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Characters / Switch (2002)

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This section lists the characters of the manga Switch and their associated tropes.

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    Hal Kurabayashi 

Known as the "brilliant new investigator" to most of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Kantō region, he is almost always focused on his work. He also often uses his charm and good looks to his advantage to gather information, whether from men or women. While seemimgly stoic, he is quite protective of Kai.


    Kai Etou / Kai Kousaka 

A 22-year-old new criminal investigator for Kanto Region's Narcotic Control Department. When conflicted with anything that involves pain or extreme emotional hurt to him, Kai might switch to a violent alter ego who has no problem in harming others, though Kai himself is gentle and reluctant to do anything dangerous or hurtful to others.


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