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Characters / The Creepy Teen Years

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    The SOF Brigade 

The Main cast and focus of the Series, they're often enough at the center of what disaster, Giant Monster attack or small war happens to be happening this week.


the "Leader" of the SOF Brigade. The Other Characters hang out with him for no known reason.


The only Sane man/woman of the group. Tends to Change gender depending on the episode.


Probably the youngest. A Red Blooded American. Much to everyone's displeasure. Has what is probably the most normal home life of the SOF Brigade. Despite pretty much everything.


The Token Brit and the Resident Buttmonkey. He's in a relationship with Othyrsyde.


The normal one. Nothing really strange about him, and he seem to try and keep a cool head about things.So far.
  • Ambiguously Jewish: not that they'll come out and directly say it, but after putting everything together it's really clear.
    • All Jews Are Cheapskates: The SOF brigade's bookkeeper, and pretty good at the job. Took offense to this implication when first offered the position though.
    • His mother never refers to him by name. (It's an exaggeration of an old joke.)
    • Yiddish as a Second Language: Normally uses very few Yiddishisms, but it comes out in stressful situations.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: He can accept What Lord_Roem, Catboy, Othyrsyde, Ynnead and ....Whatever Fenrir Is but has trouble believe what Evilprodigy is.
  • Ascended Extra: his first appearance was as a throwaway Gag in Season 1. he became a Main Character in Season 2.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Implied to still hold his spot as #1 in the Association of Badasses.
  • Catchphrase: What.
  • Casual Danger Dialog: on several occasions including "The Beast and The Blue."
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: by simply surviving this long, he is now able to dodge bullets.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Has some experience operating a Tank, as established in FIELD TRIP, which later comes in useful in 2x11.
    • Now if the cooking and Knife fighting account for anything, will it be a trifecta?
  • Combat Pragmatist: His fight with Imperialvienna involves kicking him in the groin to disrupt the laser codpiece.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Same as SomethingNow.
  • Dare to Be Badass: Nothingnow joins the School's Association of Badasses to become Number one.
  • Distaff Counterpart: SomethingNow. No real difference.
  • Genre Savvy: Eventually becomes this.
  • The Hero: more-or-less fits the role.
  • Laser Blade: Gets one in "BREAK THROUGH THE DREAM, Part II". He is very disappointed that it is not Purple
    • After Reality resets itself, it does become Purple
  • Last of His Kind: Along with Somethingnow, he is the last remaining Nothingnow In the Multiverse.
  • Made of Iron: He's regularly kicked off the roof of the building to no real effect, (although he does complain about it being painful,) then got shot in the shoulder and had to think about if he's been shot before. It's the closest thing he has to any sort of unusual ability.
    • Blood loss will still do him in though. Even if he doesn't notice it until someone points it out.
    • currently, he has survived being kicked off a Roof multiple times, shot through the shoulder, mauled by Honey Badgers, stepped on 20+ Landmines, nearly being blasted by a Kill Sat, and nearly getting his heart torn out.
  • Official Couple: with Alt!Ynnead.
  • Parental Abandonment: Lives alone, but apparently on good enough terms with his mother.
    • Makes sense, since she's a Pirate Queen. Imagine the commute otherwise.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Picks one up and Joined the Battle against the Australians as the Engineer.
  • The Stoic: He tries to be this, and fails when shit really hits the fan. It's more like he has Nerves of Steel. Considering the situation he's in, this is not entirely unexpected.
  • Unfazed Everyman: until he went native.


Sort of there.No one really knows why.


The only The First major Female character. She's probably the most Sane out of the group, although that's not saying much. She's usually the most level headed out of the group.


the Winner of the contest to find a new member.


The ponified version of the character was forced to join in the aftermath of the failed Pony invasion.Only Tropes applying to this version of the Character should be put here.



The Chemistry teacher. British and somewhat mad.a Group of Alternate Dimensional Thandes show up later to take something from the school.


Another Teacher, and fills in on occasion as an Assistant Principal, along with WARD. Surprisingly badass.


The Map instructor. somewhat of a LARGE HAM. Becomes the Principal in the Future.


A Teacher.Tends to pop out of random things.


The Ronald Reagan Instructor. He's also obsessed with The Beatles. He Tolerates the SOF brigade, but will ignore them if he has to. Becomes one of the Vice Principals in the future


A Manipulative Canadian, becomes the club sponsor of the SOF Brigade in Season three.


The School nurse.


The Gym Teacher from Hell. and still is, years later


The Principal and founder of the school, and one of the people who made cross-time travel common.
  • The Dreaded: simply showing up made Princess Rainbow Sparkle willing to negotiate.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Fenrir refers to him as the personification of the Hanged King.


