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Disney's various media are spread across a dozen films and universes, each with their own separate Anchors. This means that there are quite a number of loopers.

All spoilers have been left unmarked. You have been warned.

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    Classic Disney 

Mickey Mouse

Anchor for the regular Disney Loops (and also "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from Fantasia. Due to the nature of Kingdom Heart's Loops, he shows up there as well.

Minnie Mouse

Mickey's wife.

  • Dispel Magic: According to the "Oswald in Bioshock" Loop, she knows "Break Enchantment", a Dungeons and Dragons skill.


One of Mickey's closest friends. Originally two Loopers, one for the Classic Cartoons and one for the Kingdom Hearts-verse (where he serves as Mickey's captain of the guard), but became one Looper after the Crash.

Donald Duck

One of Mickey's closest friends. Originally two Loopers, one for the Classic Cartoons and one for the Kingdom Hearts-verse (where he serves as Mickey's court wizard), but became one Looper after the Crash.

Daisy Duck

Donald's girlfriend.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Mickey's older brother.

  • An Ice Person: Thanks to his time in Persona, he can use the Bufudyne spell.
  • Psychic Powers: Telekinesis, as first seen in "The Carrie Loop"; the "Oswald in Bioshock" Loop also demonstrates that he has powers over his own mind and reveals that he learned them from Raz when he Looped into Psychonauts.
  • Summon Magic: He spent time in Persona and gained one of his own.

Ortensia the Cat

Oswald's girlfriend.

Pluto the Pup

Mickey's loyal canine companion.

Professor Ludwig von Drake

Said to be an "uncle" of Donald Duck, a scientist, lecturer, psychologist, and world traveler.


Also called things like "Peg-Leg Pete", "Pistol Pete" and "Black Pete", among other names, Pete is an anthropomorphic animal of varying species, having been portrayed as a bear, cat and dogface (like Goofy).

    Kingdom Hearts (2002-ongoing video game series) 


Keyblade wielder and Anchor for the Kingdom Hearts branch.


Sora's best friend and rival, he fell to darkness before returning to the side of light and ultimately becoming a Keyblade Master.


Sora's close friend and love interest, a Princess of Heart — one of seven maidens with no darkness in their hearts — and fellow Keyblade Wielder.


Kairi's Nobody, born when Kairi's heart was released from Sora's body during the events of the original game. Like all humanoid Nobodies, she has an attribute related to her powers, hers being "Memory", which allows her to manipulate the memories of Sora and anyone connected to him. In baseline, she eventually regained a body of her own through Even/Vexen's Replica project.


Sora's Nobody and a fellow Keyblade Wielder, born when Sora's heart was released from his body during the events of the original game, and shaped by Ven's heart residing within Sora's. Like all humanoid Nobodies, he has an attribute related to her powers, his being "Light". In baseline, he eventually regained a body of his own through Even/Vexen's Replica project.


One of the three Keyblade Wielders from ten years before the events of the first game, in baseline he spent over ten years with his body possessed by Master Xehanort, and his heart trapped within the "Guardian", a dark entity that served him, until he broke free and, with Sora's help, reclaimed his body. Within the Loops, he, Aqua and Ven all Awakened after a Loop in which Mickey stopped Master Xehanort's plans at the Keyblade Graveyard at the conclusion of the Birth By Sleep arc of their Loop.


One of the three Keyblade Wielders from ten years before the events of the first game, and the only one at the time to attain the rank of Master, in baseline she spent over ten years trapped in the Realm of Darkness until Sora, Riku and King Mickey finally found and saved her. Within the Loops, she, Terra and Ven all Awakened after a Loop in which Mickey stopped Master Xehanort's plans at the Keyblade Graveyard at the conclusion of the Birth By Sleep arc of their Loop.


One of the three Keyblade Wielders from ten years before the events of the first game, in baseline he spent over ten years with his heart damaged and taking refuge inside Sora's until Sora used the Power of Waking to free him and return him to his body. Within the Loops, he, Terra and Aqua all Awakened after a Loop in which Mickey stopped Master Xehanort's plans at the Keyblade Graveyard at the conclusion of the Birth By Sleep arc of their Loop.


