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The humans and demons of Survival Despair. Characters from the sequel can be found here.

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     Player Characters 

Akemi Saito

SHSL Mangaka
After having a one-shot manga she wrote get published in a magazine for rising star mangakas, Akemi was contacted by a fairly popular publishing company. She started publishing her first series, which was soon made into an anime. The series lasted two years. She also published a few one-shot mangas. Shortly after her first series ended, she started on her second one. This series became incredibly popular in a very short time. It was made into an anime as soon as they were able to get it into production, and there is talk of a live action movie happening upon completion. For a time, one couldn’t go anywhere without seeing some type of advertisement, merchandise, or reference to it.

Survived to endgame.

Akiko "Tsukiko" Yukimura

SHSL Stage Actor
Lights, Audience, Action! These three things are all Tsukiko needs to start her work of entrancing the audience into the story she helps weave by acting as one of the characters. It’s claimed that once she’s on stage one will forget they’re even watching a play and will end up completely engrossed until the trance ends as the curtains falls. Not many know how she came to be so popular, one day she just was saw on stage and she stayed there. From that moment forward everyone could agree it was the best idea that no matter how she found herself on the stage- no one should take her off.

Survived to endgame.

Alphonse Garrard

SHSL Knight
Strength! To be strong is to be the cornerstone- the foundation of a life! STRENGTH! Alphonse Garrard is strong, chivalrous, and wears armor to show the world his SHSL talent- being a modern day Knight! From competing in renaissance faire jousting, to European martial arts (sword-fighting, hand to hand combat, lancing…), and projecting an overall air of being from another era, he’s proven himself to be the real deal!

Executed as the murderer of Chapter 2.

Apolline Descoteaux

SHSL Horror Illustrator
Apolline Descouteaux is a world renowned horror illustrator from Paris, France. She moved from Paris to Tsushima Japan when she was eleven years old with her mother after she and her father had gotten a divorce. Some of her works have been featured as background pieces in famous horror movies and authors have commissioned her to do works for the covers of their books. When she was fifteen years old, she was given an award for her works.

Killed at the start of Chapter 4.

Ayaka Akiyama

SHSL AI Developer
For years, dedicated scientists have worked tirelessly to create the codes behind a fully-functional AI. Imagine their surprise when the honor of such a discovery went to a sixteen year old girl! At only fourteen, Ayaka Akiyama began developing an AI that was capable of both logical and abstract thought, as well as the ability to comprehend and simulate the full range of human emotions. Of course, creating such a thing was bound to bring controversy, but despite the harsh words, Ayaka continues on with her research, and is even rumored to be developing a new program that allows the AIs the capacity to simulate sleep and dream sequences. After all that hard work, it’s no wonder Ayaka has been accepted into Hope’s Peak!

Executed as the murderer of Chapter 4.

Azami "Korin" Aizawa

SHSL Traditional Singer
As a maiko, Azami’s powerful and nostalgic singing voice made her popular with clients. She became known to the general public after being featured in a commercial for traditional confectionery, drawing the population’s attention to her blog — an online journal of her daily life as an apprentice geiko. Next thing Azami knew, her blog was getting several thousand hits and being translated to a dozen of different languages. Despite her busy daily schedule and the increase in number of questions and comments, she kept trying to interact with her blog’s readers as best as possible. Hope’s Peak interest in her stems from a combination of her skill and popularity as a singer and her success making the dying art of traditional singing popular amongst new generations and widespread internationally.

Executed in Chapter 5, despite her innocence, due to a mistrial.

Daisy Shaladi/Cinnamon Shaladi-Prescott

SHSL B-Movie Star
If you’re a big fan of Japanese B-movies, you’re bound to know the name Daisy Shaladi! This daughter to two American socialites never could break into the North American film market, but work as a photobook model in Japan lead to her launch into the country’s acting world! Although many would agree her actual acting talent... Isn’t all there, the fact is that she’s a pretty girl with a hammy way of delivering her lines- two necessities to make it big in B-movies! Even so, you could colour her surprised at finding out that her odd little talent would get her invited to Hope’s Peak!

Murder victim of Chapter 3.

Hinoe Hasegawa

SHSL Black Comedy Writer
The short film I’m Not Particularly Good Friends With My Peers Or Corpses gained popularity almost overnight after several acclaimed critics gave it praise for it’s witty plot and tragic end that still managed to bring tears of laughter to one’s eyes. The mastermind behind the script, Hinoe Hasegawa, was quickly sought out by up and coming movie directors who wanted to get rich quick. They quickly climbed the ranks in the entertainment industry, writing various screenplays for movies, animes, and shows alike.

Murder victim of Chapter 1.

Lorena Tachibana

SHSL Mixed Martial Artist
Lorena is an accomplished mixed martial artist in Japan’s Deep competitive organization. She has a reputation for roughhousing and a few lawsuits settled out of court.

