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.

    Jerry Kling 
Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui
A cherry farmer that the Loud family runs into during their vocation trip.
  • Cool Old Guy: He is laid-back, friendly farmer who gets along with the Loud family, is a spokesperson for a brand of cherries that Lynn Sr. likes using and he even offers them to stay in his hotel room when they find out that the reservation for their room expired.
  • Nice Guy: When the Loud family helps him with his flat tire, he thanks them by giving them some of his cherries. Then at the end of the episode, he offers them to stay in his hotel room after they find out their own room has been taken by someone else.
  • Punny Name: His name, Jerry King, is a pun of Cherry King, a brand of cherries that he is a spokesperson for.
  • Uncle Pennybags: The end of the episode "Tripped!" reveals that he is a spokesperson for a popular brand of cherries and rich enough to reserve the entire top floor of a hotel. Despite that, he is nothing but nice and generous to the Louds.

    Michelle and Doug
The producers of America's Next Hitmaker.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: At first, they seem like decent folk. As of Act II...
  • Executive Meddling: In-universe example. They try to completely change Luna's image from a rocker girl to a pop star just because pop music is more popular.
  • Hate Sink: They are as every bit as loathsome as one can assume meddlesome executives of the music industry to be.
  • Jerkass: They are both dishonest, pushy, meddlesome and manipulative.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: They always work together and they are both equally meddlesome and pushy.
  • Villainy-Free Villain: Unlikeable though they might be, they never really do anything truly heinous beyond trying to sabotage Luna’s performance at the end.

    Dr. Shuttleworth
The owner of a fancy daycare that Rita and Lynn Sr. try to get Lily into in "Potty Mouth".

An exterminator who tried to kill Frank/Frances in "Along Came a Sister".
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": He's only referred to as "the exterminator".
  • Fat Bastard: Downplayed. Trying to kill Frank was only doing his job, but he is rude to the kids, calling them "spider huggers". He's also quite fat.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He lies about Leni's inspirational speech having changed his worldview.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He's a jerk for sure, but he's only doing his job. A job he seems to take great sadistic pleasure in as his Establishing Character Moment is laughing after killing two harmless little caterpillars who were in the street.

    Bobbie Fletcher
A racer who Lana idolizes.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Drives her car so that it sends a pile of snow in Flip's face.
  • One Steve Limit: No relation to Bobby Santiago.
  • Nice Girl: Very nice to her fans.
  • Pet the Dog: Even though Lana didn't get the winning wrapper, after seeing how quickly Lana fixed her car (claiming that the girl was faster than her entire pit crew), Bobbie offers Lana the chance to join her pit crew once she turns 18.


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