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Due to the fact that this is an ongoing roleplay, all spoilers below will be unmarked.

Ryuzaki "Zack" Sakamoto

SHSL Acrobat

Player: boredCommentator

Zack was always the type to get hurt and wind up having accidental injuries. However, his natural talent for acrobatics and his fondness for gymnastics led to him insistently continuing in the sport. His dedication and determination led to him being noticed by Hope's Peak, who asked him to come to their school. He accepted, as should be obvious at this point. He was also in an incredibly shitty band with two of his close friends, in which he played the bass guitar mediocrely. Zack was the first culprit, stabbing Charlotte in self-defense. He was convicted and executed by pitfall plunge.
  • Anime Hair
  • Bromantic Foil: Zack is dutiful, active, determined and quick to act while Louis is laid-back, snarky and has a bit of a lazy streak. After Zack's death, Louis actually starts to gain a few of his traits.
  • Butt-Monkey: Sakamoto falls a lot for an acrobat. Even his execution is nothing but a fall!
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  • Cannot Spit It Out: He had a rather obvious thing for Olivia, but never so much as said anything about it during the entirety of chapter 1, even though he probably interacted with her more than anyone (minus Louis).
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: In terms of acrobatics, one wouldn't expect one so accident-prone to be so talented. Of course, he's definitely pretty good at it, judging by the tricks he does in the prologue, as well as the fact that, ya know, he's at Hope's Peak for it.
  • Dead Sidekick: An inverted example to Louis after chapter 1, for whatever value of "sidekick" and "leader" the two had, since Zack was definitely the more active of the two.
  • Death by Irony: An accident-prone acrobat killed in a fall.
  • Determinator: His backstory.
  • Tragic Bromance: With Louis. Hell, they'd just rekindled it when the first motive struck.

Sumiko "Harry" Haru

SHSL Mixologist

Player: Varkarrus

Harry always did what she wanted, went where she pleased, whenever she felt like it. Her only father was rarely around, and as a result she became self-reliant. She's very warm and friendly, but never seems to go beyond being just acquaintances with anyone. She failed out of a regular school, because she only showed up when she wanted, and ended up getting a job at a bar (despite being underaged). Her natural skill at mixing drinks has caused her to learn (by her count), 319 different mixes for any situation. Her skill made the bar receive country-wide fame, which also alerted the police to her fake ID. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for her, a certain high school also recognized her talent. Survives the whole event.

Charlotte Moorbsitck

SHSL Magician

Player: awesomeIdiot

Charlotte had always had a passion for the unexpected; she always seemed to be very chaotic and never had much regard for law or order. In addition, she always loved to surprise people, often when said surprises seemed inappropriate or had bad timing. Due to this, she was drawn to magic at around 8 years old, astounded by how all of the tricks were so unexpected and how everything seemed to be pulled out of thin air. Ever since then, she has tried very hard to master the art of illusion, and it seems to have paid off, considering that the prestigious Hope's Peak High has requested she become a student there. Charlotte was the first victim, dying at the hands of Zack after she attacked him.


Jason Daniels

SHSL Artist

Player: ShadowsEve

Jason had always had an eye for colors. Wherever he went, he noticed the perfect blends, and the horrid mixtures of colors. This lead to him taking up art at a young age. He constantly drew, and found out he had a natural talent for it. Years passed by as he kept drawing, and got the attentions of many people and organizations who wanted his talent for their own various reasons. One of those organizations was Hope's Peak High, which when he got the invitation, accepted without a second thought. Jason was the second victim, frozen solid by Meg.

Daniel Marche

SHSL Archer

Player: Bluesunnyday

Daniel practiced archery for most of his life, ever since he was big enough to hold a bow properly. After years of hard, rigorous practice, Daniel eventually managed to make his big break. He entered an Archery contest for the prize money, to contribute to his ailing father's hospital funds, and he managed to succeed by splitting a competitor's arrow clean in half in the dead center of the target. This got him the attention of the school. Daniel was executed by arrows during the prologue for destroying a security camera.

Izumi Nakamoto


Player: cloudNinja

The daughter of a French pastry chef and Japanese sushi master, Izumi grew up with a passion for food. Her palate is refined enough that she can guess with 99% accuracy the ingredients in almost every type of food, even down to differentiating individual artificial flavorings and colorings. She can judge a person's preferred flavors based on their personality, and has made a name for herself by creating personalized "flavor profiles" tailored for an individual to improve their mood and their health. Her talent for cooking has caught the eye of Hope's Peak Academy. Izumi was the third culprit, poisoning Rimmy. She was convicted and executed by baking her into an Izumi cake.