A young boy from Radiant Garden, he met and befriended Ven and later became an apprentice of Ansem the Wise, until he was turned into a Nobody and became a member of Organization XIII. He later became close friends with Roxas and Xion, and after both met their ends, became an ally of Sora's, eventually sacrificing his Nobody self and being restored to a whole being as Lea. After this, he sought the powers of a Keyblade Wielder, eventually succeeding, and fought alongside Sora and his friends in Master Xehanort's Keyblade War.


A Replica created from Sora's memories to be a member of Organization XIII and a close friend of Roxas and Axel, she was eventually absorbed into Roxas. Eventually, she was recreated by Organization XIII to serve as one of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness, but met Sora and regained her original memories and heart from him, joining the Guardians of Light.

Disney Animated Canon:

    Film # 01 — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) 

Snow White

The first Disney Princess, and Anchor for her Loop.

  • The Leader: As the eldest Disney Princess, she serves as this for all of them.

    Film # 03 — Fantasia (1940) 

Mickey Mouse

Anchor of the The Sorcerer's Apprentice branch. See the "Classic Disney" folder for his tropes.

Yen Sid

Originating in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, he serves as Mickey's teacher. It is unknown when he activated, but he has apparently been Stealth Looping for some time.


    Film # 05 — Bambi (1942) 


The young Prince of the Forest, and Anchor for his Loop.

  • Trauma Button: After an incident involving a zombified version of his mother in the Rat-Man branch, any zombie Loops are this for him.


Bambi's best friend, a peppy little rabbit.


A young skunk, friends with Bambi and Thumper. Keeps Looping in as sentient plants, much to his irritation.

    Film # 12 — Cinderella (1950) 


One of the earliest Disney Princesses, and Anchor for her Loop.

    Film # 13 — Alice in Wonderland (1951) 


Honorary Princess, and Anchor for her Loop.

  • Multiple-Choice Past: She has memories of pretty much every different version of herself — the Disney version is actually a regular variant rather than baseline.
  • Reality Warper: She's learned how to use Chaos Magic from Discord, and knows how to replicate the Cheshire Cat's famous "disappear and reappear" (grin included) technique.

    Film # 14 — Peter Pan (1953) 

Peter Pan

The Boy Who Never Grew Up, he lives for adventure and serves as Anchor for his Loop.

  • Multiple-Choice Past: He has memories of pretty much every different version of himself, and has assimilated aspects of all his other selves, including the Disney version and the grown-up from Hook.

Tinker Bell

Peter's fairy companion, who's assimilated traits of her Disney Fairies self.

  • Translator Microbes: As seen in Loop 11.9, she has a fairy-to-human translator device so people can understand her.

Wendy Darling

Peter's companion and an honorary Disney Princess.

  • Super Empowering: As seen in Loop 11.9, she's able to make Fairy Dust (or properly, Pixie Dust) after a Loop as Tinker Bell, which allows people to fly.

Captain Hook

Peter's arch-enemy, Awakened as a result of the Crisis Across Infinite Loops, who's convinced to focus on treasure-hunting and trying to outdo other treasure-seekers as a challenge.

  • Odd Friendship: He ends up in one with Captain Jack Sparrow, who gives him the "Welcome to the Multiverse" speech and sets him on his new path.

    Film # 16 — Sleeping Beauty (1959) 


The titular character of her movie, and Anchor for her Loop.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

Three good fairies who act as Aurora's adoptive aunts.


    Film # 18 — The Sword in the Stone (1963) 

Arthur "Wart" Pendragon

The Once and Future King, and Anchor for his Loop.


The world's most powerful wizard, and Arthur's mentor.


Merlin's companion, a highly-educated owl.

    Film # 21 — Robin Hood (1973) 

Robin Hood

An anthropomorphic fox, and Anchor for his Loop.

Maid Marian

Robin Hood's lady love.

    Film # 22 — The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977) 

Pooh Bear

A bear of very little brain, but steadfast loyalty to his friends. Serves as Anchor for his Loop.

