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During the release of the Recursions back into the wider multiverse, and the freeing of the Evermore of the Recursions, a strange event happened as the Vortex formed in it's place. The personality, memories and experiences of the original Evermore mixed within it's swireling mass, shadows being preserved within. As the Vortex gained sentience and grew, it found these shadows, now forever altered by the corrosive power of it's form. After experimenting with some of it's own energies, it created a prototype, and after this prototype vanished... used it's powers to create it's very own Evermore... the Nevermore.


These beings would appear during the Realms-era of the Evermore RP, appearing as similar, but distinct versions of the original Recursions-era Evermore that, were in general more evil, but loyal to the Vortex. The Nevermore serve as the most dangerous forces of the Vortex and a direct counter to the Evermore of the Realms.

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    Nevermore in General 

Nevermore Leaders

    'Audas Kingsley' 

Recursions-Derived Nevermore

    'Turntable Jane' 

Realms-Derived Nevermore

    'Kili Kingsley' 

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