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This is a page listing characters in The Exterior.

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    Main Characters 


The Protagonist of the film series. He starts off as a Finnish human (whose family originates from Ireland), who falls into the Timeshred along with his friend Samuel, with whom he later creates the Empire of the Exterior. Soon enough, his position as an Emperor is usurped as General Sarkai orchestrates a revolution against him. Later, he makes a deal with the God of Dreams and becomes the Count of Night, seeking retribution and the power he has lost.


Arthur's best friend, who (like Arthur) is Finnish, but his family originates from the Netherlands. He falls into the Timeshred alongside Arthur and is the first one to propose the idea of building the Empire. After investigating a mysterious serial murder, he suddenly disappears with no trace whatsoever and leaves Arthur searching for him hopelessly. Samuel doesn't reappear until the last film, where he commands an army against the forces of the God of Dreams, and later becomes the Emperor for a New Empire.
Samuel is also the main character of the spin-off novella series Lost in Time, which tells what happened to him during his disappearance.

    Magical Beings and Entities 

The Sun Wizard

"I don't need any sources!"
The Sun Wizard is the aide of the God of Sun, High Priest of the Hamramists, the most powerful Light creature in existence, and also one of the first beings ever created. He lives in solitude in the Sun Mountains, guarding the essence of the God of Sun - the Star - from outside intruders. After thousands of years of utter seclusion, he gets involved in the creation of the Exterior and has got to refight his nemesis, the Count of Night, once again.

The (first) Count of Night

"Soon will my Lord be free once again."
The Count of Night is a shadowy entity created by the God of Dreams to be his aide. He is the nemesis of the Sun Wizard. After the creation of a world and the imprisonment of the God of Dreams, he escaped and stayed in exile for thousands of years, until the creation of the Empire. He emerges from his hideout, seeking retribution and trying to find a way to free his former God once and for all.
Not to be confused with Arthur, who later serves as both the "second" and the third Counts of Nightnote .
  • Back from the Dead: In a way. After his death in the first film, the newly-awakened God of Dreams places the soul of Arthur into his body, with some traces of his former self still lingering inside. His apparition is also seen in the fourth film, where he serves as the prosecutor in Arthur's postmortem trial.
  • Breaking Out the Boss: His primary goal along with killing the Sun Wizard and/or destroying the Star, and the only one of his objectives in which he actually succeeds.
  • Casting a Shadow
  • Chewing the Scenery
  • Dark Is Not Evil: According to Word of God, the Count of Night is not really evil, although he is presented as an antagonist in the films.
  • The Dragon: To the God of Dreams.
  • Elemental Powers
  • Evil Sounds Deep: The Count's actor's voice was altered in post-production to sound more chaotic and dark. And also raspy.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep"
  • Killed Off for Real: He is successfully killed by the Sun Wizard near the ending of Revolution. Although his ghost does return in the fourth film.


A Light creature sent out by the Sun Wizard on a guest to destroy the Crystal of Shadows. During her travels, she discovers Arthur (in the body of the Count of Night) and reluctantly serves as his companion, as they both share the same goal - however, unbeknownst to Kasuga, Arthur's real objective is to give the Crystal to the God of Dreams instead of destroying it. During a short trip to Latva, she disappears, but is seen again in the fourth film.

The God of Sun/The Star

The creator of the universe, who sacrificed herself to restrain the God of Dreams (which failed) and became a giant Star in the middle of the universe. She isn't actually present in the story until the fourth film, but a lot of characters discuss about her/make attemps to destroy/protect her earlier on.

The God of Dreams

The deity of shadows and dreams, and the main opposer of the God of Sun. During the creation of the world, he was sealed inside a chasm which leads into his realm, the Land of Dreams. His aide, the Count of Night, seeks to free him once and for all, so that he could conquer the universe and cast the Star into eternal darkness.

Leksa Lepääjä/Leksa Hereilläolija

Leksa Lepääjä is a wise, mysterious and extremely drowsy magician met by Arthur and Samuel prior to the creation of the Empire. It is said that he can sleep 25 hours in a day. He is used by the Emperors to seal the Chasm of Dreams and thus prevent the God of Dreams of entering the Exterior, but he accidentally opens the Chasm and frees the God from his slumber. He is frequently used as a source of information by Arthur in the following films, and in the last film he finally awakes for real and destroys the God of Dreams.

Lord Vladimir

Lord Vladimir is the ancient and wise Lord of Shadows whom Arthur meets during his travels and who becomes his "mentor" for a short time. He resides on top of the Marahmoun, a colossal mountain shrouded in shadows, in a large mansion he has constructed for himself. Vladimir is a True Neutral character who lives by a very peculiar philosophy which combines solipsism, extreme solitude and asociality. He is indifferent towards all other forms of life and maintains a distant, cold and very calm character at all times. Not much is known about his past or personal life, because "only he himself can know it."
  • Ambiguous Disorder: His "philosophy" often seems like this.
  • Catchphrase: "Only you yourself can know it." He uses the phrase to keep himself away from other people's problems, as he really doesn't care about anyone at all.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Vladimir definitely isn't evil - he has "purified" himself from the taint Shadow creatures normally have.
  • Establishing Character Moment
  • Mysterious Past: Even the creators of the films don't know much about his past.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Clean-shaven and smooth-skinned, he looks quite young, even though he really is the oldest being in the universe after the Sun Wizard, the Count of Night and the Spirits of Nature.
  • The Sacred Darkness: Or the sacred Shadow, to be exact. Unlike other Shadow creatures, his form isn't jagged and crude and his eyes are deep blue instead of black. Vladimir believes in the purity of the element of Shadows.
  • Zen Survivor

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