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Characters / The Event

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    Main Cast 

Sean Walker

Played By: Jason Ritter

Leila Buchanan

Played by: Sarah Roemer

Michael Buchanan

Played By: Scott Patterson

Vicky Roberts

Played By: Taylor Cole

Elias Martinez

Played By: Blair Underwood

Blake Sterling

Played By: Zeljko Ivanek
  • Made of Iron: Took a bullet, kept walking around for a good long while, got tortured, stayed stable, got shot again and was still able to crawl around a bit.
  • Character Development: Starts out looking like he's going to be a Knight Templar, but turns out to be a truly good guy.

Raymond Jarvis

Played By: Bill Smitrovich

Christina Martinez

Played By: Lisa Vidal

Sophia Maguire

Played By: Laura Innes


Played By: Clifton Collins Jr.

Simon Lee

Played By: Ian Anthony Dale

    Recurring Cast 

James Dempsey

Played By: Hal Holbrook

Agent Angela Collier

Played By: Heather McComb.


Played By: Necar Zadegan


Played By: D. B. Sweeny
  • Mauve Shirt: Considering it's a wonder he's even got a name...


Played By: Clea DuVall

Catherine Lewis

Played By: Virginia Madsen


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