Survived to endgame.

Masato Shinjin

SHSL Ninjutsu Practitioner
The self-proclaimed last shinobi. While not entirely true, he is the last Practitioner of his grandfather’s school of ninjutsu. His Grandfather, Daikon Onowai, was his teacher and and guardian for the majority of his young life until he passed away. His elder brother, Hanzo, was his role model and the only other student in his grandfather’s school before he left and wasn’t heard from again. When a accidental fire took his grandfather and his grandfather’s dojo away from him, Masato took it upon himself to revive Onowai’ichi-ryu style of ninjutsu.

Died in between Chapter 5's end and the Inner Sanctum, succumbing to poison after defeating the Chimerical King.

Michi Misawa

SHSL Video Game Music Composer
With that bubbly smile and girlish looks, no one would suspect that Michi is best known for composing video game music — specifically, for indie horror games! Starting at 10 with her sibling, the two of them created an indie, psychological horror game together under the name Black Quill Games. The critics were blown away by the quality from a two person team, along with the immersive atmosphere and intriguing characters, and the game, Drops of Ink, quickly became a cult classic. Their second game, Instruments of Shade, starting with a kickstarting fund online, received much more money than they would ever need from excited fans. When it was released, the atmosphere was quite different in this noir, thriller game, but the quality was even better than the last. While story development and artistic skills make the games, many agree that they simply wouldn’t be the same without the perfect atmosphere set up by the music. It’s no wonder Hope’s Peak called both of them!

The victim of Chapter 2.

Nikki Hera

SHSL Biologist
Since their childhood, Nikki has shown a never ending curiosity for sciences, firstly trying to study all fields in there before settling down with biology. Indeed, this teen’s natural talent and searches for concrete answers proved useful in biology. They had succeeded in finding answers to questions previously unsolvable at a young age with their innovative mind. Nikki’s popularity grew quickly after they presented what people at their school considered the best stand in the entire building. Press picked up the interviews and the biologist did not mind talking in front of camera about their success in discoveries and breakthroughs. Their honesty and search for truth in the interviews were why Hope’s Peak Academy sent them a letter inviting them to attend their prestigious school at age 16. Despite their initial lack of good knowledge of the Japanese language, Nikki accepted the invitation without question and improved their skills in said field there so they could communicate easier with people.

Executed as the murderer of Chapter 1.

Nori Aragaki

SHSL Snowglobe Maker
The child of a famous glassblower in Hida (part of the Gifu prefecture in Japan.), Nori found themselves helping their father with his craft. Along the way, Nori learned how to make snowglobes out of the glass they made with their father. It started small, with little designs of areas in Hida they were familiar with. However, from there, Nori created snowglobes of scenes from their favorite American and Japanese horror films. Soon, their shelves were decorated with the workings of their craft, which their father helped them perfect. One day, Nori’s father helped them construct their own website to sell their work. Horror fans bought much of their work, which only encouraged Nori to make more and more. Soon, word even spread to Hope’s Peak. Of course, Nori and their father never expected this. Will they embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Or will it be something else indefinitely?

The victim of Chapter 4.

Omen Yoshito Akagawa

SHSL Cryptozoologist Hoaxer
“Omen” is a mysterious figure who has been making great strides forward in the field of cryptozoology. Not much is known about him because he’s managed to keep his personal life and work life very separate, creating a very mystifying aura and letting him take on a status as hardly more than a cryptid himself. He has written several well-read articles on cryptids, as well as establishing photographic and even one video of what seems to be rather concrete proof of the existence of several local cryptids, ranging from kappa to ningen to bakeneko, among others.

Executed at the end of the mastermind trial.

  • Abusive Parents
  • Break the Haughty / Trauma Conga Line: Chapter 5. Both Vera and Ren are victims, and they were killed specifically to make him suffer. To top it all off, the killer isn't even executed.
  • Eye Scream: He lost an eye in one of his father's drug-fueled abusive episodes. In the game, his eyes are revealed to have changed by the end of the mastermind trial; one now has two blood-red irises, and the other socket is now lined with lamprey-like teeth.
  • Jerkass
  • Official Couple: With Vera and Ren. Unfortunately, he couldn't save either of them from being murdered.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot
  • Walking Spoiler: He's the mastermind, with an alias and a cover talent. It's obvious he's hiding things.

Oriana Abelli

SHSL Architect
The daughter of a renowned Italian architect, her interest in the field began at an early age, idly doodling ideas for buildings in the margins of her notebooks. Her talent went unnoticed until, after happening to look at a set of plans made by her father’s firm, she pointed out a fatal structural flaw that an entire team of trained adults had failed to recognize. This incident launched her career as an architect, eventually even getting her scouted into Hope’s Peak.

Executed as the murderer of Chapter 3.

