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Male Students

    B002: Wyatt Carter 
B02: Wyatt Carter
Designated Weapon: Alligator Tooth Sword
Conclusion: Well, meathead here is either going to be either a juggernaut or a huge target. He has all the advantages for a strong early game, but if you can't think about the long-term, you're going to find yourself taking orders or taken out. Probably both, in that order. - Veronica Rai

  • Cool Sword: His assigned weapon is a sword made with alligator teeth.
  • Jerk Jock: Very much so.
  • Kavorka Man: He is not a very attractive person but still manages to have sex with different girls.


    B003: Lorenzo Tavares 
B03: Lorenzo Tavares
Designated Weapon: Splitting Maul
Conclusion: When a boy thinks with the wrong head, he gets the both of them chopped off. - Abby Soto

    B004: Axel Fontaine 
B04: Axel Jae-hyun Fontaine
Designated Weapon: Knife-wielding tentacle
Conclusion: Decent physical capacity ruined by a temper that's just going to get himself killed. What a waste. Oh and before you ask, we're not letting you have your cigs, B004. Didn't you know that smoking's bad for you? - Trent Camden

    B005: Claudeson Bademosi 
B05: Claudeson Bademosi
Designated Weapon: Min-jae Parker's crossbow (20 bolts)
Conclusion: God's not gonna help you here, so you'd better start making with the Old Testament-style sacrifices if you want to stand a chance, pal. And hey, the last guy who had that weapon got out in one piece. Mostly. Maybe it's a sign. - Matt Richards

    B006: Stepney Cruz 
B06: Stepney Ezequiel Cruz
Designated Weapon: Mountain Bike
Conclusion: Man, I can't decide if this guy is a sleeper mastermind or just dead meat. He's got the cunning, but having no reliable way to tell your enemies from your friends? Actually, that's kind of poetic, shit. Take heart, B006: you won't be able to tell who killed you, but you provided us with some cool symbolism. - Veronica Rai

    B007: Myles Roux 
B07: Myles Asher Roux
Designated Weapon: Kiss of death (lipstick gun)
Conclusion: I would pay off everybody here to get the chance to review B007, and I just lucked into it! What's more, he even gets the perfect spy weapon! I'd say B007 is well-rounded with all the tools necessary to make it all the way. Even retreating into fantasy as a bit of escapism isn't that much of a weakness. I mean, it's what I do. - Dennis Lourvey


    B008: Demetri Futscher 
B08: Demetri Futscher
Designated Weapon: Copy of the Communist Manifesto
Conclusion: Oh come on, come on! The perfect "manifesto" pun is here, I know it, but it's just out of my reach! Ugh, whatever, I'm sure I'll think of it later in the shower. In the meantime, try using that to broaden your political horizons or something in the five minutes before somebody takes you out, okay? - Josh Baines

    B009: Tyrell Lahti 
B09: Tyrell Kaapo Lahti
Designated Weapon: Crowbar
Conclusion: Does every athlete at this bloody school smoke? If it weren't for that and the fact he has the IQ of a Neanderthal, I would have said B009 actually stood a chance. - Trent Camden

    B010: Ace "Beats" Ortega 
B010: Ace "Beats" Ortega
Designated Weapon: Smoke grenades x3
Conclusion: Two parts Lucio, one part RG 3. I'm digging it, B010. Maybe you can use those grenades to start your sweet rave party before you 'beat' your enemies to death, eh? .... Oof, that one sucked. - Dennis Lourvey

  • Keet: A very excitable and friendly person.
  • Smoke Out: His assigned weapon is three smoke grenades.

    B011: Sven Vee 
B011: Sven Alexandria Bartholomew "Library" Vee
Designated Weapon: Plastic Lightsaber
Conclusion: Sorry guy, looks like the universe has decided that you didn't get fucked enough. Bend over and get ready for some more. - Veronica Rai

    B013: Abel Zelenovic 
B013: Abel Zelenovic
Designated Weapon: Maple wood baseball bat
Conclusion: Well, so long as B013 is Abel and willing- Huh?

