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Characters / The Dark Age Bloods And His Elites

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Bloods is Canada's power-hungry prime minister. When he gets his hands on the White Crystal, he absorbs its power and practically becomes a god. He is protected by an enormous Cult that worships him, and several Generals that do his bidding.

During Bloods' coma, the Generals took center stage and acted as "gods for a day" while he was away.

     Bloods and his original staff members 


  • Freudian Excuse: 81 assassination attempts were made on him - some by his own family - before he snapped, murdered his entire family, and ascended to power in the Canadian government.
  • President Evil: Prime minister of Canada, uses his reputation to seize power.


A bloodthirsty dragon and a war hawk.


  • Badass Pacifist: Despises conflict, and even helped out the Resistance when they attacked the floating city.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: He's the good to Rai's bad.
  • Evil Chancellor: Inverted; he's the good chancellor to Bloods, the corrupt prime minister.
  • Irony: He's a pacifist demon.



     The Four Generals and their minions 

Limus, the First General

The First General; a handsome young man with white hair and a blue cloak. He is cunning, sneaky, and underhanded, and specializes in illusions.

Infernus, the Second General

A grizzled war veteran with a red cloak, and an absurdly powerful mage. He is hot-headed and hasty, and prefers a more direct approach to things.

Kuz'apt, the Third General

The stoic, soft-spoken general with a white cloak. The only female one. Good at chess.

Uook, the Fourth General

The independent, humorous general. Likes to make jokes and bad puns. Kinda misses his old life.


Infernus' servant; a young woman with indigo hair, thin glasses, and an enormous scythe.


Kuz'apt's servant; a martial arts guy.


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