One of the Janitors, and a former Falafel delivery boy, hired after the Giant Salamander ate some of his predecessors. Likely massively overqualified for the position.


The Metal/Wood shop teacher.

Princess Rainbow Sparkle

The Leader of the Brony horde, she eventually joins the staff teaching the History of Equestria.See Ponies.

    Other Students 

Students, and other people who generally don't fall into the other groups or seem to exist solely to be the butt of a Joke.


A Bit character. His only role seems to be to die. Which is almost every time he appears.


The New Kid.

Mmmeee 0


The Sealions.

A Band, composed of Zacoftheaxes, The Vulture, Snowman 23 and Random Idea Guy.


Your average student. For Whatever reason he lurks the school as the masked Geist.


A student who is best friends with Kome and Lord Vetinari.


Another student who is friends with Augustus Montes and Lord Vetinari

    SOM Brigade 

an alternate Universe counterpart to the SOF brigade.It's members include MDW, ALT!Ynnead, Lady_Roem, Thyssyde, Catgirl, Hecate_Angerboda, Somethingnow, Goodprodigy and Fuschia Red.

Tropes that apply to the group in general:


FDW's counterpart. Unlike FDW she is perfectly Sane.


One of the Many Ynneads of the multiverse. Her name is Jessica.


In Contrast to Catboy, Catgirl is a meme spouting annoyance.


Lord Roem's counterpart
  • Yandere: For Thyssyde and Lord Roem.


Nothingnow's Counterpart.


Fenrir_Angerboda's counterpart.


Othyrsyde's Counterpart.


Evilprodigy's counterpart.

Fuchsia Red

Turquoise Blue's Counterpart, who is also a pony.

    Future Space Children 
Offspring of the major characters who occasionally travel back in time to be Cute and annoying.


Alt!Ynnead and Nothingnow's Future Daughter.

The SOS Brigade.

The Future Version of the Group, now lead by Somethinglater. Consist of Catprodigy, Lord_Syde, Veedok Sigyn and Hati Angerboda.

    The School Association of Badasses 
An organization devoted to proving who's the most badass person in the school.


Evidently the president of the association.

Rank 51: TheUnmentionableSeamammal

See Other Students for tropes

Rank 10: Kome

A world weary member of the association.

Rank 9: Big Tex

Gunslinging member of the Association

Rank 8: Beedok

Another student who appears to be a ninja.

Rank 7: ImperialVienna

One of the Janitors.
  • Clothes Make the Superman: his suit has all his weapons built into it, including lasers, machine guns and more.
  • Groin Attack: His Codpiece shoots lasers. Nothingnow also defeats him by kicking him in the groin while the laser is charging and causing it to self destruct.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: chopped in half by Nothingnow.

Rank 6: Nikky

Former nurse on a Space ship. Now the school Nurse along with David_S_Poepoe.

Rank 5: Imajin

Formerly the Boss of "Catboy Vs the Homage", he has returned from the Dead to bring forth the Zombie Apocalypse.

Rank 4: The Great and Powerful Turquoise Blue

a Stage Magician.

Rank 3: Maccaulay

A Space Marine. He has no idea what's actually going on, and attacks Nothingnow thinking that he is a hostile Alien.

  • Anti-Villain: As mentioned, he has absolutely no idea what's going on. He's just attacking a xenos.
  • Made of Iron: He survived being dropped onto earth from Orbit, and getting Blasted by his own Kill Sat
  • Old Soldier: After his helmet is shattered, we get a look at his heavily weathered face.

Rank 2: Kilngirl

...we're really not sure what she is, only that she's apparently Doctor_What's partner.


the ultimate Badass who is killed off to reveal the true mastermind.


The true mastermind behind "No More Nothingnow". He is an evil alternate version of Nothingnow who wishes to kill all his counterparts and ascend to godhood.


Following the events of "Pony Wars", a group of Ponies have made their new home on campus.

Princess Rainbow Sparkle

The leader of the pony horde.

Hellhound 01

An Earth Pony.


a unicorn Pony.

King Of Malta

A Pegasus Pony

Turquoise Blue

after being brought back to life By Princess Rainbow Sparkle, she assists them in the invasion.


    Other Characters 
Characters who don't quite fit anywhere else.

Lord Wanderlust

A guy with a thing for Magical Girls. Occasionally shows up.

The Ninjas

Lord Wanderlust's two lesbian ninja employees.

Captain Now/"Becca"

NothingNow's mother, and a Pirate.