...I've been informed that if I finish this sentence, I'll get punched. Bunch of spoilsports. - Josh Baines

  • Batter Up!: Receives a baseball bat as his assigned weapon.
  • Biblical Motifs: It has been brought up that Abel being the first person to be murdered in V7 is similar to how Abel from the Bible was the first human murdered. Bible!Abel was killed by someone who was familiar to him and who, under normal circumstances, would be considered worthy of, if not trust, at least the benefit of the doubt - a descriptor that could describe the relationship between two high school classmates as well.
  • Character Death: Clubbed to death with his own weapon by Paloma Salt.
  • Lovable Jock: He is the captain of the varsity baseball team along with being one of the nicer students at George Hunter High.
  • Posthumous Character: Dies several minutes into Day 1 with no in-character narration in his single post. All of his on-island characterization comes from accounts by other characters.
  • Sweet Tooth: Has a love for sweets and junk food, especially chocolate bars which has come up several times over the course of pregame.
  • The Klutz: Drenches Katrina Lavell with a cup of soda and vomits on Bert Wren's shoes during the course of pregame.

    B014: Cecil Salazar-Loveless 
B014: Cecil Salazar-Loveless
Designated Weapon: Ballistic Knife
Conclusion: You're a stiff breeze from coming apart at the seams, my friend. I don't think you'll last, but why not pare down the competition before you go? You do want to be the very best, after all. - Shamino Warhen

    B015: Emeka "Meka" Gibson 
B015: Emeka "Meka" Gibson
Designated Weapon: Broken hunting bow
Conclusion: You know, I was hoping this weapon would go to somebody that lent themselves to a joke about how they too were broken before the game even started. Instead, it ends up in the hands of Mr. Rational and Principled. If I may say: lame. - Jim Greynolds

  • Wrecked Weapon: In a odd case, his assigned weapon was already broken when he got it.

    B016: Matthew Hunt 
B016: Matthew Hunt
Designated Weapon: Beach towel and umbrella set
Conclusion: You might consider it wise to just make the best of a bad situation, B016. Find a nice beach and park yourself there until your inevitable death comes, because your easygoing lifestyle is finally about to catch up to you. - Christina Stockton

    B017: Parker Green 
B017: Parker Green
Designated Weapon: Throwing axe
Conclusion: B017's weapon helps avoid his troubled sight, so long as he only uses it at close range. If he manages to keep his emotions in check, I could see him going far. - Boris Petrikov

    B018: Ned Jackson 
B018: Ned Jackson
Designated Weapon: Scout Tactical Rifle
Conclusion: I like you, B018. I'm not exactly betting on you to win the whole shebang or anything, but I DO like you. And hey, with a draw like that, maybe you can splatter some brains on walls from far enough away they can't even hear you utter 'Omae wa, mou shinderu'. - Dennis Lourvey

    B019: Michael Froese 
B019: Michael Froese
Designated Weapon: Adam Dodd’s Ballester-Molina (handgun)
Conclusion: I honestly feel a little bad. B019 actually had a little trouble, but the kid has Diabetes, and it's the really bad kind. Somebody just needs to rip that pump away from him, like a blaring weak spot, and throw it in the ocean. Kid'll croak. - Trent Camden

  • Sad Clown: Still one of the more comedic characters, though.

    B020: Tristan O’Hara 
B020: Tristan Edward O’Hara
Designated Weapon: Pugio (Roman dagger)
Conclusion: They say that every actor best enjoys an opportunity to die on screen. Well, I have some good news for you! - Matt Richards

    B021: Felix Rees 
B021: Felix Rees
Designated Weapon: Walther P99
Conclusion: Dexterity and calmness are good traits to have for long term survival, and he received one of the best weapons. So long as he does not lose his glasses, I think B021 will do quite well. - Boris Petrikov

    B022: Johnny Silva Ruiz 
B022: Jose ‘Johnny’ Silva Ruiz
Designated Weapon: Bryan Calvert’s SPAS-12 shotgun
Conclusion: He'll rebel to anything as long as it's easy. Fucking pussy. - Josie Knight

  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His assigned weapon is a SPAS-12 that was previously used by former contestant Bryan Calvert.