    Film # 28 — The Little Mermaid (1989) 


Youngest daughter of King Triton, and Anchor for her Loop.

  • Family of Choice: Belle of Beauty and the Beast is like a sister to her.
  • An Ice Person: As a Waterbender, she can naturally freeze water into ice.
  • Making a Splash: Having learned Waterbending in a Fused Loop, she can naturally manipulate water.

Prince Eric

Ariel's husband.


Ariel and Eric's daughter.


Ariel's best friend, a tropical reef fish.


Full name "Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian Crab", the "royal composer" of Atlantica and King Triton's advisor.

    Film # 30 — Beauty and the Beast (1991) 


Anchor for the Beauty and the Beast Loops.

  • Family of Choice: She still loves her father, but the other Disney Princesses are like sisters to her, and she's especially close to Ariel.
  • Honorary Aunt: To Ariel's daughter Melody.

Beast/Prince Adam

Second Looper for the Beauty and the Beast Loops.

  • Heroic Willpower: In the first Kingdom Hearts game, through sheer force of will and belief in reuniting with Belle, he managed to escape his world after it fell to Darkness and make his way to Hollow Bastion without a vessel or help from The Heartless. This trait later resulted in his becoming a Green Lantern.
  • Terror Hero: Discussed — the same Loop where he earned his Green Lantern ring, the Sinestro Corps tried to recruit him, but he turned them down. As it is, he uses his more frightening Beast form when on active duty as a Green Lantern.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: No matter how hard he tries to avoid it, he can't keep from getting cursed somehow, a fact he isn't thrilled by.


Third Looper for the Beauty and the Beast Loops.

    Film # 31 — Aladdin (1992) 


Anchor for his Loop.


Disney Princess, and Aladdin's wife.

  • Sand Blaster: She learned Sand Jutsu from Gaara in the Naruto Loop.


A benevolent magical being, originally bound to grant wishes to whomever held his lamp, until Aladdin freed him.


Formerly Jafar's parrot partner, he joined Aladdin initially out of self-interest, but later turned good (if still greedy and self-centered) for real.

    Film # 32 — The Lion King (1994) 


The young prince and later King of the Pridelands, and Anchor for his Loop.

  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: He's had a few Loops where Kiara and Kovu are his parents instead of his daughter and son-in-law.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: He's spent Loops as a Jedi and eventually learns Force Light, letting him purge dark energies from a target. It's very effective against Heartless, including Scar once he becomes one.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: Loop 32.4 indicates that he's Awoken to find himself and Scar in the place of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader more than once — his response to it is an exasperated cry of "AGAINNNNN?!"
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: When it comes to the hyenas, even before they start Looping. He tries to set things up so they'll have better lives in the Pride Lands, thus ensuring they won't side with Scar.


Simba's childhood friend and later wife.


Simba's Meerkat friend.

  • Refusal of the Call: In Loop 33.24, Shenzi suggests he'd do a better job of leading the Pridelands than Scar. Timon's reply is that "You don't want me in charge of a kingdom. Or anything."


Simba's warthog friend.


Simba and Nala's daughter.


Scar's chosen heir (a position he eventually rejected) and Kiara's mate.

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

The hyena trio who served Scar before turning on and killing him when he tried to blame them for his actions, they Awoke as a result of the Crisis Across Infinite Loops, and now have something of a truce with Simba.
  • Hazy Feel Turn: They're technically on Simba's side after Awakening, but mainly for two reasons: because he's their Anchor and they don't want to cause a Loop Crash by killing him, and because they really hate Scar and Simba makes for a much more reasonable leader.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: The hyenas' first Loop Awake, Scar dies in a wildebeest stampede. Simba's ninety-nine percent sure the trio were responsible.

    Film # 33 — Pocahontas (1995) 


Daughter of her tribe's chief, making her an honorary Disney Princess, and Anchor for her Loop. Doesn't like to be called "Princess".

    Film # 34 — The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) 


The titular hunchback, and resident Anchor.

    Film # 35 — Hercules (1997) 


Anchor for his Loop.

    Film # 36 — Mulan (1998) 

Fa Mulan

Anchor for her Loop.