Dominic Marino

SHSL Musician

Player: invisibleTerrarium

A very distant relative of the legendary Red Priest and Baroque composer, Antonin Vivaldi, Dominic hails from Italy, where he was schooled in music under his father, Giuseppe. He has a penchant for instruments of all kinds, musical composition, an amazing ability to play by ear, and above-average hearing to boot. He had a falling-out with his father recently when he bought a laptop and began composing dubstep, to "keep up with the times." Giuseppe very nearly disowned him. Dominic immediately accepted a request to join Hope's Peak to get away from Giuseppe. He succeeded, but at what cost? Dominic was the fourth culrprit, drowning Hitoshi in the pool. He was convicted and executed by weaponized soundwaves.

Louis Saunterton

SHSL Good Luck

Player: boredCommentator

He doesn't seem to remember why he was accepted to Hope's Peak, and no one else can tell him either, for obvious reasons. He was always a quiet and shy kid, though his cousin had helped him out of his shell. He's still very quiet and more than a little snarky, but he played lead guitar quite well in a shitty band for awhile before having a falling-out with the bassist over whether wizards are superior to space marines. It got violent. The band, and his life, sort of fell apart into despair and everything's a blur from there (he started dying his hair at some point). He was hopeful that Hope's Peak, given its reputation, could help him improve out his life again, and he accepted the letter without even reading what it said. It is anticlimactically revealed in chapter 4 that he won the annual SHSL Good Luck contest. Still alive as of Chapter 5

Cassandra Petros

SHSL Persuader

Player: invisibleTerrarium

A small and quiet girl, exceptionally verbose when she does speak. She was born in Greece but emigrated to the US at the age of three. She picked up English very quickly, but did not tell anyone about it simply because no one asked. This became her modus operandi: do not speak unless spoken to. At six her intelligence and persuasive skill became apparent. Something in her voice, on the rare occasions she uses it, triggers some psychological connection in the brain that makes people instinctively want to do what she says. Her quiet, antisocial demeanor caused people to genuinely dislike her for no reason, and she became distrustful as a result. She was so silent that it eventually even increased her persuasiveness; people now thought that whenever she said something, it was important, that she only spoke up if the thing she was saying was of massive importance to whatever the matter at hand is. She still stays quiet even now, halfway to not accidentally influence someone, half because of her motto. Still alive as of the beginning of Chapter 5.

Rimmy Reigner

SHSL Actor

Player: Silvak

As a child, Rimmy always had a knack of being someone else, to the point where no one really knew what type of person Rimmy actually was. You would see him acting as if he had a tragic past one day, he had a rich family the other, and so on; no one could tell what was true and what was false about this young man. Growing up, Rimmy competed in many drama competitions, fulfilling his roles almost as if he was born for that one character all his life, and that he was the character; though as soon the curtain fell, he would assume the role of someone else. Rimmy's knack for assuming other roles is what landed him into the Hopes peak academy. Rimmy was the third victim, poisoned by <del>Harry</del> Izumi, though there seems to have been more to his death than it appeared.

Emil Castello

SHSL Storyteller

Player: IceeBlue

The son of a rather reclusive author of a father, Emil grew up appreciating his father’s literary works. The more he read his stories, the more he became determined in sharing them with the rest of the world. And determined he was; in time, his storytelling skills caught the hearts and minds of many people as they become immersed in the story itself, right till the last line. He would also share a few tales that caught his fancy every now and then, no matter how ridiculous they sound. His enthusiasm in remembering and sharing stories caught the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy not long after… and he accepted their offer. What kinds of adventure await him inside their school halls? Still alive as of the ending.

Megara "Meg" Calilio


Player: FieryMoonlight

She has always preferred to be alone when she was younger, but wasn't afraid to voice her opinions. This seems to have remained with her even now. When she was 5 years old her entire house went up in flames, she immediately became enchanted with the fire and ran into the burning house. When she entered the home the flames engulfed the exits and she came extremely close to death though she She has always preferred to be alone when she was younger, but wasnt afraid to voice her opinions. This seems to have remained with her even now. When she was 5 years old her entire house went up in flames, she immediately became enchanted with the fire and ran into the burning house. She wasn't scared at all, she actually sat down and just watched the flames. Eventually when a fireman pulled her out of the house they were surprised to find that the only evidence that she had even been near the fire were the smudges of soot all over her clothing. As the years went by she continued playing with fire and now she can make a flame with just about anything. Hence why she was invited to the school. Upon receiving the invitation she readily accepted, her reasons are her own. Meg froze Jason to death in chapter 2, but committed suicide afterwards, apparently out of guilt.