    B023: Declyn Grayson-Anthis 
B023: Declyn Grayson-Anthis
Designated Weapon: IWI Jericho 941
Conclusion: Good news B023, you'll lose a lot of weight on the island diet program, bad news time travel isn't real, so you're stuck here fatty. - Josie Knight

    B024: Coriander “Andy” Silverman 
B024: Coriander “Andy” Christopher Silverman
Designated Weapon: Terrarium of fire ants
Conclusion: If B024 doesn't smash that entire thing over someone's head I want my money back. - Josie Knight

  • Clueless Chick Magnet: And dude magnet.
  • Embarrassing First Name: Hates being called by his full name and prefers to let people think that his nickname is short for Andrew instead.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Andy and Axel Fontaine are best friends who regularly beat the crap out of each other.
  • Your Cheating Heart: In a committed relationship with Mikki Swift, but he shares a kiss with his ex at prom. He isn't the instigator and regrets it afterwards, but he doesn't discourage it in the moment.

    B025: Lucas Abernathy 
B025: Lucas Abernathy
Designated Weapon: Mossberg 500
Conclusion: I got a 12 gauge Mossberg to pump up your chest. Have you gasping for air after that shell hit your vest. Fear me like you fear god cause I bring death. - Josie Knight

  • The Alcoholic: Started drinking to make himself seem cooler, but then he started drinking more regularly and now he just likes doing it.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He is this academically. He is legitimately smart, but unless the subject at hand actually piques his interest, he’ll put in only so much effort.
  • The Casanova / The Charmer: He is a rather notorious flirt and has dated a lot of different girls, and said relationships tend to be short lived and he is quick to move on. That said, his reputation as a womanizer actually bothers him, but he doesn’t actually make any attempt to improve.
  • Forgets to Eat: He gets really into his passion for film-making to the point where he neglects his own health by not eating properly.
  • Friends with Benefits: With Ivy Langley.
  • Geek Physiques: Of the skinny variety.
  • Hollywood Nerd: He is a skinny cinephile and also really attractive.
  • I Call It "Vera": Named his shotgun "King Ghidorah".
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: He falls in the categories of Lack of Athleticism and Typically Feminine Interests. With the former he isn’t physically fit and does poorly in Physical Education, while the latter he has a great interest in art and sewing.
  • Ladykiller in Love: Has been a relationship with his current girlfriend, Camille Bellegarde, much longer than any of his previous girlfriends and is genuinely happy and quite affectionate with her. That said, it doesn’t stop him with flirting with other woman while dating her but he is open and honest to her about it.
  • The Movie Buff: Lucas has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of films and film history. He particularly enjoys horror movies.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Has a rather grim fascination with horror and the macabre in general. When he was a kid this lead to him coming off as a Creepy Child.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His assigned weapon is a Mossberg 500 shotgun.
  • Web Video: Has a YouTube channel where he posts his own indie films and review vlogs.

    B026: Sean Leibowitz 
B026: Sean Leibowitz
Designated Weapon: Durian
Conclusion: He's going to smell about as good as that fruit does when he's dead. - Josie Knight

    B027: Morgan Dragosavich 
B027: Morgan Dragosavich
Designated Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
Conclusion: There you go kid, have the traditional weapon of your people, and they say we're not cultured. - Josie Knight

Female Students

    G001: Arizona Butler 
G001: Arizona Butler
Designated Weapon: Camping Stove
Conclusion: Being number one has a certain status to it, along with a good deal of pressure. Last time, our winner proved he was number one, so try to live up to the expectations, won't you? You know what they say, first impressions are everything. - Tracen Danya

    G002: Elisabeth "Lizzie" Lebowski 
G002: Elisabeth "Lizzie" Lebowski
Designated Weapon: Hedge Clippers
Conclusion: There's far too much competition to be worrying about your body image, G002. If you want to use those clippers to trim the fat, make sure to keep the pointy bits outward, okay? - Jim Greynolds

  • The Atoner: Makes a deliberate fool of herself to make up for how she used to be a bully in her younger years.
  • Coitus Interruptus: Her school trip room-mates walk in on her first time with Morgan Dragosavich. She really should've put a sock on the door.
  • Shear Menace: Has hedge clippers as her assigned weapon.

    G003: Paloma Salt 
G003: Paloma Salt
Designated Weapon: Night-vision goggles
Conclusion: Woah, hey, busking? Man, I bet you'd be a bard if you played-... oh. Painting. Sorry, I usually just skim over these things. Ahem: Let our gift to you define your strategy, G003. If we gave you special eyes so you could play Sam Fisher, don't be the kind of idiot who runs out in the daylight thinking they're Master Chief. - Dennis Lourvey

  • Batter Up!: Takes Abel's bat after killing him.
  • Biblical Motifs: Her murder of Abel (see above) has drawn parallels of the biblical murder of Abel, with Paloma in the position of Cain. The fact one could interpret being outed as a murderer by the Taskforce in the announcements could be compared to God marking Cain as the Abel's murderer has been brought up among the players.
  • Night-Vision Goggles: Her assigned weapon.