Li Shang

Yao, Ling and Chien-Po

    Film # 40 — The Emperor's New Groove (2000) 

Emperor Kuzco

Ruler of the Aztecs, part-time llama, and Anchor for his Loop.

  • You Can't Fight Fate: Cannot go one loop without Yzma turning him into a llama. It drives him insane.


    Film # 41 — Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) 

Milo Thatch

Anchor for his Loop.

Heart of Atlantis

An inanimate but semi-sentient (due to being a repository of Atlantean Soul Energy) object. Due to having a Soul-Bond with Milo, it began to "remember" him, and became a pseudo-Looper until the Admins initiated it as a full one to prevent complications.

Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh

Princess of Atlantis. Due to sharing a bond with the Heart of Atlantis (which in turn is Soul-Bonded to Milo), she began experiencing temporal echoes from it and thus was initiated as a full Looper when the Admins discovered this.

King Kashekim Nedakh

King of Atlantis. Like his daughter, he shares a bond with the Heart of Atlantis and was initiated as a full Looper shortly after it was.

    Film # 42 — Lilo & Stitch (2002) 

Lilo Pelekai

Young orphaned girl from Hawaii, and Anchor of her Loop.

Stitch (Experiment 626)

Alien experiment. Friend of Lilo's.

Jumba Jookiba

Resident evil genius, creator of Stitch and the rest of his "cousins".


Originally a Captain in the Galactic Armada, he served as a henchman to Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, in order to retrieve the rest of the Experiments, but returned to the side of good after Hämsterviel fired him.

    Film # 48 — Bolt (2008) 


A stray cat who becomes part of Bolt's team and serves as Anchor for her Loop.


The title character, an actor and stunt dog.

    Film # 49 — The Princess and the Frog (2009) 


Anchor for her Loop.

    Film # 50 — Tangled (2010) 


Disney Princess, and Anchor for her Loop.

Eugene Fitzherbert, a.k.a. Flynn Rider

    Film # 52 — Wreck-It Ralph (2012) 

Wreck-It Ralph

Titular character of his movie and Anchor for its Loop.

Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz

Ralph's friend, honorary Disney Princess.

Fix-It Felix Junior

Sgt. Calhoun

    Film # 53 — Frozen (2013) 


Anchor for the Frozen Loops. It's indicated that he, Elsa and Anna all Awakened at about the same time, as a result of the Crash.

Queen Elsa

Looper from the Frozen Loops.

Princess Anna

Looper from the Frozen Loops.

    Film # 54 — Big Hero 6 (2014) 

Hiro Hamada

Resident Anchor.


Hiro's friend.

  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Baymax started appearing in various Loops prior to Awakening, and somehow has an extra data chip containing information gained from them.

Tadashi Hamada

Honey Lemon / Aiko Miyazaki

Frederick Flamarian "Fred" Frederickson IV


Ethel "Go Go" Tomago / Leiko Tanaka

    Film # 55 — Zootopia (2016) 

Judy Hopps

Police officer and resident Anchor.

  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: She always plays Good Cop to Nick's Bad, on the grounds that "I'm a terrible 'Bad Cop'!"

Nick Wilde

Fox, Judy's partner.

  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: He tends to get assigned as Bad Cop (because Judy's terrible at that role)... but also tends to play it as "(insert rhyme with Bad)" Cop instead, much to Judy and Chief Bogo's frustration.

    Film # 56 — Moana (2016) 

Moana of Motonui

Chief's daughter and Anchor of her Loop.


Shapeshifting demigod.


    Toy Story (1995) 

Sheriff Woody Pride

Andy Davis's beloved 1950s pull-string cowboy doll; resident Anchor.

Buzz Lightyear

Film deuteragonist. Regularly switches between the Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Loops, serving as Anchor for the latter (though there are unconfirmed rumors that the other Buzz is a separate Looper).

    A Bug's Life (1998) 


Resident Anchor.

Princess Atta

    Monsters, Inc. (2001) 

Mike Wazowski

A round, one-eyed ball of a monster, and resident Anchor.

