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Characters / The Kostek War

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Vor Tekr

The protagonist, Vor Tekr is a Trajak from Karyket.

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Kaaro Forruo

"“Well, we had the leader of the spoiler:Ekin forces captured, and we were near a cliff,]] so, well, it was somewhat of the, er, let’s say “natural” thing to do.”"
The deuteragonist and a foil to Vor Tekr, Kaaro is a patriotic Vjulti who is the military commander of Vjultivaho.

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"It’s an honour to spill my blood as a warrior, even against an inanimate object. I’ll be perfectly fine."
The tritagonist, Lokxen is a very skilled Kyndic archer and leader.

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Pav Tekhe

"Quality human craftsmanship…"
Lord of Fakhazat, Pav is the tetragonist and resident anti-hero, if you can call the others not anti-heroes.

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     Supporting Characters 

Althen Bior

The genocidal, racist King of Riverford.

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[[folder: The Races in General]]


The inhabitants of the southeastern part of Kostek, the Trajak are descendants of the humans.


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