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The initial protagonists of The Dark Age. The Resistance is a band of misfits with one goal in mind: to dethrone the tyrant Matthew Schueren, and restore peace and order to the United States. However, they soon find themselves having to deal with other problems as Bloods takes power.

The Resistance is officially disbanded by Finch after Bloods' ascent to power.

     Founding Members 
The founding members of the Resistance.

The group as a whole

Majin Tobias

Majin was a charcoal-skinned humanoid creature with a metal right arm and Goku-style black hair. One of his most notable traits was that the whites of his eyes were red, and he had no pupils.Majin was the founder of the Resistance, and he was also the first to be killed.

Sky Turbine

One of the founding members, and the second leader of the Resistance. Sky is charismatic, quick-witted, and humorous. As his name suggests, he's primarily an aeromancer.

Edwin Stormcrusher

One of the founding members - a guy with blue paint smeared over his face.


One of the founding members - an orphan who was brought up by a ninja. Thus, he knows ninjutsu and is adept at stealth. He is primarily a pyromancer, and uses blades of fire to take his enemies down.


Sky's girlfriend; one of Schueren's elites who provided information to the Resistance's founding members. She was killed in the same battle that killed Majin. She mainly used water, and was an adept healer.


     Resistance Lieutenants 


The stoic, no-nonsense owner of a bar. His bar serves as a meeting place for Resistance soldiers.

  • Cool Sword: Has one called "Widowmaker".
  • Extreme Doormat: Very passive. Though he does have a cautious side, and that's pretty much it.
    • He had no aims or goals in life until he ran into the Resistance.

Felix Dimasalang

The Resistance's chief healer. Felix is a pacifist who has practically no offensive magic. He only uses healing and defensive magic, and despises conflict.

Felix can also body-hop; this allows him to reincarnate after death in a different body, effectively making him immortal.

  • Actual Pacifist: If you don't include his body-hopping.
  • Establishing Character Moment: When Matthew Schueren invades Finch's bar. Felix jumps in the middle of the fray and begins to give Schueren a lecture on being a better leader. Schueren replies by teleporting his heart outside of his chest.
  • Healing Hands
  • Grand Theft Me: His body-hopping power is basically this. He is aware of this, and has created a dimension of peace and happiness for those souls to go to while he's busy getting killed in their body.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: Due to his reckless pacifist tendencies, he ends up dead a LOT. (at least once per chapter). Luckily, he always returns.

Ardan Sphynx Farante

Ardan is a commanding officer in the Resistance. He is a light-manipulator, but is also adept at illusions. He can create illusionary clones that act similar to the "shadow clones" in Naruto.

     Resistance Soldiers 

Logan Reeves

Logan is the protagonist of the novel; he's a street urchin whose mother is dead and father is insane. He's not the best at magic initially, but Sky sees potential in the guy and sends Valence to recruit him. Sky is convinced that he's The Chosen One and is going to make everything right, which befuddles Logan to no end.


A mercenary with no magic. Gruff, apathetic, and a heavy smoker. Logan sees Valence as one of his closest friends; Valence doesn't return the feelings.

  • Hired Guns: A literal example. His weapon of choice is an energy pistol.
  • Jerkass: One of the biggest ones in this series.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Let's see. This guy is exiled by his people and treated like an outcast for practically his entire life. His dad's a wanted criminal and his mom was killed while he was young. He has one very close friend who he can open up to, but she's dead. Frankly, he has an excuse to be a Jerkass.
  • Only in It for the Money
  • Professional Killer
  • The Symbiote: Has a parasite attached to him that can take control at any time.
  • The Woobie

Tasar Calaedir

A simple-minded Resistance soldier who accompanies Logan on his hostage-freeing mission. He is a short, blonde-haired normal person, and his weapon of choice is a sword almost as tall as he is.

Dr. Mercha Raja

A goofy scientist with a good sense of humor and a bad taste in puns. Mercha controls fear; he can make people afraid by looking at them or hitting them with his scythe. He's also an experienced shapeshifter, which he uses to screw with his teammates' heads.


A low-ranking soldier who's a pseudo-water elemental.

R-752 (codenamed Geno)

A robot created by NeoChaos to serve as Valence's partner. Geno hosts a plethora of hidden weapons.

Johnson Hsiung

A Resistance soldier who is never seen without his Shiba Inu, Cookie.

Dante Bleu

A rookie Resistance soldier.

  • Flight
  • New Meat: Is implied to have been recruited right after Logan.
  • Red Shirt: His only purpose is to add mass to the Resistance's numbers.
  • We Hardl Y Knew Ye: Introduced in the attack on Trinus, but is then hit by a piece of rubble in midair and crushed by a building.

Jorne Xerne Mataku (aka "JX")

A Resistance soldier who is on Valence's squad when Logan is recruited. JX is a pink-haired, foul-mouthed teenager who can use his "Air Runner" shoes to run on water…or air. Which is honestly pretty useless.

  • Body Horror: Dark apparently sewed his mouth shut after people got sick of his cussing. He was unaware that Jorne could talk without using his mouth.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Ray shocks him with enough force that he explodes, sending blood and flesh all over the surrounding area. It's so bad it reminds Logan of Sky, whose body was mutilated beyond recognition.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Happens at least once per chapter that he's in.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Averted; he's later mentioned by Twardowski, and is never truly forgotten.
  • Red Shirt: In a way.
  • Sir Swearsalot
  • Useless Superpowers: It would be much more useful if it was flying, but…walking on air? Really?


A mysterious Resistance operative with no hair and purple skin. He has a serious god complex problem, and he is always levitating over everyone else. He could inflict paralysis on his enemies.

  • The Driver
  • God Guise: Somewhat, thanks to his god complex.
  • Too Dumb to Live: When Bloods ascends to the throne, he feels like another god is trying to take his place, so he tries to take on the god-like prime minister in a one-on-one duel. Guess how well that goes.
  • The Paralyzer


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