James P. "Sulley" (or sometimes "Sully") Sullivan

    Finding Nemo (2003) 


Son of Marlin. Resident Anchor.


Nemo's dad.

    The Incredibles (2004) 

Bob Parr / Mr. Incredible

Superhero and resident Anchor.

Helen Parr / Elastigirl

Superhero, Bob's wife.

    Cars (2006) 

Tow Mater

Resident Anchor, and Lightning McQueen's best friend.

Lightning McQueen

Mater's best friend. Racecar.

    Ratatouille (2007) 


Rat, aspiring chef and resident Anchor.

    WALL•E (2008) 


Resident Anchor.

  • All-Loving Hero: Wall-E is friendly to everyone he meets, and was even willing to forgive Auto for attacking him (along with all the other trouble the pilot caused).
  • Green Thumb: Replaced the title character of The Law of Ueki and gained the power to turn trash into trees, which he uses to great effect on the trash-covered Earth.
  • Nature-Loving Robot: Still has his pet cockroach, and spends most of his loops at home restoring Earth's ecosystem.


Wall-E's girlfriend, a robot designed to bring evidence that Earth can support life again back to the Axiom.

  • Action Girl: Once replaced Trinity from The Matrix, and most of her other swaps fall along the same lines.

Captain McCrea

The captain of the Axiom, he started Looping at an unknown point after EVE but before Auto.

  • Healing Hands: He's picked up a healing spell of some kind by the first time he's seen in the "On Autopilot" arc, which he uses to heal Auto's damaged current body.


The autopilot for the Axiom, Auto acted as a villain in baseline because he was given orders to safeguard humanity, and was bound to fulfill those orders whether the humans wanted him to or not. Awakening, however, allowed him a chance to see a new path.

  • Ace Pilot: As he was built for the task, Auto is one of the best pilots in the Loops, and will replace other aces across the multiverse.
  • The Atoner: After the below realization, Auto apologized to Wall-E close to immediately, and wants to make up for his failings by helping to restore the Earth as well.
  • Heel Realization: Replacing Eve and being sent to Earth was quite the wakeup call for Auto; between witnessing what Wall-E had to live through and finding acres upon acres of plants, he finally figured out Directive A113 and all the things he did in its name were wrong.
  • The Stoic: He's slowly figuring out emotions, but his emoting generally stays far more subdued than Wall-E and Eve's.

    Brave (2012) 


Disney Princess, and resident Anchor.

    Inside Out (2015) 

Riley Andersen

Young girl and resident Anchor. Due to how her Loop works, at least one of her five Emotions is always Awake with her.






Disney Animated Television

     DuckTales (original 1987-1990); (reboot 2017-2021) 

Scrooge McDuck

Donald's maternal uncle and resident Anchor.

     TaleSpin (1990-1991) 

Baloo van Bruinwald

Chief pilot at Higher-For-Hire, and resident Anchor.

Kit Cloudkicker

Baloo's little sidekick.

     Darkwing Duck (1991-1993) 

     Goof Troop (1992; films 1995 and 2000) 

Max Goof

Resident Anchor, son of Goofy.

PJ Pete

Son of the original Pete, Max's best friend.



     Gargoyles (1994-1997) 


Leader of the Manhattan Clan, resident Anchor.

  • Collector of the Strange: He keeps a collection of Vinnie's pie-shooting bazookas.
  • Pie in the Face: It's Gargoyles canon that Goliath gets hit in the face with a banana cream pie (fired via bazooka). In the Loops, it's an unavoidable Running Gag that he gets shot in the face with it at least once a Loop. He finds it annoying, but ultimately harmless (especially compared to the Doctor getting shot by a Dalek and forcing a Regeneration), and is willing to let bygones be bygones... even when it happens multiple times in one Loop.


Elder and advisor of the Clan; former leader before retiring in favor of Goliath.


Second of the Manhattan Clan and one of the Trio.


One of the Trio. Biological son of Hudson (though neither knows or cares in canon).


Smallest of the Trio, a technical wizard.


Gargoyle Beast, serves as a "pet" for the Clan.