Olivia Caparelli

SHSL Cheerleader

Player: spongefan12

Olivia always wanted to perform amazing stunts and sing at the same time at a concert, inspired by Idol Singers and cheerleaders in equal amounts. She thought as a child that cheerleaders could do bigger things than just look pretty and do great gymnastics. She tried to setup a cheerleader team and had a chunk of members in the past. She dreamed about having a super team of idol cheerleaders by her side by the time she turned 16, gaining legions of fans, a dream that seems to be somewhat realized, as she was beginning to rapidly gain popularity. At the moment, though, she currently intends to make some regular friends at Hope's Peak Academy, who took an interest in the raw talent in the field of cheer of this rising star. Still alive as of chapter 5.
  • The Cheerleader: Well, it's her talent anyway.
  • The Generic Girl: Despite the below-mentioned Hidden Depths, she's still far from the most rounded character.
  • Hidden Depths: As elaborated in her backstory, her talent stems at least from an urge to turn it into a more appreciated art.
    • She also voted for killing the amnesiac Despair in the final trial, giving some insight as to what she had been thinking the entire time.
  • Nice Girl
  • Out of Focus: Despite surviving the entire story so far. Louis suspects it's a skill in and of itself.

Jack "The Searcher" Stevens

SHSL Historian

Player: Shockwave

During the earlier years of his life, Jack was quite the shut-in. He had very little social interaction and he often spent hours of the night trying to find himself. This was inspired by his parents' rather spiritualistic way of life. However, when he went to primary school, he discovered one subject that he enjoyed immensely: history. In what would be the American equivalent of Junior High, he started a project called "The Junior Historian Project", in which he he and his friends try to re-write their 7th year history book more accurately, with more important details. The project was an overwhelming success, inspiring something beyond an ordinary hobby, the fruits of which were viewed by the eyes of many, including Hope's Peak. While he is a great historian, he is quite aloof, and rarely talks. He also has a tendency to abuse LSD, a vice that started due to his mother's negligence. His father died after Jack was accepted into Hope's Peak, an event that took quite a toll on his mental stability. Still alive as of chapter 5.

Hitoshi Watanabe

SHSL Leader

Player: TruthHurts22

As a kid, his parents always told him to "be as best he can be" and "reach for the stars". A bit corny, maybe, but ever since they both died, he was determined to take those words to his grave. So, living with his grandparents, he grew up to be one of those bossy and snooty kids, who must always be in charge of everything and everyone. Be it through a stroke of luck or determination or whatever you want to call it, he became quite the efficient leader in life, and has thus became his school's student body president every time he's run (not to say he's the nicest leader, of course). He received the letter from Hope's Peak after organizing an entire year's worth of school events, and he was quite glad to go, albeit more interested in the privilege of attending than meeting the other SHSL students, though he will openly admit that he believes many of his former school acquaintances weren't worth the privilege of his time. Hitoshi was the fourth victim, drowned in the pool by Dominic.
  • Informed Attribute: His talent, as lampshaded by Louis.
    • Subverted as of the flashback video, in which it's heavily implied he led all of the cast to Hope's Peak and convinced them to stay there. It's possible that, pre-memory erasure, they had actually come to respect him and his talent.
  • Killed Off for Real: Drowned by Dominic. There was a half-assed attempt to dry his body off using the furnace, but he was dropped in and unrecognizably scorched.
  • The Napoleon: Downplayed, he's only 5'6. Of course, the trope namer was taller than that.

Yuu Fukui/Eraldo Coil/John Smith/Patrick Stewart/Carmen Sandiago/Newton Pulsifer

SHSL Inventor

Player: boredCommentator

He is extremely aloof and generally uncaring about the world around him, due to which he perfectly maintains a cheerful personality. He also has a tendency to prank and generally mess with people, which, due to what seems to be a lack of empathy, can often go too far and/or earn the ire of those around him. Thus, he has extremely few friends. He's also an opportunist at heart, siding with whatever side he feels he will enjoy most. He has a fascination with robotics, programming and inventing/designing things in general, and has designed several top-secret weapons for countless organizations, governments and groups, all fetching him a very pretty penny, which he puts toward his increasingly-massive collection of video games, shonen and seinen anime and manga, and the merchandise for such (after putting money into resources for his projects, typically). He also has countless assumed names and false identities, under which he conducts these purchases and deals, not wanting the media attention that he is sure would be given to him if he did not (one of these identities is credited with the invention of the Weaponized Bass Cannon, and another with a more lethal variant of said Bass Cannon). However, Hope's Peak managed to discover that his several names were all connected to one person after he failed to properly cover his tracks in a failed weapons deal whose details remain strictly confidential. During chapter 5, after he attempted to make a game out of "escaping" the school by blowing it all up with everyone in it, sending the cast on a collection mission, he was found outside the data processing room, with several dozen small, open cuts, filled with the Monobear bomb replicas of his own creation. However, it turned out that he was not only not dead, but that he was the mastermind behind everything. In the true ending, he winds up executed by failure to disarm several explosives.

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