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The Guilds are groups of people or organizations formed by people disillusioned with The Empire, who then proceeded to expatriate themselves to form places that they can belong to based on their code of ethics. Approximately ninety percent of all guilds are part of the Guild Union.

The Guild Union, the Union for short, is as the name implies, an association of guilds that act as a form of political representatives to discuss matters with themselves and The Empire as diplomatically as possible. The leaders of the Union are the heads of the Five Master Guilds, the five greatest guilds among the Union which include: Altosk, Fortune's Market, the Soul Smiths, the Blood Alliance, and Ruin's Gate.


However, some guilds are not part of the Union. Pallastralle, led by Belius is one such guild, as are the Hunting Blades as well as the eponymous Brave Vesperia.

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     Don Whitehorse 
Voiced by: Osamu Hosoi (JP), Peter Spellos, Jamieson Price (Definitive Edition content) (EN)

The head of the Guild Union and Karol's hero. Old friends with the leader of Nordopolica, Belius.

  • Action Dad: Action granddad. Whitehorse is still an active fighter even as he is grooming his young adult grandson to take over.
  • Assassin Outclassin': In the backstory, Alexei sent Schwann to kill Whitehorse for political reasons. After defeating Schwann, the Don spared him and became close friends, christening Schwann with a second identity of "Raven." Sadly, however, Alexei would succeed in killing Whitehorse years later through his other slave, Yeager.
  • Big Good: For the Guild.
  • Broken Pedestal: Seeing Don attempting to kill Yeager ends up nearly becoming one for Yuri. The fact he was willing to throw the laws of the Guilds aside to get personal revenge on Yeager made Yuri briefly upset because he respected Don heavily, so Don betraying his own rules didn't sit well with him. Yuri does, however, drop this once he sees Don accept responsibility for the death of Belius, and quickly gains his respect back after having to help execute him.
  • Cool Old Guy: Everyone in the Union looks up to him; Karol in particular.,
  • Cool Sword: Wields a rather large katana as his weapon.
  • Duel Boss: In the PS3/Definitive Edition version, his story fight will have him and Yuri fight one-on-one.
  • Honor Before Reason: He commits suicide to atone for his grandson's gullibility.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: In the PS3/Definitive Edition version, his story fight is not meant to be won, since he's at level 60 while the party is much lower. A second playthrough can fix that, however.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He can be rude and hotblooded at times, but he also has a big heart. Unlike most guild NPCs, he's sympathetic towards Patty's struggle with her grandfather's reputation. He also wants Raven to regain his passion in life and sends him to accompany Brave Vesperia because he sees that Raven is happier with them.
  • Mentor Archetype: To Yuri, in regards to words of wisdom that lead him to create a Guild of his own. He also gently guides Karol whenever they interact.
  • Now That's Using Your Teeth!: When fighting Schwann in The Empty Mask, he catches Schwann's bow/blade with his teeth, spins his body, and uses the momentum to throw Schwann against a wall.
  • Old Master: Old, tougher than the leads, and very wise.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Definitely so - he even fakes a moment of being unreasonable to smoke out the enemy.
  • Seppuku: He commits this to save his grandson's life and his guild's honor.
  • See You in Hell: Like Barbos before him, he says this toward Yuri before suicide, but with none of the malice.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He gets precious little screen time, but his death has a major impact on the story and a good chunk of the party. Most notably, his death almost pushes Yuri over the Slippery Slope.
  • Taking You with Me: The party speculates this was what he was trying to do by attacking Leviathan's Claw after the events of Nordopolica. He knew he was going to die trying to undo the damage caused by Harry, but wanted to make sure Yeager got what he deserved for all the stuff he had done. Alas, Yeager is able to evade him long enough to where he is forced to return to Dahngrest.
  • Underestimating Badassery: The Don figured he could quickly kill Yeager and return to Dahngrest before shit hits the fan, but he is outwitted by the man. After grumpily conceding to his face, he almost phrases the trope word for word.
  • We Were Your Team: Only after his death did the Union realize how much Whitehorse held it all together. The Union ran the risk of collapsing until Harry was able to step up.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Of course, but notably during his rampage on Leviathan's Claw's manor, he makes no attempt whatsoever to harm Gauche and Droite despite his goal being Yeager's death.

