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Leina Vance

The Wandering Warrior, The Phantom Warrior in the Rebellion arc and later The Wandering Holy Queen at the end of SJG II.
The heroine from the original Queen's Blade series. Her role is more or less the same used in the anime series, except when the QB arc ends, her personality changes considerably from canon.

Elina Vance

The Imperial Commander
Just like Leina, her role is expanded from her original canon when the QB arc is finished.
  • Broken Bird: After Billy Kane pulls out an Heroic Sacrifice against Nyx, and he declares his love to Elina before blowing himself to bits along Nyx.
  • Love at First Punch: Inverted, she meets Billy Kane when she helps Leina, Terry Bogard, his brother Andy and Rock to storm Geese Howard's building in South Town when trying to save Yuri Sakazaki, but she's not interested on him, but Billy thinks otherwise whe Elina wipes the floor with him.
  • Mistaken for Racist: When both Risty and Sean Matsuda brings back Leina to her home, just like in the animated canon, she decides to insults both characters (just like she does in the anime series, excluding Sean, of course) by calling them Gorilla woman and her friend the Chimp guy. While Risty is offended for being compared with a gorilla, on the other hand Sean went bonkers with that insult, since Elina didn't know that calling a black guy like Sean a monkey is a serious insult in his world, despise in the Fantastic World racial discrimination by skin color is practically unheard of. In that world, the term racist is adressed against people who discriminate against non-human beings, like elves, dwarves, etc.

Count Vance (aka Josef Polanski)

His role is similar from the one from the TV series, but his role get expanded when the Millenium vampires appears and he reveals his true origins.

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