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Presidents of Sordland:

    Anton Rayne

The newly elected president of Sordland.

  • Character Customization: From update 1.1 onwards, Rayne's appearance can be customized.
  • Corrupt Politician: Rayne has the opportunity to take bribes, conduct insider trading, and submit false evidence to the court.
  • The Leader: Anton Rayne assembles a diverse group from the United Sordland Party to form a coalition that elects him as the fourth President of Sordland, appealing to both the conservative and reformist elements of his party.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: Rayne's socio-economic status, educational background, military record, and political history are decided by the player in the game's prologue.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: If the player so chooses.
  • Ruler Protagonist: Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: He can take this stance to appease his conservative voter base.

    Ewald Alphonso
Third president of Sordland, who came to power after United Sordland Party voted to remove Soll from power and who tried to democratize Sordland (in which he failed) and privatize the economy (which he managed to start, but got then replaced by Rayne). Sordland's economical recession is often blamed on him.
  • Corrupt Politician: He took many bribes during his term and left Sordland's economy in the hands of the Oligarchs.
  • Expy: Of Boris Yeltsin. Alphonso was, like Yeltsin, an aggressive economic reformer who worked to reverse the anti-market status quo, but the privatization of previously uncontested Sordish state assets gave certain businessmen immense power as Sordland's new Oligarchs, mirroring Yeltsin's neoliberal reforms and the subsequent formation of the Russian oligarchy.
  • Failure Hero: For all his hard work in reforming the country all he achieved after removing Soll from power was an economic recession.

    Tarquin Soll
Once Colonel of the 6th Army during the Sordish Civil War, he was able to defeat the other factions and established the political establishment of the Sordish Republic. He was elected President five times, before he resigned in 1946 after he lost the party leadership to Alphonso.
  • Colonel Badass: As a colonel in the military, he stopped the Sordish civil war and restored the Republic.
  • Cult of Personality: Even after his departure from politics, Soll's cult of personality lives on in Sordish society, especially in the school system. If you want, you can try to abolish this.
  • Expy:
    • Of General Kenan Evren, who ended political violence between the left and right in Turkey by launching his own coup d'etat, and ruled as both an authoritarian president. But like Evren, you can have Soll tried and sentenced to life imprisonment if you play your cards right.
    • Of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, namely his negative side: as his tendency towards autocracy, his stifling personality cult, and his denial of minority rights in the name of national unity. Like Ataturk, Soll is also the creator of an codified ideology named after him that keeps Republicanism, Statism, and Nationalism as its tenets and represents them visually with pointy things (the sun-rays on the USP party flag), though Kemalism tacks on three more.
  • Glorious Leader: Still revered by many citizens and the Old Guard.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: If Rayne managed to remove his immunity and replace the corrupt Chief Justice, Soll can be put in trial for his past crimes, and will be found guilty. He then will be imprisoned, or worse executed if Rayne manages to lift the ban on capital punishment.
  • Kangaroo Court: Even if he is vulnerable to prosecution he can still avoid any punishment if the conditions aren't met.

    Artor S. Wisci
Sordish writer and revolutionary, he served in the parliament of the Kingdom of Sordland, as part of the Republican Faction. In 1923 he guided a protest in the capital of Holsord that caused the king to abdicate. He became then the first president of the Republic, until he was removed by General Luderin's coup in 1927.
  • Expy: Of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founding father of modern Turkey and republican revolutionary. Wisci represents the positive side of Ataturk, namely his democratic beliefs and modernizing reforms.
  • Posthumous Character: President Wisci died in prison after being couped.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Just looks like his son Deivid plus the hat.


The Rayne Cabinet:

    Petr Vectern, Vice President of Sordland
Vice president of Sordland and a long-time friend of Rayne, who suffers from alcoholism.
  • The Alcoholic: Petr continually drinks over the course of the game, downing liquor as if it were soda. Anton also notices to his disquiet that Petr sometimes appears late for rather important meetings and at other times appears disheveled and slovenly.
  • Best Friend: Petr and Anton have been friends since the two were in school. Anton brings Petr with him as part of his staff from the beginning of his political career, and Petr makes further connections and support to help Anton succeed.
  • The Casanova: Petr is infamous for his wandering eye and playboy antics. It gets him into serious hot water after he sleeps with Livia Suno, creating a major sex scandal.
  • Driven to Suicide: If Rayne betrays him, making him take the fall for the Livia Suno sex/espionage scandal, Petr falls into deep depression and eventually jumps from a bridge.
  • Honorary Uncle: Petr is close enough with Anton and his family for both of Anton's children calls him "Uncle Petr".
  • Meaningful Name: His last name is Sordish for "Victory", which will certainly be in abundance if Rayne keeps him around.
  • The Scapegoat: Lucian advises blaming the entire Livia Suno scandal on Petr. Somewhat justified, as it was Petr's fault as he bypassed a background check because she was attractive.
  • Sleazy Politician: He is known as a 'bad boy' in politics. But the game can note the things he does has been losing its charm since he's middle aged. He also jokes that he cheated on his taxes with Anton claiming he gave away 30% of his salary to charity.
    • His wife Evelyn says he has cheated on her multiple times and the women in those situations had the option to sleep with him or get fired.
  • Smarter Than You Look: While a flawed character, Petr is politically savvy and does effectively campaign for Anton Rayne. He also correctly points out that initiating a war is one way to keep the electorate's support, should Rayne's popularity be suffering.
  • Taking the Heat: If Anton Rayne takes responsibility for the Livia Suno scandal, Petr stops him, publicly acknowledges that he was responsible for the entire affair in a press conference, admits his infidelity and alcoholism, apologizes to his wife, denies that Rayne held any knowledge of his actions, resigns the Vice Presidency, and checks himself into a hospital for treatment in order to preserve Rayne's presidency. It works.
  • Undying Loyalty: Should you remain loyal to him and keep him as VP, and should you get kicked out of the party, Petr will follow you anywhere you go. He will also support your reelection and the game notes that when it comes to campaigning, he still got it in him.
    • If Anton Rayne offers to take responsibility for the Livia Suno scandal. Petr is so moved by Rayne having his back in this Darkest Hour of his, that he decides to willingly takes the fall himself and tries to become a better person in the process.

    Lucian Galande, Chief of Staff and Chief Political Strategist
A lawyer, politician, and chief strategy officer in the private sector. Lucian was one of Anton Rayne's earliest supporters and credited as the architect of his successful election campaign. Following Rayne's victory, Lucian was promoted to chief of staff.
  • Clock King: Aside from being the President's chief strategist, he's also such a stickler for punctuality that he arrives on the exact hour, and ensures that meetings always start and end on time. This is part of why the perpetually-pickled Petr pisses him off; Petr's almost never on time.
  • Confirmed Bachelor: Is unmarried. The reason why is never addressed in-game.
  • Softspoken Sadist: If you choose to kill Petr to prevent his affair with Livia Suno from going public, Lucian is described to look pleased upon hearing your decision.
  • Treacherous Advisor: Despite appearing to be loyal and supporting most of the President's schemes throughout the game, he will betray you without hesitation if you choose to block his path to becoming vice-president. Prior to your re-election campaign, he will leak any dirty deals you may have made. When Lileas Graf challenges you for your position in the USP, he will endorse her if you gave the VP position to anyone but him. And even if you did give him the post, he will choose to stay in the USP if you decide to form a new party.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: He gets accused of being after the Vice President's seat since your term began. If he succeeds he noted to be a very effective campaigner and popular enough to pull in undecided and centrist votes.

    Lileas Graf, Minister of the Interior
A long-running member of the United Sordland Party since its founding. The former mayor of Sordland's capital city of Holsord, she resigned her position to become Minister of the Interior under Anton Rayne.
  • Churchgoing Villain: She is openly religious, but that doesn't stop her from conspiring with the Old Guard against the President. She is, in fact, the mastermind behind the assassination of Bernard Circas, whom she killed simply to make Rayne's term difficult.
  • Hypocrite: Promises to stand bravely against wealthy elites in their mansions, shortly after hosting you in her own mansion.
  • The Rival: To Nia Morgna, who clashes openly with Lileas over their differing ideals. Should she oust Anton Rayne to contest in the election on the USP's ticket, she will also become his political rival.
  • The Starscream: She is a die-hard Sollist that arranged the assassination of a communist MP to stoke violence between communists and nationalists. That was in order to derail the reforms that Rayne promised to get elected. She will even side with Rumburg should Rayne go to war with them while being an anti-Sollist, which will lead to Sordland's destruction if she isn't properly dealt with.

    Symon Holl, Minister of Economy, Commerce, and Energy
A politician and economist. Symon formerly sat as Chairman of the National Bank of Sordland, and represents state-owned industry in the National Business Council. Symon supported Anton Rayne's candidacy early and actively campaigned with Rayne, and was appointed as Minister of Economy, Commerce, and Energy.
  • No Social Skills: Symon is noted as having poor social skills and openly smiles when he is told he has to spend more time crunching numbers than being with his family. However, Symon seems to function serviceably on the campaign trail, at the National Business Council, and in cabinet meetings.

