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The main cast of Team Hanabi. Still heavily under construction.

Team Hanabi


The Heroine, and a former human turned Charmander. A naturally passionate leader, determined to do the best she can no matter what challenges come her way. Very protective of her friends, particularly Laramie. Has a bit of a problem with holding grudges.


Ichigo's partner, and the other founding member of Team Hanabi. A somewhat shy Bulbasaur, he's almost painfully eager to please others, and just as painfully terrified of letting them down. Tends to underestimate what he's capable of, particularly when compared to his friends.


An overexcitable Squirtle, Marcy leaps at every chance she gets for another exciting adventure, which naturally led to her joining Team Hanabi... and getting extremely annoyed when she's barred from certain missions due to not being a Guild Member. But whatever—! Eventually forms a sub-group of sorts within Team Hanabi, consisting of those few recruits willing and/or able to keep up with her insane pace when she's the designated leader. Evolved into a Wartortle once the Spring started working again, but has no interest in going all the way to Blastoise.


A kindly Cubone who tends to act somewhat like a sister towards her teammates, as well as a calming influence. This works better on some of her friends than it does on others.

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