Voiced by: Kujira (JP), Mona Marshall (EN)

The cunning, much-beloved leader of the guild city of Nordopolica, and close friend to Don Whitehorse.

  • Ax-Crazy: Not initially. Estelle tries to heal Belius when she gets injured, but her powers are poisonous to the Entelexeia, and it leads on to a boss fight.
  • Back from the Dead: Is accidentally revived by the party when they attempt to use her apatheia to condense an aer krene in the third act. She is reborn as the water-elemental spirit, Undine.
  • Badass Boast: "I am not to be outdone by mere humans."
  • Barehanded Blade Block: In an Establishing Character Moment, Belius blocks Clint's BFS with a single hand without any apparent effort.
  • Climax Boss: The battle against Belius is where the first plotline of act two ends, with her death being a major turning point in the parties plans. After this, the story shifts from "find out what Phaeroh is and why he is doing things", to "find out what Estelle's powers do and why the Entelexeia hate humanity". Its followed by dramatic moments like Flynn nearly fighting the party, Judith sabotaging the boat, and Estelle falling into a Heroic BSoD for a short time.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: Once Belius' HP drops to half, the torches around the arena will go out, and she'll spawn a double of herself in battle. You can either take out the double the old-fashioned way or relight the torches with fire artes, which will dispel the double instantly.
  • Elemental Embodiment: Of water, after her death and rebirth.
  • Fantastic Foxes: Has the appearance of a nine-tailed fox in Entelexeia form.
  • Female Monster Surprise: The party is unaware that she's female to start with. Then they find out that she's an Entelexeia on top of that.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: She may be this with Don Whitehorse, as both fought in the Great War and it's ambiguous as to which sides they were on.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Averted. Despite being an Entelexia, Belius doesn't hate people as much as some other Entelexeia do. Having fought alongside them in the Great War, she respects them more than most and treats them with respect.
  • Idiot Ball: The game never gives a good reason as to why Belius doesn't agree to meet the party before the night of the new moon, and what makes it especially jarring is that nobody comments on how ridiculous it is or mentions it again after the meeting. Apparently, Belius just likes to be awkward.
  • Interspecies Romance: Overlaps with Ship Tease. Her comment that she wishes Don Whitehorse had been born as one of her race could be interpreted as a one-sided version of this.
    • Her relationship with Natz can also be seen to tease at this, at least with her on the receiving end.
  • MacGuffin Super Person: A rather cruel example, since it's only by her dying that said MacGuffin could be acquired.
  • Making a Splash: Overlaps with An Ice Person. Most of her abilities focus on water and ice attacks even before her death. After, she is reborn as the water-elemental spirit, Undine.
  • Ms. Exposition: She was just explaining why Phaeroh had called Estelle an insipid poison and the relationship between the Entelexia and the Children of the Full Moon. Then, the Hunting Blades had to interrupt.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: In a world where everybody who could give you answers is backstabbing you, manipulating you, or just plain old trying to kill you, it says a lot about the character that Belius is the first one who tries to start answering your questions. Sadly but to the surprise of no one, she gets killed before she can. Additionally, Belius runs the city lawfully, as you might expect a Guild leader to, but at the same time she is willing to tell Estelle about her role regardless of whether or not she should rightfully be the one to do so.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Notice how she's never referred to with pronouns outside of spoiler tags?
  • Screw Destiny: She tries to do this, telling Estelle who she is and what her destiny may be and more or less saying "Screw the consequences," but the Hunting Blades interrupt and prevent her from explaining further.
  • Tragic Monster: She becomes one, no thanks to the Hunting Blades. Estelle's attempt to heal her causes her to berserk and be unable to control herself, forcing the party to put her down.
  • Walking Spoiler: Nearly everything about Belius is a spoiler, including, in Japanese, her gender.

Voiced by: Akio Suyama (JP), Roger Craig Smith (EN)

A psychotic assassin that is working for Leviathan's Claw who grows increasingly obsessed with Yuri as the game goes on.

