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Characters / The Legend of Dark Witch

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This is the character page for The Legend of Dark Witch. As usual, beware of spoilers.

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Zizou Olympia

Dark Witch
Voice Actress: Yuuki Tedokon

Skills: Liner Shot, Comet

A goddess in charge of maintaining the balance of magic, Zizou attempts to retrieve the Syega crystals. She is the final boss of Riva's story, with no weakness.




Voice Actress: Yuuki Tedokon

Skill: Dia Missile
Weakness: Divide Ice

The librarian of Heaven's Garden. She is regarded as a prodigy in Syega research.


Treasure Hunter
Voice Actress: Junka Amaoto

Skill: Divide Ice
Weakness: Upper Tornado

A seasoned treasure hunter. She is found at The Silent Ice Roads.


Voice Actress: Suzuka Iwamoto

Skill: Ground Impact
Weakness: Circlecron
Papelne is a Beast woman and the daughter of Ports-math City's mayor.


Voice Actress: Junka Amaoto

Skill: Bound Ring
Weakness: Dia Missile

Blad is an information broker. The schoolgirl is found at the abandoned Twilight Prison.


Voice Actress: Sakurako Hazama

Skill: Circlecron
Weakness: Bound Ring

Sola is the daughter of a foreign aristocrat. She is found at the Chelsea School of Magic's Dormitory.

  • Cool Pet: A flying yellow ball...thing named Chuross.
  • Death from Above: Both of Sola's initial attacks. In the first, she tosses a bunch of tiny projectiles that turn into stars that fall to the ground; in the second, she flies into the air and rains down missiles.
  • Homing Projectile: In addition to the attack mentioned above, one of her desperation attacks generate small crystals that track the player for a split-second then disappear.
  • Idiot Hair: Two strands!
  • Multicolored Hair: Two very different shades of blue.
  • Reverse Shrapnel: Circlecron
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Is called both Sola and Sora in her Battle Intro. Interestingly, Sola is indeed the official romanization.


Voice Actress: Meroko. (original)
Skill: Upper Tornado
Weakness: Ground Impact

A curious Fae from the Belfer Islands. She is said to be very talkative.


Royal Army

Voice Actress: Junka Amaoto

Weakness: Dia Missile



Voice Actress: Hinata Haruki

Skills: Cobalt Fire, Sword Rain
Weakness: None


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