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This character sheet is for The Descendants. It's under construction, but trust us, if it's ever complete, it's going to be HUGE.

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     The Descendants 

Laurel Brant / Codex

The strategic planner of the group and provider of any occasional tech the group needs, either from her own creations or Screw the Rules, I Have Money! courtesy of her rich father.

Alexis Keyes / Darkness

A former teacher at the Super Hero School run by the Big Bad, she Academy with the ability to exude a substance called dark heat, which can allow her to fly, blast it offensively, and turn invisible.

Ian Smythe / Chaos

Laurel and Alexis's friend from their Academy days with control over the density of fluid matter. He becomes a mentor to the younger, fledgling heroes and unofficial co-leader of the team.

Warrick Kaine / Alloy

A metal controller freed from Academy experiments by the previous three, along with Cyn, Melissa and Kareem, he is the straight man for Cyn. Along with Cyn, he is one of the first to decide to use their powers for good and become superheroes.

Cynthia McAllister / Facsimile

A self proclaimed 'consummate shapeshifter' (check out all the ShapeshiftingTropes) whose opinionated, impatient nature is the catalyst for a number of the group's adventures.

Juniper Taylor / Zero

The Sixth Ranger, introduced in the third issue, Juniper has the power of cold and exhibits lots of Mary Sue qualities, something she is mercilessly mocked for by Cyn.

Kareem Utt / Ephemeral

Melissa Forrester / Hope

Lisa Ortega / Occult

  • The Chosen One: The Book of Reason has picked her and Laurel.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Technically, the descendant's powers should be considered Magic A and Lisa's magic Magic B. Her magic has rules. It's an inherited ability activated by coming into contact with magic.
  • Magical Foreign Words: Spanish, in keeping with Lisa's hispanic heritage.
  • Sixth Ranger: Even though the descendants are seven already, Lisa's focus on the magical world and later inclusion into the squad makes her this. She also has her own backup squad in the Magi Club 5 in Fredericksburg.

Christina 'Tink' Carlyle/ Renaissance

Callie Kreiger/ Vamanos

     Supporting Characters 

Kay Greycloud

  • Kid Sidekick: She's not a kid, being the same age as Lisa but she takes her job as a sidekick very seriously. She gives Lilly a well deserved What the Hell, Hero? speech after the Halloween attack on what a sidekick's job is.
  • Secret Keeper: She was initially one for just Lisa, later for all of the Descendants.
  • Useless Accessory: The keyboard. She uses her power to imitate the keyboard sound and pretends to play it.

JC Slate

  • Heroic BSoD: Has a mini one after he realises that his best friend has been Alloy and lied to him for around two years.
  • Secret Keeper: For The Descendants.


General Lewis Armstrong Pratt

Alan Roschard / The Whitecoat

Liedecker Institute

The Kin

Zero Point

Emily Chamberlain/ Majestrix


Vincent Liedecker

Brother Wright

  • Batman Gambit: Once purposefully ruined a major operation under Project Tome in order to buy off the scientists when the rats fled the sinking ship.
  • The Chessmaster: He routinely plays stronger villains for what he wants.

Latonya Wilkins / Shine


Aces High

Simon Talbot

Project TOME

The Sineaters / Adriel

  • Western Terrorists: Have a lot of similarities they're Religious extremists, except their religion is Christianity.


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