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Look at me. Do you think I'm going to be strong at challenges?

A nice, but very weak old lady who is a huge Survivor fan.

First Cooking Mama fan character.


A blatant Sonic recolor who believes that speed is the key to winning the game.

Second Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.


A cute young anime girl with creepy blue eyes.

First Lucky Star fan character.


Max, get me a coconut, dude.

A kid who seemed nice at first, but eventually lived up to the name of his series.

First Bully fan character.

  • Bald of Evil: Shaved head, but still.
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  • Took a Level in Jerkass: This leads to his elimination.


I prefer the term "paid secret keeping".

A green haired demon with control over fire. Was close to being in control of the Brawns tribe until the Tribal Swap.

First Devil May Cry fan character.


An alien who is interested in studying humans and never shows emotion. Despite this he ends up being nice.

First Destroy All Humans! fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars.


The challenges were easy, the surviving was easy, the people were the hard part.

An ape who is obsessed with strength.

First Donkey Kong fan character.



An unstable girl who loses it once she's betrayed by her allies.

First Naruto fan character.


You know, if I could betray Bitsy and Al, I would, because I really don't care for either of them.

A (somehow) blond puffball who is always thinking about betraying his current allies.

First Kirby fan character.


I think I could step up and become the leader of this tribe.

A purple bird who attempts to lead her tribe.

Second Animal Crossing fan character.



An incredibly bitchy woman who has a blinding hatred for anything non-human.

First Love Hina fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars.

Bitsy Mitzi

A sweetheart dingo who is constantly victimized by Mary.

First Crash Bandicoot fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars.


I ran with a broken leg in my younger days, I can go with a broken arm.

An aged war veteran who has invaluable survival skills.

First Advance Wars fan character.

  • Cool Old Guy
  • Game-Breaking Injury
  • Thanatos Gambit: He guilt-trips the "Good People" alliance into voting him out after he sprains his arm, succeeding in keeping their initial target Ellise in the game and exposing the so-called "Good People" as hypocrites at Tribal Council for almost refusing to vote out an injured old man in need of medical help over a healthy woman.
  • What The Hell "Good People" Alliance: Gus is always very quick to call out the "Good People" alliance on the fact that they are a very big bunch of hypocrites.


Denise, what do you thi-WAGHH!.

A young woman who is notable for almost never speaking throughout the season, despite being perfectly capable.

First Haruhi Suzumiya fan character.


You're different from the other girls here. You're more... real.

A rocker dude who hates the strategic side of the game, and prefers to just go with the flow.

First Guitar Hero fan character.


I swear I saw my sister on the other tribe.

Kris's twin, whom with he constantly bickers, but ultimately loves.

First Ace Attorney fan character with his twin, Kris.

  • Black-and-White Morality: The "Good People Alliance" was founded on this, Chris wanting a "nice person" to win.
  • The Cameo: Came back as Kris's visitor in Battle of the Tribes.
  • Hypocrite: And the same alliance ultimately ends up being full of this, with Chris as the ringleader: he refuses to vote out an injured contestant on the grounds that he'd be easier to beat at immunity, he allows Vinnie of all people into his fold despite the fact that he just backstabbed his own allies (the very reason the alliance voted Bitsy out in the first place), and is generally just a bad person with high opinions of himself.
  • Jerk Jock
  • Knight Templar


I'm a snake, I'm doing snake stuff.

The main villain of the season, who constantly is changing alliances and voting out former allies.

First Grand Theft Auto fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars and Season 16: Blood VS Water.


I'll protect Chris, not his allies.

Chris's twin, whom with she constantly bickers, but ultimately loves.

First Ace Attorney fan character with her twin, Chris.

Came back for Season 10: Battle of the Tribes.


I hate voting out people I like, over people like Vinnie.

A nice catgirl who is generally well-liked by everyone.

First Inuyasha fan character.

Ellise d'Tourneau

We are in the top 1/2, 50%, whatever you want to call it, we made it.

A doctor who tends to be very bossy, yet is nice once you get to know her.

First Trauma Center fan character.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: After Bitsy is blindsided.
  • The Chessmaster
  • Dark Horse Victory
  • The Dragon: To Vinnie, initially.
  • Guile Hero
  • Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Foil: An older female heroine to contrast Sky's younger male semi-antagonist.
  • Heel–Face Turn
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Vinnie.
  • The Plan: Her plan at the Final 7 tribal council to keep Kris and Vinnie in the game and upset the "Good People" alliance: Ellise won a vital immunity, but instead of keeping it at Tribal Council, she gives it to Kris - after the vote, she plays her hidden immunity idol, forcing Vinnie to play his immunity idol. After the votes are cast, none of the votes count at all, and this forces a tiebreaker between all four core members of the "Good People" alliance, with Denise being voted off. This not only ensures that Vinnie flips back to her side, and Kris with him, but also starts the downfall of the "Good People".
  • Redemption Quest
  • Sole Survivor: The second and the first woman to win.

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