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  • Ascended Extra: In Season 2 he had two appearances as a guest judge, and didn't appear at all in Season 3. In Seasons 4 and 5 however, he largely took over George's role as judge, and has gone on to be a major force on TV alongside his wife Guiliani Rancic, currently starring on Food Network.
  • Flawless Victory: Not quite flawless, given that his bad negotiations played a major part in his team's loss in Week 7, but he was otherwise extremely solid and consistent, and made few mistakes.
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  • Only Sane Man: Among the disorganized mess that was the men's team during the first four weeks, he was the only man who seemed particularly clued-up. Even after the teams were mixed, he was one of the most level-headed candidates.


  • Tragic Mistake: Not firing Omarosa condemned him to certain defeat. Though apparently, he may not have been told that outright firing her was an option...


  • Invincible Hero: Subverted. During the actual tasks there was never any point where it looked like anyone but her would win. She got through to the interviews while winning all but one task (albeit screwing up pretty badly as project manager on the one she lost), but unraveled pretty badly in the actual interviews, and failed to make the final.



  • Pet the Dog: He was the only person (aside from Troy, to an extent) who even vaguely tolerated Sam.
  • Romance on the Set: With Amy, which started fairly early on in the season, though ultimately didn't really go anywhere after it ended.invoked


  • Good Old Boy: Not so much in overall mannerisms, but his distinctive Southern accent was often a useful ice-breaker, especially when Kwame's presentation to Russell Simmons was going down like a lead balloon.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Exemplified when he duped Katrina into taking a smaller and harder to renovate apartment in Week 7.



  • Sacrificial Lion: A consistently strong performer, but late in the season she happened to end up in the same boardroom as Amy, whose track record until that point had been totally flawless, which resulted in Katrina getting fired instead.


  • The Lad-ette: Stood out as being the least lady-like of the women — aside from Omarosa, albeit for completely different reasons — having a much harder personality and less traditionally feminine style.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Was known to drop a Cluster F-Bomb or three per episode.


Also Celebrity Apprentice 1 and All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
  • Breakout Character: Omarosa has become the contestant that is most associated with this show, to the point that Trump is willing to cast her for another 2 seasons of the Apprentice (in addition to the other reality shows she has been to).
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Not nearly in evidence as much as in her Celebrity Apprentice appearances, but she was willing to do anything to secure her survival and make the other candidates look bad.
  • Epic Fail: Her final regular task on the show involved her team selling paintings. Neither Omarosa nor the rest of the team knew anything about art, and they picked a "surreal" artist with artwork that included Squick. They only sold one piece for just over $800, so they unsurprisingly blew it.
  • The Load: She single-handedly destroyed any chance of Kwame winning the final task (though granted, Bill would probably have won anyway).
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: Got hit on the head with a chunk of plaster at a building site during Week 7. A medical examination found nothing wrong with her, but she constantly used it as an excuse to not do any work for the rest of her time on the show. Eventually, Trump got tired of her attempts to use it as a free pass and fired her.


  • Mistaken for Racist: Used the expression "the pot calling the kettle black" during an argument with Omarosa, who promptly accused her of racism. At worst, she was only guilty of poor judgment in using an easily-twisted expression (which actually is a way of calling someone a hypocrite) against the sole black person on her team.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: The first of many people to make the mistake of trying to bring back someone, namely Bill, as an advocate. Not only did Trump not like this, Bill refused to back her up and sided with Nick.


  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Endearingly so at first (and certainly not to anything like the extent that Sam was), but her teammates later got really annoyed. Her infamous "I think we got duped" comment after her last task set off a major Berserk Button for Trump, and, combined with her inhibiting her team, sent her packing.
  • Motor Mouth: The ultimate cause of her downfall. Had she just kept quiet then Katrina would very likely have been fired, but her mouthing off about Katrina's leadership right after the result was announced (which got viewed as disloyal) led directly to her firing.
  • One-Hit Wonder: In-universe; in the second episode she produced one of the best advertising campaigns in the show's run, but other than that was at best unspectacular, and at worst extremely annoying.


  • Nice Girl: While perhaps not to the same extent as Kristi, Jessie really didn't seem to be cut out at all for the cut-throat environment of the show, and just got steamrollered by Omarosa (and to a lesser extent, Heidi) in the boardroom.
  • Not So Above It All: Was ready and willing to throw Kristi under the bus in Week 5, despite Jessie's ideas playing a major part in the team's defeat.


  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Completely averted, a rarity for this show. Jessie suggested the "Divide and Conquer" strategy that caused Protege to crash and burn spectacularly in the Week 5 task, promised to back her up in the boardroom, and yet still blamed everything on Kristi in the boardroom. However, Kristi brought Heidi back instead (along with Omarosa, who was more justifiably brought back), which quickly blew up in her face.
  • Epic Fail: The only project manager in the history of the US edition to cause her team to finish in the red. Technically they would have made a profit of $107... if not for the slight fact of someone (likely Omarosa or Kristi herself) managing to lose $183 in cash, which led to a net loss of $75. This did not make Trump happy, and he noted that Kristi was a star up until this point before firing her.
  • Nice Girl: Kristi is easily one of the sweetest, most good-natured contestants that the show's ever seen. She may have even been a little too nice for her own good, choosing to lead by consensus and taking full responsibility for her team's loss in the fifth task.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Kristi is an incredibly beautiful woman.


  • The Generic Guy: He really didn't stand out in any way, which was a big part of the reason why he was fired. He even acknowledged it.


  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Until Gary Busey came along, he was easily the most bizarre contestant ever to appear on the show. Among his ideas was for him, Troy and David to crawl into the first episode's final boardroom, to show how humble they were (never mind the infamous attempt to sell a glass of lemonade for $1,000, which to his credit, had it been Crazy Enough to Work, would have given the men the win).
  • High Hopes, Zero Talent: It was obvious that he truly, desperately wanted to work for Donald Trump. And it was also obvious that he wouldn't last five minutes if he actually did so. Then again, Sam has gone on to bigger and better things since his appearance on the show, He worked as an auctioneer for a while, and is currently the Vice President of a high-end real estate company in Washington DC.
  • Kubrick Stare: Famously gave Trump one of these after being fired.


  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Nick was the only person on the team who was outright positive about his leadership, but Jason brought him back anyway. He may have thought that Nick would advocate for him to stay over Sam, in which case it would be a very early example of why that's never a good idea since Nick immediately turned on him in the final boardroom.
  • Tragic Mistake: Amidst the all-around Epic Fail that was the men's four-task losing streak at the start of the season, Jason actually did a fairly decent job of leading his team. Unfortunately, he made a colossal screw-up by deciding not to speak to the client or Donny Deutsch before making their advert, and then compounded his mistake by choosing Nick, the only person on the team who really got on with Sam, to accompany them back into the boardroom. He defended this decision in his exit cab interview.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Jason had a good background, but making a critical error regarding the second task short-circuited his time on the show and got him fired from the game after two episodes.


  • Genius Ditz: Very well qualified, including a full medical degree, but that didn't help him any on the show.
  • Red Shirt: He was so far out of his element on the show that it was both funny and kind of tragic.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Did not contribute enough, and his admitting that he couldn't help because sales were not his forte sealed his fate (selling things well is an essential part of this show and Trump's business). He became the very first candidate to be told, "You're Fired!" (which Trump hadn't actually planned on saying), and was kicked off the show at the end of its very first episode.


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