    Nia Morgna, Minister of Justice and Law
A politician and attorney. Nia was the former Vice Minister of Justice and Law under the Alphonso administration and one of the most experienced attorneys retained by the government. Nia supported Anton Rayne's candidacy and was appointed to Minister of Justice and Law following his election. As the Minister, she has a voice on the Supreme Court, and is considered the voice of the reformist faction within the judicial system.
  • Crusading Lawyer: Nia is devoted to ending corruption in the legal system and eliminating the case backlog. She may even be supported by Anton Rayne to establishing an Anti-Corruption Task Force meant to clean up Sordish government.
  • Foreshadowing: When meeting with Anton Rayne, Nia warns him not to trust Lileas. While she appears to be saying this out of spite, later events and revelations prove her to be correctly suspicious of Lileas.
  • Meaningful Name: Her last name is Sordish for "morning" and as a Supreme Court Justice by dint of being Minister of Justice, she is the most vital member of the Cabinet for pushing through constitutional reform, which she wholeheartedly supports.

    Iosef Lancea, Minister of Defense and Security
A retired officer in the Sordish Army. Formerly the Inspector General of the Sordish Army, Iosef supported Anton Rayne's candidacy and was appointed Minister of Defense and Security, retiring from active duty and transitioning to civilian life.
  • Beware the Honest Ones: He's one of the only Sollists who's not at all corrupt. But if he thinks you've left Sordland defenseless or sold out to foreign powers, he will remove you from power.
  • Combat Pragmatist: While he repeatedly emphasises that Sordland's army can stand on its own, he correctly realizes the need for allies in the event of war with Rumburg. Despite being possibly the most jingoistic political figure in the game, he also understands that an army of conscripts does not lend itself well to quality combat, and wants the Sordish Armed Forces to be a purely volunteer-based, professional entity.
  • General Failure: Subverted. He may seem to be a standard General Ripper physically unfit to be in the army (Rayne can make a quip about his weight if he sends Franc to the military and Franc jokes about being the next Lancea), apparently being hell-bent on charging into battle with nothing but a vague sense of national pride, but he's actually by far the more competent general between him and Kruger, though the latter's ideas aren't totally worthless. Taking his advice in as many matters as possible is a sure path to victory against Rumburg, unless you're fighting without allies.
  • Last Stand: If Sordland loses the war against Rumburg, he will be the last person standing beside Rayne. He then do a badass sacrifice, stating that he always wanted to go with a bang.
  • Majorly Awesome: During the Wehlen Civil War, Iosef held the position of major and was Anton Rayne's commanding officer. As a major, he earned Sordland's highest military honor.
  • Quality over Quantity: Actively seeks to reform the Sordish Armed Forces by abolishing conscription and converting the military into a fully professional force.
  • Warhawk: He is certain that Rumburg will invade within a year. He's not right about the timeline, but he is correct that Rumburg will invade unless Rayne makes decisions to stop Rumburg.
  • War Hero: Credited with significant military victories and very popular with the Sordish Armed Forces and the nationalists as a result.

    Ciara Walda, Minister of Education, Technology, and Research
An independent member of the Assembly. Ciara was a philosophy and political science professor who ran for office as independent. Ciara joined the United Sordland Party explicitly to campaign for Anton Rayne's candidacy, and was appointed as Minister of Education, Technology, and Research following his election victory.
  • Hypocrite: She's a committed reformist, but if you have expanded presidential powers, then she'll ask you to pass her women's rights reform by decree instead of going through the Assembly.

    Deivid Wisci, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Professor, diplomat, ambassador, and son of Sordland's first president. Deivid was a long-time diplomat and ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was nominated as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • A Friend in Need: Deivid aided 10,000 Sordish and Bludish immigrants in Lespia, and was celebrated in Merkopan diplomatic circles as a result.
  • The Mentor: Was one of Rayne's professors in college, and continues to advise his old student now that he's the President.
  • Not so Above It All: Despite the gravitas of being a foreign minister old and wise enough to have been his boss' professor in university - which he was - Deivid is amused at the Alliance of Nations summit when the foreign heads of state misbehave.
  • Realpolitik: If the player decides to have Rayne attend university in Deyr in the prologue, Deivid will give a lecture explaining the merits of realpolitik. For all of his commitment to liberal democracy, his professional concerns about Wehlen have more to do with its stability (and therefore reliability as a diplomatic partner) than Smolak's human rights abuses, though he certainly lets his displeasure about them known to Rayne during the AN meeting.
  • So Proud of You: While he'll be loyal to his old student to the end regardless of his ideology, he'll be especially proud of a Rayne who brings a democratic constitution to Sordland.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Just looks like his father Artor, minus the hat.

