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This series covers centuries and numerous planets. This only scratches the surface.

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     Political Factions 

Polesotechnic League

Alliance of trade venturers in the beginning of human exploration of the stars.

Early Terran Empire

Founded by a cargo of Terran slaves who mutinied, sailed to their captor's world with the ship and attacked it then used their reputation to rally a force to conquer the stars.

Ythrian Domain

Confederation of Ythrian choths.

  • The Alliance
  • Bird People
  • Bizarre Alien Reproduction: Downplayed, it's not that bizaare just different from humans. Ythrians are only aroused part of the year but are really aroused at that time. As a result Ythrian couples think of themselves first as a parental partnership and second as lovers.
  • The Clan:Or "Choth"
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: "God the Hunter"
  • Hegemonic Empire
  • Feuding Families: Ythrians don't seem to have massive wars among themselves as often as humans(though not unknown especially given their territorial jealousies)but feuding is an old part of their history. The threat of "crying Oherran"(declaring feud) on a choth is the only coercive mechanism in their interchoth politics.
  • Had To Be Sharp: During the time between the fall of the Polesotechnic League and the rise of the Terran Empire, Ythrians and their human allies had to fight to keep their civilization in a chaotic universe, even before the war with the Terran empire.
  • Hegemonic Empire
  • Honor Before Reason: Otherwise known as "Deathpride."
  • Libertarians IN SPACE!
  • Noble Bird of Prey: Quite big, formitable, analogically avian, and very predatory with "deathpride" to match.
  • Proud Warrior Race: Downplayed. Ythrians are not a conquering species like Humans or Meresians. However they are proud, assertive, and always willing to fight for their Deathpride.
  • Real Men Eat Meat: Real Ythrians Eat Meat, which is why any Ythrian who can be is a hunter or a herder.
  • Warrior Poet: Most Ythrians seem to be this as do Humans who spend much time around them.


Planet in the Ythrian Domain inhabited by Humans and Ythrians and the center of several stories. It is a pleasant world and both Ythrians and Humans try their best to get along with each other and are willing to work and fight beside each other. However their relationship is not sentimentalized and can be hard work sometimes.

  • All Planets Are Earthlike: Avalon is Earthlike anyway. As a bonus, there are few people, Human or Ythrian on the planet making it a very pleasant world.
  • An Aesop: Friendship with people strange to you is harder work then it sounds, even when you are trying your best, but it is worth it.
    • Freedom is worth working for and fighting for.
  • The Alliance: Between Humans and Ythrians within Avalon. And between Ythrian Choths. And between Avalon and the rest of the Ythrian Domain.
  • Culture Clash: It is not a perfect world and Humans and Ythrians do sometimes rub each other the wrong way.
  • Determinator: Even after the fleet was destroyed and most of their allies had been forced to make peace they thumbed their noses at the Terrans.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: There are a number of similarities to Medieval Iceland. The humans are descended from dissidents, and the Ythrians legal system is similar to that of Iceland.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: David Falkayn
  • Going Native: Humans sometimes get adopted into Ythrian clans, and a few Ythrians take a liking to human ways, to the point where there are bars specially for Ythrians in human towns.
  • Honor Before Reason
  • Libertarians IN SPACE!: Ythrians are libertarian by biological instinct, but humans were refugees from expanding government institutions and have as little government as humans can get away with.
  • Meaningful Name: Avalon and names of individual Avalonian geographical features have a tendency toward the mythical or poetic expressing the inhabitants' poetic sensibilities.
  • The Migration
  • Multicultural Alien Planet: Possibly the Most Triumphant Example. It is a human planet as well as an alien one of course and that is the biggest divide. There are plenty of divisions within Ythrians as well. Cultural divisions are mentioned less among humans.
  • Odd Friendship: The whole planet is an odd friendship in the sense of having two species living amiably on the same world. Although most Humans in the series have a favorable opinion of Ythrians in any case.
  • The Republic: The humans are a republic, the Ythrians are a confederation of choths.
  • Settling the Frontier
  • Space Cossacks: Humans on Avalon are descended from Falkayn leading a party to escape the decay of the Polisotechnic League
  • Warrior Poet: Ythrians are warrior poets and it rubs off on humans.

Late Terran Empire

The Terran Empire in it's waning in Flandry's time

Merseian Rhodunate

A rival empire determined to conquer for the glory of it's master race.


     Major Characters 

Nicholas van Rjn

Head of Solar Spice and Liquors in the days of the Polesotechnic League. More powerful then many heads of state.

David Falkayn

Captain under Van Rjn. Later founder of the Human-Ythrian colony on Avalon.

Christopher Holm aka Arinnian

Avalonian Poet, Human friend of Ythrians, and Writer of the Earthbook of Stormgate which is a Ythrian clan's history of Van Rjn and Falkayn. Officer in the Avalonian Home Guard during the Terran-Ythrian war.

Dominic Flandry

Spy for the Terran Empire


Enemy of Flandry. A member of an ancient telepathic race serving the Merseians.


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