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Characters / Super Hero Taisen Original Riders

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Here is a list of all original Kamen Riders in Super Hero Taisen.

Rebecca Valiant/Kamen Rider Chronos

Rebecca Valiant is a teenage girl from the eighties who found a magic pocket watch. Due to a slip up, she was dragged into the present, with the power to assume the form of Kamen Rider Chronos, the Clockwork Champion... as well as twelve other Kamen Rider forms.



Zack "Assault" DeRagon/Kamen Rider Fang EX

Anna Grace/Kamen Rider Magician

Anna Grace is one of a long line of users of Kamen Rider Magician. Flirtacious and fun, she does whatever she can to defeat Phantoms and keep Gates out of despair. Her powers inspired all stage magicians.


Tristan Gallant/Kamen Rider Warlock


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