  • Uplifted Animal: In canon, he is of dog-like intelligence and only speaks in barks and growls. In Loop 11.8, it's revealed he's since Replaced Scooby-Doo in a Loop and is now an Intellectual Animal who can speak English.

Elisa Maza

The clan's human friend, a Manhattan police officer and romantic interest for Goliath.

David Xanatos

Billionaire responsible for breaking the Magus' spell over the Gargoyles. Determined, practical and brilliant, he spent much time as an antagonist to the Clan, but eventually became something of an ally.


Former second of the Avalon Clan, now part of the Manhattan Clan and mate of Broadway. Biological daughter of Goliath and Demona.

     Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series (1996-1997) 


Resident Anchor, a Saurian warlock with a dry sense of humor and servant of the evil Lord Dragaunus, though the latter disdains Wraith's conviction in the dark magic of their ancestors.

  • The Dog Bites Back: Disposing of his boss during the Crisis was partially out of revenge, and also that he would almost certainly snap if forced to put up with Dragaunus being dismissive of him for eternity.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: The justification he will give to others if pressed about killing Dragaunus during the Crisis, since it would be very likely for the overlord to try Ascending. The truth's a little more complicated, as noted above...
  • Fiery Stoic: Wraith was generally the calmest of the Saurians in Baseline, Looping pushes him further in this direction.
  • Magic Staff: Still has the one with the Duck skull on it, though he will switch it for others from his Pocket if he's planning on being around the living team of Ducks for long.

Phil Palmfeather

Manager for the Mighty Ducks hockey team.

Duke l'Orange

A former jewel thief and the team's center on the ice. Spent some time stealth-Looping before being exposed.

  • The Lancer: Ends up being this for Wraith almost as much as he does for Wildwing, usually by smoothing things over between the more morally upright or combative Ducks and the Anchor.
  • Magic Knight: Picked up Red Mage weapons and skills from Eorzea.

Mallory McMallard

A former member of the Puckworld Special Forces and the team's right wing on the ice.

Tanya Vanderflock

A technical genius and the team's left defense on the ice.

  • Combat Medic: It doesn't matter if there's pucks or laserfire flying overhead, she will go charging in to help the injured.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: With little more than a set of Saurian energy notations, she managed to get her supercomputer Drake 1 to track magic.

Nosedive Flashblade

Youngest member of the team and their left wing on the ice.

  • Fluffy Tamer: He managed to tame a ferocious alien monster in Baseline, in the Loops he's managed to tame the infamous Cuccos from Hyrule.

     Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000-2001) 

     W.I.T.C.H. (2004-2006; comics 2001-2012) 

     Kim Possible (2002-2007) 

Kim Possible (Anchor)

  • If It's You, It's Okay: Kim's generally straight, but as noted in Loop 19.9, if the girl is a gender-bent Ron, she'll make an exception.

Ron Stoppable



Dr. Drakken

     American Dragon: Jake Long (2005-2007) 

Jake Long (Anchor)

     Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015; spinoff 2016-ongoing) 

Perry the Platypus/Agent P

Silent Snarker and resident Anchor.

Phineas Flynn

Ferbs "Ferb" Fletcher

Candace Flynn

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Baljeet Tjinder

Buford van Stomm

Major Francis Monogram

Carl Karl

Linda Flynn-Fletcher

Candace and Phineas's mother, and Ferb's stepmother.

     Gravity Falls (2012-2016) 

Dipper Pines

Anchor for the Gravity Falls Loops. Part-time demon, part-time human, all time mystery-solver and investigator of the strange.

  • Crazy-Prepared: He keeps a copy of a computer virus known as the "Alcor Virus" in his Pocket, which combines magic with computer coding to produce a nigh-unstoppable virus.
  • Oh, Crap!: He has a moment of this when he winds up in a Reverse Falls Loop and Mabel's not Awake (meaning that her unAwake self is a total Psychopathic Womanchild).
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He's apparently Looped into the Transcendence AU many times in the past, and kept his powers from it, basically giving him a demonic Super Mode as Alcor — while all of the other Gravity Falls Loopers also have the same abilities, he's got them to a much greater extent and is far more skilled. In most Gravity Falls Loops, Dipper's barely entered puberty.