  • The Ace: According to Raven, Zagi was probably the most skilled assassin in Leviathan's Claw, and was noted for how incredibly powerful he was. He and Rita believe this is why he ended up being such a crazed lunatic, as he was so good that he never had anyone who was his equal.
  • Alas, Poor Villain:
    • After he is finally killed off for good, almost everyone expresses some sympathy for him, with a few skits dedicated to their reactions to his death and what kind of life he might have lived to end up as he did.
    • Defied by Yuri, who refuses to express sympathy and coldly reminds the party Zagi doesn't matter and they need to move on. It's heavily implied though that this is because Yuri is uncomfortable about how much of himself he saw in Zagi, and also because Yuri is a firm believer in Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse.
  • Anime Hair: Is very similar to Yugi's hair.
  • Artificial Limbs: By his third battle he has a blastia arm.
  • Axe-Crazy: Holy shit yes! He's at least fifty different flavors of psycho at once!
  • Bad Boss: He kills a Mook for ordering that he is to retreat instead of fighting Yuri. To be fair, said mook was threatening and belittling Zagi.
  • Blood Knight: Very much so, but especially towards Yuri.
    "My blade... it aches to kill...! I have to kill something!"
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: The physical decay is fully apparent by the time the party fights him in Tarqaron.
  • Determinator: So much is his obsession with Yuri, he is ultimately the last antagonist standing before Duke and outlives most major characters in the story.
  • Diabolus ex Nihilo: Zagi has no backstory, no motive, no discernible allegiances (he doesn't even show concern or loyalty to the other members of Leviathan's Claw), no specific goal beyond killing people For the Evulz and no solid connection to any of the characters. He just turns up at random points, even when it makes no sense for him to do so, to antagonize the party. This is exactly why Yuri is so frustrated with him; all Zagi ever does is show up and cause a fight during moments where they need to be doing something. When the heroes confront him for the last time, they all can only voice how utterly insane it is that, even when facing the near end of the world, Zagi appears just to cause problems.
  • Disney Villain Death: Crossed with Rasputinian Death.
  • Dual Wielding: He wields two large knives as his weapons.
  • Foil:
    • Seems to be what Yuri would be if he didn't have his moral code or any friends. Both are fans of fighting, but Yuri has a strong moral code and friends that help reign him in if need be. Zagi didn't, and became obessed with fighting anyone or anything.
    • Similarly, he comes across as what Judith could have become if her Blood Knight personality ever got the better of her.
    • Too Rita as well, something she somewhat discusses after the final fight with him. Both were loners who were considered the best at their craft, but Rita's talents were in Blastia while Zagi's were in killing. This caused them both to become obessed with it, but while Rita eventually made friends and changed her views on Blastia, Zagi instead double-downed on his beliefs, chose not to make friends, and became consumed by his craft.
  • Insane Equals Violent: Oh yeah.
  • Limp and Livid: He consistently is hunched over, especially in battle. This gives him the effect of looking more unhinged than you might think.
  • Limit Break: Shining Blastia Field, which only shows up in his final battle, has him send an energy beam into the air from his arm that then diffuses into multiple energy beams that randomly rains upon the battlefield, a lot like the series' classic Judgment spell.
  • Lonely at the Top: After his death,Raven and Rita separately discuses how this might have been the case for him. Raven explains Zagi was considered one of the best in his craft, but that he likely had nobody of similar skill that could satisfy his love of battle, thus causing him to lose his sanity when he found a Worthy Opponent in Yuri. Rita comments that, being from a similar background, he likely felt isolated without anyone to turn to until it was too late.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands:
    • In his final confrontation, he uses some kind of arte that seals the pathway behind him; forcing Yuri and co. to fight him. How and why he has this power is never explained.
    • It's also never explained who gave him his Blastia Arm and later upgraded it to have a giant skull-shaped guard on it. Presumably, his path-blocking skill was related to the previous, as he doesn't have his Mystic Arte, Shining Blastia Field, before the final battle with him either.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Yuri regards him as an annoyance until his actions almost result in the destruction of Zaphias.
  • Plot-Irrelevant Villain: In the grand scheme of things, Zagi contributes little to nothing to the main plot. He only shows up just to fight Yuri, and that's it. He does nearly destroy Zaphias from the Heracles, but it was just an attempt to goad Yuri into another fight.
  • Psycho for Hire: In uneasy league with Leviathan's Claw. Eventually, he disregards the "for hire" bit completely and is promptly fired by Yeager.
  • Rasputinian Death: Zagi is not only repeatedly beaten up, but thrown off a boat several times, left on an exploding boat, had his mechanical arm short out, poisons himself, tries to fight off a Pterobronc at Mt. Temza during a sidequest in Act 3, and finally dies from falling.
  • Recurring Boss: Five times, excluding the Memory Dungeon. Think of it this way; there are that many of the 23 (or 25 in the PS3/Definitive Edition version) Secret Missions dedicated to him! He's one of the single most commonly fought bosses in the entire series.
  • Starter Villain Stays: He's Yuri's first and recurring antagonist. Initially he's just a Psycho for Hire however becomes increasingly more personal as time passes, eventually becoming the last major obstacle before Duke.
  • Talkative Loon: About half of Zagi's dialogue is deranged gibberish. The other half is deranged laughter.
  • There Is Another: A skit in the Necropolis of Nostalgia raises the possibility that Zagi is another functional Child of the Full Moon.
  • Unknown Rival: Yuri barely acknowledges his existence, until he endangers Zaphias.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Zagi becomes progressively more deranged with each consecutive battle. By the time of the final battle with him, he no longer bothers to keep his hair, clothes, or hell even body, in shape, as he has become obessed with fighting.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Zagi is the only person besides Estelle to have pink hair. It is revealed in the Necropolis of Nostalgia that pink hair is an indicator of a Child of the Full Moon.

