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Characters / The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

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A character sheet for the game The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

The Wolf / The Princess

The heroine of the game and the playable character. She is a wolf who was charmed by a human prince after he applauded her singing from; however, she is of the opinion that he would be horrified by her if he learned that she was actually a monster. One fateful day, she is taken by surprise when he climbs up the cliff she is singing from to meet her personally. She hastily tries to cover his eyes to prevent him from seeing her, but accidentally scratches his eyes out with her monstrous claws, blinding him while traumatizing him and giving him a fear of monsters. Guilt-ridden, she goes to check on him, and then hatches a plan to restore his lost eyesight.


  • The Atoner: The story really begins when she decides to make a deal with the Witch in order to be able to bring the Prince to her and restore his eyesight. At the end of the game, she sacrifices both her memories of her journey with the Prince and her ability to transform into the Princess in exchange for having the Prince healed.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: Having been born and lived as a Wolf, the heroine occasionally exhibits traces of this. She views weaker animals and even originally humans as food rather than other sentient creatures, despite being able to communicate with them, and doesn't really seem to think anything of it. This causes her to mow down the Prince's guards as casually as she would any other monsters, as well as eye the weakened Goats as an easy meal rather than a troubled family that needs help.
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  • I'm a Humanitarian: Formerly. When she first spied the Prince from a clifftop while she was singing, she figured he'd make a good meal after she finished. She changes her mind after he applauds her singing and decides that it wouldn't be worth it. After losing her memories and encountering the Prince again, it's noted that she isn't quite as interested as eating humans anymore. However, she figures to eat this one since he's pretty much dropped himself into her lap. She is actually only seconds away from killing him before he gently greets her and gifts her with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Morphic Resonance: While the Witch's transformation spell succeeds in turning her into a full human, the Princess sports noticeable sharp teeth and long, unkempt hair as holdovers from her life as the Wolf.


The Prince

The titular Blind Prince of the game. The game revolves around the Princess escorting him through the forest while protecting him from harm.

  • All-Loving Hero: Very much an example of this. While he is terrified of monsters, he treats the Princess, the family of Goats, the Moles, and the Witch with kindness. His earnest sweetness is what first wins the Wolf over and causes her to start considering him as likable company rather than a prospective meal.
  • Broken Pedestal: Downplayed Trope. The princess is not somebody he idolizes so much as is friends with and loves. However, he is still absolutely heartbroken to learn that not only is she actually the monster that destroyed his eyesight in the first place, but has been lying to him about her identity since the day they met.
    • Rebuilt Pedestal: After he falls into the burning forest below and she saves him, the Prince realizes that even if she lied, she only wanted to be close to him and help him, and even risked her life and faced her nearly crippling fear of fire to make it through the forest and save him.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Like the Princess, the Prince will immediately keel over if he is hit by any attack at all. What's worse, he doesn't have the advantage of being able to transform into the invincible Wolf like she does, so he needs to be maneuvered carefully and sometimes quickly in order to avoid losing and having to restart.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: The Prince, for the most part, is infallibly kind and friendly to everyone he interacts with, even when he has his own problems to worry about. When he tearfully screams at the Wolf that she's a liar and a monster, the audience can see just how hurt and betrayed he felt that the girl he had befriended had been lying to him from the moment they met - and was the monster that had destroyed his eyes in the first place.

The Witch

The Witch that rules the forest. Unlike the standard fairytale witch, she is not particularly malicious and is even willing to help those that seek her out - for a price.

  • Collector of the Strange: In return for granting the wishes of those who come to her, she takes and crystallizes "what the requester holds most dear" as payment. At the beginning of the story, she takes the Wolf's beautiful singing voice in exchange for giving her the ability to transform into the Princess; at the end of the game, she takes the Wolf's memories of the Prince and her ability to transform into the Princess in return for healing the Prince's eyes.
  • Dark Reprise: The Final Boss theme, "Fairy Tale Afterglow", is a remix of her theme, "Witch of Madness".
  • Forgiveness: While she sternly states that the damage that the Princess and the Prince had done to the forest and her collection cannot be simply forgiven just because they apologized, her tone tells another story; while her voice had been positively dripping with vengeful malice just seconds previously, the narration notes that after hearing what they had to say, all traces of ill-feeling are gone from her voice when she next speaks.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: She absolutely adores her collection. When it is destroyed by the forest fire that the Princess and the Prince accidentally caused, she transforms into a humongous beast that dwarves even the Wolf and rampages through the forest. While nearly incoherent with rage, she recognizes the Princess and the Prince when they approach her and attacks them.

The Goats

A family of goats that the Princess and the Prince encounter near the middle of the game. Collapsed and near death from starvation, they are almost finished off and eaten by the Princess before the Prince - having mistaken them for humans as he had the Princess - stops her and convinces her to help them.

  • I'm a Humanitarian: They are never seen actually eating humans during the story, but they mistake the Wolf's dragging the human Prince around with her as a clever decision to keep living rations around to kill and consume when hunting becomes difficult. Despite being a maneater herself, the Wolf is horrified by this misunderstanding. They can be seen happily waving at the Prince in the credits as he travels to meet the Wolf again; they display no interest in eating him whatsoever, likely in gratitude to the kindness he showed them.
  • Our Monsters Are Different: Like most other creatures of the forest, they are basically goats only in name. They are bipedal, furry monsters with a distinct lack of visible eyes, large, humanlike hands, and mushrooms growing on their heads.

The Moles

A large community of moles that the Princess and Prince encounter as they near the Witch's home. Like the goats, they are minor characters that receive help from the heroic couple at the Prince's suggestion; however, the completion of their request for the heroes leads to an event that causes the relationship of the Princess and the Prince to take a turn for the worse...

  • Hospitality for Heroes: The Moles gratefully give the Princess and the Prince a nice place to rest as thanks for all the flowers the heroes got them. Unfortunately...
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: ...the location of this place is very exposed to the night sky; as the Princess holds the Prince's hand after gifting him with another flower, the clouds part and they are exposed to a ray of moonlight. The Princess is forcibly reverted to the Wolf and the Prince soon realizes exactly who she is and that she's been lying to him about her identity the whole time. Their ensuing interactions lead to the Prince and the Wolf having a falling out and to both the Prince and his lantern falling from a cliff into the forest below, setting the woods ablaze and leading into the final act of the game.

The King and Queen

The king and queen of the Prince. Disgusted by the scarring of their son's face, they decide that he isn't fit to be seen by their subjects any longer and locked away in the castle away from the eyes of the people.

  • Abusive Parents: They lock their own son away in a castle tower with nothing other than the castle guards, a teddy bear, and - presumably - food, all because his face was scarred during an outing in the nearby forest.
  • Hate Sink: Despite never appearing onscreen, with their actions only being described by the narrator, the king and queen's abuse and negligence of their son put the plot in motion. When the Prince is accidentally attacked and scarred by the Wolf, the Prince's parents lock away their son in a tower, disgusted by his facial injuries. This makes the Wolf feel guilty even more, and the act of cruelty disgusts her so much, that she makes her plans to heal the prince without considering or caring how the two will be affected by the heir to their kingdom mysteriously disappearing for a few days.
  • Invisible Parents: Neither the Wolf nor the audience ever meets this pair of creeps. The first, last, and only thing we hear of them is their decision to banish their son to the tower for getting injured, and this is told of through narration rather than shown on-screen. Nevertheless, their decision to do so disgusts the Wolf and makes her feel worse for the Prince, which in turn drives her to approach the Witch and seek out a way to get the Prince healed.

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