    G004: Bree Jones 
G004: Bree Jones
Designated Weapon: Syringe w/ needle containing adrenaline
Conclusion: So she's tough and can be selfish, but then the rest of her is wrapped up in pettiness and crying about the whales. Skewed priorities like that and a sub-par weapon mean it's only a matter of time before G004 is... uh... sleeping with the fishes. - Veronica Rai

  • Academic Athlete: Bree has an interest in Biology enough to pursue a degree in it, but is also the Swim Team captain.
  • Animal Motifs: As noted above in the terrorists' conclusion, she tends to be associated with both fish and whales. She has a noted love of pet fish, and is passionate about marine biology. She also tends to be sensitive about animal welfare, including her profile referencing Black Fish by name.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Unusually for her character type, she's described as having a curvy, plus-sized build. While she had Weight Woe in the past, nowadays she embraces it.
  • Fatal Flaw: Bree is impulsive, speaks her mind easily, and tends to be bossy. She gets accidentally shot during an argument with Mikki Swift where she tries to tear a gun out of Mikki's hands, which not only leads to her death, but the deaths of most of her group by extension.
  • Gamer Chick: Likes to livestream simulation games in her spare time.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: She gets into an argument with Mikki Swift and tries to tug her personal items out of her hands to prevent her from leaving. This includes a submachine gun. This ends about as badly as you'd expect.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: She's one of the more popular students on campus, and is described as judgemental and occasionally mean-spirited. That said, she isn't so much as a bully as she is a deeply opinionated person. Additionally, she can also be empathetic, most notably with her interest in animals and their welfare.
  • Shot to the Heart: Zachary Beck tries to resuscitate her in this way. Reality Ensues as he ends up puncturing a lung, which is what ultimately kills Bree.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She's generally pretty sporty, but she also has "hairstyling" and "chick flicks" as hobbies and interests.

    G005: Sierra Cook 
G005: Sierra Cook
Designated Weapon: Stun gun
Conclusion: There's some good shit here, but I can't help thinking that the whole might be less than the sum of its parts, or however that goes. Keep your head screwed on straight, kid, and you might make it. I did. - Veronica Rai

  • Affectionate Nickname: "Sleepy Head", towards Beryl Mahelona. Likewise, Beryl calls her "Nevada."
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: She is has a particular interest in dating these kind of guys as a means to get back at her parents. One of her notable boyfriends was a local drug dealer.
  • Archer Archetype: Sierra is skilled in archery and is Captain of the Archery team. She fits the trope pretty well in most aspects.
  • Berserk Button: Conservatives.
  • Bi the Way: Sierra is bisexual, a point that has brought her into conflict with her own conservative parents.
  • The Cynic: Has a very pessimistic mindset which has made her rather cold and bitter.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Tends to date people she knows her parents won't approve of, particularly other girls or bad boy types.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Can be rather sarcastic.
  • Embarrassing Middle Name: Atalanta.
  • Freudian Excuse: Her irrational hatred of conservatives was born from being rejected by her conservative parents.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: She certainly does and has built up a large collection of them. She doesn't like this fact getting out though so she largely keeps it under wraps.
  • Intimate Marks: Has a tramp stamp of a Chinese dragon in a heart shape.
  • Mythical Motifs: The dragon.
  • Nature Lover: She loves nature and has a pretty decent knowledge on flora and fauna.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue oni to Faith Marshal-Mackenzie's red oni. Sierra even has blue highlights in her hair while Faith has dyed her hair red.
  • Stun Guns: Her assigned weapon.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Is noted to be rather aloof, sarcastic, and blunt towards people she isn't that close with, but is significantly nicer and warmer to those who are.
  • Tiger Versus Dragon: The dragon to Faith's tiger. She even has a tramp stamp of a Chinese dragon.
  • Tomboy: She is a very sporty and physically active girl.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: See above for Tomboy and Girls Love Stuffed Animals.