Mabel Pines

Dipper's twin sister, and the first Looper from his universe besides him.

Stanley "Stan" Pines

Stanford "Ford" Pines

Wendy Corduroy

Jesus "Soos" Ramirez

Pacifica Northwest

  • Beast Master: During a loop where all zodiac members got powers based on their symbols, Pacifica gained powers over animals.
  • Break the Cutie: In her very first loop, she ends up getting possessed by Bill and dying.

Fiddleford McGucket

Robbie Valentino

Gideon Gleeful

Bill Cipher

One of the most powerful non-Looping entities known in Yggdrasil, Bill Cipher is Loop Aware due to a Soul Bond/magical spell he invented known as the TriNet, which also allows him to recall his actions from previous Loops by reading info from the minds of Loopers the spell spreads to, making him a pseudo-Looper.

  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: The only reason the Admins haven't removed the Tri-Net spell is because it's stabilizing Yggdrasil, and the Loopers can use it for their own benefits to send mental "e-mail" even if they're not in the same Loop (Tri-Net spreads to Looper minds, and Bill is the "server/heart" of the spell the info passes through). It's also made clear to Bill and everyone else, however, that if he doesn't play along, Tri-Net will be removed for good.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Even in canon, he was this. It's the only reason he can handle the massive influx of data from the Tri-Net.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Occurring very slowly, but occurring.

     Sofia the First (2012-2018; spinoff 2016-ongoing) 

Princess Sofia (Anchor)

     Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (AKA Miraculous Ladybug for short; 2015-ongoing) 

Marinette Dupain-Cheng / Ladybug

Resident Anchor, a teenage girl and aspiring fashion designer who lives with her parents over a successful Parisian bakery. She's also the hero Ladybug.

Adrien Agreste / Cat Noir

Marinette's partner in heroing, a teenage boy and model who lives with his father, fashion designer Gabriel Agreste — who's also secretly the supervillain Hawk Moth.

  • Pungeon Master: Still makes incredibly lame puns, and if Marinette's reactions are anything to go by, he's gotten worse.


The loop-Aware Kwami of Creation, she enables Marinette to transform into the hero Ladybug.


The loop-Aware Kwami of Destruction, he enables Adrien to transform into the hero Cat Noir.

  • Troll: If anything, he's only gotten worse.

Alya Césaire / Rena Rouge

Marinette's best friend and aspiring reporter, she runs the Ladyblog, dedicated to all news about the Miraculous wielders.

  • My God, What Have I Done?: She does not take it well when Marinette and Adrien show her some of her less than savory behaviors later in the series. She even claims that she's a bad friend, although Marinette assures her that she's a great friend.
  • Resist the Beast: She manages to fight Hawkmoth off when he attempts to turn her into an Akuma based around her desire to know why time is looping.
  • Squee!: How she reacts when she realizes that Marinette and Adrien are superheroes.

Nino Lahiffe

A close friend of Marinette, Adrien's best friend and aspiring DJ.

  • I Never Said It Was Poison: Pulls this on Alya and himself, asking her if she remembers getting locked in a komodo dragon cage with him. She corrects him that it was a panther cage, confirming to both of them that the other is aware of the time loop.
  • Official Couple: With Alya.

     Star vs. The Forces of Evil (2015-2019) 

Marco Diaz (Anchor)

Star Butterfly



     Billy Dilley's Super Duper Subterranean Summer (2017) 

     The Owl House (2020-Ongoing) 

Disney live-action television

     The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005- 2008 / 2008-2011) 

Zack and Cody Martin

Twin brothers who live in the Tipton Hotel in Boston.

     Pair of Kings (2010-2013) 

Mikayla Makoola

Anchor and sole looper.

  • Knife Nut: Wields a machete.
  • Tempting Fate: In Loop 42.9, she states she's exhausted every possibility... and then Zack and Cody fall out of the sky.

Other settings

     Paperinik New Adventures ( 1969 comic book; ongoing) 

     Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( 1988 film) 

Eddie Valiant

Hardboiled detective and resident Anchor.