Voiced by: Mitsuo Iwata (JP), Spike Spencer (EN)

The leader of Leviathan's Claw, a guild that specializes in assassination and illegal Blastia distribution. In the English version, he speaks with a German accent, while in the Japanese version, he uses Gratuitous English.

  • Extreme Doormat: Like Schwann, Yeager is completely subservient to Alexei, but for different reasons. While Schwann followed Alexei because he lacked any other purpose in his life, Yeager found purpose in supporting an orphanage in Capua Torim. Unfortunately, this purpose is used against him when Alexei threatens to go after the orphanage and his adoptive daughters. Ironically, Yeager started as the less subservient one and was the first to outright defy Alexei by telling the party where the madman is going, but by the end of the story, Schwann is free due to finding a new purpose in life while Yeager is forced to die fighting for Alexei.
  • Friend to All Children: In a side quest, it is revealed Yeager regularly donates an enormous amount of gald to an orphanage he adopted Gauche and Droite from; his death leaves a profound impact on the orphanage remaining afloat due to the Empire not supporting it.
  • Graceful Loser: Congratulates the party on defeating him, and when some suspicions are raised on whether he has any final tricks, he sincerely admits he doesn't and dies soon afterward.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: He seems to be a villain for ages, then he directs you to Baction and saves your ass on the Heracles. Then in Zaude, he's suddenly back to being a villain again. Although it's implied that Alexei caught wind of him helping Brave Vesperia back on the Heracles, and forced Yeager to fight the group in Zaude.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: He wields a SHOTGUN SCYTHE... and this was years before RWBY.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's an Affably Evil double-crossing assassin, who donates to an orphanage regularly and even adopted two of them, who're now his loyal companions.
  • Keep It Foreign: Yeager speaks English in the Japanese version. So to keep up with the foreign trait, he speaks with a German accent in the American version, ja?
    Yeager: See you in the funny papers, leibchen!
  • Limit Break: Caress of Death, which is a quick couple of hits with his scythe before he transforms it into a shotgun and fires an incredibly powerful shot.
  • Meaningful Name: His name is pronounced like "jäger," the German word for "hunter."
  • Nothing Personal: When Brave Vesperia confronts Yeager conspiring with Cumore for the first time, he says the line word-for-word before engaging them in a fight.
    Yeager: Nothing personal, you see. Just business!
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: The party doesn't consider him to be a threat until his schemes force Don Whitehorse to kill himself.
  • Parental Substitute: To Gauche and Droite. An optional cutscene reveals Yeager used to donate Gald to the orphanage the twins grew up in and eventually took them in, himself. Which made him the closest they ever had to a father figure, so they pledged their loyalty to him. However, it wasn't the life he wanted for them which was the reason he ordered them to stay out of the fight at Zaude and fought Brave Vesperia alone.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Very much. Yeager ends up contributing heavily to the Don's forced suicide. What does he do afterward? Pay his respects, because he killed him out of business, not out of hatred, and he truly respected the man.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: He's always impeccably dressed in a purple three-piece suit with coattails and a black necktie.
  • Sinister Scythe: One half of his Transforming Weapon.
  • Sdrawkcab Alias: As Regaey; the leader of Ruins Gate.
  • Wild Card: Yeager is a weapons dealer, meaning that stability is bad for business. He helps and hinders the party so much they hardly know whose side he's on. It's Deconstructed in that his attempts to help and hinder the party and the villains at various points doesn't go unnoticed by Alexei, who forces him to fight the heroes to the death for trying to undermine him beneath his notice.

