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Characters / The Legend Of William Tell

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     The outlaws 

William Tell

Named for his country's great hero, and possibly descended from him, Will is a farm boy until Kalem plucks him out to save Kale. He resists his role for a long time before finally coming to accept it. Will is headstrong and likes the ladies, but he'll always do the right thing.


The strongest member of Will's team, Leon is also the gentlest. He's a well educated man and his smarts come in handy several times on their travels.


The most hotheaded of the group, Aruna's cat heritage is useful whenever they need to climb somewhere. Originally uncomfortable around Leon, Drogo and Alvar for various reasons, she quickly found her place in the group.


Princess and heir apparent to the throne of Kale, Vara is a rather spoiled girl who, during their adventures, mellows into a sweet, kind child.


Descended from wolves, Drogo lives on his instincts, which is useful to Will several times.


Will's mentor and the embodiment of the power of Light in Kale. While he has to learn to be a leader, she has to learn to be a mentor; many of thier early meetings take the form of her laying down the law without explanation, and then being surprised or outraged when he disobeys. She's not above manipulating him to get what she wants, but she does care for him and his group and temporarily sacrifices herself for him.

     The villains 


Chosen by Kreel at a very young age, Xax was raised in the belief that he was the true hero of Kale and that is was his destiny to rule the land. He kickstarted things by deposing Vara's parents. Xax thinks he's doing good, but he has no compunctions about sacrificing anyone who gets in his way.


Kalem's opposite, determined to rule Kale through his puppet Xax. He makes little effort to hide his distain for Xax, manipulating him endlessly, but he knows he can't do what need to be done without him.


A commissioner in Xax's army. Esdras is honorable, for a certain definition of honorable.


Xax's Champion and master of gladiators. He secretly sympathizes with the rebels, but is afraid to go against Xax.



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