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Characters / The JWL Current Roster

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This was the roster at the time that The JWL shut down in January 2014.

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Balls Mahoney (Jonathan Rechner)

  • Finishing Move: Nutcracker Suite
  • Garbage Wrestler: Made his name in wild brawls in ECW
  • Joisey: Billed from Nutley, NJ, which is a real city.
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  • Power Stable: The Hardcore Alliance (defunct)
  • Red Baron: "The Hardcore Chair-Swinging Freak"

Masato Tanaka

2 Cold Scorpio (Charles Scaggs)

     The Faces of Fear 

Meng (Tonga Uliuli Fifita)

The Barbarian (Sionne Vailahi)

Jimmy Hart

Crowbar (Christopher "Chris" Ford

Daffney Unger (Shannon Claire Spruill)

  • Dented Iron: Due to her injuries, she is retired from competition and will be working as a manager.

Al Snow (Allen Ray Sarven)

The Blue Meanie (Brian Heffron)

The Undertaker (Mark Callaway)

Jacqueline (Jacqueline DeLois Moore)

The All-Stars (Barry Horowitz and the Brooklyn Brawler [Steve Lombardi])

     The Dangerous Alliance 

Paul E. Dangerously (Paul Heyman)

The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)

911 (Al Poling)

  • The Big Guy: Oldest active wrestler in the D.A. Also, ever since the World's Greatest Tag Team-Nasty Boys match on Episode 64, part of his role before the D.A.'s matches has been to check under the mat and around ringside to find anyone who might interfere.
  • Emergency Services: That's how he got his name, the idea being that you'd have to call them to help his opponents after his matches.
  • Finishing Move: Chokeslam

Bobby Lashley (Franklin Roberto Lashley)

Samoa Joe (Joel Seanoa)

The Boogeyman (Martin "Marty" Wright)

Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon)

The Dalton Brothers (Jesse and Festus [Terry Ray Gordy Jr. and Drew Hankinson])

The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart)

Matt Morgan formerly the Burmese Python



     The Royals 

Jerry "The King" Lawler

The Rock


Randy Orton

Dave Batista


The Dudley Boys

     Dusty's Dream Team 

Dusty Rhodes

  • Ring Oldies: Started in the early 1970s.
  • The Unintelligible: His promos and commentary have long featured mangled words and/or words he invented. Or, even when he is using real words and real sentences, he tends to make little to no sense.

The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags and Bryan Knobbs)

The One Man Gang

Cody Rhodes

Ted DiBiase Jr.

     The A-List 

Johnny Nitro

Melina Perez

     Daivari International 

Khosrow Daivari (Shawn Daivari)

Trevor Murdoch

Vladimir Kozlov


Amber O'Neal

     The Prime Time Players 

The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neill)

  • Catchphrase: "Millions of Dollars! Millions of Dollars! Millions of Dollars!"
  • Finishing Move: Off the Air (backbreaker/top rope legdrop combination)

"Program Director" Byron Saxton

Damien Sandow


Rey Misterio Jr.

Psicosis (Dioniso Castellanos)

Super Crazy (Francisco Islas Ruedas)

The Hurricane (Gregory Helms)

Shannon Moore

Kaientai Deluxe (TAKA Michinoku and Shoichi Funaki)

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Yoshihiro Tajiri

Little Guido Maritato

Other Characters


Jim Ross

Mike Tenay

Scott Hudson


Joey Styles

Kevin Kelly (Kevin Foote)

Mick Foley


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