     Gauche and Droite 
(Gauche) Voiced by: Satomi Arai (JP), Laura Bailey (EN)
(Droite) Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (JP), Megan Hollingshead (EN)

A pair of young twins who serve as Yeager's bodyguards.

  • Always Accurate Attack: In the original Xbox 360 version, "Impact Cross" was a close-ranged mystic arte, so the twins had to close in on their target in order to use it. Not anymore. The Definitive Edition allows them to use it from anywhere onscreen, even if they're on the opposite side of the arena. They can also use it regardless if either of them stunned, casting a spell, or even if they're being juggled. They'll instantly teleport in front of the victim and activate Impact Cross.
  • Avenging the Villain: They hold Brave Vesperia responsible for Yeager's death and attempt to avenge him in a duel. After being defeated, the twins agree to withdraw but pledge that they'll become strong enough to challenge them to a rematch. They give you Leviathan Claw's invitation to the 100-Man Melee and will try to settle the score during the contest, if the player uses Raven.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: As seen to the right, Gauche and Droite wear secretarial garb, with thigh-straps, and high-heeled boots. Though there are slight differences, like how Gauche's miniskirt is pink, while Droite's is black.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Gauche and Droite mean "left" and "right" in French, respectively.
  • Blow You Away: Droite's sword deals wind element damage, and her hair is green, representing an affinity for Wind.
  • Bodyguard Babes: They're the reason Yeager doesn't need any other security (see the Little Miss Badass and Tag Team Twins entries).
  • Bonus Boss: Their duel is the last part of the sidequest needed to the receive the last invitation for the 100-Man Melee. Which is missable, if you're playing without a walkthrough (see the Guide Dang It! entry).
  • Combat Stilettos: Both are always seen wearing high-heeled boots.
  • Cool Swords: It's possible to earn their swords by defeating them. Or, if you're using Repede, you can simply mug both of them until he successfully steals them.
  • Dark Action Girls: They're the only female members of Leviathan's Claw, which is an assassins guild and serve as Yeager's guard.
  • Easily Forgiven: Spoofed in the Nordepolica coliseum if you fight them with Raven. Droite shrugs off Raven's hand in Yeager's death with "Okay!" Gauche is less than pleased.
  • Fiery Redhead: Personality-wise, not so much, but because she deals Fire element damage with her sword, Gauche would probably be a more literal example.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: You get a brief, albeit clear, shot of Gauche's panties during the cutscene where she and Droite dropkick Zagi through the window of the Heracles.
  • Guide Dang It!: You only get to fight them as part of a character specific sidequest for Raven. But the steps involved are so vague, that unless you're using a walkthrough, you'll probably miss it since the game doesn't even hint at it.
    • First, go to back to Emhead Hill (from the Capua Tor side), then enter the clearing near where you fought the boss earlier, to trigger a cutscene where Raven picks the Fire Lily.
    • Next, go back to Mt. Temza and travel two screens north to trigger another cutscene, where Raven places the Fire Lily in memory of Casey. After which, he'll get the Compact of Remembrance.
    • From there, go to Torim Harbor and head for the east side of town, where you'll find Gauche and Droite visiting the orphanage they grew up in after they leave, the party asks the nanny about them.
    • Now return to Zaude, to the same room where you fought Yeager, and you'll find the twins waiting for you. There'll be a brief cutscene before the fight begins. After their defeat, Gauche will ask Raven to give them the compact since it belonged to Casey, who was dear to Yeager. Raven complies and expresses his sympathies for their loss. Gauche gives him Casey's bow in exchange along with the third and final invitation for the 100-Man Melee.
    • They're also the only enemies in the game that have exclusive equipment that can be stolen by Repede, meaning that if you're looking to complete the Collector's Book, you need to bring Repede along - every other item Repede can steal can be found elsewhere in the world.
  • The Gunslinger: Their swords transform into guns. Gauche's fires shots that inflict Stun, while Droite has "Love Gun" which makes the target attracted.
  • Harmless Villain: While they prove to be very capable fighters in their optional fight, Gauche and Droite are this in the eyes of Brave Vesperia and never really antagonize them past distracting them. It's to a point where they simply ask the party to let them go in instances of being cornered without Yeager; Brave Vesperia always obliges.
  • Hartman Hips: Very much so, for a couple of girls their age.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: Gauche and Droite are identical, save for the differences in hair and eye color. Gauche is the Redhead, while Droite has green hair and matching eyes.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: Like Yeager's scythe, the twins' swords can also transform; becoming magitek pistols that fire special rounds that either: inflict Paralysis (Gauche), Attract (Droite), or Fatigue (both).
  • Limit Break: Impact Cross, a dual Mystic Arte that only requires one of them to be in Over Limit.
  • Little Miss Badass: If you enter the battle unprepared, it's likely to be over almost as soon as it begins. The twins are unbelievably fast, use coordinated attacks, and have a special joint Mystic Arte. It's no wonder Yeager felt confident with just the two of them around.
  • Male Gaze: The camera focuses on their legs and hips during the cutscene where they arrive with Yeager to pay their respects to Don Whitehorse's death.
  • Perky Female Minion: Droite is the cheerful, perky one.
  • Playing with Fire: Gauche's sword deals fire element damage, and her hair is red, representing her affinity for Fire.
  • Polar Opposite Twins: Gauche is shown to be more violent and unfriendly than her sister Droite, who is more cheerful and kind.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: They're not evil, nor are they misguided. They've pledged their loyalty to Yeager and serve as his bodyguards - simple as that. Though they later reveal that it wasn't the life he wanted for them.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: A personality inversion.
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: Droite's Thunder Blade incantation:
    Droite: "Thunder-rumble-booooom!"
  • Shock and Awe: Both can use Thunder Blade since it's a combination of wind and fire.
  • She's Got Legs: They're so well-developed, that it's easy to forget that they're minors.
  • You Killed My Father: They take it personally when Brave Vesperia kills Yeager. Gauche calls them out for it, just before their boss battle begins:
    Gauche: (calmly) "Brave Vesperia... Yeager's killers."

