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Characters / Survivor Fan Characters Season Four

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Did that bear just tell ME, THE One Winged Angel, to bug off?

The villain that unwittingly tries to form an alliance with everyone on his tribe, which horribly backfires.

Canon character from Final Fantasy VII.


The first few to go are always the ones to mess up in a small way. So if I'm out of sight, I'm safe for now.

First Ice Climber fan character.

A young girl in a parka who tries to play the ultimate "under the radar" game.

  • Out of Focus: A side effect of trying to stay under the radar.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Her strategy alienated herself from the tribe, and caused her to be voted off.
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  • The Quiet One


There, we have fire again, no harm done.

A red-headed Saiyan who ended up stuck in between the conflict taking place in the Fans tribe.

First Dragon Ball fan character.

  • Playing with Fire
  • Wild Card: Became the swing vote for a crucial Tribal Council, and tried to take advantage of that fact. It ended poorly for him.

Shiki Misaki

I want to leave an impact if I leave. I don't want to be a nobody on Survivor.

A nice, quiet girl who, much like she was during the Reapers' Game, didn't want to leave as a nobody.

Canon character from The World Ends with You.

Rebecca Chambers

A medic.

Canon character from Resident Evil.



A very social person who knows how the game works because of his past experience in reality TV.

Canon character from Total Drama.


A black cat who is constantly plagued by her own bad luck.

First Animaniacs fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars.


Rebecca's twin sister, who has a strange habit of grabbing butts.

Second Resident Evil fan character.


A teenager that tries to keep Minerva Mink in the game despite thinking that she is evil.

Canon character from Kingdom Hearts.

  • Only Sane Man: The only one who sees Minerva for the threat she is.

Bulma Briefs

I REALLY wish I had an Immunity Radar right now.

A woman that cannot function without any kind of technology.

Canon character from Dragon Ball.


A mean strategic teen who hails from Canada.

First Total Drama fan character.


Marc's goofy teen sidekick, yet he also has a good understanding of the game.

First The World Ends with You fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars.

Knuckles the Echidna

A friendly but dumb echidna.

Canon character from Sonic the Hedgehog.


A crazy wolfgirl who continually makes friends with inanimate objects.

Second Kingdom Hearts fan character.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars.

Minerva Mink

The main villainess of the season, responsible for manipulating almost every man into doing her bidding.

Canon character from Animaniacs.

Came back for Season 6: All Stars and Season 10: Battle of the Tribes.

P. Bear

Don't talk to the bear when he's in the pool.

A common enemy from Ice Climbers, this particular Polar Bear talks in the third person and has a huge crush on Minerva. Came first in an all-season popularity poll.

Canon character (sort of) from Ice Climbers.


A hedgehog girl with a rather pessimistic outlook, who is friends with Knuckles.

Third Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.

Lilly Pendragon

A selfish girl who nonetheless knows how to play the game well.

Canon character from Suikoden.


A young apprentice who constantly seeks a master to replace his own, Cecil Harvey, during the game.

Second Final Fantasy fan character.

  • No-Damage Run
  • Undying Loyalty: When Luke chooses a master, he remains loyal to that person, no matter what even though his first master is blindsided early because of this.

Barney Callahan

A smart and strong store worker, who plays dumb to shrink the target on his back.

First Suikoden fan character.


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