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Characters / Super Sentai Vs Power Rangers The Liveblog 3

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Andrew Gray / (Super) Megaforce Red

  • Ascended Extra: From playing a bit part in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers III to having a major role starting in Chapter 2 of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers 3.5.
  • Transformation Trinket: The Legendary Morpher.
  • Weapon of Choice
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Calls out Dante for not only taking over the Ultimate Legendary Megazord despite not having any experience wielding Zords, but also when the Nephilim throws out his damaged eye.

Kei Hogosai

  • Surprisingly Good English: One of the few Sentai alum to speak both Japanese and English, he communicates it well when he speaks to the Rangers and allies.

Yoshi Sudarso / Dino Charge Blue

Ciara Hanna / (Super) Megaforce Yellow

  • Ascended Extra: Like Andrew, she goes from a bit part in III to a major part in 3.5. Unlike Andrew, hers is more blatant, having appeared in a few chapters of the former and not really getting to do a lot.
  • Transformation Trinket: The Legendary Morpher.
  • Weapon of Choice


Dr. Edward Payne / Black Dino Thunder Ranger

Stories say about the legendary Tommy Oliver and how he fared in Dino Thunder: started off as a teacher, then he gains the powers of the Black Dino Thunder Ranger after his Dino Gem chooses him. Afterwards, he goes through getting encased in amber, stuck in suit, and getting invisible until he falls into a coma and eventually getting his Super Mode after the events of "Fighting Spirit".

This is not about that Ranger.

Dr. Payne, like Tommy, is an archeologist. And like him, he led his Dino Thunder Rangers. Unlike Tommy, Edward's a bit more hands-on with different types of experiments and inventions. A few years ago, he started on "the Sartorius Project", where he attempts to create a robotic dance team who would be willing to assist him in other experiments, but something happened to where it went awry, forcing him to dump the team into an abandoned island...or so it was thought.


Edward has a daughter, Professor Hannah Harrison, who is also a good scientist, teacher, and fighter in her own right.

  • Ascended Extra: Was actually briefly mentioned in the bonus chapter of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers II, where it was said that he led in an excavation for the Time Crystal until RINO stole it. He becomes important later in 3.5.
  • Mad Scientist: Responsible for the Sartorius Project and a bit eccentric.
  • Retired Badass: Over the years, he has taken a nice little vacation in the islands of Makana, sometimes doing experiments, but otherwise relaxing with his daughter. Prior to that, he was the Black Dino Thunder Ranger, being able to fight against monsters and Mesogog in his world.

Professor Hannah Harrison / Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger

Edward's daughter. Like him, she is introduced in Chapter 11 of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers 3.5, taking down two figures who vowed to resume the Sartorius Project, proving that her intelligence and her strength is in the blood. Even so, there may be more to her than first glance...

  • Acrofatic: Just because she's fat doesn't mean that she can't kick anyone's ass if needed, as even that won't slow her down at all. The two mysterious figures learn that the hard way.
  • Action Girl: In her very first appearance, she takes down two people who try to restart the Sartorius Project, and in Chapter 17, she holds her own against Dante, a Nephilim, until he defeats her. As it turns out, there is a reason for that: Hannah was, at one point, the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger in her world instead of Kira Ford.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: The story doesn't hide the fact that she's overweight, but she's seen beautiful enough to not only have Xander take an interest to her, but to become a couple with Dante Sparda, of all characters. Even prior to that, she did have a couple boyfriends, one of whom was a former Ranger himself.
  • Expy: Shares some similarities with Hiroyo Hakase from Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger: a young woman with a Mad Scientist father serving as the mentor for a Ranger group, even if in Hannah's case, the members come from different seasons. Both also have a bit of a secret life: Hiroyo is a voice actress as Aoi, Hannah used to be the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger. Even their naming conventions also match: alliterative names with them not being their real names—in Hannah's case, however, she simply took her mother's maiden name in honor when her parents divorced.
  • Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter: Or big beautiful daughter, by any rate. It's played with a little bit because, while she is close to her father, she isn't as cloistered as one may expect: in the chapter that introduces her, she goes to a club to fight against the two figures and make sure the Sartorius Project doesn't continue, and later on, she expresses to her father about excitement in the usual mundane life.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Serena Watson, the replacement Blue Mystic Ranger. The two were allies prior to a fateful mission that broke their friendship, with her rejecting Serena's offer to mend it during Chapter 2 of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers IV Part 1.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Her preferred methods of attacking include various wrestling moves such as the power bomb, the elbow drop, and the clothesline.

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