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    The Main Cast 

Andrew Nicholas Lightfoot

"That's me. I don't know – I don't know shit about mammals, okay? I don't know – I don't know shit about myself."

A twenty-two year old Biology major senior at the University of South Florida, a descendant of an extremely old and wealthy family from eastern West Virginia by way of Tidewater. More or less The Leader of the cast, as he has many roles: older brother and guardian of Stephen, boyfriend and protector of Cody, best friend and surrogate brother to Bligh.

  • Agent Scully: A firm believer in science, logic, and reason...whose beliefs are turned on their head when he sees what Bligh has become.
  • City Mouse: To Bligh's Country Mouse after he moved to Tampa and became more cosmopolitan.
  • Friend to Bugs: Fascinated by moths since he was boy, he now has a entomology concentration to his Biology degree, and although he studies insects generally, his special fondness is still for moths.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Although he does have his Jerkass moments.
  • The Professor: He retains most of the information he reads, making him know a little about many things science-related.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Bligh is constantly telling him to tone down the science jargon he slips into as he explains how and why their bodies are changing.

Bligh Edward Lynch

"Tempest was where I'm from, Drew. But home – home is where we are."

Twenty-three year old former star quarterback for the high school football team, grandson of the venerated "Pappy" Lynch and Andrew's near-constant companion and best friend from back in Tempest. Confident and proud, he is nonetheless prone to getting his feelings hurt: his Despair Event Horizon at Pappy's death some weeks before the start of the first novel is what sets the rest of the events in motion.

Dakota "Cody" Jacob Tyree

"I mean think about it, there'd be no way for us not to be together – if we're all the same…"

Nineteen year old, formerly homeless Florida native who Andrew met by complete chance one day almost exactly a year before the start of the first novel at a gas station when his car broke down. Gentle and kind-hearted, he works as hard as he can for Andrew, who he contends did little less than saved his life.

  • Bishōnen: He's a cutie, alright.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: From the time his mother died until he met Andrew, it was one thing right after the other.
  • Farm Boy: Grew up on a strawberry farm in Plant City, Florida, and learned how to care for fruits and other crops from his parents.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: The worst things he ever says are basically those three exact words, the reason for which is rooted in his childhood: when he was a boy, his mother urged him not to swear, and as a promise to her, he still never does, even as an adult.
  • The Nicknamer: Gives everyone he meets a new name, as a way of bonding with them, as it becomes clear Cody isn't his real name.
  • The Pollyanna: Despite (or perhaps because of) the horrific stuff before he met Andrew, and the additionally horrific stuff that happens to him during the novel.
  • Sour Supporter: Especially in the first novel, he has to constantly settle things when Bligh and Andrew get too heated with one another, but he only calls them on their bullshit because he genuinely cares for them and their well-being.
  • Street Smart: He's shown to be very clever and picks up on things easily, as well as having firsthand knowledge of how the seedier side of Tampa operates.

Stephen Archibald Lightfoot

"And the fuck was I supposed to tell them? Tell you? That my head was full of haints?"

Andrew's eighteen year old brother who spent most of his life cooped up indoors due to epilepsy and asthma. Although brilliantly smart, he suffers from extremely low self-esteem being a scrawny shadow of his brother. Despite his merrily and sometimes inventively cruel personality, he fiercely loves both Andrew and Bligh, who basically raised him.

    Citizens of Tempest 

Gustavus "Gus" "Pappy" Simeon Lynch

"All God's creatures, sir. He made em afore He made us."

Bligh's grandfather, a grand old man who ran moonshine in his younger days before being forced to join the Army to clean up his Hellraising behavior. During the Korean War (see below) he experienced a religious awakening, preaching the Bible across a huge stretch of Appalachia and the South. Raised Bligh after his parents' death, and Andrew with the conspicuous absence of Archibald Lightfoot's own parenting.

Archibald Alexander "Archie" Lightfoot

"His voice was wide and grand, like Clark Gable's Rhett Butler, devoid of the strange inflections of Appalachia that his children spoke with, or the crisp, twanged sussuration of his wife – his mouth was full of Virginia, it choked on it, his very tongue could have been the Stainless Banner that flew over Richmond in 1863."

Andrew and Stephen's father, and the present head of the Lightfoot dynasty. Known to have been a handsome, fun-loving rake in his youth, time, failure, regret — and furtive knowledge of The Masquerade of the novel's universe — have left him a deeply unhappy shell of a man.

Betsy Barnes

"Always ahead of yourself, Betsy-girl."

Andrew's ex-girlfriend who, despite his obvious infatuation with his best friend, Bligh decided to stick around until she finally had enough. As a character, she serves to remind the audience people get hurt when people who are meant to be together fall in love. She stars in the short story "Thy Foot Shall Not Stumble" from the Before Time After collection.

  • Go-Getter Girl: Was a theatre star and a cheerleader in high school, now heading down to UNC to follow her ambition of being a congresswoman.

Alternative Title(s): The Dogs Before Time After


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