Voiced by: Masashi Hirose (JP), JB Blanc (EN)

The head of the Blood Alliance, a powerful mercenary guild behind the string of blastia core thefts that kicks off the story. He is collaborating with Ragou, but it's clear Barbos is using him for his own ends.

  • Acrofatic: It's not clear how much of his build is fat versus muscle, but he's surprisingly fast for his size and can form long combos.
  • Affably Evil: Barbos is essentially an Evil Counterpart to Whitehorse, with most of the same affability and valor despite being on the opposing ends of the morality globe.
  • Arc Villain: Of the first act.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: As the leader of the Blood Alliance. He also boasts he was Don Whitehorse's only equal in battle back in the day, a claim he backs up quite well.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: "I won't be humiliated any more than this..."
  • BFS: Wields a giant sword with spikes on it as his default weapon, and he can swing it with just one arm.
  • The Brute: In Alexei's five bad band. He was supposed to act as the muscle and get pawns for them to use.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Barbos is the Arc Villain of the first act of the story, and a good amount of the early game plot is due to him. He's the first time the entire party (minus Patty in later versions) gathers to fight together as well.
  • Disney Villain Death: How he dies.
  • Eye Beam: His Raging Snake Eyes arte has him shoot a huge laser out of his fake eye.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Clearly disgusted by Ragou despite his collaboration with him. At one point, he even mocks him for fleeing from a group of children.
  • Flunky Boss: He fights alongside his Blood Alliance goons in his boss fight. Unlike most bosses in the game, the goons will continue to spawn in waves unless you destroy the bridge control devices around the arena, cutting off his support completely.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a scar over his eye.
  • The Heavy: In the first act, as he works primarily for Ragou. Most of the plot for the first act is him securing tools and power, but he isn't the Big Bad of the story.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The bridge devices can take damage from either side, which means it's possible to trick Barbos and his minions into destroying the bridges.
  • Hook Hand: He has a variant of this in place of his left hand, which is a large golden rotating mace. During his boss fight, he can even extend the mace to swing it around, doubling as an Epic Flail.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: He's seen wielding (though not in any battles) a chainsaw sword (powered by the missing aque blastia core) that allows him to fly.
  • Large Ham: To the point where the party Lampshades it.
  • The Napoleon: He's rather short and completely hotheaded.
  • Red Baron: Refers to himself as "Barbos the Stormblast" just before the boss fight with him.
  • See You in Hell: His final words directed toward Yuri.
  • Take Over the World: His ultimate goal—the guilds first, then the empire.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Ragou. The two are not exactly on good terms with each other, as both have different goals in regards to the stolen blastia cores. It's eventually revealed late in the first act that Barbos had been using Ragou to his own ends in order to build his tower of Ghasfarost.
  • Worthy Opponent: It's clear he respects Yuri from the moment they meet in contrast to Ragou. After he's defeated, he even goes on to say Yuri is the spitting image of Don Whitehorse in his youth.