    Gus Manger, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
A politician and businessman. Gus was the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development under Ewald Alphonso, but supported Anton Rayne's candidacy. Following Anton's electoral victory, Gus retained his cabinet position.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Downplayed. Gus is known to have a short temper, and frequently argues with people who disagree with him, but he is never violent or out-of-control.

    Paskal Beniwoll, Minister of Health, Social Affairs, and Labor
Author, university president, and civil servant, Paskal's political career revolved around establishing pro-worker labor practices like workman's compensation and safety regulations. Paskal supported Anton Rayne's bid for presidency, being named the Minister of Health, Social Affairs, and Labor after Rayne's successful election.
  • Disappointed in You: If Rayne did corrupt things and the scandals got leaked, Paskal will express his disappointment and decided to resign at the end of the game.
  • Irony: Rayne notes in the first meeting with Paskal that his Minister of Health was portly.
  • Nice Guy: He is possibly the most benevolent and least flawed characters in Anton Rayne's cabinet. Genuinely concerned for the welfare of Sordland's citizens, he never gives bad advice and has no quarrel with his colleagues. He is also a principled man who will leave the cabinet should the President engage in any form of power abuse.
  • Oppose What You Suffered: The child of miners, Paskal's childhood was spent in poverty. As an author, he illustrated the plight of poverty in his books. As a civil servant, he endeavored to establish policies to support workers in a similar condition to his parents. As a minister, he hopes to improve and expand Sordland's healthcare system.

Members of the Assembly:

    Gloria Tory, Speaker of the Assembly
Speaker of the Assembly, and leader of the conservative wing of the United Sordland Party
  • Female Misogynist: As a USP conservative, Tory is guaranteed to be put off working with Rayne if Monica is allowed to make a speech at a major gathering in Benfi centered around Christianity's Fantasy Counterpart Religion, the biggest in Sordland.
  • Iron Lady: Gloria mentions that she has held the position of Speaker for years against fierce opposition, and has done so by being forceful and effective. She cannot be bribed for her support in constitutional reforms and will fight a reformist Anton Rayne. She is amenable, however, to being named Vice President.
  • Meaningful Name: Gloria's last name is Tory, a slang term for the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: She's a conservative Sollist, but she's not insane about it. She's willing to make moderate concessions to reform for the sake of the country, so long as you're willing to play ball too and not go too nuts.

    Albin Clavin, Deputy Speaker
Deputy speaker of the assembly, and leader of the reformist wing of the United Sordland Party
  • Corrupt Politician: Willing to take bribes in exchange for supporting the new constitution.
  • Hypocrite: He claims to support electoral reform (and he will back a reduction in the electoral threshold), but he's also the author of the electoral finance bill that'll give the United Sordland Party a vast increase in election funds, at the expense of the minor parties.

    Frens Ricter, Leader of the Opposition and Chairman of the PFJP
Leader of the biggest opposition party in assembly, and a long time advocate for constitutional reform.

    Kesaro Kibener, Chairman of the NFP
Leader of the second largest opposition party, and advocate for expanding presidential power.

    Mansoun Leke, Leader of the Independents
Former leader of WPB and de-facto leader of independent politicians in assembly. Blud.

    Bernard Circas, Member of the Assembly
A famous socialist writer and poet in Sordland, Circas is an independent member of National Assembly, being the first communist who was voted into the assembly.
  • Expy: With Sordland being a more or less clear reflection of Turkey, Circas seems like a walking nod to Nâzım Hikmet Ran, the author of the game's epigraph. Both are "romantic communist" poets with profound impacts on their respective nations' thespian spheres, if not their political ones.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: His murder at Rayne's inaugural ball triggers nationwide conflicts between the communists and nationalists. Rayne can put reforms on hold to deal with the fallout or push them through regardless. The unrest is used by Rumburg as an excuse to claim Sordland is a threat to the region because of its instability and close their consulate in the capital. The first of many actions they take to justify potentially invading Sordland. His murder was planned by the Old Guard to cause the unrest, hoping to derail Rayne's reforms.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Rayne never even gets to meet him before he is assassinated.