    G006: Violet Quinn 
G006: Violet Quinn
Designated Weapon: Prison flail (sock with a padlock inside)
Conclusion: Taking a stand against bullying might be a noble endeavor in school, G006, but this is the real world. Learn to either become a bully, or be taken advantage of all the way to the grave. - Tracen Danya

  • One Steve Limit: Averted this version, though it's quite noticeable in this case as she's right next to the other Violet (Schmidt) in the roster.

    G007: Violet Schmidt 
G007: Violet Schmidt
Designated Weapon: Winchester Model 88 (rifle)
Conclusion: A fan? How nice. Now you get to enjoy the show from the best seat in the house. - Tracen Danya

  • Nightmare Fetishist: Downplayed, and played with, aside from being one of GHHS' witches/occultists/goths. She has a fixation of Survival of the Fittest, after finding material online discussing any occult significance it might have. However, she is still somewhat ashamed of herself for such a fixation, and it's definitely not something she shares with others.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted, she has the same name as the girl just before her in the roster.

    G008: Willow O'Neal 
G008: Willow O'Neal
Designated Weapon: Roll of duct tape
Conclusion: With enough imagination, we've given you what is in my opinion the single best weapon in the game. Without the imagination or know-how, though, you may as well just tape yourself to a tree and wait to be killed. - Dennis Lourvey

    G009: Marceline Carlson 
G009: Marceline Carlson
Designated Weapon: Folding Spetum
Conclusion: So long as G010 reigns in her social difficulties, obtains a weapon she could use, and remains vigilant of her surroundings, she could potentially have a chance to make it far. - Boris Petrikov

    G010: Camilla Bell 
G010: Camilla Bell
Designated Weapon:
Conclusion: So long as G010 reigns in her social difficulties, obtains a weapon she could use, and remains vigilant of her surroundings, she could potentially have a chance to make it far. - Boris Petrikov
  • Asexuality: Asexual and aromantic, to be exact.
  • Caring Gardener: In addition to her own small garden at home, she heads the gardening club, and is very caring about its members.
  • Shrinking Violet: Very socially awkward, and mostly sticks to the handful of friends she already has, most notably the gardening club.
  • Team Mom: Or rather, Grandma, to the gardening club, ranging from bringing snacks to their meetings, and keeping a level head (at least trying her best to) when the group found themselves lost on a caving trip.

    G011: Ashlynn Martinek 
G011: Ashlynn Martinek
Designated Weapon: Metal Keyblade replica
Conclusion: G011 really is fit to be a politician; she's all talk, and probably no action to back it up. Talk about your problems all you want, G011. Survival of the Fittest has been around a long time, and it will be here long after you're gone. - Jim Greynolds

    G012: Madison Springer 
G012: Madison Springer
Designated Weapon: Box of condoms
Conclusion:Safety first! - Josh Baines

    G013: Yuka Hayashibara 
G013: Yuka Hayashibara
Designated Weapon: Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun
Conclusion: Oh goodie, the Powerpuff Girls. And this one's the pastel goth, so that makes her Bubbles? But she has to kill people or die, so maybe it's from that one episode where Bubbles was suddenly a badass... - Dennis Lourvey

    G014: Apollonia "Nia" Karahalios 
G014: Apollonia "Nia" Karahalios
Designated Weapon: Bad Dragon dildo
Conclusion: Last time we nicked her bow, this time it looks like we stole something else from Josie's room! Heh. ... I sincerely hope she doesn't read these. - Dennis Lourvey

    G015: Juliette Sargent 
G015: Juliette Sargent
Designated Weapon: Straight razor + can of shaving cream
Conclusion: You feel the need to be in charge and can't stand decisions being made for you. You value your freedom, G015. I understand that. Believe me when I say there may be nobody who understands you as well as I do. You want your freedom? Take it. The only thing between it and yourself is your own inhibitions and a pile of warm bodies. - Tracen Danya

    G016: Katrina Lavell 
G016: Katrina Lavell
Designated Weapon: Nodachi
Conclusion: She's style, she's grace, she's gonna get shot in her fucking face as soon as she opens her stupid mouth to the wrong person. Cool weapon, though. - Veronica Rai

  • Accidental Murder: Kills Yuko Hayashibara when she thinks the girl is Tyrell Lahti coming to kill her.
  • Cat Girl: Is wearing a metal cat-eared headband a la Ariana Grande when she's abducted.
  • Celebrity Impersonator: Had a habit of emulating various pop stars through clothing and makeup in order to work out her identity as a musician. She was currently in an Ariana Grande phase when she was abducted for SOTF.
  • Genki Girl: In pregame.
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Does this upon waking up.
  • Lovable Coward: Averted, as her cowardice makes her threaten people with her nodachi and causes her to start a chain of events that leads to one ally being killed and her accidentally killing another.
  • Nervous Wreck: Becomes this if especially stressed. This causes her to accidentally kill Yuko Hayashibara
  • Your Makeup Is Running: Hers is in her first thread, although she briefly fixes it for her second thread.

