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The characters features in The Death Series are as follows:

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The protagonists of the series. The souls of the deceased from different backgrounds, this group of unlikely heroes have been tasked to complete the 100 Trials of the Afterlife in order to be granted access to heaven.

General Tropes assosiated with these characters:

Jigrumth the Tall

A former member of an ancient Norse warrior tribe before he was killed in battle. Jigrumth now takes part in thee Trials hoping that they will bring him one step closer to Valhalla.

Johnny Nitro

A professional stuntman and thrillseeker, Johnny met his end when one of his more elaborate stunts got out of hand and resulted in his death. Despite this, being dead hasn't phased him much, as he now looks forward to taking on the challenge of the 100 Trials.

Eix Xie

A manufacturer of leather pants, Eix was killed when he was mistaken for a monster and poisoned. The whole incident has left him rather bitter, as you would expect. He now assists the others in completing the 100 Trials.

Kylie Sten

At first glance, one may get the impression that Kylie was just an innocent little girl. In reality, she is a deranged serial killer who was spoiled rotten by her rich parents, who were blissfully unaware of her ruthless behavior. She died in a limosine accident and is now another participant in the Trials.


A kitten who died when he was thrown the window of the higest floor of the Sears tower. He was somehow able to learn how to speak English from listening to the people inside the building talk on the way down. He is now another member of the group hoping to complete the Trials.


An enigmatic man who, while alive, had the ambition of becoming a farmer. This changed, however, when he was shot by a group of thugs tresspassing on his property. Now his only goal is completing the Trials, just like everyone else.

  • Anti-Hero: Type III-ish.
  • Berserk Button: In his backstory, he mentions killing one of the burglars that attacked him on his property...because they trampled on one of his plants.
  • Blood Knight: While he's much more subtle and restrained than Kylie, Forest still makes it clear that he enjoys what he does. Back when he was a farmer, he'd even practice using his scythe as if it were a weapon.
  • Call to Agriculture: Before he died, anyways.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Most likely due to the circumstances that led up to his death, he freezes up just from hearing one.
  • Flash Step: His "blink" ability.
  • Good Is Not Nice
  • “The Reason You Suck” Speech: He calls out Vicente on his own cowardice and hypocrisy while trying to convince him to not kill himself. It works.
  • Sinister Scythe
  • The Stoic: Possibly a result of him losing his heart upon arriving in the afterlife.
  • The Sixth Ranger
  • Tranquil Fury: Since he claims that his loss of his heart has left him incapable of showing actual emotion, this is the closest he can get to being actually angry.

Ludwig von Schädel

The main group's guide sent to assist them in completing the Trails. Ludwig can be uptight and snobbish at times, but he is willing to lend a skeletal hand when neccesarry.

Jorgan Erkel

A hip geek from The '90s who committed suicide due to the hype of Y2K.

Riley Smith

A writer who was killed under mysterious circumstances during his town's annual "Zombie Walk". Unlike the other souls, Riley is convinced that he is not actually dead and that he was sent to the afterlife by mistake. Since then he has been in constant denial about his death and is only participating in the Trials because they might help prove that he is alive.

Elizabeth Delfi

A young woman from the 1600's who was executed after being accused of witchcraft. Being something of a loner, Elizabeth had completed twelve trials on her own before being reassigned and forced to join the other Newlydeads, much to her annoyance.


A later addition to the Newlydeads. Patrick was an artifact hunter who "died" after he accidentally triggered an artifact that separated his soul from his body. Not a traditional death, but either way his soul wound up in the afterlife.

Dyana Raine

A former Monster Hunter and cast member of the Monster Mashers TV show, Dyana was one of the last members to leave the show after its decline in popularity, and the only readon she had to leave was because she died. Having some of her friendly monster companions getting destroyed along with her, she can now temporarily borrow their abilities in combat in the afterlife.


     Supporting Cast 


The ferryman of the Afterlife, it is Charon's duty to deliver the souls who manage to reach the river Styx to the King and Queen so they can be assigned their trials. He is currently composing a petition to change the name of the River Styx to the River Aerosmith. Also one of The Seven Masters, who specializes in exploiting his opponent's weak points.

King Schrodinger

The King of the Land of the Dead, and the one reponsible to assigning trials to the deceased. He is described as being a large, jovial man, who appears to be rather upbeat despite having to deal with dead people all day long.

Queen Veronica

The wife of King Schrodinger and Queen of the Land of the Dead. The duties of the two rulers are often divided equally, with Veronica also reponsible for assigning trials. Unlike her husband, she appears to be much more stoic and cynical, given her line of work.


The daughter of Shrodinger and Veronica. She is six years old and her favorite color is pink.

Death Himself

The slayer of kings, the end of gods, and the player of children's games, Death Himself is the one responsible for sending the dead to the Land of the Dead.


One of the many minor Deaths serving under Death Himself. Langston first met the protagonists when they ended up saving the life of someone who was scheduled to die, and as retribution he decided to have them walk a mile in his shoes.

Albert Circlesmith

The second Master who taught the Newlydeads how to work together. He is a ghost that possessed a suit of armor to avoid going to the Land of the Dead.


Gregory and Herbert

Two semi-incompetent bank robbers who were caught and turned in by the heroes as one of their first Trials. Unknown to the heroes, the criminal duo are actually part of a mysterious woman's secret agenda...


A gorilla, apparently trained in the use of firearms.

Jack Turbo

An ex-stuntman, he holds a grudge against Johnny for constantly overshadowing him. After Johnny got killed, Jack gave up on trying to beat him and turned to a life of crime after fusing his motorcycle to his body.

Sergio Segale

A senior member of the Segale Family (read: mafia) with a mysterious agenda. His moustache would like to be acknowledged as well.

Maximillion Lannister

A businessman who became incredibly rich in just six months. Suspected of being a psychic, the heroes were sent to negotiate with him so he'd register with Interplanar Affairs. After his initial defeat, he returns stripped ofboth his psychic powers and his fortune. Blaming the Newlydeads for his loss, he assembles Jack, Mungo and the Segales to form a Legion of Doom to get back at them.

Vicente Viciousse

A professional assassin hired by the mysterious woman to kill Gregory and Herbert.

     Minor Characters 

Characters with only one or two appearances in the series and no seriously important far.

Demi Armstrong

A mortal girl with the ability to see ghosts. For some reason the mafia appears to be after her, resulting in one of the souls' trials to be to prevent her assassination.

Askalaphos, a.k.a. Ask

The gardener of the Land of the Dead. He's also in charge of taking care of the livestock. Has quite the accent.


A young up-and-coming superheroine who also goes by the name of her alter ego, Ray. One of the Newlydeads' trials was to help her in becoming a more successful hero by defeating Agon.


Another superhero and Renée's unofficial rival. A narcisstic brute with a penchant for hogging the spotlight, The Newlydeads secretly help Reneé defeat him in a public duel.


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