Justices of the Supreme Court

    Orso Hawker, Chief Justice
Current head of the supreme court and opponent of any kind of constitutional reform.
  • Amoral Attorney: He is very secure in his place as head of the Old Guard and enjoys immunity given to him as a Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Kangaroo Court: Soll can be put on trial for his crimes as President in front of Hawker. The narration notes that Anton can practically hear the quotation marks in Hawker's statement for his alleged "crimes."

    Heron Garaci, Justice
Hawker's second in command, who is infamous for his obstructionist actions.
  • Irony: Despite being a judge, Heron will gladly be bribed for his support in return for Rayne supporting him with several investments.

    Isabel Edmonds, Justice
Leader of centrist faction inside the supreme court, and effectively the key to gaining support of other centrist judges.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: She can be swayed to support the reforms offered by Anton even if they include removing immunity from the Supreme Court Justices.

    Ovid Grecer, Justice
A candidate to replace any removed Justices in the Supreme Court. He is a centrist noted for having a lot of respect and experience
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He is noted for his impartiality in his rulings. This respect even gives him the opportunity to become chief justice if Hawker is arrested and Grecer is selected to become a supreme court justice. He will even convict Soll for previous crimes if Anton launches an investigation.

Foreign Heads of State

    Beatrice Livingstone, Queen of Rumburg
Queen of Rumburg, who has effectively seized power in her country, removing parliaments power in Rumburg.
  • Villain Has a Point: Should you defeat Rumburg militarily with Wiktor Smolak's help, Beatrice points out that the lives of Rumburgians and Bluds in the territories annexed by Wehlen will be endangered. Given that Smolak doesn't deny this and tells her that it's none of her business, it's likely plans for ethnic cleansing are already underway.

    Dwight Walker, President of Arcasia
Head of the most important capitalist nation and one of the two superpowers. Also de-facto in charge of ATO.
  • Expy:
    • Of Richard Nixon, down to the hairline and jawline.
    • Of John F. Kennedy and his womanizing tendencies, namely the way he hits on Monica when he visits Sordland.

    Emmerich Hegel, Chancellor of Valgsland
Creator of Valgslandian socialism, a more democratic version of malenyevism and current leader of Valgsland, most important malenyevist nation is east Merkopa and a member state of CSP.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: His main character flaw, which leads to him having outbursts of anger when someone stands against him.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While somewhat brash and easily irritatible, Hegel has a legitimate point to make about the Heljisland dispute. The islands had been sold by Agnolia to Valgsland centuries ago and at the time of the game, is home to a Valgish population. The fact that the illegitimate Agnolian governor has authorised the use of deadly force against protestors is thus something that justifiably infuriates Hegel into retaliating against Agnolia.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: His character has a lot of similarities to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev: both are leader of a Communist Nation after the previous leader died, denounced purges that happened under the previous administration and slowly reformed the country to create a less repressive government, in a process that was called de-Ulbrikization.

    Leon Malenyev, Chairman of United Contana
Creator of first malenyevist nation and his namesake ideology. Leader of one of the superpowers and de-facto leader of CSP.
  • Expy: Of Vladimir Lenin, albeit with a full head of hair and clean-shaven. Also has a fair amount of Leon Trotsky thrown in as well, sharing not just the first name but having a theory of Permanent Revolution, like Trotsky.

    Martin van Hoorten, Prime Minister of Agnolia
The elected head of Agnolia from the Nurist Democratic Party.

    Patricio Alvarez, Prime Minister of Lespia
Leader of Lespia, the strongest capitalist nation in East Merkopa and a member state of ATO.
  • The Alcoholic: Has the reputation of one, and smells of alcohol if Anton has a trade meeting with him.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: In the run-up to the Sordish-Lespian trade meeting, Symon details Alvarez's drunken antics, but warns Rayne to not underestimate him, as he's rumored to be an incredibly shrewd leader beneath his facade of incompetence. Symon is right.

    Wiktor Smolak, President of Wehlen
President of Wehlen, the poorest nation in East Merkopa, and effectively a dictator.
  • Affably Evil: Smolak is one of the cruelest leaders you'll meet and even commits genocide, but he's nothing but friendly to Rayne the entire time, even if Rayne is cold to him or refuses his deal.
  • Arab Oil Sheikh: Offers Wehlen oil in his trade deal.
  • Deal with the Devil: One of your advisors will note it feels like one if you make a deal with him.
  • Expy: Of Saddam Hussein, down to his hatred of the Bluds (the in-game equivalent of the Kurds) and relying on the military as his enforcers.

