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The Disciples

    In General 

The Disciples in general

  • Catchphrase: "For all mankind."
  • The Needs of the Many: How their society works. Unlike the "selfish" love that the rest of humanity practices, which prioritizes the needs of an individual and those they care about, the Disciples believe in loving all of humanity equally and therefore they won't put the needs of themselves or any one person over the greater good for humanity.
  • Technologically Advanced Foe: Easily the most technologically advanced faction seen on the show. Since they have been preparing for the "Last War" for all of their existence the Disciples have highly advanced weaponry and equipment such as energy guns and suits that reflect light in such a way as to make them invisible.


    ”The Shepherd” 

Bill Cadogan/"The Shepherd"

Played by: John Pyper-Ferguson
Character Appearances: Season 4, Season 7
Status: Alive

  • A God I Am Not: Surprisingly he is this since, despite having a bit of a God Complex due to believing he is the only one who can save humanity, he tells Gabriel that he doesn't believe himself to be a god or even believes in the concept of a god. He just believes that "Transcendence" is the ultimate and final stage of human evolution.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: The founder and leader of the Disciples, and one of the main antagonists of Season 7 along with Sheidheda, though the two have different goals and are not working together.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He initially appears in a video file back in season 4 which gives Jaha the idea to hide in the Second Dawn's bunker in order to escape the Praimfaya wave. He then comes back to become one of the final antagonists of the final season.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Cadogen is shown to have loved his family even if he ultimately decided to give up familar bonds in order to lead the Disciples. He is shown feeling sadness at the thought that his son Reese was likely killed by his daughter Callie and, in the finale, the Judge takes on the form of his long dead daughter Callie.
  • Knight Templar: He believes that humanity will eventually ascend to a higher plan of consciousness after they win the "Last War" and any action taken in order to begin the war, no matter how violent it is, is a necessary evil in order to achieve that dream.
  • Parental Favoritism: Is shown to have had a preference for his daughter Callie over his son Reese despite her often disagreeing with him and his ideals. This leads Reese to develop a bit of a complex and cause him to have some resentment for Callie.



Played by: Neal Mc Donough
Character Appearances: Season 7
Status: Deceased

  • The Dragon: The figurehead of the Disciples, answering only to The Shepherd.



Played by: Jason Diaz
Character Appearances: Season 7 (recurring)
Status: Alive


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