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The players on the Sunless Server are primarily friends and acquaintances of KirinDave, each of which has written their own character sheet available via the server's official blog.

Tropes about the cast of Sunless Server in general:

  • Non-Heteronormative Society: Considering the large proportion of LGBT community members within the Sunless player-base itself, it comes as no surprise that the character roster shows a similar level of diversity. Many of the characters are explicitly stated in their profiles as being transgender or of a non-straight sexuality, with others being left up to viewer interpretation.

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Sunless Minecraft


Played By: Dave (KirinDave)


Played By: Sam (Sacalow)


Played By: Nero (GodNero)


Knight of Fangs

    Sir Lying 

Played By: Lying (Lyinginbedmon)

    Squire Fuzz 

"Sir Lying really isn't going to like this..."
Played By: Fuzz (FuzzCrumpet)

    Folivera (Foli) 

Played By: Kacey (Folimoly)


Played By: Cat (CatatoSoup)


    Czol'urlin (Czol) 

Played By: Bamboo (Bambeptin)


Played By: Liara (ApSciLiara)

Den of Sin

    Beatrice (Bea) 

Played By: Cera (Ceranovis)

    Lucrezia (Luce) 

Played By: Sparx (SparxFlame)


    Lady Arcturus (Archie) 

Played By: Lucy (ArcturusPlays)

    Lady Capella 

Played By: Dex (Dexanari)


Played By: Chai (ChaiLatteMusings)


Played By: Lanse (Lanse 505)


Played By: Fixit (Mister_Fix_It)


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