    G017: Cheridene Williams 
G017: Cheridene Williams
Designated Weapon: Vape pen + 1 pineapple flavored cartridge
Conclusion: Yet another seemingly-promising contender just saw her chances go up in smoke. - Jim Greynolds
Come on, how come he gets away with it? - Josh Baines

    G018: Beryl Mahelona 
G018: Beryl Mahelona
Designated Weapon: Chainsaw
Conclusion: She has a decent array of advantages and a weapon draw with incredible potential for carnage, but... nope, I just don't see it. Maybe with a gun in her hands, G018 would be a force to be reckoned with, but I can't envision her getting up close and personal the way her draw demands. What a waste. - Christina Stockton

    G019: Faith Marshal-Mackenzie 
G019: Faith Marshal-Mackenzie
Designated Weapon: H&K P11 (underwater pistol, shoots metal darts)
Conclusion: The people you idolize will chew you up and spit you out without a second thought, and you'll have nothing to show for what you gave them other than your scars. We're giving you the chance to make something of yourself on your own terms. You can thank us later if you make it. - Veronica Rai

    G020: Desiree Beck 
G020: Desiree Beck
Designated Weapon: Water Pistol
Conclusion: A nerd after my own heart... is what I would say, if the fact that you're super into Fortnite wouldn't remind me of just how far removed our generations are. Man, back in my day, the super casual fun shooter was Team Fortress 2. Now you KIDS have your battle royale games. Not so much fun anymore, is it? Maybe we should sue Epic Games, they obviously got the idea from us... - Dennis Lourvey

P.S. You're back in my good graces for playing Minecraft, but Survival > Creative. Though, survive, and you can play on my server for a little while.

    G021: Meilin Zhou 
G021: Meilin Zhou
Designated Weapon: Haladie
Conclusion: Avoiding fights and keeping allies can be a great boon to long term survival, and G021's weapon is also above average. I think she will be able to survive for a significant length of time, given her perks and her negative qualities being so minor. - Boris Petrikov

    G022: Forrest Quin 
G022: Forrest Quin
Designated Weapon: Ball-gag and handcuffs
Conclusion: The only upside here is that her own weapon can't be used against her with that cast on her arm. Dead meat. - Veronica Rai

  • Cloudcuckoolander: Though sometimes it's due to being under the influence.
  • The Stoner: Well-known among the student body as one of these.

    G023: Dolores "Dolly" Upton 
G023: Dolores "Dolly" Upton
Designated Weapon: Bowie knife
Conclusion: I had to google what lolita fashion was so I'm going to be glad when this bitch breaks her ankle as soon as she tries to run. - Josie Knight

  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Subverted, she actually dresses more in the classic lolita style, but with touches from the gothic style.

    G024: Darlene Silva 
G024: Darlene Silva
Designated Weapon: Colt Single Action Army
Conclusion: This girl might be the most boring person to ever - Josie Knight

    G025: Tanisha Abbey 
G025: Tanisha Abbey
Designated Weapon: Sawed-off Browning A-5 Shotgun
Conclusion: The overweight girl isn't good at running? Who'd have guessed? Good thing she has that shotgun, she's going to need it. - Josie Knight

  • Acrofatic: She's the captain of GHHS's dance team and can pull off some impressive moves.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Tanisha is the head of a clique of these type of girls, dubbed "The Titty Brigade"
  • Big Fun
  • Dance Battler
  • The Determinator: Is set on finding her friends Joanne Coleman and Adele Jones right when she awakens on the island.
  • Team Mom: Being one of the older kids in her family and wanting to be a daycare worker when she's older, Tanisha is naturally caring and nurturing. This helps when dealing with Cammy Walker-Grimsley.


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