Ryouta Himura

SHSL Acrobat
Ryouta Himura’s the man you want to go to in hopes of an exciting time! Aloof and serious in nature, the excitable Trapeze Artist will show you how to have fun! Keeping true to the title “Adrenaline Junkie”, the circus boy will do whatever he can to get a rush of adrenaline he craves!! Aged 17, very handsome, and on his way to possible worldwide stardom, Ryouta Himura is the self proclaimed Phoenix who rose from the ashes of tragedy to bring back joy and hope to the common people. Survivor of a tragic accident, he has come back full force, just as his name proclaims! Member of the worldwide known Himura Acrobatic family.

The murderer of Chapter 5, having aided in killing Ren and Vera, and killing Violet himself. However, the class mistrialed, and Ryouta ended up surviving to endgame.

Ren Miura

SHSL Ikebana
Ren Miura has spent most of his life in his mother’s florist shop, or out enjoying nature in its simplest of forms, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone that he’d take such an interest in something like flower arranging. He’d first heard of ikebana through the grapevine that was his school, and, his interest piqued, he wasted no time in entering the, admittedly small, class that offered lessons on ikebana arrangement. There wasn’t much trial and error, seeing as how Ren discovered, with practice, that he had a natural talent for it. Delighted, he continued making beautiful arrangements, most of which he left on display in his mother’s shop. This gained the attention and awe of many a customer, prompting them to ask who made such lovely displays. Once it was learnt that Ren was behind the arrangements it didn’t take long for news of the young and talented ikebana arranger to spread throughout the city, turning the once simple florist shop into a popular local area that many people come to appreciate the simple yet beautiful aesthetic of Ren’s ikebana arrangements.

One of the victims of Chapter 5.

Daryl Robin Statlender

Reserve Course Student (formerly SHSL Stalker)
From both the east and west sides of America, Robin Statlender has arrived at Hope’s Peak! Though he’s a mere Reserve Course student, he still seeks to better the world in his own, small way. Working under the president of the newspaper club, Robin spends his time as an editor of HPA’s school newspaper. He’s doing his best to live, learn, and make the newspaper as good as it can be. There are rumors that he used to be part of the school’s Talent Course, but he’ll deny it if you ask. But those rumors are completely true; he was the SHSL Stalker a year prior.

Survived to endgame.

Vera Danshov

SHSL Ballet Instructor
Through a simple search on the internet, you can find hundreds of links to headlines and videos about Vera Danshov. Many are about how proud her mother and father are, how she’s continuing the family tradition of becoming a ballet dancer know best for her performances as the Swan Princess in Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty in Sleeping Beauty and many many more. Though the most recent articles are much harsher and leave little to the imagination of just what the scarred dancer has gone through. The most recent ones are mainly in Russian but through a bit of navigation you find them translated into a language you can read.

One of the victims of Chapter 5.

  • Motherly Side Plait: Puts her hair into this around the middle of the game. She's killed only a chapter or two after she switches her hairstyle to this.

  • Official Couple: With Omen and Ren. Shame that none of them survived.

Violet Folland

SHSL Antique Photographer
Snap, Flash! Violet Folland, an idol of the photography world in Poland and earning more fame since her move to Japan. Violet has had their work published on many blogs,websites and even in well known magazines that print across the world! If you don’t know them due to their talent, there is a good chance you may know them just by looking at them due to their natural white hair and being a model for a short amount of time for a popular clothing company.

One of the victims of Chapter 5...and also one of the murderers. However, Silliamas couldn't punish them because they were already dead.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Violet seems a perfectly friendly individual, don't they? Fast forward to Chapter 5, where they orchestrate a murder plan with Ryouta specifically to make Omen suffer.
  • Rapunzel Hair



Tamotsu Morita

Graduated SHSL Tutor

The homeroom teacher of these HPA students, and the man who organized the trip to Spain. In the sequel...he's still the students' homeroom teacher, and he organized the trip to Alchemilla Planetarium.

Killed as the "martyr" at the very end of prologue. In the sequel, he was actually never involved with the Benefactors at all, and got off the train without the students, leaving him to worry about them for the month and a half or so they were missing.

  • Adorkable
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Especially applicable in the sequel, where he disappears after the planetarium trip, but before the class arrives in Nowhere Station.


Unchainer of Ambition, Devourer of Fools, Granter of Desires


Nun of Filth


Lady of Midday

  • The Blank: She literally has a black void where her face should be.


Night Terror Duchess

  • Playing with Fire: She bleeds flame.
  • Shipper on Deck: She interprets Robin's feelings for Alphonse as love in the second trial, and tells him to keep loving him. Though that's more so she can feed off his heartbreak, since Alphonse is about to be executed.


Legion of Lost Faces


Yellow Lord who Smote Babel


Chimerical King


Death of Seven Things



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