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Characters / Supernatural: Sam Winchester

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See also the character page for his older brother Dean Winchester, and the rest of the Winchester Family.

The main character page for this series is here.

Samuel "Sam" Winchester

Portrayed By: Jared Padalecki, Colin Ford, Alex Ferris, Dylan Kingwell

Stats: Birthday: May 2, 1983; Place of Birth: Lawrence, Kansas, US; Age: 34; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Hazel (with Green and Blue); Height: 6'6" (1.98 m/198 cm); Weight: 190 lbs. (86 kg)
"Saving people means all of the people, Dean. Not just each other."

Sam is the protagonist and focal character of the series. He was born on May 2, 1983 in Lawrence, Kansas. He's the youngest child and the second-born son of John and Mary Winchester. He is also the middle child of John Winchester. Sam is the younger brother of Dean Winchester and the elder paternal half-brother of Adam Milligan. His mother Mary died on November 2, 1983 when Sam was only 6 months old.

Sam starts off as a regular college boy attending Stanford University and studying law. His life changes forever when his older brother Dean comes to visit him to tell him that their father is missing on a hunting trip and that he needs his help in finding him. Exactly 22 years later on November 2, 2005, Sam's girlfriend Jessica was also killed in the same fashion that Mary was killed. Sam later finds out that he's a "Special Child", children who were specifically chosen by Azazel (also known as "Yellow-Eyed Demon") to take part in the coming of the Apocalypse as an army. As a Special Child, Sam developed special abilities at the age of 22 years old. Sam's powers included premonitions, telekinesis, and later on, the ability to exorcise demons back to Hell and kill demons with the use of his mind. Sam spent all of Season 1 and 2 trying to find out where his powers came from and why he has them. He also discovered that his father John had warned Dean that if Sam were to ever turn to The Dark Side, Dean would have to end up killing him.

At the end of Season 2, Sam is tragically killed by Jake Talley, another Special Child. In desperation to bring Sam back from the dead, Dean ends up repeating what his father did for him and selling his soul which resulted in him going to Hell in one year. Sam is revived albeit slightly different and much darker than before. Sam spends all of Season 3 trying to desperately find a way to get Dean out of his deal, but sadly, Sam ends up failing to do so. Dean ends up dying and going to Hell in which he stays there for four months (forty years in Hell time). During the time that Dean is in Hell, Sam becomes darker and darker as he depends on Ruby for emotionally support and comfort. Ruby also becomes a mentor for Sam and starts to train him to get his powers to be strong enough to kill Lilith. During Season 4, Sam starts to veer more and more to the dark side as he becomes stronger in power and his personality starts to change negatively, something which Dean notices. At the end of the season, Sam becomes so Drunk with Power that he becomes a demon blood junkie addicted to using his powers which result in him killing Lilith and breaking the final seal which in turn caused Lucifer and Armageddon to be unleashed upon the world.

In Season 5, Sam goes on a mission to atone for his misdeeds and mistakes in the previous season. It's discovered that Sam is the one true and destined vessel for Lucifer/Satan/The Devil. His brother Dean, on the other hand, was the destined vessel for Michael/The Michael Sword, and the two brothers were meant to face each other off in battle with Dean as Michael meant to kill Sam as Lucifer, resulting in paradise on Earth. However, Sam rejected his role as the Earth's destroyer and instead, tried to find away to take down and defeat Lucifer without having to be possessed by him. Sam doesn't end up fulfilling his role as the one meant to destroy the world but instead, he chooses to sacrifice himself by throwing himself into Hells pit in order to defeat Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse in which he successfully does in the Season 5 finale.

In Season 6, Sam is revived and brought back to life after Castiel pulls him out of Hell. Unfortunately, after Sam is raised from Hell, Sam ends up without a soul. Sam's "Great Wallin his mind (which Death placed into Sam's mind after Death had retrieved his soul and put it back into his body), which prevented him from reliving his worst times of his 200 years in Hell (Lucifer's Cage), ends up being broken by Castiel after he does a Face–Heel Turn at the end of Season 6. Sam ends up suffering serious mental and emotional torture as a result all throughout Season 7 and has a serious psychotic breakdown. In Season 8, Sam ends up being the one to do the Trials of God, which would result in closing the gates of Hell. Unfortunately, Sam ends up severely ill and eventually falls into a near death coma. Sam is saved after Dean gets an angel named Gadreel to possess him in order to heal him. During Season 10, Dean becomes a demon and falls to the negative effects of the Mark and Sam makes it his main priority to save Dean from succumbing to eternal damnation and darkness. However, Sam saving Dean by removing the Mark had die consequences to the world at large, as The Darkness ended up being unleashed.

In Season 11, Sam tries to find ways to defeat the Darkness along with Dean. He gets visions from God, only for him to be disillusioned when he discovers that Lucifer was the one who sent him the visions when Sam visited the Cage once again. Dean eventually defeats the Darkness and ends up being rewarded with the return of his and Sam's mother, Mary. In Season 12, Sam spend the season trying to adjust to having a mother that he's never known or had since he was six months old. In addition to that, he spends the season hunting and saving lives by joining the BMOL (British Men of Letters). He eventually finds out that the BMOL are a bad or evil organization and goes on a mission to take them down for good. He leads a raid and successfully succeeds in taking them down. At the end of the season, his mother Mary ends up being zapped into an alternate world and Castiel ends up being killed by Lucifer. Sam also ends up having to deal with the aftermath of the birth of Jack Kline, Lucifer's nephilim son. To this day, Sam continues to hunt alongside Dean and save innocents along the way as a way to atone for his past mistakes and misdeeds.