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     Team America 

As A Whole

  • Destructive Savior: To put things into perspective, the Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomph, the Louvre, and Paris in general was collateral damage in the process of stopping three Islamic terrorists.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Because of the above Destructive Savior tendencies, pretty much most of the world despises them.
  • Too Dumb to Live/Not So Different: Team America was rightfully criticized for their own lack of collateral damage in their own goals to save the world and also shown to be ignorant towards concerns by other countries; however, the major critic happened to be Film Actor's Guild who also failed to see their own flaws that included allying with North Korea out of naivete arrogance that they should be the one leading the world peace despite their own "expertise" being based on their bias and minuscule knowledge about reality.


Played by: Daran Norris

  • Cool Old Guy: Is an old man in charge of a paramilitary group
  • Disney Death: Has one halfway through the movie when Team America HQ gets blown up.


Played by: Matt Stone
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: Threatens to do something like this twice to Gary:
    Chris: Let's get one thing straight, actor. I don't trust you. And if you betray us, I'll rip your fucking balls off and stuff them up your ass so that the next time you shit, you'll shit all over your balls, got it?
    Chris: I'll drill two holes through your dick so that when you pee it shoots out in all different directions.
  • Freudian Excuse: He hates actors because he was raped by the actors from Cats.
  • If We Get Through This...: He promises to buy Gary a beer if they manage to thwart Kim Jong Il's plan.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Although he's initially distrustful towards Gary, he later apologizes towards him for his bad behavior and when the latter gets nervous having to upstage Alec Baldwin, he is the one who persuades him to do it by telling that Gary's the finest actor he's ever seen.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: He's the best martial artist that Detroit has to offer.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: "Suprise, cockfags!"
    • He says "I'm a smoker." to Tim Robbins before he uses his cigarette to kill him.


Played by: Trey Parker
  • Vocal Dissonance: Is portrayed as an all-American manly man, but has a dainty and feminine voice.


Played by: Kristen Miller


Played by: Masasa Moyo


Played by: Trey Parker


Played by: Phil Hendrie

Gary Johnston

Played by: Trey Parker


As a whole

  • Bourgeois Bohemian: The Film Actor's Guild are all rich, successful celebrities who believe they're political experts, but are so blinded by their bias against Team America and the right-wing that they'd team up with Kim Jong Il.
  • Hypocrite: Despite being anti-war/anti-violence, the members of FAG are eager to take up arms and attack Team America on sight.
  • Too Dumb to Live/Not So Different: Like Team America's flaw, Film Actor's Guild tend to fall in false-dichotomy of their own bias towards world peace that they ally with North Korea without realization of their own ignorance on international politics.

Kim Jong Il

Played by: Trey Parker

  • Bad Boss: He kills his translator in the beginning of the movie and at the climax, guns down Alec Baldwin and blows his head to pieces.
  • Berserk Button: He has a song about being so "ronery," and later, Lisa says that his cynical outlook must make him a very "lonely" person. He goes into a Tranquil Fury and orders her brought to the ceremony.


Alec Baldwin

Played by: Maurice Lamarche

  • Broken Pedestal: He was Gary's hero before he turned out to be the head of F.A.G and blamed Team America for Panama's destruction.

Samuel L. Jackson

Played by: Fred Tatasciore

Matt Damon

Played by: Trey Parker

Ethan Hawke

Played by: Matt Stone

Sean Penn

Played by: Trey Parker

Helen Hunt

Played by: Trey Parker

Danny Glover

Played by: Matt Stone

Martin Sheen

Susan Sarandon

Played by: Trey Parker

Tim Robbins

Played by: Trey Parker

  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: He wears glasses and he's one of the bad guys.
  • Man on Fire: He's burned to death.
  • Shaped Like Itself:
    "Let me explain to you how this works. You see, the corporations finance Team America. And then Team America goes out, and the corporations sit there in their... In their corporation buildings, and, and, and see that, they're all corporationy, and they make money. Mhm."

Janeane Garofolo

George Clooney

Played by: Matt Stone



Michael Moore

Played by: Trey Parker

  • Expy: To the South Park version of Rob Reiner, being a Fat Bastard who demands entire organisations be shut down or destroyed while binge eating. A deleted scene even has him tell a random passer-by to slander Team America.
  • Fat Bastard: Easily the largest character in the film, and Word of God said it was hard creating an obese puppet.

Hans Blix

Played by: Trey Parker