     Mary Kaufman 
Voiced by: Wakana Yamazaki (JP), Megan Hollingshead (EN)

The head of Fortune's Market, an extremely successful merchant's guild and one of the five master guilds. A shrewd businesswoman, she is not above taking risks to expand her company and is one of the few guild leaders willing to do business with the Empire. She employs Brave Vesperia on many occasions.

  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: On the Ghost Ship, which Kaufman herself lampshades: "What, you expect me to give you supplies for free? You're kidding! You're gonna have to pay up!"
  • Fiery Redhead: Although the "fieriness" is more passive-aggressive than Hot-Blooded.
  • Greed: Non-Fatal Flaw example. She is always looking for ways to make a profit, and her methods always mean whoever cooperates with her will be handsomely rewarded.
  • Last-Name Basis: She hates being called by her first name, so everybody just calls her as Kaufman.
  • Meaningful Name: Her last name means "merchant" in German.

     The Hunting Blades
(Clint) Voiced by: Yuji Takada (JP), Travis Willingham (EN)
(Tison) Voiced by: Ryuzo Hasuike (JP), David Vincent (EN)
(Nan) Voiced by: Saeko Chiba (JP), Wendee Lee (EN)

A guild dedicated to ridding the world of monsters. By any means necessary.

  • Barefisted Monk: Tison is the only member of the Hunting Blades (and the game, in general) who fights without a weapon.
  • Best Her to Bed Her: Nan is the G-rated version. In her rematch with Karol, during the 100-Man Melee, she plainly tells him that she likes strong men.
  • BFS: Clint's sword is bigger than he is. And he looks about seven feet tall.
  • Blood Knight: Most members really enjoy fighting. Tison is the best example.
  • Bonus Boss: Clint in the PS3 version can be optionally fought in Caer Bocram.
  • Cutscene Incompetence: In the cutscene to acquire the first Hunting Blades letter of challenge, Nan is shown struggling with a giant, but generic plant enemy. This is despite her being a boss-tier opponent.
  • Cutscene Power to the Max: Remember Gattuso, the boss of Ehmead Hill? Clint's first appearance has him one shot it. Justified when you fight him later in the PS3 version of the game, where he is an end game boss who can easily kill you if you aren't careful.
  • Defeat Means Respect: While they never see eye-to-eye with Brave Vesperia on dealing with the Extelexeia, they're a lot more respectful after all their defeats. In the Tag Team matches, they allow Karol to fill in as their fourth party member, showing that they recognize his worth now.
  • Faux Action Girl: Nan is a high ranking member of the Hunting Blades. However, while she puts up a good fight against the heroes, we never once see her put up a fight against any actual monsters. Or any bad guys, really. In fact, later in the game we see her getting subdued and injured quite easily by monsters, with Clint and Tison leaving her behind multiple times. Quite jarring in one sidequest that sees her being overpowered by a monster that, while big, can be taken out by the party very easily.
  • Freudian Excuse: The guild is mostly populated by those who have lost loved ones to monster attacks. Clint extends this grudge to Entelexeia, who killed his family in the Great War.
  • Heel Realization: Clint seems to have a minor change of heart after getting called out by the party, though he tries his best not to show it.
  • Heroic Neutral: Clint doesn't really care about anything except fighting and killing monsters. Anything that doesn't involve one or both of those things is simply none of his business.
  • In the Hood: Tison wears a hoodie. It comes off once he's defeated, revealing he has long white hair.
  • Improbable Age: Nan is held in high regard as a warrior in the guild despite being twelve. Since there's no word on when her family was killed by monsters, it's likely Tison has been training her for years to be the warrior she is today.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: They have a point in expelling Karol from the guild, since he keeps fleeing from tough battles and potentially leaving his allies behind, like in the battle against the Dreaded Giant.