Roger Rabbit

     The Nightmare Before Christmas ( 1993 animated film) 

Jack Skellington

Anchor for the The Nightmare Before Christmas Loop. Friendlier than his appearance would suggest.


Jack's girlfriend, a rag doll monster created by Dr. Finkelstein.

Oogie Boogie

"A gambling boogie man" and living bag of bugs, he awakened from the Kingdom Hearts branch as a result of the Crisis Across Infinite Loops.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: After seeing his film incarnation's behavior, Looping!Oogie's reply is "Ain't no way, ain't no how, I ever want to do somethin' like that guy did! There's no sport to it! I like givin' em a chance! Even if it don't work out for me."
  • Other Me Annoys Me: More like "other me freaks me out", since Looping!Oogie is trembling in fear after seeing him in the movie.

     Pirates of the Caribbean ( 2003 film series) 

Captain Jack Sparrow

Anchor for the Pirates of the Caribbean Loop. Notorious pirate, and scoundrel, suffering from permanent rum deficit.

  • Achievements in Ignorance: He manages to dodge Saitama's punches by complete accident. In general, Jack's likely doing this... probably.
  • Animorphism: In a Loop where he replaced Sirius Black, he was an animagus that could become a pink elephant.
  • Badass Normal: Managed to take on Nightmare Moon in an Equestria Loop, and walked away from it.
  • Confusion Fu: How he survived Nightmare Moon, by being Jack.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Thanks to a One Piece Loop, he acquired a Devil Fruit that didn't exist in canon — the Sake Sake no Mi, or Rum-Rum Fruit, a Logia that allows him to create, control and transform into an alcoholic beverage. He mainly uses it for drinking rather than fighting.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Pirate. Managed to steal everything Prince Blueblood had in an Equestria Loop, helped by no small amount of charm, lies, misdirection and rum.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Unwittingly did this to himself when he drank to the point where he forgot about getting the Speech about the Loops from his Admin. Poseidon then pulled a few strings and arranged for him to loop into Equestria and get it a second time.
  • No Sense of Direction: Ponyville isn't anywhere near the ocean. Jack just wandered into Nightmare Moon by mistake.
  • Obfuscating Insanity: Maybe. It's hard to tell with Jack.

Joshamee Gibbs

William "Will" Turner II

Elizabeth Swann Turner

     Mary Poppins ( 2004 musical) 

Jane Banks

Eldest of the Banks siblings and resident Anchor.

Michael Banks

Jane's younger brother.

     National Treasure ( 2004 film) 

     Sky High ( 2005 film) 

William Theodore "Will" Stronghold

Son of the Commander and Jetstream, a young hero-in-training who inherited both his parents' powers, though he was unaware until the events of the film.

  • Crazy-Prepared: After W.I.T.C.H!Will told him she was going to do Gwen's original plan, Will Stronghold bought things such as security systems to keep an eye on her. It didn't work one bit.
  • Flying Brick: Still has his super-strength and flight
  • Oh, Crap!: When he realizes what Will Vandom's up to
  • Out-Gambitted: Will Vandom went ahead and scanned and made copies of the pacifier meaning Will's security features were all for naught.
  • Out of Focus: Only showed up in a Fused Loop between Sky High and W.I.T.C.H.

     Percy Jackson (AKA the "Riordanverse", 2005-ongoing book series) 

Perseus "Percy" Jackson

Demigod son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon. Anchor for the entire universe, from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus and The Trials of Apollo to The Kane Chronicles and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Magnus Chase

Demigod and later Einherjar son of Frey and mortal Natalie Chase.


A dwarf in the employ of Mimir.


An elf in the employ of Mimir.

Samirah al-Abbas

Demigod and later Valkyrie daughter of Loki.


     Tomorrowland ( 2015 film) 

Frank Walker

A middle-aged man who encountered the promise of Tomorrowland before being kicked out by Nix as a young boy. He Anchors the Loop.

Casey Newton

A teenage girl who sets out to find out the truth about Tomorrowland after receiving a vision of it from touching a 1964 World's Fair Vintage Pin.