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Characters / The Black Coats

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A list of characters that appear in The Black Coats.

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    The High Council 

The council proper fluctuates so at no points where all these people on it at once. Some are killed off and replaced (Like the False Princes), and some where really in charge of other regions outside Paris so don't directly effect the main narrative much at all. And in the chronologically latter stories we see people who rose to prominence after the Glory Days of the Black Coats where over.

Colonel Bozzo-Corona

The Machiavellian Master of The Black Coats.

Lecoq de La Perroere a.k.a Toulonnias-l'Amite

The Colonel's right hand man

Marguerite Sadoulas The Comtesse De Clair

An ambitious Seductive con woman

Compt Corona

Married to The Colonel's Granddaughter

Doctor Samuel

A corrupt Doctor

Abbe Franceschi

A Corrupt Preist


A Pawn Broker


A Doctor of Law

Prince Nicolas

The most prominent of the False princes

Monsieur de Saint-Louis

Another False Prince, appears in The Invisible Weapon

Coriolani Bozzo-Corona

A Grandson of The Colonel who lead a failed rebellion against his Grandfather in Corsica with 3 other High Council members.

Nicholas Smith

  • Bat Family Crossover: Might be the same as the Nick Smith on the Council of The Gentlemen of The Night in The Mysteries of London

An Unamed Preist


Julian Bozzo-Corona

The Colonel's Grandson who killed and replaced him in 1841

Cadet L'Amour

  • The Heavy: For The Cadet Gang.
  • Sociopath: Probably all the High Council members qualify, but only Cadet is specifically defined as one by Brian Stableford in his exposition material that accompanies his Translations.



Annibal Gioja

Saladin, The Sword Swallower

Becomes the leader for a time during the latter years, well after the deaths of The Colonel and Lecoq.


    Other Habits Noirs 

Coyatier The Marchef

The top Assassin of The Black Coats.


A Circus performer and a grunt for The Black Coats




Monsieur Vidoc

A Historical figure, founder of the Surette. Implied to possibly be a Habit Noir or perhaps even an alias of Lecoq in Salem Street.

    Other Characters 

Francesca Comtesse Corona a.k.a. Fanchette

The Colonel's Granddaughter

Andrea Mayonette

The protagonist of the original Novel

Julie Mayonette

Andrea's Wife


Andrea and Julie's son

J.-B. Schwartz

A Banker

  • Ambiguously Jewish: Has a Yiddish Name, and is a Banker. Lecoq once says his family are "Like the Jews" which would imply he's not Jewish, but knowing Paul Féval he was probably just messing with his readers.


Protagonist of Salem Street

Maman Leo

An Animal Tamer, who married Echolat and becomes foster mother to Saladin.


A Circus Strong-Man


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