Family Members

    Monica Rayne, First Lady of Sordland
Wife of Anton Rayne and aspiring to be feminist activist. She is from an Ango-Sordish background.
  • The Suffragette: Averted. Her causes don't include getting the vote. Rather an end to workplace discrimination against women, criminalizing domestic violence, and bring equality to the education system.

    Franc Rayne
The somewhat distant teenage son of Anton Rayne.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: He can start dating a Blud. Anton can respond with disapproval.
  • Nepotism: He can get into Anton's alma mater because he's the President's son.
  • Rebel Prince: He may join protests against Anton while he's in college if Anton has a low approval rating.

    Deana Rayne
Anton Rayne's daughter and younger child.

    Evelyn Vectern, Second Lady of Sordland
Wife of vice-president Peter Vectern.

Prominent People of Sordland

    Marcel Koronti, Chairman of Heart of Sordland
One of the two most important oligarchs in Sordland, who soon after the game starts will inherit his father's media empire. Owns Heart of Sordland, which controls one of the most important newspapers in Sordland, Sordland Today.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Implied during the conversation at his villa in Conriat with Rayne, Petr and Lucian, saying that it would be a shame if sensible information about a scandal were published, and they could instead help eachother.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: He will try to form a media deal with you and if investigated is found to be using his company as a front for one of the largest criminal families in Sordland.
  • Enemy Mine: Koronti is a capitalist oligarch, but he will let you get away with absolutely anything, up to and including instituting a Malenyevist dictatorship, so long as he supplants Tusk and you don't infringe on his business interests, which are largely media-centric instead of posing as much of a threat to socioeconomic equality as Tusk does. He'll even actively help you by biasing his media outlets towards you.
  • The Starscream: Plans to supplant Walter Tusk as leader of the Lotherberg Group, and wants President Rayne's help in doing so.

    Walter Tusk, Spokesman of the Lotherberg Group
One of the two most important oligarchs in Sordland, and head of the Lotherberg Group.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive Aside from trying to bribe you during the first meeting with him and constantly attempting to pressure you he is smuggling weapons to the BFF.
  • While You Were in Diapers: If the player decides to partially or entirely nationalize his company, Bergia Steel, an angry Tusk will threaten Anton as he signs away the rights to the company's daily operations. If the player have Anton say that he is not intimidated by Tusk's threats and that it is Tusk who is the one should be worried if he tries anything, he will spit this line at Anton:
    Tusk: Do you know who I am? I've been chewing up and spitting out Sordish politicians since you were in diapers!

    Serge Wolkner, Presidential Chauffeur
Presidential chauffeur with lots of experience, happily married with two children.
  • Nice Guy: Serge is the kindest and friendliest character by far and will even always be kind to Rayne no matter how badly the President treats him.

    Mikail Aven, Chairman of the National Business Council
Representative of private business in National Business Council and a man with connections to Walter Tusk.

    Karl Grieser, Police Chief
Head of police and man in charge of the President's safety.
  • Da Chief: A professional police chief who will support Rayne during his presidency.
  • Internal Affairs: He leads the Anti-Corruption unit if Rayne creates it.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Grieser is an effective, driven policeman who, if Rayne creates the Anti-Corruption Police takes to the role of internal ethics enforcer like a duck to water. However, he also takes to the role of oppressive Secret Police chief like a duck to water, unquestioningly ordering hits on Rayne's political rivals if so directed.
  • Police Are Useless: Averted if they are properly funded and directed. During the inaugural ball, though, Rayne can call Grieser and the police clowns.

    Edith Agnoc, Chairwoman of the Central Bank of Sordland
Chairwoman of the Central Bank of Sordland, a member of the National Business Council, and Artor S. Wisci's adopted daughter.

    Valken Kruger, Chief of the Sordish General Staff and the Sordish Armed Forces
Chief of the Sordish General Staff and the Sordish Armed Forces with traditional views on military and a convicted Sollist.

    Livia Suno, Secretary to the President / Ilana, Rumburgian spy
Personal picked to the job by Peter for her "assets".
  • Love-Interest Traitor: It comes to light that "Livia" is in fact a spy for Rumburg who killed and stole the identity of the real Livia Suno and exploited the information gold mine that is Petr by seducing him. Petr is wracked with guilt over his affair, but it turns to horror when he discovers that he has also gravely endangered national security in the process.