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Characters / The Aviator

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Titular Character

    Howard Hughes
Portrayed by: Leonardo DiCaprio

The central protagonist of the film, Howard Hughes is an aviation pioneer who suffers from OCD.

  • Byronic Hero: A charismatic male. He charms many women. He is intelligent, sophisticated, and self-centered. He is sensitive and his past (the epidemy in Houston) haunts him. He does not respect the social norms (he spies on his lovers, he bribes the military officers...).
  • Troubled, but Cute: Has severe OCD, a very poor sense of financial responsibility, is an utter control freak, Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking and looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Worthy Opponent: Juan certainly thinks this of Howard, for all his eccentricities and their history as rivals. After his final talk with Howard, he tells Dietrich:
If you let him testify at that hearing, the whole world will see what he's become. They should remember him for what he was.

    Katharine Hepburn 

Portrayed by: Cate Blanchett
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An actress and Hugh's primary love interest.

    Noah Dietrich
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Portrayed by: John C. Reilly

Hugh's chief executive.

    Ava Gardner
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Portrayed by: Kate Beckinsale

An actress and one of Hugh's love interests.

    Senator Owen Brewster
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Portrayed by: Alan Alda

  • Smug Snake: By the time he's deliberately arranging a hotel room to set off Hughes' OCD, you'll hate him just as much as Hughes.

    Professor Fritz
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Portrayed by: Ian Holm


    Juan Trippe