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A page for the characters in the webcomic Talamak.

    Breena Robinson 
"I’m gonna try like, every single thing, ever. Limitations are for WIMPS. There’s probably so many cool things out there! Like, there could be a whole ‘nother dimension out there! Are we in it now?! I wanna find out! I want you to be with me when I do! It’s an adventure, right? So, let’s have as much fun as we can before it’s over, ok?"

"Now that we haven’t foreshadowed anything, let’s go catch up to everyone else!"

A thirteen-year-old Flora elementalist, introduced as the protagonist of Talamak.

Idealistic, lighthearted, and prone to rambling, Breena functions as The Heart of the team. She trusts easily and tends to be oblivious to peoples flaws and hidden agendas. She shares a strong history with Ray and is close friends with Kakra, though she seems to get along well with every member of the group.

  • Calling Your Attacks: She does this with sneak attacks.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Her naivety and tendency to ramble often come across as this.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: She does this upon meeting Kakra in the flashbacks.
    Breena: Hey! Mei told me there was a new elementalist here! Is it you? It’d be sooo cool if it was you. You look really cool. I mean, even if it’s NOT you, we can still be friends! You could be as cool as the other elementalist we were looking for would’ve been anyways! Oh! My name is Breena!
  • Green Thumb: The Flora element is implied to be this.
    'The element that contains anything that is in the forest. A Flora can make anything grow from thin air using only their will.
  • Horrible Judge of Character
  • Medium Awareness: She can tell when the art style changes, and she doesn’t like it.
  • Plot Armor: Averted.
  • Running Gag: Breena makes a lot of weed references for a supposedly-innocent thirteen year old.
    • Well, you know, it is the flora element…
  • Sacrificial Lamb
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist

    Rayshawn Sanchez 
"How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t say question marks in real life."
Ray, displaying Medium Awareness

A fourteen-year-old Earth elementalist. He is Mei's younger cousin.

Ray is grumpy, easily flustered, and prone to making bad puns to compensate with his natural lack of social skills. He has an antagonistic relationship with Tino and Jake.

He shares a long past with Breena that at some point includes getting kicked out of every IHOP in America. The two appear to be close friends.


    Jake Rodriguez 

"Don't call me Jake-y."

"I guess i'll stay since I don't have anything else to do."

A fifteen-year-old Wind elementalist.

Moody yet practical, Jake often attempts to mediate between his more hotheaded teammates - with limited success. He seems comparably uninterested in training his elemental abilities and staying with the team.

He seems to get along well with the rest of the group, with the exception of Ray.

    Tino Tien 
"How can someone as irritating as you even exist!?"
Ray, discussing Tino

"Aight, mom, I’ll be sure to sit back and think about what I did while I’m in the naughty chair."

An eleven-year-old Water elementalist.

Mouthy and antagonistic, Tino often intentionally aggravates his teammates - especially Ray, his target of choice. He often has trouble thinking about the consequences of his actions and has difficulty becoming serious, even when the situation warrants it.

    Kakra Meskin 

A sixteen-year-old Flux elementalist.

A fun-loving, easily-trusting optimist who acts as as older sister figure to Breena and the others. She is frequently amused by the drama created by Ray, Jake, and Tino, and prefers to sit back and watch rather than intervene.

Whatever character development that seemed to be in the works was thrown into the wind with her unintentional murder of Breena and her subsequent flight from the rest of the team.

    Mei Sanchez 

"If you can’t even spar without arguing, how will you manage to recruit other elementalists?"

"Ah, well, my advice to you is that you leave here. If anyone else finds out what you did… It could get worse than it is right now."

Rayshawn’s cousin and the voice of reason in the group. A non-elementalist.

Mei is practical and goal-oriented, often functioning as the leader and organizer of the team. However, her cheerful and protective exterior hides a hidden agenda: she's working with an unknown enemy to corrupt the elementalists from the inside.

Mei also provides the reader with much of the Exposition of the series, usually in the form of long explanations and Info Dump s to the rest of the elementalists.


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