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Jerry Cornelius

Our main character, though sometimes he takes a background role in his own stories.
  • Action Fashionista/Agent Peacock
  • Anti-Hero: On his good days he's Unscrupulous; usually he's Nominal.
  • Bi the Way
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Jerry loves his sister Catherine (his brother Frank is the other leg in a Sibling Triangle).
    • Parental Incest: He describes himself as "the last of the truly innocent mother-fuckers" in "The Swastika Set-Up". And means it.
  • Crossdresser: Sometimes by choice, sometimes not. Attractive Bent-Gender in either case.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: From time to time.
  • I Let My Sister Die
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  • Musical Assassin: Usually he favors guns of some sort, but Norman Spinrad's "The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde" arms Jerry with an electric violin with built-in amps which make the high notes ultrasonic, the low notes infrasonic, and the audible frequencies suppressed. When Jerry pops in his earplugs and plays various songs (ranging from "Wipeout" to "God Save the Queen") weird things happen to the minds of his audience.
    Seven hundred chanting kindergarten children achieved satori and began to eat a huge American flag drenched in soy sauce.
  • The Pornomancer
  • Significant Monogram
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  • Trickster Archetype: Jerry starts out as Harlequin, but over the course of the first four novels finds that he may be The Fool and finally settles into the role of Pierrot.

Catherine Cornelius

Jerry's beloved sister, and something of a tragic figure.


Frank Cornelius

Jerry's brother, out for what he can get.

Honoria Cornelius

The domineering mother of the Cornelius clan. Survives just about everything life throws at her.

Una Persson

First appearing in A Cure For Cancer, she is a heroic revolutionary and supporter of Jerry.

Miss Brunner

Jerry's opposite number, big on order and authoritarianism (especially in the later stories).

Bishop Beesley

Another of Jerry's enemies, though more greedy and less formidable.

    Other Persons of Interest 
Most of these characters show up in works after The Final Programme. They're listed in alphabetical order rather than order of appearance.

Sebastian Auchinek

A theatrical agent/music producer and sometimes antagonist to Jerry.

Mitzi Beesley

Bishop Beesley's amazingly unpleasant daughter.

"Shaky" Mo(ses) Collier

A drinking (snorting, shooting, smoking) buddy of Jerry's. Also a demolitions expert and sometimes roadie.

"Flash" Gordon Gavin

Professor Hythloday Hira

Spiro Koutrouboussis

Doctor Karen von Krupp

Prinz Lobkowitz

Major Nye

Colonel Pyat


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