  • Karma Houdini: They're never punished for their role in the invasion of Nordopolica and Belius's death. While the attack was masterminded by Alexei, Yeager, and Leviathan's Claw, the Hunting Blades were the ones on the ground there, and are the ones who injure Belius enough to spur Estelle to try and save her with her healing artes. That said, the party do not at all forgive them for doing so, with Yuri being willing to fight them after fighting Gusios since they make it clear they refuse to not let go of their anger, and it's only Karol standing up to them that they back off.
  • Limit Break:
    • Tison's, Dragon Blade: Infernal Lord, is a multiple-hit combo that can inflict poison on his target.
    • Nan's, Soaring Raptor Blast, draws in her enemies around her to blast them away with a lot of spinning.
    • Clint's Ultimate Fatal Strike blasts everyone into the air, exposing those who have been hit enough to a Fatal Strike sigil that he will take advantage of to one-shot anyone who's been exposed. This can hit the entire party if you're not careful.
  • Mighty Glacier: Clint is the slowest member of the trio and has a lot of wind-up on all of his artes, but he also hits the hardest and can Fatal Strike the player characters.
  • Not So Stoic: Clint is normally a man of few words, but then the party defeats him in an optional boss fight, he laughs from the thrill of the battle.
  • One-Hit Kill: Clint, being the one who indirectly teaches the party the Fatal Strike technique, is a master of them, even capable of using them against your party.
  • Only Sane Woman: Downplayed. Like the other members, Nan has a grudge against monsters, but during Act 3, she's at least sensible enough to realize that the Adephagos is a bigger priority than killing the Entelexeia.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • Played with. If Karol loses the yelling contest to Clint, the latter will decline the prize so that Karol can have it. However, it should be noted that the prize is an axe rather than a broadsword, so it would be of more use to Karol anyways.
    • One of the members, Dyne, is still friends with Karol and requests a collaboration between Brave Vesperia and the Hunting Blades for a quest.
    • Another member frees an injured monster out of pity. Unfortunately, this causes the guild leadership to want to cut his arm off as punishment, leading to Brave Vesperia rescuing him and getting his sentence reduced to being expelled from the guild.
  • Psycho Supporter: Implied with Tison. He's quite the Blood Knight and is a zealot when it comes to following the Hunting Blades' ideology, believing that anyone who defends a monster is evil.
  • The Rival: As a Hunting Blade, Tison takes issue with Judith for being so protective of Ba'ul. If Judith enters the 100-Man Melee, she and Tison have the following dialog:
    Judith: (teasing) "Oh, you're the ones that played with Ba'ul."
    Tison: (not amused) "What is your relationship with that monster?!"
    Judith: (mildly offended) "Ba'ul is my friend and he is not a monster."
    Tison: "I don't believe this... some monster's friend is preaching to me!"
    Judith: (smug) "Well then, I'll just have to beat some sense into you."
    Tison: (stoked) "Ohh... THIS SHOULD BE FUN!!"
  • Rush Boss: The first time you fight Clint, he has low HP for a level 60 boss and will fall quickly, but he can Fatal Strike party members if they take too many hits from him. Averted in the team arena and memory fights, where he has more HP and is part of Wolfpack Boss fights, making his Fatal Strikes even more dangerous.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Nan's the only named girl in the guild.
  • Tsundere: Nan's mainly tsun-tsun towards Karol, but she steadily develops a crush on him as he begins to man up.
  • Wall Crawl: Tison, showing it off at Caer Bocram.
  • Weapon of Choice: Among the three main members, Clint uses a BFS, Tison uses his fists, and Nan uses a Precision-Guided Boomerang about as big as she is.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Hunting Blades go in and out of this trope. They want to protect citizens from monsters; but they don't know that the Entelexeia, especially Ba'ul and Belius, are not monsters. Most of their members have a Freudian Excuse.
    • Except for Clint, who knew the whole time and attacked them because his parents were killed by an Entelexeia.